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Rating: Uhm.. T for sexual situations? And a bit of cussing. It shouldn't go above an M rating, I don't think. It's not planned at any rate. But then again, when do any of my stories go according to plan?

Author's Note: This WAS a one shot. Then I started typing. I did not intend the story to go this way.. it never goes as planned and that annoys me. The whole point of this fic was to get a random memory and then idea out of my head so I could sleep. Obviously that didn't work. Not remotely in character, not by a long shot. I'm trying to decide if I should use this as a fanfic, or an original fic. Well, we'll know once I post it, eh?

Demi and I had been enemies for about the last year and a half. So basically most of my sophomore and junior years in highschool. Now we're going on our senior year and she still feels the need to pick on me. I'm not quite sure why, I've never done anything to her. All I know is, I sat down the first day of the semester in my English II class and she sat across from me. Simply glaring. I was like what the hell is her problem?

I guess she just didn't like me or something, I don't even know. But over the course of the next week, Demi had moved seats every day, closer and closer to me, each time doing nothing but giving me the stare down. As she kept getting closer, I kept moving chairs backwards. Unfortunately, that didn't do me any good seeing as I had basically backed myself into a corner. Can you say fail?

At first Demi didn't do anything but glare at me. Then eventually she added a few insults here and there. Before I knew it, she would literally run into me in the hallway, make some snide remark and then knocked my books out of my hands. It was so typically bully-ish that when Demi first started doing this all I could say was "Really? Really?" It got annoying quick so I tried taking different routes to my classes to avoid her.

Didn't work. Of course not. Why would it? And it wasn't like I could really say anything to her about it, like confront her or anything. Well, I mean, I could but Demi was one of the popular girls. A daddy's girl with lots of money. We have Cotillion at our school and naturally she would be like the president or whatever of that club. I've never exactly figured out what that club is, but I have a feeling its just for rich girls. I never saw a girl from that club whose family wasn't rolling in money.

Add to that fact she's gorgeous, absolutely stunning. Now it's no secret to the student body that I'm a lesbian. I've been 'out' since like the eighth grade, so having Demi Lovato as a bully I pure torture. Not because she's mean but because in a sick twisted way, I kind of like it. Who wouldn't want a hot girl pushing them up against the lockers? But instead of hurling insults at me, I'd much rather she close the gap between our lips. I can't tell you how many fantasies I've had about that particular day dream.

The bullying continued for the next year and a half and now here I am, a senior, and somehow I've managed to have Demi as a classmate yet again. Joy. Did I do something wrong in the past or something do deserve this? I mean seriously. Plus I think she was starting to catch on to my twisted fantasies because this year instead of just calling me ugly she would call me a fag. Up until now I hadn't really been fazed by her taunting, but now it hurt. It was like some unspoken rule that Demi never made fun of my orientation, and this year she decided to cross it.

The worst and best time was three weeks ago in the girls bathroom. I was having a bad day. A really bad day. I had forgotten my project which was like 30% of my grade and my bitch of a teacher wouldn't give me an extension when she knew I did the damn thing. I had spent almost every lunch for the past week in her class room working on it, so Mrs. Long knew I did the work. But no, no extension. Fail. So there I was in the bathroom trying to collect myself so I wouldn't blow up on my teacher when in walked Demi. Great.

As usual I tried to pretend she wasn't there and I focused on washing my hands. The first thing out of her mouth was "Hey faggot, molested anyone today?" I really wanted to punch her just then. Just because I was a lesbian did not mean I was a pervert and this was totally uncalled for.

"Look Demi, not today I'm having a bad day please just for once, leave me alone."

In the mirror I could see Demi's face darken. Oh shit, what had I just gotten myself into? The next thing I knew I was being pinned against the wall next to the sink with my wrists held above my head. I thought maybe I was stuck in one of my day dreams again because this time Demi was leaning closer to me… a lot closer. When her lips were just a breath away from mine, she smirked.

"Don't push me, fag. I don't care if you're having a crap day, so don't even think of telling me to back off. I can make your life much worse so shut up and take it."

Between the time she began speaking and the time she finished Demi's knee ended in between my legs. I tried desperately to hold back a moan. Right now I didn't care what she was saying as long as that pressure continued to be applied to my crotch. Apparently I had been unsuccessful because Demi grinned like a cat that just caught a mouse.

Her voice dropped and took on a seductive tone. "I bet you're getting turned on right now, aren't you? I could call you every name in the book and you would like it." The pressure between my legs increased as well as the throbbing. I let out a whimper.

"You little slut, I'm treating you like dirt and still you're begging for more." Demi trailed a nicely manicured finger from my cheek, to my neck, and settled between my breasts. It was all I could do to not beg her to take me. I couldn't give in, not to her and not this way. I tried to push her away and escape but Demi just slammed me back into the wall causing me to let out a gasp.

"No. I'll let you go when I want to leave, and not a second sooner."

To my absolute surprise and utter horror, Demi leaned towards my neck and left soft butterfly kisses. "Never forget," she left another kiss. "You." kiss. "Are." Another kiss. "Mine." Demi bit down. Hard. I gasped and almost screamed, it hurt so bad. What was this girl, a vampire?! It seemed like ages before she finally stopped biting. Unfortunately Demi didn't leave it at that. She began sucking on the bite mark and suddenly the pain was replaced with pleasure. This had to be a dream. It felt sooo good. My knees buckled and just when I thought I was going to fall Demi's hands landed on my waist and held me up.

I completely lost track of time. It could have been minutes, or it could have been several class periods, I still couldn't tell you. Demi seemed t have her fill of my neck and licked it softly two or three times, soothing the highly sensitive skin. I shivered. When she pulled away Demi gave me a once over. Satisfied with my disheveled features she turned for the door. Almost like an after thought Demi turned back around for a second.

"Remember what I said, Sel. You are mine. And don't try telling anyone about this little… thing. No one will believe you." As if she'd never been there Demi was gone. The only evidence left behind was my heavily panting form, and a big ass hickey on my neck. How the hell was I supposed to hide that? I knew it was going to be hard to explain so I didn't even bother trying to get back to class. Not that I could tell you which one I was supposed to be in right now anyway my mind was so far away. I spent the rest of the day sitting on the bathroom floor trying to figure out what the hell just happened.