Enemies ch 6

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I had never been excited to go to school until that morning. I even woke up before my alarm and set about getting ready for school. Instead of my usual attire, I took my time to find a cute outfit and to make myself look nice for Demi.

The bus driver was probably very surprised to see me waiting for him at the bus stop. Most days he would pull up to see me running down the street trying to catch the bus. So there's a first time for everything, I think I'd already proven that. No need for him to look so surprised, sheesh. I was kind of offended.

I arrived at school on time and headed to my locker. Once I got there I busied myself with finding my school books when I felt a hand grab my shoulder and spin me around. I gasped as my back collided painfully with the locker behind me.


I opened my eyes to see Brittany Menleh towering above me. Suddenly I felt very scared, more so than I had ever been of Demi. While I had the misfortune of getting bullied by Demi, I had somehow managed to escape Brittany's notice.

Brittany Menleh was notoriously worse than Demi. Usually Demi only made fun of me, and rarely was there more than a push or shove. Brittany on the other hand, was known for frequently sending her victims to the hospital. So much for an awesome day…

"Look-y what we have here," sneered the taller girl. "You seem kind of lost, what are you doing out here?"

I raised my eyebrow. Seriously? This girl sounded more like some creepy person in the park than a bully. I gestured to my locker. "Not lost. Just getting my books for class. Mr. Anderson hates it when I forget my book so I figured I'd be smart for once and show up prepared."

Brittany didn't seem to take my current lack of fear well. "That was rhetorical, Gomez. What I mean was, you shouldn't be here."

"Why shouldn't I?" What the heck, did I have a death wish or something? And since when did I grow a spine? Talking back to Demi was one thing, but this girl was dangerous. Apparently my mouth wasn't cooperating with my brain's warnings, however because I just kept going. "It's my locker, and class hasn't started so as far as I know, there's no reason why I shouldn't be here."

Brittany leaned in menacingly. "Oh, a smart aleck?" By now people were starting to gather.

"Everyone knows this is my hallway, and when I say you shouldn't be here, it means that you should leave. But I guess you think you're above that, right? Well I'm going to show you just why you should have left when you had the chance." She raised a fist.

Well snap. This may not end well. I closed my eyes, waiting but the pain never came. I opened my eyes slowly, prepared to close them and duck at any second. The sight that greeted me was astounding.

Brittany's arm was still raised, but instead of hurtling towards me at a deadly speed, it looked to be caught in the grip of… oh my gosh.. Demi. Demi had caught her wrist and was glaring at her with such hatred any normal person would make like an Ostrich and burry their head. Brittany though was not a normal person. She returned the glare with as much ferocity and yanked free of the shorter girl's grip.

"You did not. I know you did not just stop me. I've respected you for the most part, and let you get away with being all tough in your half of the school. I know you didn't just interfere." growled Brittany.

I joined my other classmates in staring at the pair with apprehension. I knew the questions everyone must be asking. Why had Demi stopped her? What was going to happen? Was Demi going to fight Brittany? Was this over territory, or was it more personal? Those were questions I myself was asking. I know we had a good time over the weekend, but now we were at school, a totally different environment. All bets were off, anything could happen.

Demi let her hands fall to her sides. She looked tense, ready to pounce at any second. "You talk about respecting me? That's crap and you know it. I know all the stuff you say behind my back, all the rumors you spread trying to tear me down. You don't respect me. I never touched anybody on your side, but you always came and beat on mine. That's not okay. Nobody pushes Selena around but me."

I blinked. So far, I didn't really like where this conversation was going. I guess she was still going to bully me. That sucked soo much.

"Besides, I'm not like you. Sometimes I push people around and I make fun of them a lot, but I never, never beat them up. I don't want to hurt them like that. I'm going to tell you this once Brittany, and once only; Don't you ever touch Selena again or you will have to deal with me. Got it?"

Brittany continued to glare at Demi. It looked like she was internally debating on whether or not it was worth beating up Demi or just letting it drop. In the end I guess she decided to let it go because she just grunted and walked off. "This isn't over, Demi."

I watched as Demi just scoffed then turned to everyone else. "Well? What are you looking at? Get out!" she barked and the crowd scattered quickly, leaving only me. A very nervous me, I might add.

Demi placed her index finger and thumb on my chin, turning my head from side to side, inspecting me for damages. Seemingly satisfied that I was unhurt she narrowed her eyes at me. "What are you doing in this part of the school?"

I looked at her like she was crazy. "You too? Seriously, this is my locker. What is with you guys? I've never been told I can't be here until like, today."

Demi sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. "You're usually late to school, right?"

I nodded.

"That explains it. Okay, this part of the school is Brittany's. Basically she gets to beat up/pick on anyone in this part of the building. The only reason it never happened to you is because you're always late, so today for some reason you're early, so you got to experience first hand what happens to people who hang around here. Most everyone avoids it if they can."

Okay, I was not aware my school was a gangland with territories, property, and mobsters or whatever. This was so retarded but okay I guess I would have to deal. Note to self: be late. Every day. Always. I decided not to voice my comments aloud and just nodded.

Demi leaned in. "From now on, your books will stay on my side of the school. I don't want you over here ever unless you have classes on this side. If you do, come find me and I'll escort you. Other than that, you are to avoid Brittany at all costs. Got it? She's probably pissed that I called her out and will be looking for revenge. I don't need you making it harder for me by making me have to keep look out for you."

I was getting really tired really quickly of being bossed around. I expected this before the weekend, but after? "So we're back to you being the boss of me again, are we?" I asked sarcastically.

In general, I should just keep all future thoughts to myself. Probably better for my health. The almost murderous look Demi had given Brittany moments earlier was now directed at me and I shrank back.

"This isn't a joke Selena. Brittany is not someone to be messed with. She is dangerous, and totally imbalanced. I don't want anything to happen to you. Now, since you apparently don't understand your role here, I will explain it to you. Again. I own you. You will do whatever I say without question OR sass. Its for your own good, so just go along with it. Sometimes I may push you around, but I'd like to think I'm a hell of a lot preferable to whatever treatment Brittany may give you. So in return for my protection, you will do what I say. You are mine, Sel. Get it through your head and things will go a lot smoother for you."

Suddenly Demi was once again in my personal space, her hand lightly caressing my cheek. "Just do as I say, please? I don't want to have to hurt you, but if it will keep you safe, I'll do it."

Her tone was soft and I knew I should be worried but somehow I felt safe. I agreed and smiled as Demi's face lit up. She walked me to my new locker (it belonged to some other girl but Demi just growled at her and she grabbed her stuff and scurried off. I felt bad but what could I do?) and helped me put my stuff in it.

I was about to head to class when she caught my wrist. "Hey. Meet me between third and fourth period in the north girls bathroom." Her tone left no room for argument so I simply said ok and went to my Calculus class.

As I had predicted, Mr. Anderson was very surprised to see me arrive to class prepared. I swear, nobody gave me credit for anything. Sometimes I managed to do somethings right, it wasn't like it was a miracle or anything. For once he left me alone in class. I guess he thought I was turning a new leaf and maybe I was going to be more serious about school. Pfft, yeah right. Demi was my sole reason for getting to school on time and having my books.

The class flew by without Mr. Anderson calling on me every two seconds, and soon I was able to escape to the girls bathroom. Demi wasn't there yet, but I knew if I left she would be mad at me so I sat on the sink and waited. I wasn't sure which Demi I would be seeing in a few minutes. The bully Demi, bossy Demi, or sweet Demi. Maybe some weird combination of both. On top of that, I was worried if she didn't show up soon I would be late for my next class.

I didn't have to wait long, within a few minutes Demi walked around the corner into the bathroom. I sent her a timid smile which she returned.

"Good, you're here. You're catching on quick. Anyways, I was thinking instead of going to fourth period, we should go to lunch."

"What? I can't blow off my class, I'm already barely passing as it is. If I miss class, I'll probably get an F and my dad will kill me!"

Demi's eyes narrowed. "And you were making such progress. Let me say this again: You don't have a choice. We're going out to lunch and you're going to enjoy it. Gosh, are you always this hard to train?"

I scoffed indignantly. "First off, nobody had ever 'trained' me and nobody ever will. I'm trying to work with you on this but seriously, I'm not a dog. Secondly, I think class is more important." I paused. "Oh my gosh, I just said class is more important. Someone please shoot me for having to say that." I put my face in my palm.

Demi seemed temporarily amused at my antics but as soon as it wore off she pushed me against the sink. "If I have to tell you again, you're going to get hurt. You do what I say, whether you like it or not. I'm getting tired of sounding like a broken record. I don't care if you 'want' to. I don't care what you want. You will do as I say." She grabbed my arm, her grip almost painful.

"For the very last time, Selena, I own you. You belong to me, which means you don't have a choice in anything. Just smile and nod your head. You're just so beautiful, Sel. I don't want to have to hurt you."

I swallowed and nodded, torn between being terrified and completely turned on. I honestly think I have a problem if I think this kind of behavior is hot. Suddenly Demi was all smiles again, her grip lessened but stayed on my arm as she led me out of the school and to her car. Oh boy. Here's hoping I don't get caught. If I were to be though, which would be the lesser of two evils?

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