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Battle of the Shu plains.

The situation was not good, They had landed four turns ago on the first planet in the Uxhal system, since then the primitives had carved a bloody path to Narra, the heart of the system, now the primitives where everywhere and the front lines were crumbling. Standing covered in their blood, in the central command post Force commander Keyoke looked over the tactical readout with a few other officers.

"Lujan, I need you to take whatever reserves we have left and be ready to fight at a moments notice. Saric you take the northern positions, Klethi you take the south hold them back as long as you can. Narra must not fall!"

Nodding to each as they saluted and galloped off Keyoke thought over the disaster that was this war.

The primitives came in much larger numbers than he could have imagined, even Narra's planetary legion of over thirteen million was being strained to its limit with holding the brutes back.

"Arakasi, get on the line to the Xantecas tell them our situation here and then do the same with the Imperial Whites, see if you can get us any support."

Turning and leaving the command centre Keyoke looked around the crude trenches and fortifications that had been constructed around the area, even now bodies littered the walkways and clogged the passages. Looking out across the field at the advancing hordes of green skins he turned, with a sigh, to Arakasi who had followed him after sending the messages.

"Arakasi, send this signal to the high command and then inform all planetary forces to withdraw to the capital with all speed, we will make our stand there."

Saluting Arakasi took the 'signal' pre-written signals where never a good sign; this was one he had only ever seen once before, it only had two words written on it 'Broken Spear' yet that was enough to give even the most hardened Tsurani a chill of fear, something no Tsurani would ever admit. Broken Spear meant only one thing, it called for the immediate gathering of every able bodied member of the empire, an end to all clan rivalries, every ship able to be outfitted with weapons was to be so and every vessel unable to do so was to be assigned for transport. To give this order meant to bring the might of two thousand worlds to arms against the enemy, the situation must be dire indeed if the council would agree to it. It meant this enemy had the capability to destroy the empire, it meant that from now on, every inch of ground lost would be at the price of thousands of lives.

During a period of relative peace in the battle Keyoke caught his breath leaning against a binker, reaching to his commlink he called the command they had all be waiting for.

"Fallback! Fallback to the city!"

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