Okay, so today I was baby-sitting. Me and this 11yo I was baby-sitting came up with this. Everything will be explained at the end. Be warned! This is really, really weird!Characters are very OOC! It's also SLASH! So, if you want to flame me, go ahead. I will merely use these flames to keep me warm when I go to America in January. Enjoy!

The Adventures of Dustfinger and Mo

Mo awoke slowly from his slumber only to look into the hungry, lust-filled eyes of…DUSTFINGER!! Mo bolted upright, smashing his head into Dustfinger's face. The other man stumbled back, clutching his injured nose.

"What the Hell are you doing here, Dusty?!" Mo yelled in surprise. Dustfinger let go of his nose.

"I want you to ignite my passion!" He exclaimed, throwing his arms wide and letting his coat fall to the ground in a cloud of dust.

When it cleared, Mo yelped in shock at Dustfinger's nakedness. His eyes were drawn to the man's erection which stood nestled in his blonde curls. Mo asked the first question the came to mind.

"Why do you have a curly penis? (1)"

Dustfinger looked down at himself then back at the astonished Mo.

"It's curled for your pleasure (2)." He answered huskily. Mo waggled his eyebrows.

"Oh, goody, 'cause it's really turning me on." He looked up at Dustfinger's face again. "Why do you have three balls though? (3)" Dustfinger leaned back slightly, grinning maniacally.

"Three times the fun, Silvertongue." Dustfinger took a hand to his face, stroking his scars (4). "Hey, look, I'm a poet and I didn't even know it."

"Just come here." Mo said impatiently.

And with that they embarked on an entirely new adventure, exploring what lay between the sheets.


Dustfinger awoke in a field surrounded by vibrant flowers and fluttering flutterbies. His hands immediately went to his chest as he grasped his nipples (5).

"Nipples still intact," He said, as if marking a check-list. He paled and moved his hands to his crotch. "Phew," He spoke, breathing a sigh of relief. "I don't have a curly penis and I have the correct amount of balls.

With that he sat up and spotted Roxane, thankful that everything was back to normal.

1 - While we were watching the movie, the girl I was baby-sitting grabbed a tape-measure and wound it up before throwing it across the room. One end was curly and she put it on her crotch and said "Look! I have a curly penis!". I laughed and said it was Dustfinger's. That's how he got a curly penis.

2 - You know those ribbed condom packets or similar that say 'ribbed for her pleasure'? Well, it's a rip-off of them.

3 - Now, after the movie we decided to go outside and play with the dog. She'd had a birthday party the week before and some of the balloons were still up. They were shrivelled and in a group of three, so we were like 'Hey! It's Dustfinger's balls!'. And it went from there.

4 - When some people think they stroke their chin. Well, we thought that it would be funny that if Dustfinger's equivalent was to stroke his scars.

5 - In the movie, when Dustfinger gets sent back in the book, he sits up and touches his chest. We kind of exaggerated that and said 'Hey, it looks like he's clutching his nipples.' Yeah. We're nuts.

Anyway, that's how the story came about. I'm not sure if I should baby-sit anymore. Clearly I endorse the wrong kind of behaviour. Oh well, it's money. That's all from me now. Please review and tell me if it was funny or just plain sick. Of course, I will take much more kindly to reviews saying that it's humorous.