A/N: Fluff, 'cause we all know that's what you want.

Disclaimer: I do not own Ouran. I can't even draw a proper manga person, so how could I?

Kyouya blinked. His eyelids were beginning to feel heavy. His fingers paused for a moment over the keyboard, and his brain was trying to remember what it was he was going to write down.

His brain was fuzzy, and Kyouya knew somewhere in his head that he should probably stop working. But his father had given him lots of work to finish, and it had to be ready by tomorrow. He couldn't let his father down.

His head fell over slightly, and his eyes slid closed. His brain stopped working and he slowly fell into a world of oblivion.

Mori had seen all this. Kyouya dropped forward a little bit, his glasses sliding down his nose. Mori stood up, and walked over to the younger, removing the laptop from it's place in front of him.

Kyouya dropped forward a bit more, almost falling in over the table. Mori pulled his chair back a little, took him under his legs and lifted him, carrying him to a couch nearby.

The others in the Host Club were staring pretty obvious now. Mori laid down Kyouya on the couch, smoothing his hair back a little, and removing his glasses. Kyouya blinked, and his eyelids opened slowly.

"Sleep" Mori ordered.

"I need to work" the other replied, trying to raise himself from the couch.

"I'll make sure your work is finished"

"Tomorrow…father" Kyouya mumbled, his eyelids sliding shut again.

"Yes, now sleep" Mori said, and covered Kyouya with a blanket.

By the time Kyouya woke up, his work was finished with a little help from the Accountant Club, and was ready for his father.

Sometimes, Kyouya needed someone, even though he didn't know, to take care of him. He couldn't always take care of others.