Author's Note: Hi :o) I'm new to this fandom, and as usual really really unsure about posting this 'story' (not quite a story, more like a collection of length-varying drabbles - some really short, some much longer), so feel free to rip it to pieces. Y'know, as long as it's constructive :) By the way, a huge thanks to ChaosandMayhem, my beta reader, who unrelentingly reads and corrects anything I send her way :o)

Also, I'm French and I naturally write with a British dictionary/spell check, so if there's little weird tidbits like 'colour' and 'centre', they're not mistakes. I always do my damnedest to get the feel and the voices right, though. Like everyone who writes, I'm sure.

Disclaimer: The Justice League characters and situation belong to DC Comics and, I think, Warner Bros. I'm just borrowing them, and I put 'em back afterwards. I don't even own comics or DVDs, for Bob's sake :P

Snapshot Collection

1. Games

Something John can never quite figure out is why on Earth Flash keeps picking the green Brawlin' Bot whenever he manages to get Green Lantern or J'onn to play with him. Then again, every now and then, he'll call dibs on the red and leave John wondering whether he's doing this deliberately to annoy him. The one time he got around to ask the kid, Flash gave him a cocky grin and said, "What can I say? I'm unpredictable."

And John just shook his head, because that kid sure was. He'd once walked in on a game of chess between him and Batman. Not only was Flash holding his own more than decently, but the Dark Knight had let him have the black pieces.

John doesn't know anyone else Batman would take the white pieces for.

Okay, apart from Mists' fantastic Respect Is Earned, so far I've found no evidence that Wally likes to play chess, in canon or otherwise. But I loved the idea to pieces. And yeah, I know the "Brawlin' Bots" in The Ties That Bind are green and… yellow, but while I don't remember their real-world counterparts' name as they were commercialised in France (no French entry for Rock 'Em Sock 'Em robots on Wikipedia :o), I distinctly recall there's a red one. It just seemed too good not to use it :D

Next up: The first time Linda went on a date with Wally West, something bugged her throughout the major part of the night.