The Meeting


None of this is mine, cut me some slack

Note: Looks like I'm gonna be writing a few more of the 'Small Miracles' fics, at reader request it just became a series.

"…so I'm gonna go check out the warehouse while you guys stay here." And with that Angel is gone.

And there we are.


In the same room.


"Okay," I say, "Let's order a pizza." They keep quiet, eyeing me like an animal in a cage. Wesley motions for me to sit down in a chair. That's when they start talking.

The black guy, Gunn, goes first. "We don't trust you, Lilah," He says. He gives me a look that could bend steel, "Angel may be all set and ready to give you the benefit of the doubt. But we know differently."

It's Cordelia who talks now and it isn't the same Valley girl voice I came to associate with her. "We know you're playing with Angel's mind and we don't like it!" She takes a step towards me, getting as far into my face as she can. "And don't think for a minute I've forgotten what you did to me!" She sat back down, letting someone else take a piece of me.

Then Wesley's turn, not even bothering to look me in the eye. "You aren't welcome here. After all the things you've done to us, you can't just waltz back in here and expect forgiveness." He looks at me this time, "In fact, you don't deserve forgiveness." I sink deeper into my chair and wait for that little Texan to talk.

But she doesn't. Instead she walks right to me and spits in my face.

I here them getting up to leave. One of them, I think Gunn, says something like "Let's get Connor and get a pizza." And with that they're gone.

I should have said something to them,

I should have said I'm sorry.