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Playing With Fire

Act 1

Katsuki slid his hand up her back and let his fingers entwine with her hair before jerking her head back to see her face. Natsu's eyes were glazed over and tears threatened to leak from her eyes at the sudden pain. There was no way she wasn't excited by his harsh manner. Her smile said she was enjoying this all too much.

"Do it," she dared him.

Without having to ask or be told, he knew what she wanted. He ran his other hand along her arm up to where her hand rested on his shoulder and grasped her wrist. Tightening his grip, he pulled her arm down and twisted it around behind her back in one liquid movement. The twist of her arm forced her body up against his, the hidden length of him pressing against her stomach.

He towered over her looking down at her oh-so beautiful face. There was no doubt his movement had hurt her, he was not gentle, but the excitement and desire were fast brimming the wall between pain and pleasure.

Natsu slid her foot up and around his calf so that he inside of her thigh crawled up his hip, a fact he could not ignore. It came as a surprise when she tightened her legs grip at his knee and dropped him to the ground with her on top of him.

The bitch was clearly playing with him.

"Cut! ...Mogami-san, you're meant to land on him in a sitting position, like we talked about before. Make sure you get your leg wrapped around Katsuki enough that you can use your knee as your center of gravity and land straight down onto it. That is why you keep slipping at the moment of impact and falling onto Katsuki's chest instead of straddling his hips. You have to be sure Natsu winds up straddling him to show her dominance over him. If you wind up laying on him, he has more control over Natsu than Natsu does over him. Do you see what I'm saying?"

"I'm sorry Director Sutoyo, I really don't!"

"Hrm... Ren, you understand, correct? Would you please demonstrate to and with Mogami-san so she understands the difference?"

Ren nodded his consent. "Director Sutoyo, perhaps now would be a good time for a break. This may take a bit to properly make Mogami-san understand, and it would be good to wet our throats and prepare for the next sequence."

The director looked at his watch. "6:45.... Mm, perhaps it is about time to call it a night. We are ahead of schedule as it is. Alright Tsuruga-san. I trust you will go over the next few scenes with Mogami-san at your convenience and be prepared to shoot first thing Monday morning."