Authors Chat: Thanks to those who helped clear up my misunderstanding of the "Mo" issue. Seems "Mo" is being used as a shortened form of "mou" (rather than moe like I thought) and is an expression. Perhaps it is used too often, but Kanae does it herself. I'm very sad to realize that one of my annoyances is actually just within her character. Makes me dislike her just a little. When I write Kanae, sorry for those who like the convention, but I will NOT be making her 'mo' all the time.

As to those translators who left me thinking Kanae just cut-off her words; shame on you for not making that understood! *shakes a finger*

SO. In this chapter, I want to say I use the American conventions for head nodding and shaking (nod = yes, shake = no), though I believe in Japan, they are actually the other way around?

Also, this chapter uses some actual anatomy terms which I usually avoid in the guise of writing not erotica, but romance/smut. Just a forewarning. There is reason for it.

Oh, and p.s. no guarantee I'll regularly update this quickly; I just couldn't leave Ren hanging!

That being said, italics text are direct thoughts of characters, text is in quotes, noises are done with asterisks.

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Playing With Fire

Act 57

Ren stood behind Kyoko and extended his hands to the keyboard. A few quick strokes, and the windows were closed down for good. He then turned around and exited the room, Kyoko assuming he meant for her to follow him out.

He led them into the living room, pointed at the sofa. "Sit."

He then walked over to his liquor cabinet and poured himself two fingers of scotch, took a sip, then walked into the living room and sat on the sofa, one knee folded resting on the sofa so he could face Kyoko.

Neither of them knew what to say, so they sat in silence as they struggled to find words. Ren broke the silence first with the only question he could think of.


"Why what? T-tsuruga-san?"

Ren sighed. "Those pop-up windows are scripted to open up when you either go to a pornographic site or you close the window to a pornographic site. Why were you visiting a porn site Kyoko? And it's still Ren."

He isn't going to fillet me, batter me then fry me for this? A knot in Kyoko's stomach she didn't realize she had released. He didn't hate her. She could still call him Ren.

"I'm sorry Ren. I did something despicable. That isn't something a good Japanese girl should do! I swear I won't do it again. I'm so sorr-"

"It's okay Kyoko. Shhh. I'm not accusing you of anything. Just… tell me why."

"For… for a homework assignment."

Ren's mind started racing a mile a minute. What the hell does the president have her doing!? I'm going to kill that man… He started to stand up but stopped when Kyoko continued speaking.

"You see, Kaminari-chan has some friends who are … together, and I didn't understand HOW."

"How?" he shook his head, not understanding.

"h-how twomememdoe" her voice fell to a muffle.

"um… what?"

"How… two women do… it," her voice dropped again, though this time still audible. She kept her eyes downcast, intentionally avoiding Ren's eyes.

Ren was shocked. He actually reached for his scotch and took a rather long sip to prevent his mouth from hanging open.

"So your manager told you to look up porn." It wasn't exactly a question, but a statement.

"No." Kyoko's face, which had remained a steady shade of tomato deepened to a shade of crimson.

He waited for her to elaborate, but when it was clear she wouldn't without his prompting, "So what was the assignment?"

She opened her mouth to speak, then closed it, then tried again, and finally conceded. "I just can't say it Ren, it's too embarrassing." She put her hands on her cheeks, hiding her face from him, which of course only made him more curious.

He would have to break out the heavy-hitters. "Kyoko… You used my computer to look at pornographic websites. Do you realize those things are filled with programs that install computer viruses and other programs on your computer? The whole thing is probably infected by now. It'll cost a lot to have them removed, or maybe I should just buy a new computer all together…" Was he guilt tripping her? Yes. Was it working?

"Oh no! Ren! I really am so sorry! I didn't know. I'm sorry to make you waste your money on something like this stupid assignment."

"-Which is?"

"K… Kaminari told me to…. To… d-do it t-to m-m-myself to be able t-to understand, but I h-had never … known h-how something like that w-was d-done, and Moko-san suggested to research it on the internet. I really didn't know." She looked as if she were about to cry.

Ren reached out and pulled her in to his chest in a hug.

"Shhh… I thought it was because of me. That I was moving too slow for what you wanted."

"Too slow for what?" she asked, but still could not look at him.

"Too slow in this relationship. For you. I thought you were ready for more, and I'm just so… Kyoko, look at me." He pushed her away from his chest and lifted her chin so she would meet his eyes.

"Kyoko, I love you. I promised I would not hurt you, so I've been waiting on things until you're ready. If you are really serious about completing this… assignment, then, if you will let me… I want to be the one to teach you."

He wants to teach me? But… does that mean he wants to give me instruction? Tell me how? Show me? But the things those women did in that video… too embarrassing! But… It … did seem enjoyable. And Moko-san said it wasn't bad. Ren said he loves me. He loves me. It's alright isn't it? If he loves me?

Kyoko didn't know what to say, so she just nodded her consent.

Ren picked her up in princess-carry in one movement.

"Wait! Now? But the food…"

Ren chuckled. Leave it to her to think of nutrition at the most inappropriate time. "Yes, now." His voice was stern and husky and left no room for argument. Still, she would try though, that is, until she locked eyes with him and knew no argument could win against the Emperor of the Night.

He carried her into the bedroom, gently laid her on the bed then walked to the light switches and dimmed the lights. The room was as if bathed in moonlight. You could see figures, you could see some color, but no details unless you were close enough to touch.

Kyoko stared at him from the bed, uncertain what she should be doing. She was excited and embarrassed and eager and shy all at once. Ren had had kept his back to her once the lights were set.

"Take off your clothes and climb under the covers."

She did as she was told. Ren turned around as she happened to have her shirt across her eyes going over her head. She was taking a long time because each article of clothing was perfectly folded and placed at the end of the bed.

"Tell me when you're ready." He turned back to face the door.

When she was ready, he turned to face her and almost laughed as she was covered up to her chin and cocooned with the covers tucked under both sides of her body. He fought the laughter though so he wouldn't make her uncomfortable.

He slid his hand under her clothing and moved it to the bureau, then turned back to the bed. He slid his shirt off as he walked back to the bed and unceremoniously dropped it to the floor, unbuttoned his jeans and let them slide to the floor, leaving him in only boxers and socks, then laid down on his side facing her with his head propped up on his hand.

"I'm going to sit behind you, and you lay back on my chest. I'll tell you a few things, then I'll guide you in some movements. If there's anything that feels good, just say so. If there is anything that does not feel good, tell me that too. Ok? Now sit up so I can climb in."

She mumbled an 'ok' as she sat up, clutching the covers to her chest. Ren scooted in behind her and built up the pillows behind him before leaning back. He slid down so his crotch was against her butt, and gently pulled her back against his chest.

"Are you comfortable?"

She nodded.

"Are you really? Being comfortable is important. Don't just agree to be polite."

She shifted a little and nodded again. "Ok. I'm comfortable."

Ren slid his hands down her arm, causing her to tense up and shiver at the same time. He pulled the covers from her hands and laid the covers down while he guided her hands under, down her body.

"For a woman, her thoughts and comfort and how she feels emotionally are what is most important. If your mind is in the right place, with a little physical stimulation, you can reach orgasm."

"How will I know?" She asked meekly.

"When you reach orgasm? All the tension and sensation we build in your body will feel like it explodes throughout your body, leaving you feel extremely relaxed."

"Tensions. Sensation. Explosion, Relaxation. Okay. How long should I take?"

Ren chuckled a little, he couldn't help it. "It's to be enjoyed Kyoko. That isn't an agenda, and it doesn't start with tension. It starts, with relaxation." With that, he gently rubbed her arms again and leaned down to place a kiss on her neck.

Ren reached down and laid his left hand on top of her left hand and guided her hand up her body to her breast.

"There are not a lot of nerves in your breast tissue, but massaging them can be pleasurable and relax the muscles underneath. Your nipples are where the nerves are in your breast. Tell me what feels good, and mimic my movements."

Ren reached his right hand up to fondle her breast, using his left on top of her hand to force her to mimic his actions.

He lightly slid his hand across her breast, gently letting his palm slide across her nipple then, when it was at the center of his palm, gently crushed her breast to her chest and started to work the muscle underneath. After a few seconds, he slid his hand down, letting his fingers slide one by one across her nipple.

"What felt good of that?"

"Um… It felt weird… with your fingers."

"Weird good? Or weird bad?"


"Your nipples are more erect now." He whispered in her ear as he moved his hand and hers over her breasts again, and she gasped at the increase in sensation.

He ran his hands up and over her breasts this time, then made gentle circle motions of her nipple on the palm of his and her hands, barely grazing the surface, causing tingles through her body.

She didn't expect it when he pinched her nipple let out a small yelp.

"Did that hurt? Did it feel bad?"

"N-no... mostly it just surprised me. B-but I don't think I want to be pinched."

"Okay." He moved his hands so instead of pinching her, he held her nipple between two fingers and gently rolled it around. That brought a sign from her lips, he smiled, and kissed her neck again.

Next, he moved his hands, with hers in his left, away from her chest. He bent her finger with his and used their hands to tickle the tip of her nipples, using just the edge of their fingertips. He could tell she liked that by how she moved.

He then slid her hand under the covers, sliding her palm down her skin to her hip and slid her hand across her belly between her legs.

He whispered in her ear, sending a shiver down her spine. "Do you know where your clitoris is?"

She didn't speak, only shook her head no.

Ren slid her hand down with her fingers together, and identified the parts as her hands moved past. "This is the mons pubis. Also called your Mound." His hand slid down further, their middle fingers sliding slightly into the cleft. "These are your labia majora. Also called lips."

"It can feel good to massage them, though most of your pleasure will come from between the lips. On the inside… just here… is your clitoris. Clit." Their fingers slid into the cleft and found the nub as he was talking.

"This wetness is meant to make things slick so things move easily and slide easily. You can slide your fingers along… like this…. To make everything slippery and create friction." Their fingers slid along her opening, collecting moisture between her fingers.

"When you rub your clit, blood builds up, and eventually when your body has had enough stimulation, then you'll orgasm." His words were like tendrils, touching her whole body. The richness of his voice and warmth of his skin were relaxing.

Their hands slid over her clitoris, first up and down and side to side, then he changed their movements. Their fingers moved in swirls over her hardened nub, gently pulling her skin in circles. Her breathing became deeper as she relaxed at their movements.

The air as he spoke caressed her ear. "If you want, you can also slip your fingers inside… but that's up to you. For now… Just keep doing what feels good."

He let go of her left hand, then slowly moved her right hand up to her breasts and guided her to move her hands across her breasts to play while her left hand worked lower on her body.

Kyoko could feel his arousal against her back, and the hard pressure turned her on even more. Her mind raced at all the things he told her, as he whispered tips and terms and things she could do in her ear, and before she realized, her breath was ragged and uneven. She felt the tension building… building… building…

Whimpers slipped from between her closed lips, and her muscles tensed. She was close. Even she could tell. This sensation was familiar; the desire for more, wanting, but not knowing what, needing that release. It was like what Natsu had experienced. She could remember now.

Ren had long sense moved to sit on his hands, letting her make the magic. It was hard for him to keep control, but if he lost, if he touched her any more, he would lose the little control he had left.

The release came a few minutes later, as her fingers continued to work between her legs. She moaned loudly and raggedly, her breath coming in gasps as wave after wave, the tension broke within her. Her body spasmed hard against Ren's chest, forcing her head back as her body convulsed. Ren could take it no more and released his hands, pulling her face around to his as he kissed her deeply, his hands gently caressing her skin, lengthening her pleasure.

When the swell subsided, Kyoko's mind was blank. Ren held her in his arms, cradled against his chest as he fought to bring his own desires under control.

Kyoko let out a giggle, making him smile.


"It's just… this was much better than watching those videos." She giggled some more, and pretty soon Ren was laughing as well.

"And so when Kaminari picks you up for filming tomorrow, you can tell her your homework is done."

Kyoko went silent, then "No… I think I'll wait till she asks." Ren couldn't see in the darkened room, but he was pretty sure she was blushing.

"Good. I'd rather save this all to myself. Ourselves." He leaned down and kissed her. "Now how about some dinner? Or can you not walk?"

"Of course I can walk!" Her claims were almost unfounded though, as she moved to stand, and her legs buckled, leaving her sitting on the bed.

Ren grinned and retrieved her clothes.

"Here. Go into the bathroom to clean up. I'll be in the living room."

He left her sitting there, waiting to re-learn how to stand.