Act 63

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Ren woke at 2am wondering why he couldn't roll over. He opened one eye a crack to see the TV on and realized he was still in the living room, and he couldn't turn over because he was wedged in between the sofa and Kyoko.

Her hair was disheveled and she was grining while mumbling something about sheep.

-If only this could last forever. Looking at her sleeping face, I can only think there is peace to be found on this earth. This excruciating cramp in my hip though may just be the end of it.-

Ren pushed himself up and started to climb over Kyoko, but as he suspected, she moved with the pressure dips of the sofa where his hands and legs moved. She opened her eyes right as he was square above her.

If she hadn't heard his soft "shhh, it's alright" she might have screamed in shock at having a man so close and above her. As it was, she felt his warmth above her as her side was now growing cold where he once was.

Ren stood up and flexed a few of his muscles, forcing blood to flow back into the sore parts.

Kyoko sat up, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. "What time is it?"

"Late. You can sleep." -she looks confused. Cute!- "do you want to go to the bed? I can put some sheets on the guest bed if you would like. Just give me a minute."

"No, I need to go home," she shook her head. "Kaminari-San is picking me up in the morning."

"Alright Kyoko. Let me just wake up a little more. Would you like a cup of coffee?" He headed toward the kitchen.

"No, I'll just gather my things."

There wasn't much traffic. Not that there was ever a ton of traffic at 2am, but the quiet hustle of night workers even seemed less tonight. Or so Ren thought. The drive to Daruma Ya was fast, and Ren found himself dragging his speed just a little to gain more time with her.

Neither was really talking. An occasional comment about signs or traffic, but it was peaceful silence. Something had changed tonight. Something much more intimate than of the adult things they had done.

Ren caught her looking at him and smiled. She quickly looked straight ahead as if he wouldn't have noticed her studying the way his lips gently morphed to rise at the corners.

Her head was fuzzy. So much had happened tonight. There was too much to think about, but she couldn't wrap her brain around ANYTHING at this moment. She blamed it on the time, but her heart knew that wasn't why.

Ren pulled up in front of the Daruma Ya and turned off the engine, then got out and walked around to open her door for her.

She got out, then turned and pushed her seat forward to get her bag from the back.

It was hard for Ren to NOT reach out to that cute little behind pointing out at him. When Kyoko straightened up and turned to him, she just assume he was looking around for any onlookers who might notice him. He was, in fact, looking anywhere except her butt.

He walked her to the door and waited till she had the door unlocked, then gave her a gentle, lingering kiss and said his goodnight. He waited in the car until he knew she was safely inside before he put his Porsche in gear and drove home alone.

Kyoko has very good dreams that night. She couldn't remember them, but she remembered being warm and happy, and when her alarm chimed time to get up, she wished she could simply snuggle down and return to those wonderful dreams.