"Why did you do it Rose?"

Alice's angel like voice drifts across the dark stripped room over to where the blonde slim figure of Rosalie stands. Head bowed in shame she slowly turns towards the petite little pixie she's known as her sister and looks up.

"Surely you would know by now" she spits sarcastically.

"Rose I'm not Edward I can't hear your thoughts, I can only see what may happen."

A slight slump of the shoulders and the pained look that had plagued Rosalie for the past few days returned to her face. It wasn't her fault Bella had decided to jump. Foolish girl she thought, she had it all, a beautiful life, a wonderful man, and what does she do?

"Rose I'm waiting."

"I was jealous ok?" she spat.

Alice stared at her with a look of curiosity.

"Of Edward and Bella?"

"No of you and Edward."

Now Alice was confused.

"Wha.." she faltered

"You and Edward have this weird connection and I know you get on with Bella so well! I just wanted to see Edward out of the picture for a bit so you and I could..." Rosalie looked toward the ground unable to look Alice in the eye.

"You must understand I never meant Edward to try and take his life." She mumbled.

"You and me could... oh." a dreamy look drifted across Alice's face as she stared off into space.

"Alice? What are you seeing?" Rosalie hesitated, wondering if what she imagined could possibly come true.

Rosalie started towards her when suddenly Alice lunged. Her lips met Rosalie's with such force that she was almost knocked backwards, they're granite like lips seeking out each other, they're tongues hesitantly tasting. Rosalie let out a low guttural moan which spurred Alice on as she trailed her tongue down Rosalie's jaw and along her collarbone. She slipped a hand inside her blouse and felt her already hard nipples through the soft white cotton of her bra.

This was too much for Rosalie and she pushed Alice back against the wall. Tonight she was going to fulfil the fantasy she had been toying with for the past two years. Two years of yearning and aching for Alice's body, her small round pert breasts, her silky white thighs... oh god she wanted this so much!

Her hand slid up Alice's sides and she whipped off her t-shirt exposing her delicate breasts. Rosalie slid her tongue round the first nipple feeling Alice shudder with pleasure beneath her. She expertly moved from one breast to the other, rolling the tip of her tongue so it just grazed Alice's nipples. She could feel herself growing warm and moist in between her thighs and judging by Alice's whimper of pleasure it wouldn't be long before both girls were very wet.

"Touch me Rose, do it now!" Alice moaned in Rosalie's ear sending Rosalie into a frenzy as she grabbed the fastenings on Alice's jeans and removed them with lightening speed. She rubbed her forefinger up and down Alice's slit; she could feel her wetness and could smell her intoxicating arousal. Slowly she slid one, then two fingers into Alice. In and out, in and out while her thumb rubbed at her clit.

Alice writhed and gasped at the sensations pulsing through her body. She was getting closer to release, closer to the point where the world ceased to be and she was floating up and up as her body clenched in pleasure.

"Oh god Rose!" she screamed her name as her orgasm hit her and her legs collapsed from beneath her. Rosalie caught her and steadied her with her hands while Alice came back from the brink. She fixed Rosalie with dark lust filled eyes.

"Now it's your turn." She growled as she grabbed Rosalie and gently laid her down on the couch. She teasingly eased off Rosalie's jeans and now extremely wet panties until all of her white marble was on show.

"You know I always admired your long supple legs..." Alice murmured as she planted kisses and trailed her moist tongue up the inside of Rosalie's leg. She moaned in return and arched her hips inviting Alice to relieve the ache buried between her legs.

"You know what I crave Alice stop teasing me." Rosalie groaned. Alice did as she was told and thrust her cold hard tongue inside Rosalie's soaking wet vagina. She cried out as Alice began thrusting, slow then faster while circling her clit with her finger.

"Oh fuck! Oh god!!"

Alice then gently probed one, then two fingers inside Rosalie and she clamped on, contracting her muscles so that Alice could feel the effect she was having upon her. She flicked her clit with her tongue, building a rhythm until Rosalie cried out as her orgasm shook her very core.

Only a few minutes had passed but to Alice and Rosalie it felt like hours. Alice moved her head in line with Rosalie's and planted a sweet kiss on her lips. A sudden movement at the door made them turn and a look of horror played on Rosalie's face.

There in the doorway stood Jasper.

"I didn't see that coming." whispered Alice.