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Where Did My Sunshine Go

Prompt: Scrubs – "My Clean Break"

When Derek Morgan did something, he did it decisively, I had to give him that. I should be grateful. He actually gave me a gift. My clean break…and I didn't even have to be the one that made it. He'd simply pulled away from me in one swift sudden move. Oh, he was still polite, always courteous, but now more so than when he spoke to Mary Sue on the street. And all because I'd tried to protect him.

But I hadn't been able to help myself. I'd taken one look at my chocolate God and known he was heading for heartbreak. I could tell, I'd faced my own personal heartbreaker for the last four years. Years spent hoping against hope that he'd finally cast those darkly handsome eyes my way. And that was the way he'd looked at her. Except, for awhile, she'd returned those long gazes. And then she'd begun to heal, to move past that horrible trauma of losing her brother to a senseless crime. Then she hadn't needed my Lovebug anymore; her need for a crutch no longer necessary.

I often wondered if he blamed me for being right. Sometimes, it almost seemed like he held a grudge. What he didn't understand is that I'd have given almost anything to have been wrong. Even if it meant losing him to another woman. Because, ultimately, I'd lost him anyway.

But this was my clean break. Before, I'd always wished that I'd been strong enough to make it. But as I said, he'd done it for me. Now, my bright and shiny world seemed much dimmer and I had to wonder – would I ever feel the warmth of his sunshine again. Looking at his grim face now, staring after her as she left him, I had to doubt it. She'd taken his light and he'd taken mine.