Title: Brothers: Edward Elric

Author: Calenlass Greenleaf

Disclaimer: FMA isn't mine.

Spoilers: For FMA in general. Mangaverse fic, meaning spoilers for Brotherhood, too. Quotes are from the manga, courtesy of OneManga.

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Angst/Family

Warnings: Angst. Violence. Some mild swearing…

Pairings: Implied EdWin. No yaoi/yuri, shounen-ai, shouta, or incest—I don't read or write that stuff.

Summary: Fear, pain, self, and love—the things that shaped him, and the things that give him the determination to go on. Edward-centric.

A/N: Recently, FF-Net is ruining my formatting, so I apologize in advance if you find any titles, line breaks, or closings to be un-centered. Originally my title was supposed to be underlined, too. *pokes FF-Net, hard*

Story Notes:

Bratja (Brothers) is composed by Michiru Oshima, sung in Russian, rendered into English by Tobu Ishi, and made famous by Vic Mignogna. However, Vic left out part of Al's verse. If you want the full lyrics written by Tobu Ishi, they're found at www . fanfiction . net / s / 4042840 / 1 / Brothers_The_English_Bratja (copy, paste, and remove all spaces). I used the lyrics as chapter headers and enders—this not a songfic.

Brothers: Edward Elric


Many people are familiar with the name Edward Elric, the youngest person to earn the privilege of State Alchemist. He's a hero for a lot of people, because of the part he played in saving the world. He knows important people, and some of them he even calls his friends.

The Fullmetal Alchemist…with an arm and leg of metal. Some people still hold automail in reverence, as it's still something not too common, and to have two limbs replaced with automail is something remarkable.

There's also the fact that he doesn't need transmutation circles to do alchemy. All he has to go his put his hands together; only four other people are capable transmuting without a circle.

So, yes, he's rather popular.

Yet he's also infamous.

For one, his height is a sore topic. Just one word can get him in tantrum.. He doesn't tolerate milk, and does all he can to avoid it. And he's been said to have a big ego; if people get him and his brother mixed up, they had better walk cautiously.

But that is all the surface. People know what he likes and dislikes, his personality, and his…quirks. But they don't understand his reasons for doing some things. They just think he's a loud-mouthed kid who grew up fast because he wanted to.

That's only the partial truth.

There's more to it.

Much more.

Fear, pain, self, and love—the things that shaped him, and the things that give him the determination to go on.

Those are the things that identify him as Edward Elric.