Are you confused yet? Do you think that I paint an inaccurate picture of the famous alchemist?

So, you're saying that he's a fearful, pained, strong-willed, and loving person obsessed with getting his and his brother's bodies back, right?

No quite. You're glancing over everything again.

In all honesty, Edward Elric cannot be summarized in such a small amount of words. In fact, no person can be summarized in just a book. Not even biographies can do that. It's because words can only describe so much what the eyes perceive. Words have a limit.

This account is what I saw and attempted to put into words, and what I believe Edward Elric to be.

You may say it is not complex enough, that the words are too simplistic.

He doesn't need big words to explain him. It would be superfluous and empty.

Perhaps had the events been different, and had nothing great happened to him, he would been just an ordinary, talented kid who watched out for his brother.

It's not about glory. It's not about titles. It's not about wealth.

How many people can say they still keep in touch with their family members after years? Do they even consider things such as sacrifice?

Edward Elric did. Should alchemy disappear, and should every material thing disappear, he'll still have his brother with him.

That's what really matters.

- Written by Alphonse Elric, with help from Edward Elric


So where do we go from here?

And how to forget and forgive?

What's gone is forever lost.

Now all we can do is live…


Story Notes:

When I first started this, it wasn't in Al's POV. It only became his POV while I was writing "Love."

I wish my own brother could write on me, even if it is sometimes awkward to read about yourself…I, however did write a character sketch on my brother for the fun of it. I accidentally left it on my desk. Yeah, he saw it (And I hit myself over the head for leaving it out). But "I guess it's accurate enough," was all he said, and I was relieved. I guess…there was a time when I no longer saw him a whiny little kid who annoyed the life out of me, but as a friend and someone I could trust. That was before discovering FMA. After FMA, it made me appreciate him more. No, it's not become my guidebook, but it's a reminder of how important family should be.

I'll end the speech here; I tend to ramble in these notes, sorry.

Hope all of you have enjoyed reading. :) Thanks goes to everyone who've added this story to their alerts and favorites.

Next FMA fic: A joint fic related to this one. On Al, with observations from Ed. It's a little harder; I haven't really written much on Al, but at least he's not as stubborn as his brother. *grin*

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