Hello Darlings! Look *points at something random* so shiny!

Anyway the real reason I have you all here is because this is what you've all been waiting for... the sequel to Anniversary! I hope it's everything you wanted... you know what to do if it's not... ;)


Poppy kept Harry and Kendra for the night. Just to make sure that the new baby was fine and that Harry healed without infection. And because Severus had requested it.

He wanted to finish at least two of the rooms before he brought his family home. He had been planning on having it finished when he and Harry were away on their week long honeymoon but it seemed that their daughter had other plans. She had come a full three weeks early.

So the next morning after breakfast, while most of the school was either holed up somewhere, outside or in town, Severus and Draco escorted Harry and Kendra home.

Much to Harry's surprise and delight the small family was greeted by a handful of their friends. Bill, Hermione, Neville, Luna, Minerva, Poppy and of course, Remus, were all waiting, under a banner welcoming Harry and Kendra home, in the living room.

Though it wasn't the living room that Harry remembered, before it had been dark and depressing with books and parchments and pens scattered about on every available surface.

Now however it was airy and bright. Harry then spotted a window. It looked out onto the lake.

'Are we still in the dungeons?' he asked, taking in the view.

Severus chuckled, 'No, thanks to the wonder of magic, our door is in the dungeons, where our chambers used to be now the door brings you here. On the fourth floor, just down the hall from Dremus,' he smirked when Draco protested the name with a dignified,

'Hey!' which everyone ignored.

'There is a door on the fourth floor but I wanted to surprise you.' Severus admitted, not letting himself blush.

Harry turned to take in the rest of the room, it was nowhere near as cluttered as it had been. But that might have been due to the two desks and multiple bookcases that now lined the wall.

The desks sat on one side of the large fireplace and the shelving started on the other side. In front of it was a set of very comfortable chairs, between which sat possibly the biggest sofa Harry had ever seen. He ran a hand along the back, it was the softest too!

On the floor in front of the fire was a large thick area rug. Harry imagined all the things he could do on that with both Severus and Kendra. Though the thoughts of Severus where much more inappropriate then those with Kendra.

On the mantel sat a large collection of photographs, a combination of Muggle and Wizard. All of them had Harry in them. Whether it was with friends or family, Harry was there and he was always laughing or smiling. Right in the middle, a picture bigger than the rest, was the first on of their family, taken the night before in the infirmary. Harry was holding Kendra and was leaning back against Severus as he fed their daughter her first bottle.

At some point in Harry's inspection of their new place Remus had taken the tiny pink bundle and Harry turned to his anxious husband. Harry had only seen this one room but he already loved it.

'I wanted this to be as much yours as it is mine, ours, if you will,' Severus said softly.

Harry launched himself at Severus. 'I love you,' he whispered into the firm chest.

Severus held Harry tightly, 'I love you back,' he replied only slightly louder than a breath.

A loud honking noise ruined their moment.

'It's so beautiful,' Draco exclaimed as he blew his nose again, loudly.

'It is Dragon, it is,' Remus replied, gently rubbing Draco's back.

'I appreciate that all your hard work but you didn't have to finish it overnight,' Severus admonished lightly.

'We know,' Hermione replied with a grin.

'And we didn't,' Bill continued.

'But the small army of house elves wouldn't have had it any other way,' Draco finished, now tear free.

Harry yawned loudly, and Minerva smiled.

'We should let them get settled, I'm sure Harry is still tired,' she said gently, before turning to the group, 'besides don't you have something to teach or correct or something,' she asked, giving them a mildly discouraging glare.

Everyone looked at each other before replying, 'No,' with giant smiles.

'Remy, can we go, I need you to,' what he needed Remus to do was whispered in his ear, causing his eyes to go wide.

'Stop propositioning my father!' Harry demanded.

'He's my husband, I'll proposition him and do whatever else I want to him,' here Draco's hand cupped Remus as he pouted defiantly.

'Draco!' Remus gave a token protest as he lamely tried to swat Draco's hands away from his crotch. Draco's hand found its way into Remus' pants. 'Time to go,' Remus announced as bid a hasty good bye to Harry and pulled Draco out the door.

'I never want to see that again,' Harry announced causing the others to laugh.

'I'll come by later,' Hermione promised as she hugged Harry carefully as he had gotten Kendra back.

The others promised as well as they filed out and Harry idly wondered if he was going to have to make a visiting schedule. He suddenly gave another loud yawn.

'To be with you, maileachan,' Severus said softly guiding Harry into the bedroom. Harry barely noticed his surroundings as Kendra was gently taken from him and he collapsed on the bed, when had he become so tired?

And did this new place have a place for their daughter?