So the first half of this is basically smut. :D Just thought I'd warn you, which is why the rating changed...


Harry stood in front of the mirror caressing his protruding belly.

He then sucked it in, only to stick it back out as far as he could again, then he began to make waves with his belly. He giggled softly to himself.

'What in the name of Salazar's Serpent are you doing?' Severus asked from the doorway where he stood with Kendra a hand over her eyes to keep her from seeing Harry's serpent.

'I've got shorts on,' Harry protested taking his daughter.

'Put so clothes on, exhibitionist,' George was in the door way. Kendra, at spotting her favourite uncle, squealed in delight and reached out for him.

'I've come for the rugrat,' he announced even as he accepted the toddler.

'Good the little monster has been getting into everything,' Severus replied handing the toddler laden twin a bag with all Kendra's things.

George vanished into the flames with Kendra leaving Harry and Severus alone.

'Forget Salazar's Serpent, I want to see yours,' waggling his eyebrows as pressed himself against Severus.

'Get dressed Brat,' he smirked as he stood still, letting the man writhe against him as he shed his shorts.

Harry immediately pouted, 'prude,' he muttered as he turned away from Severus, only to yelp as Severus swatted his arse.

He rubbed his reddened cheek as he glared at his husband, who was trying to look innocent but failing magnificently.

'What was that for?'

'I didn't do anything,' Severus replied as he threw a pair of trousers at Harry.

'Liar,' Harry shot back as he pulled the trousers off his head. Suddenly he found himself on his back in bed, his legs wrapped around his lover.

Severus grinned lecherously and buried two fingers in Harry's arse and growled. The insatiable brat had already prepared himself, Sev twitched just thinking about the younger man preparing himself.

'You planned this,' he stated as he hastily undid his trousers and grabbed Harry's hips to align Harry's hole with his throbbing erection.

Harry grinned and grabbed Severus arse as Severus buried himself to the hilt in one stroke.

Both man groaned in blissful pleasure.

The frantic coupling didn't last long and both men came with a shout, Harry coating Severus good coat in spunk.

'Damn it!' Severus swore as he examined his still button coat. Harry began to giggle a not even manly giggle.

'It's your own fault,' Harry grinned as he cast a cleansing charm on them, the stain came out but the smell still lingered. Severus glared at Harry, who ignored it. 'Get off,' he demanded pushing at Severus.

'I believe I already did,' Severus smirked.

'Bastard,' Harry swatted at Severus before he began to fish in the closet for an assortment of clothing. Severus began to pull off his soiled clothing.

'Pwarr,' Harry leered as Severus stood in nothing but his deep blue button up and matching tie.

'Yes, yes, I'm very sexy. We've established that already, can we please get dressed and leave so we can come back and have sex later?' he almost snapped, he hadn't quite figured out why they had both been incredibly horny lately, he knew why he was but he had no idea why Harry was.

Harry's pout turned into a grin at the promise of more sex later. He hurriedly dressed and waited for Severus to hurry.

'Hey Sev,' Harry started just before heading to the floo, 'you think it's too soon for another child?' he vanished into the floo leaving a stunned Severus who was slowly putting the pieces together. The constant arousal, the odd display in front of the mirror, the mild sickness. He grinned and followed his husband into the floo.


Draco sighed as Fred vanished with Orion. He loved his son but by Merlin he just wanted to impale himself on his husband's impressive shaft and suddenly he was groaning with his face pressed against the wall his pants down around his ankles and three fingers loosening his hole.

'Sweet Mer- oh please Remy, need you to FUCK!' he bellowed as Remus unceremoniously and without warning shoved himself balls deep into Draco's will arse.

'How's that?' Remus smirked as he thrust brutally into his blond, Draco babbled incoherent for the few minutes of pure bliss.

Remus' thrusts were sporadic at best but Draco loved it.

And then Remus' hand was caressing Draco's cock and Draco was coating the wall in white as his muscles milked Remus' orgasm from him as he continued to thrust into Draco through their shared orgasm.

Still embedded in Draco, Remus pulled them back to the bed where the collapsed in a heap and he slipped from that tight channel.

Remus peppered light kisses on Draco as they tried to compose themselves, or at least calm their breathing.

Draco gave a contented sigh as he snuggled into Remus' heat. 'We should be going,' he commented as he caressed the slightly furred chest of his lover.

Remus' sighed, 'I know but I was hoping to bask in the post-coital for a little longer.'

Draco gave a laugh, and straddled Remus' hips, 'the sooner we get there the sooner we can leave,' he smirked.

Remus pulled Draco down for a hungry kiss, 'then your arse is mine,' he replied squeezing Draco's arse.

'My arse is always yours,' he replied, grinning into the kiss.

Remus growled, even as he muttered a cleansing spell.

The pair got dressed despite Draco trying to coerce Remus back into bed and vanished into the floo.


Harry and Draco were whisked away as soon as they exited, or in Harry's case tumbled, out of the fireplace in the Burrow's living room.


It was much later as several couples lazily circled the dance floor that Severus finally got to talk to Harry.

'This afternoon, I had a revelation of sorts,' Severus offered.

'Did you now?' Harry replied with a smirk as he shamelessly began to rub himself against Severus.

Severus groaned, 'irritatingly horny.... brat,' he grumbled warmly.

'You love it,' Harry grinned.

'Be that as it may, we are in public,' he replied dryly.

'Hasn't stopped you before,' Harry shot back before yelping as Severus swatted his arse, again. 'What?' he asked petulantly.

'Are you really pregnant?' he asked suddenly.


'Do you think you want more kids?' Draco asked hoping he sounded conversational.

Remus started, 'are you-?' Remus asked gobsmacked.

Draco started to laugh, 'oh Godric, no! I loved carrying Orion but I don't think I can do it again so soon.' He replied.

Remus grinned and kissed Draco affectionately.

'I would love to have more children with you,' Remus replied as they almost collided with Harry and Severus.


The pair stopped moving as Harry studied Severus for a minute, he nodded.

Severus devoured Harry in a soul searing kiss. They finally pulled away when someone shouted,

'Get a room!'

It might have been Draco, or maybe one of the twins, or possibly one of the Weasley brothers or... well anyone there really.

They held on tightly to the other as they continued to sway to the music.

Severus pulled Harry tightly against him and nibbled at the younger man's ear.

'So am I,' he practically purred.

It took a minute for Harry's brain to catch up with a process what Severus had said.

He stopped moving again and Bill and Hermione almost collided with them this time.

'Really?' Harry asked.

Severus nodded and then started swearing when Harry picked him up and spun him around, laughing like an idiot.

'Put me down you fool!' Severus barked even as he tried to not grin.

Harry did as told as the crowd swarmed around Harry and Severus.

'What was that about?' Draco asked first.

Harry glanced at Severus who replied, 'it's going to be a hellish six months.'

No one picked up on anything and then suddenly Hermione shrieked and engulfed first Harry and then Severus in strangling hugs.

She began to babble about diapers and cribs and other such nonsense and Draco started to laugh like a loon and then Remus joined in as he deciphered his lover's laugh filled explanation.

Eventually everyone had a laugh about both men being pregnant and much to everyone's surprise Hermione wasn't at all upset about having to share her wedding day with the news, after all she pointed out, it was after midnight so she was, technically, on her honeymoon.

So alas, this is the end of Honeymoon *tear*, however I am working on Hermione's side story, it won't be long, just sort of fill in the blanks about what has happened here.

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