Chapter 1: Chains of Time (Restart)

"People Talking"

"People Thinking"

"Sword Talking"


Chapter 1: Chains of Time (Restart)

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Lightning flashed the sky. For a second it was day. The thunder that followed blasted the sky. The rain pelted the ground. Two figures stood out in the open. The rain pelted their faces but neither moved. They were surrounded by large craters and black flames. Rocks where demolished and trees burned. The black flames roared, full of life despite the heavy rain.

"It's over Sasuke." Uzumaki Naruto said in a calm voice.

His clothes were burned and singed. His eyes were dark red with slits surrounded by gold. Naruto glared at his former teammate and friend. Lightning flashed in the distance followed by booming thunder.

Uchiha Sasuke sneered at Naruto. His clothes were the same, burned and singed. He began to chuckle followed by a cackle.

"It certainly is Naruto," Sasuke replied.

Sasuke raised his left hand. Suddenly a roar was heard. Naruto looked up in surprise. A giant dragon made of lightning appeared from the clouds above.

"Was he setting this up from the beginning?" Naruto thought looking at Sasuke. .

Naruto nodded in determination and faced the dragon.

"Die, Naruto!" Sasuke exclaimed in victory.

The dragon hit the ground at the speed of lightning. A flash of white devastated the entire area. The storm clouds disappeared leaving a clear blue sky. When the blast cleared Sasuke stood over the body of Naruto.

"In what world could you ever stand against me?" He asked the unconscious Naruto in disgust.

There was no reply for a second.

"You know," a cold voice said from the ground, "I wondered that too."

Sasuke jumped back in surprise. Naruto slowly stood up.

"How are you alive?" Sasuke exclaimed in anger. "That was my strongest jutsu."

Naruto ignored Sasuke and slowly tested his body. He looked at his arms and clenched his fingers.

"Alright I was able to stop the nerve damage." Naruto said to himself.

Sasuke watched this with increasing rage. He drew his sword and activated Susanoo.

Naruto looked at the violet warrior like deity. Naruto looked into the eyes and smiled.

"Your power," Naruto said with a small smile. "Itachi said I would have to fight that. He said you passed him in power, but…," Naruto trailed off. His smile disappeared.

The comment caught Sasuke off guard.

"What did Itachi tell you?" Sasuke asked. His face was livid.

The Susanoo drew its bow made of Amaterasu causing Naruto to frown. He looked at Sasuke.

"You aren't Uchiha Sasuke," Naruto said. "Itachi told me that the brother he had sacrificed everything for had died."

"LIAR!" Sasuke yelled.

Susanoo released its bow. In a blinding speed the arrow tore through Naruto's body. Sasuke sneered as Naruto fell.

"That was close wasn't it?" a voice behind Sasuke said.

Naruto slowly appeared behind Sasuke as the Susanoo faded away.

"Why? Why are you still alive? Naruto?" Sasuke asked standing back to back to the unharmed blond.

Naruto held out his arm. A black crow appeared from the sky and landed on Naruto's shoulder.

Sasuke looked the crow. He gasped in realization. The crow had Sharingan in both eyes.

"Where did you get that crow?" Sasuke asked in a strange calm.

Naruto petted the crow. It cawed in happiness.

"It was a gift from someone I consider a brother," Naruto replied. The crow slowly closed it's right eye. Naruto turned to Sasuke. Naruto's face was monotone and sad. "When we were young I hated you." Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "You had everything, but threw it away for power, for hate. I wanted to bring you back not because of friendship, but because you where my kin. You felt the same pain I had. That feeling transcends friendship. We were more than friends. We were family." Naruto looked down. "Even though we were family you still left. That's why I hated you."

The crow felt Naruto's sadness and gently pecked on his forehead. Naruto smiled at the crow and turned back to Sasuke.

"I told you if we fought both of us would die," Naruto said. He shook his head. "I've grown and realized my mistake." Naruto glared at Sasuke. "Sasuke, if we fight you will die."

Sasuke was silent for a second. He began to laugh. "You've always been a pain in my sides Naruto." He glared at Naruto. "I'll end you once and for all! NARUTO!"

Naruto stood still as Sasuke slashed at him. Naruto caught Sasuke's sword.

"I've surpassed you Sasuke. You can't beat me." Naruto said.

"DIE!" Sasuke exclaimed. He raised his right hand. "Chidori!"

Sasuke plunged the Chidori into Naruto's chest.

Naruto kept silent as Sasuke's arm went through him. Sasuke smirked in victory.

"I don't think you get it," Naruto said closing his eyes.

The crow cawed at Sasuke. Sasuke jumped back and activated Susanoo. His Susanoo drew it's bow and shot it at Naruto. Suddenly the bow was blocked by violent large red chakra. The red chakra began to grow. It surrounded Naruto and began to take shape. Sasuke watched in shock as a black Susanoo similar to Itachi's appeared. But it wasn't done growing. The Susanoo's entire body appeared with an unharmed Naruto on it's right shoulder. Dark red chakra began to form around the Susanoo's feet. In seconds a gigantic ten-tailed fox appeared. The Susanoo crouched down on one knee and and placed a hand on the fox's forehead as if the two were Master and pet. Naruto looked down at Sasuke.

"This is my Susanoo," Naruto said.

"WHY DO YOU HAVE THAT POWER?" Sasuke Susanoo began to grow, the anger feeding it. "THAT POWER BELONGS TO THE UCHIHA.

Sasuke's anger fed the Susanoo more and more. Naruto watched in silence as the dark purple turned pitch black. Naruto stared at the black Susanoo. It radiated hate and anger. It drew it's bow and aimed at Naruto.

"Fetch," Naruto commanded.

The Ten-tailed fox charged at the black Susanoo. Susanoo shot the bow. The bow collided with Naruto's Susanoo as the fox pounced on Sasuke's. Naruto's Susanoo, not being complete staggered back as the arrow drilled into it's chest. The black flames from the arrow began to burn it's body. Naruto stared at the flames and closed his left eye.

"I need your help," Naruto said.

The black crow appeared on Naruto's shoulder and stared at the flames with it's left eye. The flames slowly disappeared. Naruto opened his left eye and turned to Sasuke.

"Get off!" exclaimed Sasuke as the fox attacked him relentlessly.

Sasuke shot the fox with Amaterasu. The fox roared at Sasuke and shot a large black ball of energy at him. The blast covered the entire area. When the blast cleared Sasuke was on the ground with his violet chakra receding back into him.

"HOW?" Sasuke gasped glaring at Naruto. He tried to stand only to fall back down. Naruto released his technique and landed with a light thump. He walked over to Sasuke and looked into his eyes. All he saw was hate. The Sasuke he had once known was gone.

"I'm sorry Itachi." Naruto thought. "I couldn't save him."

Strange black markings began to appear on Naruto's body.

Naruto pointed a finger at Sasuke and said, "Sage of Six: Chakra Implosion."

Sasuke's eyes widened. Black markings began to spread all over his body. The markings began to glow a dark red. Sasuke knew what would happen.

"Naruto?" Sasuke he pleaded. "Don't."

Naruto stared at Sasuke for a moment. The red markings slowly disappeared from Sasuke's body. Naruto turned his back to Sasuke and began to walk away. The crow turned to Sasuke and cawed. Naruto turned to see a sword impaled into the crow.

"Sasuke!" Naruto exclaimed jumping back.

Suddenly Sasuke appeared in front of him. Naruto felt a cold metal pierce his heart. He fell clutching his chest.

"You bastard!" Naruto exclaimed. "I spared your life!"

Sasuke stared at Naruto in disgust. He spat on Naruto and sneered.

"The crow used Izanagi," Sasuke said. "That's how you survived all my attacks." Sasuke slowly closed his left eye. He smirked and said, "It cost me an eye, but I was able to nullify your illusions with my own." Sasuke pointed to his closed eye. "And since this is the Eternal Mangekyo my eye will eventually heal. You see Naruto you could never beat me. My hate surpasses everything."

Sasuke pulled his sword out of Naruto's chest and raised it to finish him. He paused for a moment. He stared at Naruto. Something tugged him not to kill the blond in front of him. A small voice in the back of his head. Naruto stared the hesitating Sasuke.

"Sasuke," Naruto said.

Sasuke shook his head and said, "It's over Naruto."

Sasuke brought the sword down for the finishing blow when he stopped.

"W-What is this?" Sasuke struggled. "I can't move!"

The world began to shift as if it was a rub-ix cube. Sasuke awoke kneeling on the ground. The red markings were back and intensifying.

"It can't be," Sasuke said looking up at Naruto. "How did I fall into your genjutsu?"

Naruto turned to the crow on his shoulders.

"Itachi once got me with a genjutsu that didn't use his eyes, but sound and was thanks to this guy that you fell for it.

Sasuke's face turned from shock to a smile. Sasuke began to laugh.

"You really are unpredictable Naruto," Sasuke said. "You got me. You beat me a long time ago."

"Goodbye… Sasuke," Naruto said.

"Goodbye... Naruto," Sasuke said with an apologetic smile. "Lets meet again in the next life."

Sasuke brought out his hand to shake. Naruto reached down and took the handshake. Naruto smiled and wiped the tears from his eyes. A single tear flowed down Sasuke's cheek. The markings turned whites and Sasuke slowly turned to ash and blew away with the wind. Naruto looked up and stared at the clearing skies.

"Yeah, let's meet again in the next life," Naruto said smiling at the sky.

The crow cawed in sadness and looked at the sky.

"Don't worry," Naruto said petting the crow. "We'll see him again someday."

Naruto began to walk towards the village when he felt a putrid chakra. The sky quickly turned black and the moon appeared. Naruto looked up in confusion. The moon began to crack. Why was the moon cracking? Naruto thought running toward his village. The moon blasted apart revealing a giant creature with ten tails. The creature roared and everything went black. Naruto clenched his fists as he stared at the monster. It all made sense now. Why he was giving the power he had. This was his final test. Naruto began to slowly walk toward the creature as it fell to earth. He felt his friends and comrades walking behind him. They were all giving him strength.

"Naruto," A familiar voice said. "Can you hear me?"

"Kurama?" Naruto said out loud. "You're alive?"

"I can't talk to you like this for long, but you need to stop us,"

Naruto nodded. "Don't worry, I will."

"That's the Naruto I know... We'll meet again, Naruto."

"Wait for me," Naruto exclaimed.

He broke into a run and charged at the falling beast.

"One more time. Lend me you're strength, everyone!"

Naruto jumped at the beast. All his training, his pain, his happiness, his friends, everything he had done was for this moment. Naruto roared as he clashed with the Jubi. This was the end, his final test.

Naruto began to fall. Fall? Why was he falling? Everything was pitch-black. Why was everything pitch-black? Naruto slowly awoke. His whole body hurt. Why did his body hurt? Naruto examined his surroundings. He saw a giant broken statue. The statue was familiar, but why? There was blood all over Naruto's hand but it wasn't his. The air was cool and relaxing. It was night, but where? Naruto began to explore the area.

"So much sacrifice" Naruto thought as he looked at the destruction that surrounded him. He could tell that these ruins where the remains of some large village.

"This place is nostalgic," Naruto thought exploring desolate and destroyed village.

There were no living beings, only corpses. Naruto walked through the ruble and burning buildings as he passed corpse after corpse of the deceased.

"Whatever happened here happened recently," Naruto thought. "What could have caused this?"

The putrid stench of death assaulted Naruto's nose. If it wasn't for his intensive training, he would have puked. Naruto continued to walk in a nostalgic daze around the village. Every so often he would pass a spot that was especially familiar to him.

"Ichiraku's ramen stand" Naruto said reading the broken sign. A smile appeared on his face. "Why am I smiling?"

Naruto saw himself happily slurping bowl after bowl of noodles, when a masked man came and dragged him away. Naruto chuckled as he saw himself escaping from the masked man's grip and running back to the stand.

"Who was that man?"

Naruto saw a large monument with five familiar heads on it. Something about the monument called him to it. When he reached the heads he saw a man sitting on the fourth head. Naruto walked next to and sat down beside the man. Naruto smiled as he combed his hand through his wild blond hair.

"It's been a long journey," Naruto said to the man.

The man nodded.

"I don't even know who I am anymore," Naruto said.

The man nodded.

"I don't remember anything."

The man nodded.

"There is one thing though." Naruto said looking into the night sky. "I have to return."

The man nodded.

"Do you know who cause all this destruction?" Naruto asked.

The man nodded.

"Will you tell me?"

The man nodded.

"His name is King?" Naruto asked.

The man nodded.

"Can I find him if I return?" Naruto asked standing up.

"The man nodded.

"So where do I go now?" he asked the man.

Naruto closed his eyes as in concentration. The cool night air relaxed him. Minutes pasted before Naruto opened his eyes.

"Maybe I should travel the world? I'll find a way to return." Naruto said.

The man nodded.

Naruto began to walk away when he stopped and said, "I've been meaning to ask. Why are there chains all over your body?"

The man nodded.

"You're waiting for something?" Naruto asked in interest. "What are you waiting for?"

The man nodded.

Naruto began to cry. "Anything," he said to himself.

The sun was slowly rising. Naruto looked over the village and smiled. He sat down next to the man. Naruto sat there alone watching over the village. The man wasn't there. Where had the man gone? Why was Naruto alone? Who had he been talking to this whole time?

"I'll wait with you," was all Naruto could say through his tears, "until something happens."

How many years? How many years had he been there? How many years had he been sitting in that same spot? Why was he still here, why wasn't he aging?

None of these questions even remotely interested Naruto. Insanity did that to you. How many times had he gone insane? twenty-six, thirty-four, or eighty-eight times? He had giving up count a long time ago. Naruto had become bored of insanity. He no longer felt it. Nothing concerned him. Everything was boring except for one thing. Finally the last chain out of a million or more was slowly disintegrating. Naruto looked at the chain with desperate hope. Nothing else around him mattered.

"The last chain" Naruto thought "Now something will happen"

He had lost count of the number of years he had sat in that spot were the leaf village used to be. Maybe a few hundred thousand or more give or take a million, but as he watched the last chain disappear into his chest he had one thought

"Something has to happen" as he was engulfed in a blinding light

Rin Tsubokura was enjoying lunch at his computer when the hollow alarm started beeping. Surprised by the sudden noise he dropped his bento box all over the floor and his clothes. Ignoring the sticky feeling of his hakama he rushed to the control panel, but froze at what he saw.

"There's a hollow in Soul Society" he yelled as he watched the screen.

The others around him ran to his tracker screen and sure enough their on the screen was the symbol of a hollow appearing in Soul Society. Akon looked at the info that was appearing on the hollow, his eyes widened in was the first hollow to ever enter soul society.

"It has no spiritual pressure." He exclaimed. "How is that possible?"

The others looked at him in confusion.

"What do you mean it has no spiritual pressure?" asked Hiyosu who had run over to them.

Akon answered as he started typing on the keyboard, "Everything in existence has spiritual pressure. Even if it's just a sliver. Whatever this hollow is, the fact that it's here means that soul society is in danger."

A few seconds passed and the alarm sounded. Akon ran to the emergency intercom.

"Attention all Shinigami, a hollow has appeared in soul society. I repeat there is a hollow in Soul Society. All available Shinigami find and eliminate it. Proceed with caution" Akon finished as he ran back to Rin's computer.

"Captain!" he called into the machine

"He's in a meeting" Hiyosu reminded.

"Wait!" Rin exclaimed "The hollow, it's disappearing!" and just as he said the hollow was gone and the monitor went blank.

The captains where in a meeting when the security alarm rang. The captains froze as the alarm came on. The alarm was only rung when something dangerous happened in soul society. Then the voice of Akon came alive over the intercom.

When he had finished the captains where on edge, all their eyes turned to Yamamoto, whose eyes were half way open. He raised his walking stick and pointed it at the captain of ninth division, Kensei Muguruma.

"Take your division and find the hollow. Capture it, but do not kill it. We must find out how it entered Soul Society."

Not skipping a beat Kensei nodded as he disappeared with a Shunpo. When the captain disappeared Yamamoto pointed his stick at the newly appointed captain of the twelfth division, Kisuske Urahara

"Return to your division and get ready to study the hollow, Never has a hollow set foot in soul society. This is the first and will be the last." he said in a tone that made a lot of the captains shiver and actually feel bad for the hollow.

It was never a good idea to anger the captain of the first division.

Naruto gasped as he shot wide awake. He paused in his panting to look around his surroundings. He was in what looked like an old style room. He rubbed his eyes. He was under warm blankets. Shaken off the drowsiness, Naruto tried to stand only to feel something weird under him. Confused Naruto looked down to see ten fox looking tails that were all a skull white color. Naruto frowned and shut his eyes.

"I know that I don't have tails" Naruto thought with conviction, "When I open my eyes the tails will be gone" Naruto slowly opened his eyes to see the tails in the same position as they were before.

"Damn" Naruto thought as he slowly dragged his hand across the tails. Weirdly enough, he could feel his hand as he did this. Naruto slowly tried to stand up succeeding only to fall on all fours like an animal. This was when he also realized that he was naked.

"What's going on?" Naruto thought "Where am I?" he looked around again and saw a door. He tried to walk towards it when he paused. He could feel someone coming, but what made him freeze was the energy he was feeling. In all the years he had watched humanity, he had never felt this before.

"This isn't chakra" he thought to himself. The energy slowly got closer. Naruto once again tried to move but he didn't see anywhere else to go to. There were two shadows on the other side of the door. Naruto sat crisscrossed as he waited for the people to enter.

"I'll go in first, you follow" a young voice said.

"It's okay Shiro-Chan" and older voice chuckled "It's not like he's going to attack me or anything.

The only response was a grumble and the door sliding open. In walked a short white haired boy with turquoise eyes. He had a glare while he looked at Naruto. Following him was an old lady with light gray hair. She held a smile as she looked at Naruto, but it seemed strained. The boy was radiating an energy that Naruto had felt. In fact it was rolling off of him in waves. Naruto couldn't help but notice that the lady was shivering. They both seemed to be ignoring his nakedness.

"Does that kid know how to control his power?" Naruto thought to himself

"Hello" the old lady said to Naruto as if he were a lost puppy, "Do you feel better?" she asked.

Naruto frowned at the way she was talking to him, but let it pass over him. The short boy growled at the lack of response, probably taking it as disrespect.

"Hey guy! She asked you a question" he said.

Naruto raised an eyebrow at the tone. He tried to say something when he made the sudden realization.

"I forgot how to speak!" he remembered

In the years he had spent alone no one had ever talked to him or let alone seen him. Not having anyone to talk to he had giving up on talking and his voice had disappeared from lack of use. Naruto rubbed his head as he sighed. The memory of his isolation hurt him.

"Let's see if I can still do this" Naruto thought as he opened his mouth

The two waited in anticipation when the strange guy opened his mouth as if to speak. Naruto pointed to the boy known as Shiro-Chan. This piped the two's interest, but also seemed to gain Shiro's confusion

"Now what was the word" Naruto thought as he tried to sound out syllables with his mouth. "Sh…sh…" the two leaned in slowly as Naruto sounded some words, "Shh…sho…shoo…shor…" Naruto smirked as he remembered how to say the word. He pointed at Shiro with more vigor

"SHORT!" Naruto exclaimed

Toshiro anime fell at the outburst

"What did you call me?" he asked dusting himself off glaring at the guy

Naruto smirked at the boy

"Short, short, short!" Naruto taunted in a raspy yet deep voice.

Toshiro was about to charge the guy when he heard laughing coming from beside him. He turned to his grandma. She was laughing. Toshiro looked at his grandma in confusion.

"Can you tell us your name?" she asked walking toward Naruto.

Naruto frowned and stayed silent. His name was Naruto, right?

Kensei looked around district after district searching for any signs of a hollow, but nothing had appeared. None of the residents felt or saw anything.

"Damn machine must be broken," he thought as he called his man back. "There's no way a hollow could have entered Soul Society. It was probably a mistake."

It was time head back and report to the old man.


Naruto awoke with a small yawn. He looked out the window of his room. The sun was slowly rising.

"Its' a nice day today" he thought as he climbed out of bed. He looked at his roommate, who was still asleep.

Naruto walked out of the room. The outside of the home was nicely kept, with a few beautiful hedges surrounding the house. Naruto smiled as the rising sun slowly hit his face. He had been living here with Toshiro and his granny for three months. At first it was awkward for Naruto to be close to people, but he soon got used to the two. Naruto didn't speak unless it was necessary. That said, Naruto still had problems communicating. His voice was all but cured. It didn't matter to him though because he hated speaking. Another thing that annoyed Naruto was his tail, or should be said tails. He never did understand why he had them, and when he was asked about them from his two residents he would always shrug and remain silent.

"Good morning" a voice from behind said.

Naruto didn't turn to see who it was. He knew by the power he was feeling that the voice belong to Toshiro. Over the months there relationship had grown. A first they hated each other, but as time passed the soon called each other friends, well Toshiro called Naruto that, but Naruto refused to call anyone friend

"After all, friends will whiter away sooner or later" he thought.

In fact, Naruto could say that he was Toshiro's only companion other than that Momo girl that Toshiro always spoke about with a sour face. The other kids were afraid of Toshiro's power and stayed away from him, all except that girl Momo. Apparently the girl had stopped visiting when she had become a Shinigami. Naruto had personally never seen a Shinigami before, but something in his head to him to stay away from them and stay away he did. The only ones who had actually seen Naruto where Toshiro and Granny. Naruto stayed quiet as Toshiro walked next to him.

"Why do you always wake up early?" Toshiro asked as he walked up next to Naruto

Naruto remained silent.

"Come on, aren't you going to say anything?" Toshiro asked trying to get Naruto to speak.

Before Naruto could reply the two were hit with a wave of energy. Naruto turned to see a girl with black hair tied in a bun wearing a standard Shinigami uniform, a black hakama. She was glaring at Naruto and had her sword held out pointing it at him. Naruto was about to say something when Toshiro beat him to it.

"Momo!" he exclaimed

The girl named Momo looked at Toshiro with a mix of emotions. Naruto saw happiness, anger, surprise, and something else.

"Don't worry Toshiro" she said with determination in her eyes "I'll save you"

"What do you mean?" Toshiro asked.

Naruto looked at the girl confused, though not showing it. His muscles slowly tensed as he thought of what the girl would do. He was right, because as soon as his muscles tensed she charged at him with a battle cry.

Naruto stood there as Momo charged at him.

"Do I fight back?" he thought as she swung at him.

Unsure of what to do in this kind of situation, Naruto decided to continue dodging the girls strikes.

"She's slow," Naruto thought weaving and dodging the wild strikes.

"Momo! What are you doing?" Toshiro yelled as he ran after the two.

Naruto was beginning to get annoyed as he dodged another slash.

"Time for some offense," he thought.

Naruto bent low and attempted a sweep kick. Momo jumped backwards over the leg and began chanting. She pointed at Naruto with her left hand.

"Hado 31: Shakkahō (Shot of Red Fire)!" she yelled.

A medium sized ball of red energy flew towards Naruto. Naruto instinctively pointed his index finger and shot a beam of red energy. The red beam grazed Momo's shoulder as she was pushed out of the way by Toshiro. The beam tore through the ground before exploding in the distance.

"Momo stop!" Toshiro yelled, "Why are you attacking him?"

Momo looked at Toshiro in confusion and then shook her head, as she lowered her drawn sword.

"Shiro-Chan" she smiled, "I know that you aren't a Shinigami and that you don't know a lot about hollows, but he," she pointed at Naruto who was slowly standing up, "is an evil monster! He's a hollow! You just saw the destruction he caused."

Naruto smirked at the girl. He aimed his index finger at her. Toshiro moved in front of Momo.

"Move," Naruto ordered.

Toshiro shook his head. Naruto couldn't figure out he was thinking as he looked at Naruto with mixed emotions: There was confusion, anger, sadness, and something else that Naruto couldn't identify. Not waiting to hurt the boy Naruto scoffed and lowered his arm.

Momo saw this as an opportunity and pushed Toshiro to the ground. She charged straight at Naruto with vigor.

"Momo STOP!" Toshiro yelled as stood up to run in the way.

"Get out of the way Shiro-Chan! Hado Number 1: Shō (Thrust)!" Momo yelled, aiming her palm at Toshiro.

What happened next surprised Naruto. Toshiro flew away a few feet and landed with a sickening thud.

"Sorry Shiro-Chan but it's my duty to finish this" The girl yelled trying to sound brave.

Naruto could see that the girl was shaken up at the fact that she had just attacked her best friend. Momo rushed at Naruto once more.

"This time I'm not holding back." Naruto thought as he bent down on all fours waiting for the Shinigami, "Now that I know that she can use those attacks I won't underestimate her again." Momo noticed the glare in Naruto's eyes with a flinch.

"He's gotten serious." she thought in fright, "At least now Toshiro will see the true nature of hollows and I'll be able to show Aizen-Sama that he can trust me."

She swung at Naruto with a vertical strike. Quickly avoiding the slash, Naruto swung his arm in a wide arc while charging trying to clothesline the Shinigami. She dodged the swing by bending low and thrusting at his exposed body. Naruto twisted his body, barely missing the blade by a hair,

"My body hasn't gotten better yet!" he thought. "My response speed has decreased."

The strange, but plausible fact was that Naruto's nerves were also out of whack: The same as his voice. He couldn't move in all the years he was bound by the chains, and his body functions had disappeared. He couldn't move as he once used to, but none of this bothered Naruto.

"As long as I'm not in that hell hole, I'll be fine." Naruto thought as he blocked a quick jab. The Shinigami jumped back and started chanting.

"Huh!" Naruto thought, "I can't let her do those attacks! They're too random."

With a smirk he charged at the chanting Shinigami. He reached her in time to throw a punch at her face, but it was blocked with a cry of "Bakudo 2: Block!" Naruto gasped as the Shinigami raised her left hand that was covered in a soft green glow, and caught his punch. He flinched as she held his hand with a grip that didn't seem possible for a girl of her stature.

"She's tougher than I thought!" Naruto thought, "But still stupid."

Naruto pointed left finger in the girls face. The red bean from before began to form at the tip of Naruto's finger.

"Bakudo 4: Crawling Rope!" The Shinigami yelled.

Naruto's left hand was suddenly tied to his side by a rope of green light that appeared from nowhere.

"What's this?" Naruto thought frowning.

The Shinigami didn't waste any time as she began to chant again, Naruto who was still trying to get away mentally cursed when he heard the chanting.

"Bakudo 1: First Order Restrain!" she yelled.

Naruto's arms where tied behind his back and were locked in place. He tried unlocking them, but fell to his knees as he struggled.

"Damn!" Naruto thought, "She must know a lot more of those attacks! I shouldn't have underestimated her."

The Shinigami raise her sword, and went for the finishing blow. The blade was stopped by a hand.

"What?" Momo exclaimed in shock when a second Naruto stopped the blade.

Naruto smirked in satisfaction. The technique had worked. He was able to replicate himself. Momo looked at the first Naruto and realized that he had nine tails while the other Naruto only had one.

"He can split himself up to the number of tails he has?" Momo thought jumping away.

Naruto stood up and dismissed his clone. Naruto moved his hands free.

"How is that possible?" Momo asked.

Naruto shrugged and disappeared.

"W…" Momo started

Ten Naruto's each with only one tail appeared simultaneously around Momo. Each had a different attack. In an instant Momo was on the ground. Naruto stared at the body contemplating killing her when a kind voice said.

"Please don't kill my student."

Naruto turned to the new arrival. He looked like a mild-featured man with brown scholarly hair, and square glasses that enhanced his scholar look. He was wearing a black hakama like Momo's

"I didn't even sense him." Naruto thought as he prepared to attack.

"Are you alright Momo?" the man said from behind Naruto.

"How did he?" Naruto thought looking at the man.

"Aizen-Sama?" Momo asked slowly coming to. She blushed and looked at Naruto. "I failed you. He's too strong. You told me to let you handle it, but I didn't listen. Forgive me, Aizen-Sama."

Aizen ruffled her hair as he gave a kind smile.

"You did well Momo." he said. "But let me handle it from here."

Aizen lifted Momo and turned to Naruto. He smiled. Naruto frowned at the man.

"What's with this guy?" Naruto thought

"Would you kindly come with me?' Aizen asked Naruto.

"He hasn't dropped the girl yet?" Naruto thought. Naruto glared at the man with hate. "Too bad!"

Suddenly he dropped on all fours and his tails shot straight at Aizen. He smirked when he saw a surprised look on Aizen, but that smile faded when he felt pain through his tails.

"He cut off my tails!" Naruto thought as he looked at the bloodied stumps that were his tails.

"You should pay more attention to your opponent." A calm voice from behind him said. Naruto turned around to come face to face with a hand

"Hado 33: Blue Fire, Crash Down," Naruto was hit with agonizing pain in the form of blue fire.

"Crap!" Naruto cursed.

Naruto slowly fazed away surprising Aizen.

"That was interesting," Aizen said to Naruto who stood behind him.

"That was a bad move!" Naruto thought as he reappeared.

As soon as Naruto used Izanagi his vision began to dim. Naruto didn't see the Shinigami raise his sword to strike him. Aizen swung his sword, but gasped when it was caught by the hollow. The hollow looked at him and Aizen flinched. The hollow's eyes were dark red with gold around them, but they were bleeding. In his eyes was something Aizen had never seen before.

Naruto jumped back and faced Aizen. Aizen began to increase his power level as Naruto prepared to charge.

"You're dead, SHINIGAMI!" Naruto yelled.

Naruto's dream-scape:

It was dark, Naruto looked around. Everywhere he looked he saw darkness. There was no one else. He was alone again. That's when he heard it.

"Foolish boy," A voice said.

Naruto looked for the voice. Nobody called him boy. How long had he been alive? The nerve!

"Show yourself," Naruto said.

He was a bit surprised that he could complete an entire sentence without his throat killing him.

"I'm right in front of you," Another voice said.

Naruto looked around to no avail.

"I can't see you," Naruto said.

"Open your eyes to everything," The voice commanded.

Naruto surprised by the order, tried to open his eyes, only to find that they were already open.

"That was pointless," Naruto thought, only to gasp as he heard his own thoughts out loud.

"You still can't see me yet. Se!" another voice said.

Naruto was hit by a blinding light.


Naruto shot straight up only to freeze when he took in his surroundings. He was in a cage, a one room cage that was dimly lighted. Naruto slowly tried to move and was pleasantly surprised when he found that all his body functions were working well, In fact the felt better than they had ever felt before. Naruto slowly stood and stretched, when he felt his tails. They weren't cut in half.

"Someone healed me?" Naruto thought as he rubbed his hand across his tails, enjoying the sensation that came from them.

He was brought out of his musings when he heard a noise from outside the cage. His head shot quickly to the cause of the noise. He frowned when he saw another cage across the hall from his. Inside was a man or at least it looked like a man? He was painted white all over except his eyes which were black. On his ears were yellow cones. Naruto looked at the figure with interest.

The man looked at him with a look that Naruto didn't like, "Why do I feel like he wants to dissect me?" Naruto thought.

"Tell me." The man said, "Why are you here? What are you?" he asked.

Naruto looked at the man with a passive frown. Naruto kept silent and sat on the bench in his room.

"You haven't answered my questions." The man said in an annoying tone. Naruto rolled his eyes.

"How long am I going to be here?" He thought.

Three and a half years later

Naruto was stuck there for three and a half years. His only form of company, a crazed man that wanted to dissect him. It turned out that the feeling he felt from the other man was dead on. Over the years the two had found a respect for each other. Naruto had learned that he was in a detention cell called the Maggot's nest. He had also learned a lot about soul society from his prison mate. He and Mayuri Kurotsuchi were the only two prisoners that were actually locked up. The others were allowed to roam free.

Naruto hated this. He wasn't treated badly, on the contrary he was giving three meals a day, but all he could do anything in the cell except for eat and sleep. For some reason there was a seal that made it so that he didn't have to use the restroom. Naruto's hate of the Shinigami was slowly growing. He couldn't help, but loath the Shinigami.

Mayuri kept having conversations with Naruto which were normally one sided. Occasionally Naruto asked a question but Mayuri's only response was to ask another question. This was common among the two when they talked with each other.

"Answer my question first and I'll…" Naruto voice faded away when he heard yelling and shouting.

He sat at his bench as he listened to the yells increasing. For a moment the screams stopped. This had never happened before. He could have sworn that he heard a girl yell. There were no girls in the Maggots nest. A few moments passed and he could here footsteps. They were coming closer and closer.

"Two people," Naruto figured by the sounds of their overlapping footsteps.

He saw the two walk in front of his cage. He looked at them with a neutral face. The older looking one was wearing a black hakama and it was covered by a white captain's haori. He had blonde hair that reached his neck; he also had one bang that went down the middle of his face.

The other was a short blonde haired girl that had her hair tied into two pigtails. She wore a black hakama. Even in the shadows Naruto could see her freckles. The man looked at Naruto and did something Naruto wasn't expecting, he smiled.

"You're looking good hollow." The man said in a friendly tone.

The girl behind him was startled.

"Hollow! Why is there a hollow here? And how could he be a hollow he looks human?" the girl screamed.

Naruto's face didn't lose its frown. The girl was loud and Naruto decided to announce that.

"Annoying," Naruto said.

The girl seemed to lose her fear as she flew at the cage, trying to attack Naruto. The captain pulled the girl off the cage and looked at Naruto.

"I need to talk to the two of you." He said gesturing to Naruto and Mayuri.

Mayuri decided to speak then.

"You've been promoted Urahara Kisuke? Congratulations." He said.

The captain turned to Mayuri with a goofy smile and said, "Thanks, but I didn't come here to celebrate. I came here to ask you two for your assistance."

Surprisingly to Naruto, the girl kept quiet.

"What do you need us for?" Mayuri asked.

Urahara seemed surprised.

"You said us? When did you change?" he joked.

Mayuri gave an empty stare at the Shinigami. Urahara's smile deflated and he turned serious.

"I need you because I'm planning on creating a new organization unlike anything that has ever existed in soul society. I call it the Technological Research Bureau. I'd like you to be my lieutenant there."

"And work under you?" Mayuri asked.

"Of course, it's not such a bad proposal since you'll be directly under me, in other words it would all be yours if I were to die." Urahara said with a small smile.

Naruto listened with his eyes closed, he could here Mayuri chuckling.

"My you truly are an unpleasant man." He said, "I guess I'll accept your offer and as much as I am content here, there is nothing to thinker with."

Urahara clapped his hands as he cheered. He turned to Naruto. His face turned serious again.

"As for you…" he started, but Naruto interrupted.

"I refuse." He said with his eyes still closed.

This seemed to shock the two Shinigami.

"You haven't even heard the offer yet." The captain said.

Naruto opened his eyes and the girl gasped when his eyes started to glow neon blue then turn into a piercing gold.

"It's of no matter." Naruto said with a tone of boredom, "Shinigami cause more problems than the fix."

He glared at them. The girl almost tripped, but was caught by the captain, who looked at Naruto with a serious face.

"Sorry you have to accept the offer, Mr. Hollow."

He reached into his haori and pulled out a rolled up piece of paper. He unscrewed it and held it out for Naruto to read the top words:

"Death sentence."

"You see, you have to accept the offer or else you'll die." He said as he retied the scroll and placed it in his haori.

Naruto was silent as he watched the two. A few minutes of silence passed.

"A scare tactic, huh?" Naruto thought. "Very well I'll play their little game."

"What's the offer?" Naruto asked crossing his arms.

Urahara smiled and clapped his hands.

"You, my friend are to become a Shinigami."

Everyone froze. Naruto looked at the captain as though he had grown multiple heads. The girl was sputtering on and on about how she thought he was a hollow and couldn't become a Shinigami. The captain silenced her and turned back to Naruto.

"So will you join us?" he asked. Naruto looked at the man in silence.

Naruto shrugged.

Kisuke looked at the multiple tailed hollow with a frown and asked, "What are you?" When Naruto didn't say anything he continued, "When you first appeared in soul society you had the symbol of a hollow. This put everyone on high alert because hollows had never appeared in soul society before. We sent out a search party to find you, but your hollow sign disappeared. It leads to my theory that you were close to a hollow before you came here."

Naruto remained still. He couldn't answer because he didn't know. Kisuke frowned.

"Later on we learned that there was a new being living in district 1, but there hadn't been any new souls that were born or sent there. So we deduced that it was probably the hollow. After capturing you there was a vote to study you or to kill you. I decided to petition for you to live, because we could learn much from a hollow- human. When I did some experiments on you I found out something quite amazing."

Naruto looked the man in the eyes. There was something there, something dangerous.

"You house more souls than the entire Soul Society." Kisuke said.

Naruto and everybody else gasped, but Kisuke continued, "My previous theory was completely dispelled. You were never near a hollow. You are the hollow. You probably felt some strange force around you, but it was your own. So this leads me to do more tests and from what I've learned those souls in you all had different fates with the chains of life. Am I right?" he asked.

Naruto stayed silent. He was overwhelmed by what he was hearing. All those chains were the souls of all the people who had died during the war. Since he was the only survivor they must have latched on to him.

"Some of the chains disappeared while others ate themselves to your heart right?" Kisuke asked. All Naruto could do was close his eyes.

"Then you are the creation of millions if not billions of Shinigami and Hollow souls put into one body." Urahara said with a frown, "In simplistic terms you are what Shinigami call a Kami."

The entire room was silent. Not a word was spoken. After all nothing could be said.


A being whose existence is above that of Shinigami and Hollow, Kami. Naruto's potential is infinite and the story begins.

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