Chapter 7: The Beginning Part 3

"People Talking"

"People Thinking"

"Sword Talking"


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It was awkward as the three stared at the crisscrossed Naruto. Naruto slowly stood up and patted himself down. The three could easily sense that something was off about this man, but strangely none of them could sense an ounce of spiritual energy from him. It was as if the man standing a few feet from them did not exist. As if he was a mirage.

"Who are you?" Apachi asked apprehensively.

The last thing she wanted was to start a fight. Fighting with the others was one thing but she had no interest in fighting outsiders. That would cause trouble for her and worse for Harribel.

"My name is of no importance," Naruto replied. He lazily pointed at the three causing them to flinch. "Which one of you hit me?" He asked in an annoyed tone.

The three were quiet at first but Apacci stepped up.

"I did," Her voice had very little confidence in it, but the notion was confident enough.

Naruto's eyebrow went up as he stared at the brave little hollow. The lazy index finger he had been pointing quickly straightened. "We'll no harm done," Naruto said with a lazy smile before dropping the pointed arm.

"The name's Uzumaki Naruto," said Naruto introducing himself.

Apachi wasn't expecting him to be so understand, and was momentarily stunned. Before any of them could move Harribel landed in front and faced Naruto. Naruto lazily stashed his hands into his pockets. Harribel stared at him for a moment. Naruto smiled at her. He wanted to say something but remembered their previous meeting and kept quiet. Harribel turned to her followers.

"Are you all right?" She asked with concern. "What happened?"

The lion-like hollow Mila Rose walked up to Harribel "We're fine," she answered, "Nothing happened."

Naruto saw the concern Harribel had for her followers and gave her a small smile. Harribel turned to Naruto who quickly looked away to hide his blush. Harribel talked to the others for a few seconds before dismissing them back to the hideout. The three looked at Naruto for a second before deciding to race back. When they were gone neither said anything.

"I've never known a hollow like you," Harribel said catching Naruto in surprise.

Harribel had come to believe that even though Naruto didn't have a hollow hole he may have just been a higher form hollow, which would explain his power. But his next comment blew that belief out of the waters.

Naruto shrugged and replied, "I may not be a hollow."

She had given it a thought that Naruto may not have been a hollow at all, but the odds of that were very low. The only available food in Heuco Mundo was the other hollow, big or small. For another creature to eat a hollow, that creature would definitely become tainted.

"So what are you then," Harribel replied walking towards him.

"Who knows," Naruto replied with a smile. "We've had this conversation before. But then again, I've never known a hollow like you either."

"What do you mean by that?"

"You never kill your opponents," Naruto explained, "Why is that?"

"Why must I sacrifice others to become strong?" replied Harribel. Naruto's eyes widened and he beamed at her. This surprised her causing her to blush a little. "Did I say something funny?"

"No, Naruto replied still smiling, "I just really like you."

Harribel couldn't help but blush harder. She quickly looked away. After her blush went away she began to walk next to Naruto as they talked.

"I know you've been watching us," Harribel said.

"Really," Naruto replied with a nervous smile, "How'd you sense me?"

"I didn't, I sensed the other hollow that you took care of."

Naruto frowned, "I only dealt with the really powerful ones."

"Thank you," Harribel said shocking Naruto. "You helped us train in peace. I… am not a child that will complain when help is received… even from a man."

Harribel looked up at Naruto and smiled. Naruto looked at her as if she was alien. His feelings for this hollow… No… This woman had truly grown. The two kept silent for a moment just enjoying the walk.

"Those hollow that have been coming," Naruto said after a pause, "Their numbers have been increasing." Harribel's eyes widened. "What are they after?"

Harribel paused for a moment. When she opened her mouth to speak a large screech caught her off guard. The two turned to see the owner of the noise only to see a large bird-like hollow flying toward him.

Harribel quickly recognized the bird as one of Baraggan's hollows.

"He's works for Baraggan?" She thought taking a few steps back. "The others are in danger!" Naruto didn't notice her movement as the bird hovered in front of him.

"The mission's over. Lord Baraggan wants to speak with you," the hollow cawed paying no mind to the fleeing shark-hollow.

Naruto's eyebrow went up. He suddenly felt movement behind him and turned to see Harribel running away from him. Naruto frowned as he watched her leave.

"It never goes right," He thought.

"What mission? Who is Baraggan and what does he want?" Naruto asked turning back to the hollow.

"You'll find out soon enough," it replied, "But for yours and that one's safety you should follow me."

"What's that mean?" Naruto growled. He glared at the hollow causing it to flinch.

"L… Lord Baraggan wants to see you now. If you don't comply that girl and all her comrades will be killed."

Naruto's eyes widened. He made to turn around when the bird hollow spoke.

"We already have them captured. Follow me to Lord Baraggan's Court or they will be killed."

The hollow gave one last caw before flying away. Naruto glared at the hollow. He looked back at Harribel's direction but quickly followed the hollow.

Harribel quickly ran toward her hideout with growing dread. As she neared the hideout she could feel multiple spiritual signatures.

"No! Please!" She thought in fright.

Harribel jumped over a few boulders when she reached the entrance to her hideout. She hid behind a near boulder and examined the scene. What she saw froze her. In front of the entrance were over seventeen hollow. Seven of which were dead, but the others were alive and kicking. But the worst of the situation were the two Vasto Lorde hollow standing over the three heavily damaged bodies of her comrades. Harribel's heart sank as she looked at them. She had all but given up hope when one of the Vasto Lorde spoke.

"Remember Lord Baraggan's commands. Do not kill them."

Harribel had gained new life. As long as they were under orders her comrades would not be killed.

"I'll go to Baraggan and agree to join him as long as he lets them go," Harribel thought.

Her mind was busy at work trying to find a solution, but that was all she could come up with.

"That newbie sure helped us out," the Vasto said to the others.

It then dawned on Harribel what the bird hollow had said to Naruto. "The mission is over." The implications washed over her like a nightmare. This entire time the reason he had been watching over them was because…,

"He…He was working for Baraggan."

Harribel fell to her knees. She felt weak, sick, disgusted. Harribel quickly shook off those feeling and stood up. She had people she had to protect and she wouldn't let any man stop her. She flared her spiritual pressure and dashed at the hollow.

Naruto followed the bird hollow for what seemed like hours. Naruto was deep in thought as he followed.


The two continued to travel for a while before Naruto saw four gigantic pillars.

"This," the bird hollow explained, "Is Baraggan's court"

Naruto suddenly realized that surrounding the four pillars was what looked like an entire army of hollow. Naruto had to pause for a second before walking onto the court. The court itself was just a marble floor with four large pillars. At the very end were large marble stairs that led to a large platform that rested a large throne. As Naruto walked toward the throne he examined the hollow surrounding him. It seemed that only the high level hollow were actually allowed on the court.

"He's Baraggan?" thought Naruto staring up at the skeletal hollow sitting on the throne.

"So this is the new occupant of Heuco Mundo," Baraggan said in and bored tone as Naruto entered the court.

Naruto kept his face stoic as he stared up at the purple robbed skeleton. It had its chin resting on its left fist looking bored.

"So you're Baraggan?" asked Naruto. "You're in charge then?"

"Lord Baraggan, boy," Baraggan flatly replied as if it were common knowledge.

Naruto kept a stoic expression at the skeleton who simply stared back.

"And what do you want from me?"

The surrounding hollow were becoming restless at the lack of respect. But Baraggan paid them no mind.

"You would want to watch your tone with me boy. After all your precious woman and her friends can be killed by a simple command."

Naruto glared at Baraggan.

"What does that mean?"

"I have been kind enough to offer that woman a chance to join my court yet she refused. I allowed her to leave as long as she never appeared in front of me. But, you entered Heuco Mundo, my domain without my permission. Not only did you do that, you also killed some of my strongest men. Normally that would be enough reason for your death, but I've taken an interest in your power. As such, I will offer you a place at my court, but your only choices are to join me and the woman lives or refuse and you all die."

Naruto stared at Baraggan in shock. After a moment of silence Baraggan spoke again.

"Do you understand what I said? Do not think this is a joke boy. Right now as we speak I have some of my strongest hollow at that women's so called hideout."

The surrounding hollowed laughed at the word.

"No," Naruto gasped.

"I don't have all day boy. Now bow to me. Bow to your God-King"

Naruto was silent. His haired shadowed his eyes.

"If I bow will you let them go?" Naruto asked.

"Of course,"

Without wasting a second Naruto went on his knees and bowed.

"Good. You know your place boy," Baraggan turned to a small hollow sitting next to his throne. "Kill them."

Naruto jolted up in disbelief. The small hollow began to glow.

"Why?" Naruto exclaimed. "We had a deal."

"My word is above any contract and besides do you really think she'll trust you after learning that you've been spying on her for me this whole time?"

Naruto's hair shadowed his eyes.

"So that's what he meant by mission?"

Without warning the weaker hollow around the court began to disintegrate. The top hollow were forced to their knees but everyone else was killed. Naruto pointed his palm at the small hollow. As soon as he did this the creature was blown to smithereens. Naruto slowly began to walk toward Baraggan.

"What is this?"

Naruto didn't say a word. Instead he stopped and aimed a palm at Baraggan.

"I'm simply going to kill you," Naruto answered.

Harribel skidded through the sand before slamming into a boulder. As she struggled to get up a cero slammed into her sending her flying. The scene had become a bloodbath. Harribel was able to kill the other eight hollow but with the two Vasto tag teaming her all she could do was defend. Now that she had been battered and bruised the Vasto felt that it was alright to face her one on one. Harribel struggled up as one of the Vasto approached her. It was a large behemoth-like hollow with most of his body covered in plates. His mask looked like large owl eyes leaving his lower mouth exposed. His black hair was tied back into a ponytail. The hollow sneered as it neared her.

The other Vasto was watching near Harribel's comrades. He was more human-like. Both his right and left arms had a large bone bladed sticking out of them. His mask looked like a goat's skull. A small hollow similar to the one sitting next to Baraggan sat on his right shoulder. The two watched as their comrade played around with Harribel when the small hollow began to glow. The hollow cackled a little before speaking.

"Lord Baraggan says to –

The hollow was suddenly blown to smithereens. The Vasto looked at his now empty shoulder in surprise. A second later a devious smirk went through his face.

"Hey Burter," The Vasto exclaimed to his teammate. "We can kill them now,"

That set Harribel off. A power that she didn't know she had exploded from within. She ran at Burter. Harribel flipped to the ground before kicking Burter in the jaw. The hollow growled and tried to punch her. Harribel spun to the right barely dodging. She slashed the hollow's arm with all her might cutting it off. Burter grabbed his cut arm in screaming in pain, but Harribel wasn't done. She cocked her arm sword back and stabbed Burter through the stomach. Burter screamed in pain, but unexpectedly grabbed Harribel's arm. Harribel struggled to free herself when Burter opened his mouth. A ball of red began to form. Harribel focused all the spiritual power she had into her sword arm and it began to glow a powerful yellow. Harribel shot the energy just as the cero was shot. Burter flew through the air before being split in half. Needless to say he was dead. When the smoke cleared on Harribel she was still standing but her body was in bad shape. Harribel looked for the other Vasto and saw him standing over Mila Rose pointing his bone blade at her mask. Harribel limped over to them when the Vasto spoke.

"Stay right there. Move anymore and I'll finish her."

Harribel was stuck, what could she do? She had little to no power left. The Vasto stared at Harribel with a sneer. In her current state he could easily take her with no problem. The Vasto began to taunt Harribel. As he taunted her he didn't see Apacci slowly regain consciousness. It was too late when Apacci leapt through the air and tackled him to the ground. Harribel dashed at the two. Her heart went cold when she saw the Vasto stab Apacci and throw her limp body off. Harribel screamed in rage and pounced at him. The Vasto cocked back to stab her but Sung-Sun wrapped herself over his right arm. Mila Rose struggled up and pounce the hollow to the ground. Harribel leapt through the air before stabbing the Vasto through the chest. Her blade began to glow yellow before blasting the Vasto. The three of them fell to the ground. Harribel drug her body over to Apacci who was bleeding profusely. When she neared Apacci the deer-like hollow began to speak.

"Lady… Harribel," Apacci struggled, "I'm so sorry. If… if only I was stronger, then you wouldn't have had to let them hurt you."

Harribel knelt next to her follower, her comrade. She could feel Apacci's spiritual pressure disappearing.

"I'm the only one to blame," Harribel replied. "I asked you to follow me and this was the cause."

"No," Apacci exclaimed with all her strength. "We would have all been dead a long time ago if it weren't for you." Apacci's breathing started to get worse. Her eyes were beginning to glaze over. "Lady Harribel," she forced out. "Thank –

Suddenly Naruto appeared next to Harribel. His body was covered in a strange yellow flame like shroud. His entire body was covered in markings. Both of his eyes were shut tight.

"Naruto?" stuttered Harribel.

Harribel was too shocked to do anything and could only watch as Naruto placed his hands over Apacci. He looked as if he were concentrating hard. It was a strange thing to watch. The yellow flames around Naruto flow over Apacci and blanket her entire body. Harribel could only watch as this went on. A few minutes later the flames receded back to Naruto and he moved on to the others. After healing the others Naruto walked over bent down next to and started healing Harribel.

"You're not working for Baraggan are you?" Harribel asked.

Naruto continued to heal her, his eyes were still closed, but his expression was passive as he replied, "No, I didn't even know the guy until today."

Harribel was silent for a moment, "I believe you," she said.

"That's good," Naruto replied. He moved his hands over Harribel's body, sensing for any damages by hovering his hands over her skin. "You have some broken ribs…again."

Naruto cracked a small smile. Harribel remembered the first time Naruto healed her. Suddenly she felt something warm flow inside her. Naruto's yellow flames were blanketing her entire body.

"Don't move," Naruto warned.

Minutes passed and Naruto continued to heal her. When he was finally done the flame shroud disappeared. Naruto moved his hands over her body. This time he physically touched her. Harribel couldn't help but blush.

"I don't feel anything wrong or out of place," Naruto said with a frown. "You should be okay." Harribel looked at her comrades. "Your comrades will be fine as well." Naruto said sensing her worry, "They just need a good days rest."

Harribel thanked Naruto and stood up. She turned to leave when Naruto grabbed her hand.

"And where are you going?"

"To end this," Harribel replied not missing a beat. "I'm going to Baraggan's court to end this."

"There's no need for that,'


"Baraggan's court is gone."

Harribel's eyes widened. She stared at Naruto in awe.

"How?" asked a stunned Harribel.

Naruto frowned as he thought back to what happened.

"What is this?" Baraggan asked as he witnessed his army disintegrate before his very eyes.

Naruto didn't say a word. Instead he stopped and aimed a palm at Baraggan.

"I'm simply going to kill you," Naruto answered.

An invisible force slammed Baraggan's head against his throne. Baraggan growled in pain but flashed away and appeared in front of Naruto who stood there face to face. Someone placed a hand on his right shoulder Naruto turned only to see Baraggan standing behind him. Naruto jumped away.

"When your opponent is vastly superior to you in every way," Baraggan growled, "it's only natural to run away or bow down."

Naruto landed with a frown.

"Well, that's true," he replied, "but I'm not really running." A Naruto clone appeared in the air above Baraggan with a red and black Rasengan in its hand.

"What?" Baraggan exclaimed as the Naruto flew at him.

Naruto's frown worsened as the clone neared Baraggan. First it was as if time had slowed down around the clone. Then the clone's Rasengan disappeared, quickly followed by its body turning into dust. Naruto stared at Baraggan who began to clap.

"Impressive boy," Baraggan said in a taunting manner. "I had been bored for the longest time. Maybe you'll fix that."

He continued to clap and as he did a black and purple smoke-like miasma began to appear around him. The miasma slowly drifted at Naruto who jumped away from it.

"So close physical range attacks are definitely out," Naruto thought before landing.

Baraggan stopped clapping and the miasma disappeared.

"What was that?" Naruto thought.

"Running is useless," Baraggan said.

Naruto didn't reply. Something was wrong. Naruto couldn't help but feel sluggish.

"There is no place in Heuco Mundo that you can go that I can't reach you."

Baraggan raised his right arm and pointed it at Naruto. Naruto prepared to dodge when he felt a hand over his heart. Naruto's eyes widened when his senses finally realized that Baraggan was standing in front of him.

"Impossible," Naruto exclaimed.

He took a few steps back when he felt his heart skip a beat. Baraggan let him back away.

"My heart?" thought Naruto placing a hand over his heart.

"That is the difference in our power," Baraggan said. "Now bow before me."

Naruto was silent. He simply stared at Baraggan.

"Ever since I saw him I've felt strange," Naruto thought. "It's as if everything I do happens in slow motion." Naruto took a few steps back. But he felt a hand on his left shoulder.

"Again?" he thought not moving.

Naruto didn't turn around but instead touched Baraggan's cloak with his left hand. It was solid yet it was made of a strange material.

"Did you think you could learn of my power by coming in contact with me?" Baraggan asked not moving. Naruto kept silent. "I commend you. It was a brave yet stupid idea."

"Why is that?" Naruto asked.

"Did you know," Baraggan replied, "it's a sin to touch a God-King's robes?"

As soon as he said this Naruto felt a sharp pain in his fingertips. Naruto jumped away and examined his fingers. They were slowly disintegrating to the bone. Naruto examined his left hand for a moment. It felt as if his body was rapidly aging. Naruto frowned and willed for it to heal. Naruto's body began to counteract the disintegration and heal. Despite the fact that his fingers were still disintegrating his healing factor was faster and eventually cancelled out the aging. Naruto wasn't paying attention and didn't see Baraggan appear in front of him again. This time Baraggan touched his left shoulder and the same intense pain coursed through his shoulder as it slowly disintegrated. Once again Naruto's body began to heal itself through his will.

Oh," Baraggan said seeing Naruto stop his death touch. "So you can do a little more." Baraggan began to clap again.

The same black and purple miasma appeared and floated towards Naruto. And again Naruto jumped back to avoid it. And once again the feeling of slowing down coursed through Naruto's mind.

"Be honored you've peaked my interest and for that, I will personally kill you," Baraggan said drawing a giant axe from his cloak.

Naruto quickly noticed that the axe unlike Baraggan did not reek of death.

"Ok," Naruto replied with a glare. I'll be honored that I killed you at your best."

Baraggan began to laugh at Naruto.

"You are a very cocky boy," he said.

"Not really," Naruto replied before appearing in front of Baraggan.

He placed a hand on his axe. As soon as his hand touched the axe it began to disintegrate. Naruto quickly let go of the axe. Baraggan swung his axe at Naruto who jumped away just in time. Naruto flipped in midair and landed on the desert floor. He grabbed a handful of sand and brought it up to him mouth. He took a deep breath before aiming at Baraggan's court.

"Ninja Art: Sand Storm!"

Naruto blew the sand creating a giant storm of sand. As if in reaction, all the sand surrounding the court rose up in a giant vortex. The surrounding hollow screamed as they were picked up in the vortex. For minutes the vortex of sand continued to rage. When the storm finally died down the entire court was buried in sand. The only remains were the tips of the four large pillars. Naruto huffed and walked to the center.

He kneeled and placed both hands on the sand for the finishing blow, "Destructive Sand Burial!"

For a second it seemed that the entire desert had collapsed into itself. Naruto stood over the now hardened sand and breathed a sigh.

"Trash," Naruto spat.

He took a step back when he heard, "Respira: Breath."

The surrounding sand turned into black and purple miasma. Naruto jumped into the air but the miasma continued to spread. Naruto braced himself for a landing but it never came. The miasma shot at him creating a pair of hands. Naruto flipped out of the way but more miasma hands sprouted up and shot at him. Naruto saw no way out so he covered his right eye and his left eye began to spin. The miasma tried to grab Naruto but simply passed through him as if he were a ghost. Naruto smirked as he simply floated in the air as the miasma continuously tried to grab him only to go pass through him. Naruto Looked for a safe spot only to realize that the miasma had been stretching and now covered his entire view.

"I've created a world of Respira that can…No…That will last forever. No matter what form you take your power will eventually disappear and when it does this world will implode on you." Naruto gritted his teeth as he floated there. His left eye was beginning to hurt. "No matter who you are no one can escape time."

Naruto continued to float there. He didn't see a way out.

"You dare oppose me?" Baraggan exclaimed, "A Kami? Hear me boy. I will make you bow to my will!"

It was as if the destruction of his entire court meant nothing him.

"No choice I guess," Naruto thought.

He shut his left eye and became solid. Naruto began to fall and the miasma pounced. Naruto kept calm as he was bathed in miasma. He kept both eyes closed before finally opening the left one.

"Izanagi," Naruto exclaimed.

Naruto's mangled body slowly disappeared.

"What?" Baraggan exclaimed.

Naruto appeared outside of Baraggan's Respira world. He looked on as his left eye slowly closed itself. His eye would eventually heal after a few good hours, but for now it was useless. Baraggan slowly rose from the top of his Respira world.

"In one fell swoop you've destroyed my court," Baraggan said.

He slowly began to chuckle then burst out into full blown laughter.

"I haven't felt this much excitement in a long time. Tell me your name boy."

Naruto frowned at the God-King of Heuco Mundo. "My Name is Uzumaki Naruto," he answered.

"My name is Baraggan Louisenbairn, God-King of Heuco Mundo!"

The Respira world exploded and multiple Respira hands shot at Naruto. Naruto bent down in a sprinters starting position. Naruto's right eye slowly changed. It became dark red with a gold ripple effect. His whiskers became black tattoo like markings. A strange yellow flame like aura enveloped his entire body as more black markings appeared over his body. But the most distinctive markings were the six Magatama around his neck.

"Let's go, Kurama," He said.

Naruto disappeared with a booming static noise. This stunned Baraggan.

"Where are you looking at?" A voice said from behind him.

Baraggan turned only to be smashed in the face with a large yellow fist. Baraggan flew through the air but his Respira stopped him. The Respira shot at Naruto who continued to bob and weave through them. Once again he disappeared with a booming static and appeared below Baraggan delivering a brutal uppercut. Baraggan growled in pain and he created more Respira. The Respira continued to chase after Naruto but he was simply too fast.

"You can't run forever Naruto!" Baraggan exclaimed.

He raised his hand and the dark sky turned darker. It began to rain purple and black.

"This guy just won't stop," Naruto thought staring up at the dark sky.

The rain began to hit everything in the surrounding area. It was raining decay and death. As the rain hit Naruto it would sizzle and disrupt the flame shroud but Naruto simply put more energy into it. Naruto glared at Baraggan who stared back.


The battle had been going on for a while now. No matter what attack Naruto used the damage would be greatly reduced before hitting Baraggan. And with the rain constantly pelting Naruto, most of his power was used to keep himself from aging. Naruto appeared in front of Baraggan and delivered a right hook to the jaw. The attack connected but before Naruto could move away a Respira tendril slammed itself into his stomach. The two flew through the desert ground. Naruto flipped up while Baraggan slowly got up. Respira began to circle him. Baraggan began to laugh causing Naruto to frown.

"Baraggan, I think you're at your limit. What's so funny?"

"My power is endless!" Baraggan exclaimed. As he said this he created more Respira that shot at Naruto.

"You say that," Naruto replied as he easily dodged, "but we both know you can only take so much damage."

Naruto ran at Baraggan who covered himself in Respira. The Respira threatened to devour him but Naruto was prepared. Naruto placed his fingers in a familiar sign and created one clone. Baraggan wasn't expecting the real Naruto to uses his body to pass through the decay and was stunned when a second Naruto jumped through the wall of Respira. The first Naruto slammed his fist into Baraggan's face. As the punch connected, a crack appeared over Baraggan's right eye. But Naruto wasn't done there. He ducked down as the clone slammed his twin red and black Rasengan into Baraggan's stomach, if you could call it that. The real Naruto cocked back and created a ball of red and black energy in his palm and slammed it into Baraggan.

"Rasengan: Soul Flasher!"

Baraggan skidded mercilessly through the desert ground. The Respira rain quickly disappeared just as Naruto's flame shroud flickered away. Naruto walked toward the fallen God-King who struggled to get up. Naruto stood over Baraggan who continued struggling to stand.

"We're done right?" Naruto asked as his right eye forcefully closed.

Baraggan stopped struggling and began to laugh. He laughed for a good minute before looking at Naruto only to realize that both of his eyes were closed.

"How did you defeat me?" he asked.

"I canceled your ability," Naruto answered, "This fight would have gone on for days if all my attack damage was reduced."

"I see," Baraggan replied. "I won't ask how you did it. I must have something to do with your right eye."

Naruto kept silent. He raised a palm at Baraggan. He was about to finish him when Baraggan began to slowly disintegrate. Baraggan chuckled a little.

"I will concede to you today, Uzumaki Naruto," he said, "But we will meet again. I am the God-king of Heuco Mundo. I am death itself. Soon your time will come and I will carry you to the next world myself. I will return. Never forget that I stand above all else. Never forget that my curse is now with you. I have touched your heart. Your life is now in my hands. I will… return… Uzumaki …Naruto."

With that the God-King disappeared. Naruto stood there for a moment with a serious expression. The expression quickly vanished replaced with shock. Naruto's flame shroud came to life and he disappeared in a booming static. As Naruto rushed back to the others he placed a hand over his heart and frowned.

"A curse huh,"

Harribel fell to her knees. She was filled with relief as tears ran down her mask. They could finally sleep easy. The no longer had to run. Harribel smiled as the tears came freely. Naruto stood over her as she cried. He wanted to comfort her but there was nothing to comfort. She was happy. After she finished crying Naruto sat down next to her. Harribel blushed at him.

"Thank you Naruto," she said expressing her gratitude.

Naruto smiled at her before giving a big sigh.

"There goes my whole day," he said lying down in the sand. Harribel chuckled and scooted closer to him. Naruto blushed. "We'll it's not all that bad, huh?"

Unbeknownst to Naruto many of Heuco Mundo's population had heard of his battle and learned his name. One hollow in particular, well let's say two. Two cloaked figures walked through the desert in search of their target. Their brown cloaks were the exact same expect that one of them was extremely tall while the other was extremely short.

"Uzumaki Naruto," the taller one said out loud. His voice was calm. It sounded as if it belonged to a middle aged man.

"What's on your mind?" the shorter one asked. This voice sounded as if it belonged to a little girl.

"He may be the one we've been searching for," The man replied. "If he could beat Baraggan then he must be strong."

"…yeah," the little one replied.

The two continued their journey in silence, carrying with them a small hope.

Death's final words are a curse? What will Naruto do?


AN: So yeah I made Baraggan a lot stronger. I feel that it was rightly so. Baraggan was the God-Kind of Heuco Mundo. He could have been used so much better. Naruto is basically a Kami now hence his power.