A Lost Love

Author's Note: This is a story from the manga, so I'm sorry if you don't understand it. BTW this is my first Black Jack(or Burakku Jakku) Fanfic, so go easy with the reviews! ;)

Things I Often Use and their Meanings:

POV: Point of View
Italicized sentences: Thoughts of Character
Bolded words: Title or Author's Note
-san: Honorific, denotes respect.
-kun: Honorific, denotes endearment to boys.

ONE MORE THING: Black Jack's real name is Hazama Kuro'o in the manga, so no complaints please!

Enjoy the story :)

"I haven't seen you around here before… what's your name?" He asked the woman he had chanced upon while roaming the University.
"Um… Kisaragi M-Megumi." She shyly murmured.
"Megumi…" He paused, and then added:
"My name... is Hazama Kuro'o. " He nodded to her curtly, and then walked briskly towards the nearest lab.
Megumi watched as he went, with an expression of curiosity mixed with confusion.

Megumi's POV

Why didn't he approach me before? I've been in his class since the start of the year, yet he acts like I'm a total stranger! I thought angrily to myself. Well- It was true that I had hardly spoken to him, and it was also true that I had never introduced myself to him… but why did he act so…cold to me?

Black Jack's POV

It's strange. Why do I freeze up whenever I have to talk to a girl? I'm not shy, cowardly, or a wimp. For some reason, the rule is that I get nervous and jittery around girls, so I hide that nervousness with hostility. Why? Is it because I've never really talked to any girls before?

Megumi's POV

Searching the bookcases of the library for some research material, I spotted Hazama-san in the quiet corner of the reading area, taking notes on a book in his hand. I winced at the thought of yesterday's brief introduction, but I felt like I had to go over and talk to him. I placed my notebook quietly on a nearby table, and approached him.

Black Jack's POV

"Um... Hazama-san?" I heard a girl's voice above my head. Startled, I gasped and lifted my head up, only to see the girl I had been so cold to the day before.
"... Kisaragi-san. Do... you need something?" I monotonously said.
"Um... Well..." She stuttered. "C-could you help me with this?" She held out a workbook to me. I took it, and looked over the text.

Megumi's POV

"It's simple. The symptoms of Uterine Cancer are unusual vaginal discharge, difficult urination, pain during intercourse, and pain in the pelvic area." He mused, shutting the book with one hand. I looked down in embarrassment. How could I be so stupid!? I should know these things! I thought to myself.
"... Bye." Hazama-san stood up and walked away.

Black Jack's POV

I walked calmly out of the library, book in hand, and I suddenly thought back to the earlier event. I smacked myself in the face as I remembered the way I reacted.
I did it again! I slammed my fist into the wall, and wallowed in my own self pity. Come On, Kuro'o! If those boys in high school can speak to girls, so can you! No! I can't! Can! Can't! Can! Can't! My mind battled over whether I could or could not. Suddenly, someone spoke behind me.
"Oh. It's you, Akira."

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