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'Life is tough', 'That's life for you', or 'Life is unfair' are things we often hear. But it was never fair for him, that kid—the one who always walks from Destiny Street to Twilight Street on the way to school. I live on Destiny and so do Kairi and Riku. Hayner, Pence and Olette live on Twilight, so they always meet him there. And Axel—I don't know where he lives, but I think his house is on Bastion Hallow Boulevard. Or maybe Oblivion.

Destiny is the avenue right behind the school's so I'm always alone. But when I get there, I'm always the first to arrive out of them all.

Kairi and Riku come next, sometimes accompanied by the other three. I asked once and Kairi said that she and Riku sometimes wait for them at the stop sign. Axel takes longer, but since he's a senior, he just gives me a pat on the head and walks off to his friends. I've heard that he was dating Larxene, but I'm not sure. There are rumors that he's gay too, so I have no idea which one's true. It's not like I'm homophobic, and I'm really curious. But all he gives me is a crooked smile and a wink and doesn't answer.

Hey, kid. Hey, can you hear me?

Kairi's my cousin, the daughter of my mom's older sister, but she's the same age as me. People say we look alike, and it's true. She dyed her hair blonde once and put on an identical white dress and even our moms couldn't tell the difference. She had to wash it out later, though blonde streaks stayed in her hair for a month. She looks a lot like me, but her personality's completely the other way around.

Riku's our neighbor. He's a pretty quiet guy a grade higher (a sophomore) than us, the freshmen. Lots of people like him because he's athletic, smart, and attractive and I can feel the glares of jealousy piercing into my back whenever Riku casually puts an arm around my shoulder. We're all close friends, so don't suspect anything.

I don't think she can hear us…

Hayner, Pence, and Olette have been friends since birth and it's impossible to separate them (not that we've tried). We all suspect that Hayner likes Olette even though he stutters and denies it. First step's denial anyways, isn't it?

I don't really mind if he does though, I'm just the one in our group that sits there visualizing images and drawing them in my sketchbook. Lately though, I've been drawing pictures of this boy I don't know. A blonde boy with eyes like his—he wasn't at all familiar to me, but he appears constantly in my mind. Strange things have also been happening, sometimes voices.

Sometimes he's there, the one with the brown hair and eyes the color of his name. It's a pretty shade of blue, and his name's Sora (Japanese for sky). I really like him, he's a nice guy, but he's kind of a loner and doesn't talk with us a lot. We see him every now and then and then he'd disappear. Sometimes I give him a wave and a smile and he looks like he wants to return the gesture but there's some laughter directed at him and Sora doesn't look as sure anymore.

Of course she can't hear us. Don't be ridiculous.

I saw them—Seifer's group—bossing him around, but I don't know why. Sora isn't the kind to irritate others, more like the kind to silently mind his own business. They weren't very good insults, but that wasn't all they did.

Doesn't hurt to give it a try.

They would do it all the way until Destiny. Hayner and Pence have tried to stop them, so has Olette, but they don't stand a chance against them. I've seen them coming back bruised and all and it's disheartening to know that you can't stop someone from getting hurt. I've seen him being hurt once, but it was Riku who had the ability to shove Seifer off and leave him with a bleeding nose. Ever since that time, Riku's always been one of the people to stick up for Sora, though they've never talked.

That's right. Especially when you're looking like an idiot.

It was the lazy afternoon of the first day of freshman year.

Sitting at my desk in my room, I was busy with working on a few math problems. Algebra was pretty swift topic, and I didn't feel like taking Geometry. It sounded pretty menacing to my grades so I picked the one where I could score some A's. Math had never been one of my good aspects in education though. A knock sounded on the front door. I sighed. Mom wasn't here, so I walked down to the living room, my mind pondering about that last question.

For a second, something strange blurred before the door. I blinked, and it disappeared. I ignored it.

Opening the door, and since it was raining, I expected the fresh cool smell to flood into the house. Instead, Riku and Kairi stood before me thoroughly soaked…and bruised all over. I gave a cry of shock and rushed to my cousin. Kairi shifted her position uncomfortably and I suddenly felt that something had to be seriously wrong.

I was glad then that my mom wasn't there and that I assured both of them when Riku asked. I brought both of them to my room and brought both a towel to dry off of, then rushed to bring in icepacks, gauzes and bandages to treat Kairi with. Riku rose to stand beside me. "You'll want to shower," he suggested.

Kairi didn't respond, but continued to sit motionless on the bed. He sighed and reluctantly, "I hope you don't mind me borrowing your shower."

"It's fine, please do."

He left, after a while of silence, I heard the shower go on.

Patting a wrapped icepack into place, I was confused and looked at Kairi, a curl that now lay on the bed wrapped by a towel. I huddled beside my bed, and sat by her side so that our eyes were at the same level and I asked her what happened, resting my chin on my knees. "Is it Seifer again? Did he hurt you?"

I waited for a reply.

"Would you have thought that it would happen?" It was a whisper at first from the lips that finally parted. "I…didn't think it would. I thought that it wouldn't have gone so far, but… I don't know how Hayner and Pence were able to keep it up. Both are hospitalized. Olette has minor cuts and I'm just bruised. But Sora…"

She shuddered. The shower went off.

Kairi shut her eyes and snuggled her face into the beddings. The words that came next, muffled into the cotton. I craned my ear and asked her to repeat, but she didn't answer. I couldn't see her face, but I knew that whatever it was, it must have been terrible. Within a second, she'd lapsed into a deep sleep, wearied of whatever happened.

I heard Riku's gentle footsteps into the room. Turning around, I took in the full of Riku's grave face. I stuttered, not knowing what to say. "T-that…how…?"

He launched, with a frustrated expression, into a summary. "Seifer's group was trashing him around—even tried to rape him. But Sora didn't fight back. So they did what they did. Hayner, Pence, Olette, and Kairi arrived to help, but it was too late. Hayner and Pence managed to knock Seifer's unconscious. Pence is now hospitalized. Olette's at her home right now."

"These are Fu's." He pulled out of his pocket a small wrapped bundle, but out of it, he produced two small bloodstained knives. Luckily, I wasn't the type of girl to swoon or vomit at the sight of blood. He looked up as I was stricken with horror. "He's safe right now, I brought him back into his house in case that what you're thinking. He…lives in an apartment, you know…all by himself and by the graciousness of the lady who owns it. Don't be surprised by what you see though."

As he predicted, I rushed out. It couldn't be happening and I ran, deeply disturbed. Nothing was like I'd always thought it was anymore. Life was now like a stranger to me. Rushing past the streets, people stared at me, but I didn't care. They could stare all they wanted. I don't know why I ran when I should be there beside Kairi, tending to her wounds, or calming Riku down. But none of them I did. Instead, I ran through the rain, no raincoat or umbrella. Just my grey jacket, white dress, and sandals that I'd quickly stepped into. To tell the truth, I didn't even know why I was running there.

"Naminé, is that you?"

I turned around to see Hayner limping up to me with a green umbrella slung over his shoulder. His arm was in a cast and from his limp and I could tell that his ankle was sprained from the process. I rushed to him.

"Oh god, are you alright?"
"Yeah…I'm kind of beat, but I can make it back home."
"Sora's at his house right?"
"Yeah…why ask?"
"Thanks, Hayner. Take care."

I darted away, leaving him befuddled on the street.

"Hey…hey, wait up! Wait a sec, Naminé!"

I ran faster and his shouts drifted away. I couldn't stop, even though it was Hayner.

I ran to the only apartment I knew on Destiny Street. It was the only apartment around anyway. I rushed to the houses and began looking for his.

Just like back then, before I'd opened my door, a blurred figure emerged before my eyes before disappearing again. I rubbed my eyes as I ran. The rain was probably playing tricks on my eyes.

I remembered Kairi telling me the number of his occupancy—13 and I ran randomly, striking the right door at first shot. If nothing had happened today, I would have been crediting myself for the skills of such accuracy, but it wasn't the time to do so. Pressing the doorbell, I waited for the door to open, or maybe for the door to not open and leave me standing before it for hours.

"Hello? Sora, are you there—"

"Go away, please. I'm not…feeling very well…could you come back another time?"

It opened reluctantly, revealing a blonde boy, whose hair was similar to Sora's in a way, but plastered as if he'd been sleeping on his right side. At a glance, a person wouldn't be able to see that it was Sora, but if one looked closely and knew him, they'd know. I didn't really know him, but he suddenly flinched and looked ready to defend himself. It couldn't be that he thought I was Fu at first glance. We looked too different. On his cheek was a Band-Aid and his wrists, arms and many of his fingers were wrapped with lengths of sterile dressing.

There was no doubt that it was Sora.

"It's you…and you're…"

Hesitantly, he took a hold of my wrist and brought me into the house. The kitchen was the first thing that you could see, and it was the room that he left me in. I was shivering and confused, and took of my jacket, drying it over the sink. Soon, he came back with a white towel. He took one look at me, looked away and handed me the towel at a meter's distance. Was something wrong with me? Or with what I was wearing? I looked down, assessing myself. White dress, sandals, and…wet. Oh. I quickly wrapped the towel around my shoulders, embarrassed.

He walked awkwardly to the cabinet and took out two mugs and 2 packs of hot chocolate.

"N-no, y-you don't have to…"
"It's fine."

As he poured the powders into the mugs and filled each near to the top with hot water, he grabbed a towel beside him which suddenly coughed into. I watched in horror as a few drops of crimson liquid splattered and seeped through the cloth. He gasped slightly and I rushed to him.

"Are you okay? Do you need to go to the hospital? Please get some rest. Don't push yourself…"
"It's okay."
"Don't mind me."

He grabbed a jar of pills and tossed two into his mouth and poured water into a glass before chugging it down. Coughing slightly again, he ushered me back onto my seat and placed a mug before me and the other before his seat.

I said my thanks and took the mug, embarrassed, and he flinched again as he sat down across from me. He was silent for a while, looking very upset and stressed out, leaving his mug untouched. He wasn't the only one. I looked up at him, and when I did, the mug dropped onto the table. He looked up in surprise. Luckily, my hands were only a centimeter off the table, and nothing broke or spilled. But that wasn't the point.

What I saw was the boy that I'd been drawing in my sketchbook all this time.

"You're name… it's not really Sora… is it?"

I was surprised by the words that came out of my mouth that I'd blurted before I could. He blinked. "Is it my change in appearance?"

"No, it's not that. I don't know why, but I just know that you aren't 'Sora'."
"And do you think you might know what my name is?"
"Not yet. No."
"Well, don't get me wrong, but why did you come here in the first place?"

The memory of what Riku's story flooded me and I cringed. He noticed, but made no move to make contact with me, and it made me feel even guiltier for not being there to help him. "I don't need the pity of other people. I can deal with it myself."

"Leave when you want to." He rose to leave the room with a slight cough. I pushed the chair back and ran after him. "Roxas, wait!"

He flinched as if struck and stood in the doorframe. I was confused at these two personalities. The first 'Sora' I knew was the one who was reserved and shy and unsure of almost everything he did. I would sometimes see him sitting on a bench by himself in the park, watching my friends and me laughing together. That was the 'Sora' I would see in the hallways at school. This 'Sora' wasn't as reserved and he was much colder in personality—in addition to the appearance change. It could be that I didn't know the first 'Sora' and that this was his real personality, but the aura was too different. This one was…

"Will you come to school tomorrow? Are you going to be okay?" I heard myself ask. He turned around and stared—it was his turn to be dumbfounded. I saw dried paths of tears on his face and he wiped them away quickly although fresh ones came right after he did so. I blanked out at the sight. "Roxas, you're…"

"I'll be okay," he motioned to the pills, "and yeah, I will. Why?"
"I…I just thought I'd ask."

I turned around and walked over to the table, picked up the towel and folded it, holding it to my chest. I turned back around and faced him with a smile on my face.

"I'll bring this back home, wash it, and give it back to you tomorrow. Is that okay?"
"Yeah, sure."
"Alright! I'll be going then."

"Do you want an umbrella?" He blurted as I made my way to his front door. I couldn't hold back a laugh. It was really cute suddenly seeing him look so earnest and shy.

"It's okay, I'm sorry to have bothered you. See you tomorrow!"

If I hadn't fumbled with my sandals on my way out, I wouldn't have heard him whisper, "I didn't mean to ask you to go."

My face flooded with color and I ran out into the rain without a second word. The rain pounded on my body and I could feel myself getting soaked. I felt fortunate to have put on my jacket again, otherwise the rain would have revealed underneath my white dress. My drenched hair stuck to my skin and my sandals slapped into the puddles and the water sprayed onto my legs but I didn't care. I'd take a shower after I get home anyway.

… 8:00PM

I arrived home faster than I'd thought, and it was Riku who opened the door. He threw a towel over me and ushered me in and I thanked him and left for my shower.

On my way to the bathroom, I paused at the laundry room and chucked both towels into the washer and let it do its job. The word Roxas kept coming at me the whole time during my shower with scene at his house replaying over and over in my mind. He seemed so familiar….

… 8:15PM

By the time I'd exited the bathroom, Riku had left and a note was on the kitchen table, but I ignored it to dash back upstairs first and looked in on my room. Kairi was tucked in and sound asleep and I relaxed. I returned downstairs and read his note.


Kairi's asleep upstairs, but I think you'd probably have checked on her already.
Your mom called to remind you that she'd be home the 15th
and that she'd
call or email you daily just so that you won't miss her too much. Anyway, I smelled
hot chocolate on you so I didn't brew the coffee for you. If you want it, I didn't touch
it, so it's still on the second cabinet. Don't drink too much or you'll look like the living
dead tomorrow. Get some good sleep tonight and I'll see you tomorrow.


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