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A groan escaped from the devices around me and the water level began to reduce. The water was gradually drained from around me into holes under my feet. As soon as the water was drained, layers of glass steadily parted, opening from the middle 'split' I'd tried to get at.

"Damn, where did you put that towel? She's bleeding!"
"It's over there. Bleeding because she tried to move."
"Let's get to it and get her out of here."

Sharp sensations pierced throughout my body as I felt things like needles being extracted from my body. The tubes and wires withdrew, slithering around my neck and arms down past my legs and disappeared below my feet. My balance diminished and I slipped, just as I felt a towel wrap around my body in a secure grip and I was lifted off my feet. My senses failed me, and I was sunken into darkness.

"Let's go."

I am a scientist. In fact, I am a very noble scientist. I may be one of the physically weakest members of the Organization XIII, I still make up for it with my elite knowledge of the science. My scraggly tan hair is a point to prove it! I care not of my appearance, but obey my Superior in what he asks.

My Superior's words are law. They are my first priorities.

The Superior put me to the job of putting the girl to sleep, and so I did. Alright, rather than 'noble', perhaps 'loyal' would fit better. And how does that fit into my description you ask? It started off like this.

I wake up the same way every day. Every morning of my life as a Nobody, I rise from my bed wondering what Demyx has done. Why is this? Take for example this morning, and mind you, his ideas are not the least bit original.

Taking my first step out of bed, I immediately felt a chill rise up from my feet. Cautiously, I looked down to spot a trail of water at my feet. I froze the water. Demyx would get something tonight.

I reached out to grab my Organization cloak and threw it on just as my hand hit a lever and I heard a bucket of water tip over right as water splashed down.

Luckily I was armed with my quick reflexes, so the water was frozen long before it hit my head. And probably as Demyx had anticipated, I forgot to move my head. It fell on my head with a clunk before rolling to my feet.

The roar that emerged from my mouth could have been heard from the top of the tower to the bottom.

I marched straight to where I knew Demyx would lurk around, a chunk of ice in my hand.

I caught him peering into the crack of the door that opened to Zexion's room. No doubt of what he was doing. I watched as he fawned to himself over Zexion's sleeping form. That man…my patience wore out quickly, and I chucked the boulder of ice into my target.

A howl escaped his lips as he clutched his head, though I'd suppose that the boulder suffered more damaged. It had split into smaller chunks—exploding from impact with Demyx's iron head.

Zexion emerged from his room, awakened by the noise.

Whatever it may be, both Demyx immediately transformed into a crimson red color from the sight of his slim figure meanwhile as he glowered back.

"And what might it be that would have allowed the two of you to decide to disturb my sleep?"

As Demyx stuttered for an answer, I stated with all tones of accusation lined in my voice, "Blame the boy for observing your sleeping form with lustful eyes."

Zexion did not answer and merely shut the door in our faces. My face was smug as I strode away from the scene. I had more important things to attend to.

I needed to check on the children's current situation. It was required that it be the first thing I do every morning, although the task was postponed a few minutes by the decision of finding Demyx.

I scowled to myself as I recalled the way they'd first arrived.

Xemnas had disappeared that night.

We were in a commotion, frightened and hypothesizing where the man might have gone. But we did not have to wait long. For he appeared just as he'd left with the cloud of black smoke—our portal, but this time, two children in his arms. They looked to be about the age of seven or eight—and they were beautiful.

He informed us that he'd brought Kairi and Naminé, both the daughters of the king we hated. No, we did not just hate him—we loathed him and his new and resilient army, SOLDIER.

We were furious.

"Why do you want those filthy plate-raised children here?"

"That's disgusting!"

"Have you forgotten exactly why we are the Organization?"

He then explained to us why he'd brought them in the first place. He needed them as a reason for Rufus to surrender to his demands.

Larxene wanted them tortured and killed as she gazed at their faces with a look of disgust. "They must have been fed so well," she'd spat. But we knew who would hate them the most. Reluctantly, we hid them from Xion's sight. She was only nine, but her mental strength was strong. She hated them for what their father did to her mother. It would do no good to Xemnas's plans to have them killed.

They looked so alike! Although one was a maroon color and the other was a pale blonde, their features were so similar I felt they might have been twins.

It amused me to see Roxas watching the blonde one, as she was sealed in the waters of my lab.

I'd theorized that as we had no heart, we would be sans feelings. But I was very wrong—and I did not know at the time, though Larxene and Axel surprised me. He would continue to watch her every night after this.

In the beginning, as Roxas was the only child, he lacked many friends in the Organization. His closest friend was Axel, but that was it.

Antisocial and introverted, he made no attempt to start up conversations with the town children.

However once Naminé and Kairi appeared, he visited them many times and often spoke to them, though of course they couldn't see or hear him.

Last year, Kairi disappeared, and the entire castle was in chaos. We'd found instead, a small brunette boy named Sora. Knowing not of where he'd come from or why he was there, we'd captured him. He too was imprisoned the same way as Naminé was.

Kairi's status remain unknown.

On my way to the basement, I noticed that things were very wrong. And when I speak of 'wrong', I mean that things smelled bizarre. My sense of smell is more advanced than that of the average human being.

With my advantageous aspect, I detected two who did not belong to us—yes. And yet I did not immediately report to the Superior, as I felt that it was my responsibility to inspect the situation beforehand.

And so I did.

The stairs were dark as I walked down. Lights were never on in the basement, but we didn't need such a thing. Of course there were other sources of lights, like the bluish glow that was emitted from the basement room. To our eyes of course, we were able to see thing just as clear as if lights truly existed. That was the greatness of being a Nobody. Our eyes were more developed than the average human being.

I loved it.

When I entered, I discovered to my surprise that I was in the company of three lovely boys. That silver hair was just extravagant and the way it whirled around as he turned towards me. I almost wanted to open my arms and take in that beauty myself. The golden boy, however I realized was Roxas. I cried out to him.

"How nice it is to see you, Roxas, my boy!"

The thing was—I knew exactly what they were doing. The girl lay limp in Sora's arms, he who stood awkwardly from the other two. Who needed more information? Speculatively speaking that Roxas planned to betray the Organization and accomplice the two in their escape—oh, he would definitely regret this very action. The Superior would do terrible things indeed.

That was in fact, the case I was dealt with.

Roxas ignored me.

"Roxas," I called in a sing-song voice. He stiffened and turned his head to look daggers. I clutched my heart—chest—as if offended. That was why he'd come almost every day, I thought as I eyed the buttons on my monitor. He observed how I would control the machine without needing to ask. Of course! I'd blindly illustrated every motion he needed to know to get her out of the tank. I chuckled at his shrewdness.

"Hand the girl over, Roxas."

I was used to being ignored, but it irritated me this time. Shifting my weight onto my left leg, I frowned and reached out a finger to motion him over. He made no sign of moving from his location, and Sora was too comatose to do very much. So I walked closer. "Were you behind her sister's disappearance as well?"

"Don't come any closer, you bastard."

"Oh?" I eyed Riku, "Well now, I clearly am not the one using foul language here?" I could tell clearly I was an obstacle in their way towards 'freedom', and I planted my feet down were I stood. "Release your hold on her, hand her to me, and perhaps I'll even let the three of you go alive," I offered. "Kairi too."

"And why would you do that?"

"The girl is worth more to me than the three of you put together," I rolled my eyes.

"Exactly. So speaking hypothetically we hand her to you, you alert them right after and kill us. There's no way we'll come out of this alive picking that alternative."

"Marvelous!" I crowed in enthusiasm, "Excellent, and that's the way it goes, isn't it?"

"You know what? Let's just get this over with!"

Roxas launched himself towards me, and I didn't see his keyblade until it flashed right before my eyes. I bent my body back so it swiped above me, before taking off the ground and somersaulting onto his blade. He flipped the blade, forcing me to leap off. My fingers tingled as ice stalagmites shot from the ground, missing Roxas by a few millimeters.

"You shame the Organization!"

"You know nothing!" he gritted his teeth. He turned to Sora and Riku and they nodded at one another as he disappeared into a portal, probably to report to bastard boss or something like that.

Riku disappeared before reappearing before my face, and I felt his keyblade's tip graze my skin just as I raised Freeze Pride against him. Grabbing his face in my hand, I shot ice as he cried out in pain. He took off from my shield, clutching the wound in his forehead. The blood had begun to stop dripping as my ice retarded its flow around the wound. I chuckled.

"Pity you're so ignorant. As you're only able to see the surface of things, I should not expect you to appreciate my true might."

I slashed the edge of Freeze Pride against his torso, drawing a spray of blood in his surprise. Freezing the ice on my shield, it formed a bloody-red giant sword. This I swung wildly at him as he staggered backwards repelling my attacks. Ice formed on the ground created by the blood that dripped onto his feet.

He slipped and I lunged with my blade.

His reflexes were quick however. Leaping up, he kicked the shield that I held before me, causing me to stumble and fall onto my back. As he shot blue fireballs towards me, I repelled them with my shield, sending icicles after him. He was alarmed and disappeared again. It was unbelievable that he could be so quick as to disappear from my elite sight.

"Move, Sora!"

I'd directed a new trail of ice at Sora, who was taken by surprise and ran wildly, doing the best he could to outrun the icicles that emerged at his heels. For a boy who'd just emerged from a year of sleep, his mobility amazed me, especially when he had a girl in his arms. The extra weight should wear him down…but I had no time to be observing—Riku was sliding towards me with his rapid attacks.

I gave him a smirk. Below his feet was a mountain of ice I'd prepared just for this. The spikes protruded the floor, catching his arms and legs as it rose until our eyes were leveled with on another. He gave a yelp in pain and aimed a fireball at me, which I repelled once again with my Freeze Pride.

"I've already seen that move, boy."

"Not this one, I bet."

With surprise, I saw his gaze over my shoulder. But before I could turn around, I felt a blade run through my chest.

Black smoke dripped out of my wound.

And for the first time in my life, the air around me felt so cold. "So cold," I gasped, "It's so cold." Riku said nothing but watched me impassively. My knees went weak and I collapsed, kneeling before I fell sideways to the ground with a thud. My sight was flickering and the colors were disappearing. I barely felt the pain I should have in my chest.

"So…humiliated," I struggled for breath, "fallen…at hands of…someone…like you…."

He said nothing and I continued to glower at him.

"Boy…you'll regret this."

"Just die already."

At his word, the Lifestream took me.

A/N: "Pity you're so ignorant. As you're only able to see the surface of things, I should not expect you to appreciate my true might." Came from the game itself, though his original words were "Pity to be so ignorant." Lifestream, by the way, belongs to Final Fantasy VII. It's the main source of life. They are born from the Lifestream and when they die, they are returned to it. I'll be incorporating a lot of Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core into here by the way :)

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