Title: Mathapor
Summary: How many zeros do you have, Yuuki?
Genre: Humor
Rating: K+

Yuuki and Yori had spent their time studying Math that night. Yuuki Cross concluded that having too many zeroes in her life; whether that may be from an exam or someone who almost kissed her, was too much to handle.

Unknowingly, being the good bestfriend that she was, Sayori Wakaba smiled at the obvious distraction her female friend was having. It was painfully obvious, it pained her; but Yuuki was always like this anyway, agitated over numbers and agitated at persons whose name were associated with numbers.

Yori, in a normal good day, would brush it off as Yuuki (and Zero?)'s private business. However, tonight was not the night (it was not a day, silly).

"So this was your mistake in the exam. How many zeros are there in a trillion?"

Oh, Yori would not miss that flinch. It was subtle but it was there. Yuuki cleared her throat.


"Ah so many zeros," a flinch and then a smile from the other and then, "in a billion?"


"A million?"


"A thousand?"


"Good. In a hundred, how many zeros are there?"

Less obvious this time.


"A ten?"

"One. Yori, I know what a ten is!"

"Would not hurt to ask. So Yuuki, if you have 'one', how many zeros do you have?"

Yuuki eyed her friend at the sudden burst of stupidity, which was rare.


Yori smiled wickedly.

"Wrong, you still have one."

To which Yuuki turned peach and then pink and then red at the connotation of her friend's words while Yori watched her as if she was looking at a colour palette. Yori concluded that her friend had been thinking of her surely-not-just-a-friend friend, who was probably at patrol, seething in front of Kaname Kuran.

Yori was so amused she snapped her fingers in front of Yuuki.

"Focus, Yuuki. Don't think of Zero too much."

A death glare. A major epic fail death glare.

"...You mentioned him."

"I was mentioning zeros all the time, the number, not the person," Yori answered disinterestedly.

"So there is no zero if I have one!"

"There is. It's the number before one right?"

Yuuki rolled her eyes and pseudo-screamed in frustration. How can Yori be ever so mean to her, she would not know.

"That's really bad of you, Yori-chan."

"That's a trick question."

The next day, the teacher gave out three Math quizzes; the one they just had and the other two for the past two did not even bother too look. She just consoled herself at the fact that the zero marks looked like eggs, which reminded her of food, and which was always a good thing.

And then Yori started to speak. Yuuki concluded that her friend must be playing with her mind again, so she decided to pretend that she was deaf.

"Zero again, zero and then zero again," a groan, and a smile from the other, "and I'm not even talking about Kiryuu-kun," a louder groan, and an almost full smile from the other again, "and oi, why are you blushing?"

Yuuki Cross concluded that she hated Math, the number zero and its metaphors.

But the real Zero is a different matter altogether.

A/N: This fic is silly. I was probably drunk when I wrote this. Yes, stone me now, I give you permission.