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Fran was in the bathroom of the Varia HQ, staring at the mirror at the new hat that he had been forced to wear by a person who called himself a "prince".

It was Fran's first day in becoming part of the Varia as a replacement for Mammon, their illusionist, whose disappearance was rumored to be death, and he couldn't say that he enjoyed the first impression.

The boss, Xanxus, was forever mad at everything and rested in his chair like a king, whilst endlessly shouting and throwing things at other people who he all referred to with the same noun, 'trash'. He didn't welcome Fran by any other way than nodding at him as an acknowledgement, and throwing a wine glass at Squalo to make him introduce the 'new piece of trash' to the Varia.

Squalo. Shark. The name was strange, but the being was even stranger, in Fran's opinion. Squalo was way too loud for his liking, and his excess shouting was seen as a futility through Fran's eyes. His long, elegant silver hair was also pretty weird to Fran…he actually thought that Squalo was a very pretty woman at first sight. Well, Squalo would suit for a typical "annoying-woman" with all the shouting, screaming, and protesting he did…and the way he gazed at his boss showed way too obviously that he was in love with him – a stupid action in Fran's mind.

Then, there was Lussuria - or, the 'gaylord' in Fran's and everyone-in-the-Varia's perspective. That flamboyant half-woman -guy with the extreme haircut and strange-looking sunglasses was way too energetic and squeal-ish for Fran's liking. The guy welcomed Fran with a big scream of "KAWAIIIIII~!" in his face before he was attacked by a tidal wave of gay adoration by the name of Lussuria. Fran shuddered at the memory.

After that, of course, there was Levi – who practically and simply was the stalker of Xanxus, by the looks of it. How the guy followed the boss around everywhere and willingly obeyed every single command was downright weird for Fran, especially when Xanxus doesn't seem to give a damn about the poor pathetic guy. And that mustache…ugh - Fran flinched at the thought.

And then…there was Belphegor – whose meeting with Fran was quite the least expected.

The guy was tall and lean, with blonde hair that was jagged and all over the place. His bangs covered his eyes completely, and it was a wonder how he could see properly. His voice was like an innocent child who just learnt a little more than they should have. His head was decorated with a tiara – which he insisted was a 'crown' – and never seemed to take off, even when he was going to sleep. Not to mention his seriously freaky laugh.

Belphegor was sitting silently in the kitchen when Fran arrived, and in his hands held a few - very strange looking - knives. The guy was slicing up some fresh meat whilst frequently mumbling methods to kill people in a totally blissed-out voice… Fran found this very disturbing indeed. As soon as the newcomer took his first step into the kitchen, Bel turned around and pressed a knife against his throat in seconds.

"Who the hell are you?" Bel asked threateningly with a wide freaky grin on his face.

"I'm Fran. The new Varia member that is the replacement of Mammon," Fran answered in monotone. His face was expressionless as he looked right into the area where Bel's eyes were supposed to be, if it weren't for his bangs covering them up.

Bel cocked his head in consideration as he scanned the newcomer before releasing him. But, soon enough, Belphegor was back, close up to Fran again, and this time, he pushed a large, pitch-black frog-head-shaped hat onto Fran's head.

"What are you doing?" Fran questioned, his tone unchanging.

"You are now my kouhai. I am Belphegor, but you will address me as Bel-senpai or 'Prince'," Bel ordered.

"But why would I-" Fran tried to argue, but Bel's knife was plunged into his arm and out as soon as the words escaped his lips.

"You will obey the Prince," Bel ordered once again before letting go of his brand new 'kouhai'.

Fran was confused. He didn't understand what the hell this 'Prince' wanted with him, or why he put this weird looking hat on him. But as Fran tried to take it off to take a closer look at it, another knife was stabbed into his arm before being pulled out again by Bel.

"Ow. Why did you do that?" Fran asked with his same unchanging tone and expression.

"Do not take off that hat. You will wear it until you die. And call me senpai," Bel answered.

"Why… Senpai?" Fran wanted to know.

"Ushishishi…because you are a frog," was Bel's equally confusing reply.

Fran didn't dare take his hat off again though. Even now, when he was in his pajamas, in his own bedroom. Fran looked at his reflection in the mirror… His cute face, pale skin and petite body was perfectly supported with his short, pale-sea green hair which was the same color as his eyes in his reflection. However, the face that was so cute was totally expressionless. Or more accurately, emotionless.

Fran's fingers slowly traced the two markings underneath his eyes… The markings which were similar to someone else's …


Three months later

"Oi, Froggy... Get me a drink," Bel ordered whilst he rested on the sofa in an incredibly lazy manner.

"I am not your slave, Senpai," Fran argued in monotone, but went to the kitchen and got Bel the drink anyway.

"Ushishishi, every peasant is the Prince's slave,"Belphegor said with a wide, shining smile.

"Sure, sure…a fallen Prince, like Senpai, would say so."

Bel's smile shrunk almost immediately when Fran spoke those words, before a sharp knife was inserted into Fran's back once again.

"I am not a fallen Prince, stupid Frog," Bel spoke through gritted teeth, before a wide smile opened up on his face again and his hand let go of the knife.

Fran took the un-bloodied knife out of his body without complaint, and examined it. In the months that had passed, Fran had become very familiar with this weirdly-shaped knife of Bel's. The relationship of the Prince and his kouhai had developed rapidly when Fran was assigned as Bel's partner in their missions – though in the positive or negative way, it was hard to tell.

Fran discovered that Bel was not just weird…but insane. He was a knife and blood obsessed bastard who couldn't care less about what others thought of him. Lussuria told Fran that Bel had killed his twin brother when they were very young, and from that experience, Bel had become so addicted to the pleasure of murder and blood that he became a frequent murderer and sought out the Varia in order to experience even more of these pleasures. For the Varia, if looking only at combat abilities, Bel was a genius – much to Fran's surprise. "Prince the Ripper" is what most people called him, and Fran couldn't disagree when he saw Bel ripping a man's body whilst laughing and screaming as if he were experiencing the most pleasurable moment in life.

Fran also knew, that for some reason, Bel was very distant from his royal clan…and so, Fran used this as an insult to Bel by calling him a 'fallen Prince' - a name that Bel did not enjoy.

"Sure you are. A stupid, idiotic prince like you must've been kicked out of the royal family because they couldn't accept the fact that they had an insane freak bearing their name," Fran spoke fluently in monotone as if he were saying a very matter-of-fact thing.

"Shut up, Frog. It's none of your business," Bel hissed before two more knives were stabbed into Fran, who still stood un-movingly.

As for Bel, he discovered Fran's extremely good ability to insult people, and with that very still, emotionless expression, the insults doubled their level of annoyance. Bel, out of all people, knew this the best, as his kouhai tended to try and get on his nerves every second of the day.

"Ow, Senpai. Please stop stabbing. You're hurting me." Fran protested, but in a more sarcastic robotic way than truly pleading, which annoyed the heck out of Bel.

"Ushishishi… I couldn't care less, Froggy," the prince grinned as he stabbed three more knives into Fran…and this time, the viscous red liquid did ooze out of the wounds and appeared through the black clothing of the petite body.

The green-headed kouhai was about to protest once again, however…

"VOIIIIIII~! You trash! What are you guys doing?" the very unique voice of Squalo echoed down the stairways. Fran immediately pointed his finger at Bel accusingly.

"Long-haired commander, idiot-senpai is stabbing me and it hurts very much," Fran whined in monotone even though his face remained blank and his voice did not show any signs of pain at all.

"VOIIII~! You stupid babies! Bel! Get the fucking knife out of Fran before the trash bleeds to death, for God's sake!" Squalo shouted at the two as soon as he got downstairs. Bel pouted, but obeyed accordingly, much to Fran's relief.

"This is your mission, you two. Now go do it before the boss smashes me with his fucking wine glass again!" the long-haired commander ordered as he threw a big stack of papers down on the table.

"You mean the boss will rape you like the slut that you are, commander?" Fran couldn't resist the temptation to insult the pretty silver-haired man.

"VOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII~! You trash! I'm gonna fucking kill you!" Squalo's reaction was as expected and he went for Fran. But Fran, who was ready and prepared, dodged the attack and ran out of the Varia HQ as Squalo roared angrily.

Bel quickly followed his kouhai, holding the stacks of paper in his hand before running away, avoiding any objects that tended to fly in his direction in the attempt of hitting Fran.

"VOIIIIIIII~! Come back here, you trash!" Squalo screamed after them, who disappeared into the distance. However…

"…shut the fuck up, Shark Trash." The shark of the Varia felt the feeling of cold water running down his spine when he heard the familiar voice. The only person in the Varia who called him 'trash'. The only person who was of higher status than him.

"Xanxus…," Squalo whispered his name, before slowly shrinking as he felt the red, fiery glare on the back of his neck.

"Get the fuck up here, Trash," Xanxus ordered with a pissed-off expression.

Squalo reluctantly obeyed, before being pulled into a rough kiss as soon as he stepped up onto the upper floor.

"Nn- Boss-"

Squalo struggled in the strong arms of his boss, before having to give in when Xanxus deepened the kiss to the extent that a moan escaped from the swordsman's lips.

"You're gonna pay for waking me up with your fucking noise, Trash," Xanxus whispered into Squalo's ear, his hot breath causing the Shark of Varia to feel goose bumps on his skin, before Xanxus pulled the swordsman into his bedroom and slammed and locked the door.

"Ushishishi, I saw the boss come out when I was leaving. Squalo seems to be in BIG trouble," Bel spoke with a smile that stretched across his face, as the two sat in their car –moving towards the destination of their mission.

"Our boss is gonna rape the long-haired commander again. But it's not actually raping, since the idiotic commander is plainly in love with him," Fran said matter-of-factly.

"Ushishi, as if you know anything about sex and rape, Froggy."

"The same goes for you, Senpai."

"Ushishi… Are you sure about that, Frog?" Bel smiled freakishly and moved closer to his kouhai, as if to tease the young illusionist.

The green-haired boy simply moved away from the prince and gazed out of the window. He wasn't used to Bel being physically close just yet, whilst Squalo, on the contrary, just acted as if the guy was dust when Bel clinged onto him like a child.

The tinted-window which separated the driver from the people in the back seat rolled down, before the low-status assassin reported to his bosses.

"We are here, Bel-sama, Fran-sama."

"Ushishishi… There's barely enough blood to satisfy me," a blood-soaked Bel said as he rested himself on the car seat.

"Bel-senpai, you are already soaked with blood…and that's not an excuse to stab me with your knives, Senpai." Fran sighed as he pulled three knives out of his arm, un-bloodied, just to be stabbed once again with five more knives.

"Bel-senpai, would you stop stabbing me already? The fight is already over."

"No thanks to you, stupid Frog." Bel ignored Fran and continued to stab his kouhai, whilst Fran just sighed and pulled the knives out his arm, one-by-one.

"Ushishi... Why don't you bleed?" Bel asked, as he noticed all of the un-bloodied knives being pulled out from Fran's flesh.

"It's called using an illusion for a use, idiot-senpai," Fran replied, rolling his eyes.

"Huh. You should have used your illusions in the fight, you stupid frog," Bel added, as he stabbed three more knives into Fran.

Fran sighed once again, and decided to start bending Bel's precious knives – just for the sake of annoying his senpai.

"Do not destroy the prince's property," Bel demanded in a low voice as he snatched the knives out of Fran's pale hands, the motion causing deep, raw cuts in the kouhai's flesh.

"Ow, Bel-senpai. You cut me," Fran whined in monotone.

The two stared at the cuts which started to well up with deep red, fresh blood. The liquid slowly trickled down Fran's hand, who sat there expressionless, as if there was no pain, even though his hand was nearly sliced in half.

Bel lifted the bloodied hand up close to his face, his eyes gazing at the colored liquid. The prince could feel his mind starting to blur before he did the unexpected.

"Ah- Senpai, what are you-"

He licked the blood off Fran's hand.

Fran did nothing, but he stared at the insane prince, shocked. Bel held Fran's hand ever so tenderly as he pressed his tongue down on the freshly-cut wounds.

The kouhai could sense the feel of the prince's tongue on his skin - warm and soft. He could also feel his senpai's lips on his hand too - moving and occasionally sucking on his skin. It was as if Bel was – almost erotically – kissing his hand.

Fran looked at the prince who continuously licked and nibbled on his hand, and he felt himself blush almost instinctively as Bel moved his fingers into his warm mouth and sucked on it.

The illusionist soon came to his senses as he felt the heat in his cheeks and he pulled his hands away from his senpai's clutches.

"Stop it, Senpai," Fran spoke, and for once, his voice held a shaky tinge to it.

Bel's eyes followed Fran's hand with an annoyed expression – one of a kid who had just got his favorite toy taken away from him. But the prince just shrugged it off, before shifting his concentration on trying to mend his damaged knives.

The two didn't talk again throughout the whole drive, and Fran couldn't stop himself from wondering…

Why blush?

That night, Fran dreamed of the prince.

They were in the car again, with Bel licking the blood off from Fran's hand. However, this time, his senpai didn't stop there.

His lips moved from Fran's hands, up his thin arms, before stopping to linger tantalizingly at the curve of his kouhai's neck. He could feel the prince's hot breath on his skin, and could feel himself let out a tiny whimper as long fingers started massaging the hardness underneath his trousers…

The illusionist woke up, breathing heavily. He immediately felt the bed's mattress and was relieved to find that it was not dirtied by a certain liquid. Himself, however, felt a strong surge of feelings, and was in need to do something with it very quickly…

He remembered the first night that he had his wet dream, his confusion at the thick liquid on his bed.

"It's called semen, you moron. What kind of guy are you?" Mammon shook her head.

"But…I didn't do anything," Fran quickly spoke. Mammon just sighed.

"Look, it happens. You're a guy, and you're growing, get used to it. Oh, and try not to let it happen so often, control it a bit. It takes money to wash the mattress," Mammon said with a bored expression.

"But how do I control it?" Fran asked innocently whilst Mammon nearly smacked her head on the table in frustration.

"What kind of male being are you? Even I know how you guys do it."


"It's called 'masturbation', Stupid. Pay me, and I'll tell you about it. " Mammon finished off, never letting the subject of money drop for long in a conversation.

Fran sighed at the memory of Mammon, whom he saw as both a sister and a teacher in many ways. He sat up on the bed, before standing up slowly and moved to the bathroom outside, switching on the lights.

The light flickered for a few moments, before the bathroom was lit with a comforting, warm orange light. Fran slid off his pants and stepped out of them before resting himself in the dry bath tub, his back leaning against the cool, smooth texture of it.

His small fingers slowly wrapped around his length, before he started pumping it…starting off slow and steady.

Just do it like you always do… Don't think about anything…

Fran told himself, but as he felt the pleasure building up and his hand sped its pace, he couldn't stop the face of a certain someone appearing in his head when he closed his eyes.

'Whatcha doing so late by yourself, Froggy?'

"Nn-" Fran let out a soft moan as he felt pre-cum drip down his fingers. He pumped himself faster, and heard another moan leave his lips.

'Come here… Let the prince help you...'

"Ah- nn-" Fran writhed a little as he felt himself getting close to his limit.

'Ushishi… Do you like it, Froggy?'

"Nnn-! Sen-pai...!" Fran let out a loud moan as creamy liquid squirted onto his hands. The illusionist opened his eyes and stared at it for a few moments, before washing it away into the bath tub and cleaning himself up.

Why did I think of the stupid senpai…?

Fran wondered as he splashed his boiling face with cool water.

But it was so real… Every touch, every sensation…

Did I…put an illusion on myself?

The illusionist didn't like that idea. He dressed himself up and walked back to his bedroom and lay down on the bed, pulling the covers over his thin body.

Don't think about it. Don't think about him.

Fran spoke himself to sleep.

The next morning

"Voi, that stupid boss…," Squalo muttered as he massaged his back with ointment.

The swordsman had tried to give an excuse for his back-pain, but none seemed to be convincing, as love bites could be clearly seen, marked all over his pale body. It was obvious that, once again, the Varia boss and his commander had been doing dirty deeds with each other. Levi, on the contrary, stared daggers at Squalo, and was clearly drowning in jealously, due to the boss' attention being lavished on another.

Lussuria, however, was strangely quiet that morning. Instead of his usual flamboyant gay actions and comments, he sat very still on the sofa, chewing slightly on his nails, as if he was in deep thought. In fact, he was in deep thought.

Last night, as Lussuria came out of his bedroom to come to the bathroom, he heard noises coming from the inside. It was a noise of heavy breathing and panting, with occasional moans of pleasure. The voice was indeed one that he did not expect – Fran.

Fran, in Lussuria's thoughts, was an extremely cute boy - with the petite body, frail looking arms and a 'moe' face surrounded by strands of ocean-green hair which matched with his eyes. He resembled Mammon a little with the markings underneath his eyes which were slightly shorter than the ones of the arcobaleno illusionist. To imagine the young Varia member doing something which would result in that kind of moan was – unexpected.

In addition to that, Lussuria even heard the boy call out "senpai" before the breathing quieted down, and knew very well who the person Fran addressed as "senpai" was.

Whether it was a personal account, or an account between the two guys, Lussuria wasn't sure, but he knew that as the 'supposed nanny' of the Varia, he had to do something about the two youngest people in the group. He didn't want to intervene, but he did need to make sure that the two were safe, especially with Bel's obsession with knives and blood.

And so, as soon as the sleepy-looking Fran stepped downstairs, Lussuria quickly took him to the living room, away from the dining table where all the other Varia leaders were.

"What is it, Lussuria?" Fran questioned, before he yawned sleepily.

"Um, Fran-chan… Last night, around nearly one…," Lussuria slowly approached the subject, but Fran realized what the boxer was getting at almost right away.

The sea-green eyes grew wide with shock that someone found out what he did, and Fran mentally cursed whoever decided not to have private bathrooms in the Varia HQ.

"Can you forget what you've heard, Lussuria?" Fran asked quietly, but his words weren't very pleading when spoken in monotone.

"No, no… I didn't mean to blackmail you or anything, Fran-chan. I just wanted to say that, whatever you do, please be careful with Bel-chan. He seems to be violent with his knives." The Varia nanny spoke as if he was a mother speaking to a child, and that freaked out Fran even more.

Fran was mentally cursing and cursing himself for not doing his business in his own bedroom, he shouldn't have been so careless to think that nobody would come out at night. Moreover, Lussuria, out of all people, heard the name he unknowingly called out! The illusionist quickly pondered all the explanations he could use to convince Lussuria, and he prayed that the Gaylord would believe him.

Meanwhile, Belphegor had just walked down the stairways, his hair ruffled up in a particularly interesting bed head. Nonetheless, his hair was decorated with his tiara/crown – as always.

Squalo was eating breakfast on the dining table whilst muttering complaints about the pain in his back and commenting about the boss of Varia when Bel walked up to the shark, and wrapped his arms around the older man's neck.

"Ushishishi… Squalo hurt his back again. The Prince wonders why~," Bel laughed teasingly whilst Squalo swatted at the prince.

"Voi, shut up before I slice you," Squalo threatened, and Belphegor let the subject drop as he saw that the swordsman was in too much pain to argue any further.

It took only a few minutes of silence before Bel started poking at Squalo's arm. The swordsman ignored this and continued eating, but the prince wasn't going to give up easily. He started poking the swordsman face and tugged on a thin strand of hair. It was a matter of seconds before Squalo snapped.

"VOIIIII~! What the fuck do you want, Bel?" Squalo shouted in frustration at Bel, who played a perfect innocent act.

"Ushishishi… Ne, ne, Squalo, did you see the stupid frog?" Bel asked with a wide, carefree smile that made Squalo want to slam the prince into a wall, simply for the sake of trying to wipe the smile of Bel's face.

"Lussuria just dragged him into the living room… Why?" Squalo questioned at the end of the sentence, but when he lifted his head up, he saw that the blond-haired prince was nowhere to be seen.

"VOIII~! You stupid prince! I'm gonna slice you someday~!" the Shark groaned to himself, before he went back to eating his breakfast once again.

"No, I said I have nothing going on with that idiotic senpai, Lussuria."

"Oh, Fran-chan, there's no need to be shy."

"But I do not have anything going on with him."

"Sure, sure, Fran-chan. You can escape from me, but you can never escape from your heart."

"What are you going on about? I said that I am not dating or whatever with that moron-senpai. "

Belphegor stopped dead in his tracks when he heard the conversation between his kouhai and Lussuria, before he decided to hide behind a wall just to have a listen to what the two are talking about.

"I just wanted to remind you to be safe, Fran-chan."

"But there is nothing to be safe about; don't you get it, Lussuria?"

"You don't need to cover it up, it's okay. Look at me, I express myself, see?"

"You, out of all people, are using yourself as an example to me?"

"What is that supposed to mean? Nevermind, just be sure to be safe with Bel-chan. I don't want him hurting you when you're in bed together."

"We are not in bed together, Lussuria, why is it so hard to make you understand?'

"Well, maybe not now, because you haven't known each other very long. But soon, kisses and embraces will change into something more intimate, Fran-chan."

"What? I am not doing any kinds of those things with that brainless prince."

"Fran-chan, if you are dating Bel-chan-"

"No, for the hundredth time, Lussuria, I am not dating that stupid senpai," Fran repeated once again, annoyance clearly shown in his words, but not in his tone of voice.

"But if you didn't, you wouldn't have called out his name during masturbation, wouldn't you, Fran-chan?" Lussuria reasoned, and Belphegor, who was silently sitting all along let out a little "huh?", before paying more attention to the conversation.

"That was…that was something different. And don't say the word masturbation so shamelessly." Fran felt a blush coming up to his cheeks, and he used all of his power to try and calm himself down to suppress the heat.

"But there's nothing to be ashamed of, is there? Oh… Wait a minute…" Lussuria seemed to have a new realization in his mind.

"Fran-chan, are you, perhaps, having a one-sided love for Bel-chan?" That sentence of Lussuria's made both Fran and Bel widen their eyes.

But before Fran could argue, a voice was heard coming from the other side of the room, which was separated with a wall, but jointed with two door-shaped links.

"VOIIII~! What are you doing, crouching here Bel?" Squalo's voice could be heard, but Fran was more concentrated on the contents of what the swordsman said.

The illusionist quickly ran through the path, and sure enough, there was his senpai sitting there right next to the path, and definitely in a distance short enough to clearly overhear his conversation with Lussuria.

The prince looked at his kouhai in disbelief; there was no smile on his face.

"Frog, you-" Bel started speaking, before he was interrupted with the pile of papers Squalo dropped on him.

"Voi, this is your new mission Bel, the boss just assigned it last night, I forgot to give it to you," Squalo said, before glancing at Fran. "And you too, Fran, as you're his partner."

Then, the swordsman left the room, dragging away the prince with him as he mumbled something about the details of the mission. Fran did nothing but stood in silence as he slowly figured things in his head.

Moron senpai was there all that time, so he heard the conversation.

And the conversation was just nonsense apart from…

"Shit." Was Fran's only comment when he realized that his senpai now knew of his masturbation last night, where he called out the prince's name, and that now, Bel thought that he was in love with him.

Lussuria, who watched everything and understood the situation right away, walked up to Fran before touching the illusionist's shoulder sympathetically.

"Oh dear."

The situation between 'Prince the Ripper' and his kouhai was very awkward indeed. But, as if to make matters worse, their particular mission was set in a terrible time. It wouldn't have mattered if it was just a normal go-assassinate-this-group-today kind of thing, but no, it had to be a long mission, lasting over a month in Japan.

The two assassins were now sitting on the plane, Fran next to the window, and Bel right next to him in the jointed seat. Not the very best seating for their situation.

The two was sent off to the airport almost immediately that afternoon, and both Fran and Bel were occupied with this and that and did not get a chance to talk. However, right then, when they were sitting on the plane right next to each other, with loads of time and moments to strike up a conversation, the two just sat equally silently. Fran's head was literally glued to the plane's window as soon as he sat down, whilst Bel listened to his mp3 – turning on full volume of the repeating voices of screaming people, freaking out everyone who happened to come close enough to hear.

Their mission this time, was to report to the Vongola base in Japan about the Varia's current situation and also to overlook at the Japan base, which had just been put under Vongola Decimo's control – or in other words, the two came to see if Sawada Tsunayoshi and his guardians were doing well as the Tenth Generation Vongola Family.

Xanxus was supposed to be doing this mission himself, but when he scanned the page and saw Tsuna's name on there, he immediately rejected the mission. Squalo, who was second-choice, was also unavailable, because the Varia boss didn't want his shark away for such a small matter and long period of time. Levi also insisted to stay and serve/stalk his boss. Belphegor and Lussuria, on the other hand, didn't really mind - but as the guardians wanted to meet Fran, the new illusionist of Varia, sending Bel's pairing over would be the best choice.

Damn the selfish boss and his long-haired slut, Fran mentally cursed.

An hour passed by, and Fran still had his head glued to the plane's window. However, he was starting to feel sleepy with the lack of sleep he had last night. The green-haired illusionist took a tiny peek at the prince beside him, and was relieved to see his senpai clearly asleep with his head rested on the pillow, of which his arms hugged tight.

Fran peeled his forehead off from the glass, and turned around to face the prince. He examined the pure looking face and wondered why his senpai didn't look older than his pictures in the Varia HQ, which was taken ten years ago. The only difference was his hair and clothing. Sea-green eyes looked at the lips which were just sucking on his hand yesterday, and Fran thought of his imagination, where those same lips were sucking on something very different indeed…

Fran shook his head to shake away the image. He gazed at the prince once again, and tried figuring out ways to explain to him about the masturbation incident and also his misunderstanding because of what Lussuria had said, but how could he explain the fact that he thought of Bel when he was doing something particularly erotic?

"Do you want some more drinks?" The airplane waitress's sweet and polite voice interrupted Fran's thought. He shook his head at her, who smiled as a response. "You and your boyfriend look really cute together, by the way, I'm so jealous." She smiled again, and walked off to other passengers, though the comment still lingered in Fran's thoughts.

That idiotic, brainless senpai looks like my boyfriend?

Fran stared at the prince's sleeping face in disbelief, but as he looked at the details of that face which always seemed to be pulling off a manic smile, he couldn't help but notice how alluring his senpai was - almost flawless. If only he could see his eyes…

No, no. Did I just think of that senpai as "alluring"? Have I lost my mind?

Fran used his two hands to softly slap the sense back into him, before telling himself to just fall asleep.

Don't think about him.


Bel was woken up when a particularly big, hard velvet object was pressed against him. He was about to complain, when he was taken aback by the closeness of his kouhai's face to his own. The object which was on his shoulders was actually Fran's frog-head-hat which he forced the illusionist to wear on the first day that the two met and told him to never take it off.

The prince could remember his first thought about the newcomer that day. He was just sitting there, cutting flesh off fresh meat to release his grief on Mammon's disappearance, when suddenly, Fran stepped inside.

Fran looked like an alien – but not as in the alien with over-sized eyes, green skin and webbed feet. He looked like something which was out of this world, a beauty which Bel never saw before. His eyes were like green crystals – emeralds – and it matched beautifully with his pale-colored hair, which was of the same shade of color. His lips were a pale shade of pink, and it was glossy and both plush and thin at the same time. Bel remembered how he wondered what those lips tasted like. His skin was pale and creamy with a texture that looked smooth and soft to touch. Fran was wearing a long-sleeved black vest which was a bit too long. It covered half of his hands and butt, and underneath that, he wore tight black leggings which emphasized his small legs and petite body. Fran was unquestionably cute.

The cuteness Bel saw that day soon was forgotten as he realized Fran's ability to insult people to their very limit. The face and voice which never showed any signs of feelings and emotions annoyed Bel, and so, he found himself forever stabbing the kouhai with his knives without a particular reason.

But now, as he examined the Fran's face from underneath his bangs, the cuteness that he saw on that first day seemed to have doubled. Fran's hair grew a little longer and his eyes, which were shut closed, showed off his long eyelashes. His cheeks, for once, was tinted with a slight shade of pink which was only noticeable because of the short distance between the two. His lips - which looked more delicious than ever - were slightly parted in the perfect shade of peach.

Bel could still remember the taste of Fran's blood from yesterday. He didn't know why he decided to start licking off the blood from his kouhai's hand like that, but the temptation to do so was just so great it overcame all reason. The blood which leaked from the freshly cut wounds was salty, and had a slight taste of iron…but as Bel continued to taste the illusionist's hand, he found that the blood had a strangely sweet scent to it. A scent and taste which he wouldn't - couldn't - let go of, and almost unknowingly, the prince had erotically started sucking and kissing on the hand.

Then, there came Lussuria's conversation with Fran. Bel couldn't believe his ears when he heard that Fran called out his name whilst he was masturbating, when he himself used to imagine a hundred ways of devouring his ever so cute kouhai. It wasn't love – but it was definitely lust. But now that he realized what Fran thought of him, he wondered what he really felt.

Bel wasn't sure that Lussuria's prediction - that Fran was in love with him - was accurate. The prince heard his kouhai argue with Lussuria, who was just plain persistent and stubborn. It was rather clear that Fran thought nothing of him; Bel wasn't stupid enough to not realize that fact – but that was before the subject of the masturbation was brought in. Then, Bel wasn't certain anymore. It could simply be just lust, like he himself had felt towards the kouhai.

The prince suddenly found himself playing with a strand of Fran's pale-green hair which usually rested on the kouhai's cheeks. The distance between them was close, and as Bel couldn't resist himself from looking at that inviting expression, the distance between them shortened to a lip's distance.

They were so close Bel could feel their breaths merging, and his fingers moved from Fran's hair to the illusionist's soft cheeks. He traced his thumb smoothly down the cheeks to the lips, where it lingered, mesmerized by the beauty of those seductive lips. Temptation built up, and Bel's lips were seconds away from sealing with his kouhai's, when suddenly, the emerald eyes flew open.

Fran blinked at the closeness of the prince's face, before his small hands pushed Bel away after a short moment. He felt himself blush as he spoke.

"What were you trying to do, Senpai?" Fran whispered, too shocked to produce a sound any louder.

Bel did not answer. He just looked at his kouhai, before turning away, confused. Fran felt the same way, and he pondered what the prince might've done if he didn't push him away.

Was Bel-senpai about to kiss me? But why?

Fran felt a weird feeling swirl in his chest when he thought of kissing Bel, the feel of that warm tongue pressing against his own. Fran quickly rid himself of the thought, but before he could press his forehead against the window again, Bel touched his hand. His kouhai pulled away almost immediately and stared at the seat in front of him and not at his senpai's face, but if Bel was offended, he didn't show it.

"Hey, Froggy…," Bel whispered in Fran's ear, his hot breath causing goose bumps to run along Fran's arms.

"W-What, Senpai?" Fran tried to keep his voice steady and monotone, as it always was, but he was finding it increasingly hard to do so with Bel breathing down his neck.

"Did you really call out my name?" Bel questioned, his voice almost like a faint wind.

Fran didn't see that one coming. The illusionist quickly scanned his mind for an answer which wouldn't embarrass him too much, but then, Fran thought about how he had to answer more questions and lie even more, and decided just to be truthful.

"Yes, Senpai, I did," Fran whispered back in monotone, hoping that he didn't show how nervous he felt.

Bel felt his heart do a strange flip when he heard his kouhai's reply. To say that he was happy wouldn't be ultimately correct, but he definitely wasn't disappointed.

"Why?" Bel asked further, his voice still in a whisper.

"I…," Fran paused. Unsure if he should let the truth escape from his lips, before deciding to keep on going, "I thought of you, Senpai. I don't know why," he whispered back truthfully. He didn't understand why he felt so honest to Bel at that moment…was it the cool air? The quiet atmosphere? Fran couldn't tell.

Bel was satisfied with that answer, and decided not to question the illusionist any further. He felt a strong urge to steal in on those lips, but he resisted it, and moved back into his own seat.

Both assassins were in deep thought that night, neither of them understanding how they felt about each other.

"Hey, Bel~! Over here~!" A cheerful voice called for the prince as soon as he and Fran stepped out of the airport. Bel followed the voice to see Yamamoto Takeshi and Gokudera Hayato standing side by side in their suits, Yamamoto waving at them whilst Gokudera scowled.

"Bel-senpai, who is that overly cheerful, hyper man and that silver-haired woman who looks like she's suffering the time of the month?" Fran asked, and Bel smiled at the comments.

"Ushishi… The waving one is Yamamoto Takeshi, Vongola's rain guardian, and the other one is Gokudera Hayato, Vongola's storm guardian, also known as the 'Smoking Bomb'. We knew them from the battle of the Vongola rings. Smoking Bomb isn't a girl though, even though he does look like one," Bel explained with his usual freaky grin before he dragged the illusionist to meet the two guardians.

"Hey, Prince the Ripper, long time no see." Yamamoto smiled at Bel, to which Bel freaky-smiled back.

"Ushishi… It's nice to see you guys again, the Prince hasn't seen you in awhile," Bel said, looking mainly at Gokudera, who still refused to look into his eyes.

"Che, took you guys long enough to arrive," was Gokudera's welcoming sentence.

Gokudera and Belphegor had quite the strange relationship, which ended a long time ago. They were both guardians of the storm, and they fought violently in their ring battles, but as the battle was over and time passed by, they became lovers. The intimacy between them at that time was high, but emotionally, they couldn't work. Bel was too temperamental, twisted and insane for Gokudera to accept and understand, and because of that, the couple broke up. Came and went, ever so quickly and suddenly, just like the storm that they both were.

However, a storm always leaves some damage, and even though both of them moved on with their lives, the awkwardness between the two storm guardians still remained.

"Whoa, Bel, is this the new illusionist of Varia?" Yamamoto motioned towards Fran, who was standing very still, his face expressionless.

"Ushishi, that's right. This frog is called Fran," Bel introduced, and Fran nodded his head at the two guardians.

"Maa maa, you're cute, Fran, haha." Yamamoto's light comment immediately pulled three glares onto him.

Fran's glare which said: Do-not-call-me-cute.

Bel's glare which said: Don't-even-think-about-it.

And Gokudera's glare which said: You-dare-call-other-guys-cute-in-front-of-me?

But Yamamoto, being Yamamoto, didn't notice the glares and just laughed it off like he always did. The four then sat on the car, ready to drive to the Japan Vongola base.

During the drive, Fran thought of himself and his senpai. They didn't talk again for the rest of the flight, and returned almost to normal when they landed, Bel was stabbing knives into him, and he was insulting his senpai… It was like nothing had ever happened between them – and Fran wasn't sure what to do or what all of it meant. In fact, he didn't even know what he himself felt about the situation. All he knew was that he was feeling very different towards his senpai. He was starting to notice how the prince moved and talked and reacted – and he didn't like the feeling.

Bel, on the other hand, was considering the very same thoughts. He kept on glancing at his kouhai, and couldn't stop thinking about how those lips would taste like, how that body would feel like, pressed into his. He couldn't take his eyes off from his 'frog', and couldn't stop feeling aware of how other people were seeing him. The prince felt like sticking ten daggers into Yamamoto's body when he complimented Fran, and that went the same for everyone else who dared to even glance at his kouhai. It was quite a relief for him, though, that Fran was a very numb and still character, and showed neither his attention nor expression to anyone.

Yamamoto, who was driving, couldn't stop smiling when he looked into the mirror which reflected both Fran and Bel. Even though the swordsman knew of the past relationship between Belphegor and Gokudera – who was now his lover – he didn't hold a grudge against the prince. For him, it was cute seeing how Fran always tended to look away when Bel was looking, and how Bel always tended to look away when Fran was looking. He found the two Varia member's relationship very cute indeed.

As for Gokudera, he was storming with anger. He noticed how Yamamoto kept on looking into the mirror and smiling, and took it the wrong way. He thought that Yamamoto was peeking at Fran, and couldn't help but stare daggers at his lover for doing so. Another point which made Gokudera's temper fire up was that he couldn't get over the fact that Bel was his ex-lover, and that every time they met up, he felt an awkward tension.

All in all, it was a rather strange atmosphere in the car.

The meeting with Tsuna was not very far from what Bel had expected. The young tenth was still as adorable and cute as ever, even when he was in his suit, sitting in the chair of the boss. Tsuna didn't look much older, but it was clear that he had matured in the past few years that they hadn't met. He greeted Bel in a friendly and polite way even though he was of higher status in the family; it was so unlike the Varia boss, it was like comparing a clear sky to one that was angrily storming.

As for Fran, his first impression of the tenth was somewhat unexpected. The kouhai had this image of someone who was more like Xanxus – powerful, demanding and always feared of, and in control. He didn't imagine the boss of the Vongola family to be so…pure. The illusionist also didn't expect Tsunayoshi to smile so warmly at him, or for the boss to speak the sentence that accompanied that smile.

"Nice to meet you, Fran. I'm so glad to have you as part of our family." The Vongola paused a little, before the smile changed to a rather sympathetic one. "…and I'm sorry to hear about Mammon. I heard she was like a sister to you."

Fran didn't think that Tsuna would bring that subject up, and he couldn't manage a proper reply. Instead, the illusionist just stood there staring at Tsuna who just smiled at him again, like he didn't mind at all. In fact, the Tenth Vongola even looked as if he understood how Fran felt.

Tsuna talked to the two Varia assassins for a little while longer, before he gave them the keys to a suite in a posh hotel, saying that he knew it would be uncomfortable for them to sleep in the base or at one of the guardian's houses. He even volunteered for someone to drive them there, and even though Fran wanted otherwise, Bel, being as lazy as he was, gladly accepted the offer.

The two now arrived safely at the hotel suite which consisted of two bedrooms, one bathroom and a living room, linking the other three together. The prince immediately crashed onto the luxurious sofa as soon as they got there whilst Fran took off his coat and hung it properly.

"Oi, Froggy, can you get me some stuff from the fridge?" Bel mumbled into the pillow and Fran reluctantly walked over to the fridge in the living room and opened it.

"What do you want, Senpai?" Fran asked, his voice in the usual perfect monotone.

"Something sweet. Anything. I'm tired," Bel mumbled in reply.

Fran sighed before he searched the fridge for 'something sweet'. He ended up finding a nice selection of ice cream and picked out a medium sized bucket – strawberry flavored, Bel's favorite.

The kouhai rested the bucket on the table with a small metal spoon, before nudging his senpai. Bel moaned softly into the pillow as if he was woken up from a slumber before flipping himself around so that he was facing the ceiling.

"Strawberry ice cream, Bel-senpai," Fran said, motioning towards the cool bucket.

In usual circumstances, Bel would have jumped up right away and finish off the contents inside the buckets within seconds. However, today, the prince just put his arm on his forehead and nodded.

"Senpai?" Fran looked at Bel, wondering what might've made the prince so tired.

…don't tell me that moron-senpai suffers from jetlag.

Fran thought, but as he looked at the body which rested everything on the sofa, looking as exhausted as ever, he knew he was dead right.

"Stupid Senpai, what kind of weak prince are you, suffering from jetlag? How pathetic," Fran commented, but Bel didn't seem to be in the mood for arguing.

Instead, the prince just exhaled and tugged on his kouhai's long-sleeved shirt.

"…feed the prince?" The phrase was more like a soft request - an asking - more than an order.

Fran considered this for a few seconds. He didn't really want to do something so sweet for Bel, but as he looked at the state his senpai was in, he couldn't help but do whatever the prince asked of him.

Small, pale fingers opened the bucket of ice-cream, revealing the smooth looking, pink soft solid with numerous red splotches of fresh strawberries. Fran used the metal spoon to scrape the texture, before digging up a spoonful of cool sweetness. He then slowly moved closer to his senpai, unsure of what to do. The illusionist decided to rest the cool metal spoon on the prince's lips, and felt his hands weaken as Bel opened up and took the spoon into his mouth.

"Mmm…," Bel moaned softly at his favorite taste after letting the empty spoon slide out of his mouth. "More," he whispered at his kouhai, not knowing that the word sounded quite wrong in the illusionist's mind.

Fran continued to feed his senpai, slowly, softly, spoon after spoon until finally, Bel had enough after three quarters of the bucket was gone. The prince snickered blissfully before curling himself up on the sofa, almost immediately falling soundlessly asleep. Fran sighed at the child-like senpai before he put the ice cream back into the fridge and washed the spoon in the sink.

The illusionist sorted himself out afterwards. He bathed, brushed his teeth, and changed into his pajamas before coming back out of the bathroom. The kouhai sat down on the soft carpet in front of his senpai and examined Bel's sleeping face once again. The prince looked so innocent and harmless at times like these, it was hard to imagine him cutting open people with his knives.

Fran moved closer to the prince, so close he could hear the prince's breathing, feel the breath on his face.

…what am I doing?

The illusionist shook his head softly and stood up, moving into his room, not forgetting to drape a thick blanket over the prince before leaving, knowing how his senpai would never stop complaining if he had left 'his royal highness' freezing in the night.

"Goodnight, Senpai," Fran mumbled, the words coming out barely like a whisper, before closing the door to his bedroom behind him, not hearing what the prince was softly murmuring in his dreams.