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Have you ever loved someone so much it hurts?

Every moment with them you die a little inside and a new part would be created in you to take its place – a new part of you that couldn't live without them.


I'm sorry.

Bel felt soulless. He never felt so empty in his life, and he never felt so much pain. It hurt him physically to hold Fran in his arms, hearing that faint heartbeat slowly coming to a stop. Fran wasn't dead, not just yet, but he was so close to it that the tiny boundary line no longer made a difference. The only factor that separated the illusionist from a corpse was that he was still breathing, and that his heart was still pumping – though both actions so weak it was difficult to tell whether it was still ongoing or had already stopped altogether.

As he held the frail, nearly lifeless body close to him, tears ran down Bel's face endlessly. He didn't sob or wail, but somehow, his stillness was even more sorrowful. His body was weak, and it seemed to hurt everywhere – his stomach, his chest, and his limbs. The prince could hear his heartbeat thumping hard against his chest, ever pulse aching to be with Fran, every pulse paining in desperation to save his lover. It was torture to even breathe.

Trembling only slightly, he moved his hand and smoothed Fran's hair, craning his neck to plant a soft, long kiss on the illusionist's head, taking in that fresh scent he knew he would soon be gone forever.

"Froggy…" Bel breathed into Fran's hair, more warm tears falling from his eyes, his throat hurting with the hard lump that refused to go away, "Fran…"

No response came from the illusionist. Bel closed his eyes and pressed Fran closer to him, kissing him delicately from the back of his ears down to his pale neck, teardrops falling on his skin. The prince then rested his head on the curve of Fran's neck, continuing to smooth Fran's hair with one hand whilst the other intertwined with Fran's cold, lifeless fingers.

Bel couldn't take it. He just couldn't believe in the idea of Fran dying. His beautiful, frail illusionist whom belonged to him in the most perfect way – what would he do if he wasn't there anymore? Softly, Bel pressed his lips onto Fran's neck, where the pulse was – feeling that tiny warmth that still lingered in Fran's dying body, and he whispered, "Please… froggy…" he paused, tears dampening Fran's shirt, "…don't go."

It was a futile attempt to keep Fran with him – the prince knew there was nothing he could do to hold Fran back, to bind Fran with him. But that didn't stop him from trying. Even if there was no chance of a miracle happening in any way, Bel would still try; anything to make the illusionist stay, anything to keep Fran alive and live on with him.


Four sharp, intentionally loud claps called for Bel's attention, and when he looked up, what he saw was a reflection of his very own face. Though the face that was looking right back at him did not have tears running down its cheeks and did not have an expression of sorrow in any way – in fact, the emotion on that face was quite the opposite: it was bliss.

"Usheshe… what a touching scene, ne? So sweet and sad that I almost feel like…" Rasiel's lips stretched into a wide, sickening smile before he stuck his tongue out in the most disturbing way, "…throwing up. Ushesheshe~"

Bel gritted his teeth, not replying as he turned his body so that Fran will be as far away from the freak as possible.

Rasiel, seeing that, snickered gleefully. "Oh, Bel, there's no need for that. Your little toy's already dead – there's nothing I can do to make it worse than that. There's no need to be so protective."

"He's not a toy, and he's not dead," Bel mumbled, still holding Fran close.

"Ushesheshe~ You are even more obsessed with him than I thought you were! This is marvelous," Rasiel's face was split in a smile, "So what is he to you then? Mind sharing that, my dearest twin?"

Bel just remained silent, holding Fran in his arms. However, Rasiel would not stop until he had his answer. Moving closer to the couple, Rasiel continued to speak, his smile getting impossibly wider, "Oh, come on, don't tell me you're in love with him Bel. I knew you were lower than me, but not so low that you will fall for a worthless peasant like him."

"Shut it. You don't know him," Bel spoke through both tears and gritted teeth.

Rasiel just snickered, "Oh, don't I? Because I seem to have this really clear memory of shoving my cock up his-"

Three sharp knives flew fast at Rasiel's direction, but the prince dodged it perfectly with a stance that almost looked like a dance step. "Usheshe… aww, what's wrong Bel? Can't handle the fact that I've fucked your little toy as well? I can kind of see why you're so into him – his screams, and oh, he was just so fucking tight I can't even-"

In a flash, Bel carefully laid Fran down on the bed before he stood up and locked Rasiel in his arms, a sharp knife pressed to his throat whilst tears still stained his face. "Shut. Up."

"Usheshe, that's so cute, Bel," Rasiel snickered before he quickly switched the position so that Bel's arm was twisted in a way that forced him to let go of his knife, "…but you seem to forget that I'm the stronger one. I'm the genius, and you're just my lesser copy."

Bel reached for three more knives and threw them at Rasiel, and though his brother dodged all three, it still gave him the time to escape out of that locked position. Bel immediately threw a hoop of knives at his twin, but Rasiel was fast. Before the wire and knives could loop him, Rasiel jumped, flipping over to the other side of the room and, to Bel's horror, climbed onto the bed right next to where Fran was laying.

"Don't. Don't you dare-" Bel couldn't even find the right words as his hands aimed knives at his twin, hating him to the very core, but Rasiel was so close to Fran – a slight angle off and it could cut the illusionist instead. Bel didn't want to take that risk.

"Dare what, my twin?" Rasiel questioned with a freaky smile before he bent down, his face inches from the illusionist, "This?" Rasiel stuck his tongue out and licked Fran's parted lips.

"You-" Bel was burning with anger, but before he could even move to throw his twin off from Fran, Rasiel stopped him in his tracks. He took out a knife of his own, holding the blade right next to Fran's throat, ready to press in and cut Fran's neck at any second.

"Na-ah, Bel. You stay right where you are if you don't want me to tear his lovely little head off from his body, usheshe~" Rasiel ordered with a smirk, pulling Fran's head up by hair and pressing his face right next to Fran's cheeks.

"…what do you want?" Bel asked, trying his hardest to contain himself from snatching Fran away from Rasiel's clutches. He knew better than that. Rasiel never lied – if he threatened to rip off Fran's head, he would do it without hesitation.

"Ushesheshe… ah, that's a good question. What do I want?" Rasiel clasped his hand onto Fran's jaw, looking at the illusionist's face even though he was talking to Bel, "You should know by now that all I ever wanted…" Rasiel looked up then, his eyes gleaming through his bangs at Bel, "…was to break you, Belphegor."

"…then let him go. He has nothing to do with us," Bel hissed.

"Oh, I'm afraid I can't do that my dear brother," Rasiel spat out the words, "You see, killing you would be too easy, too fast. I want to see you break down and die in torture, all alone… and this little illusionist right here…" Rasiel bit Fran's earlobes teasingly, "…he's the perfect tool. Usheshe~"

Bel hands were clenched up in tight fists. "…you've already succeeded. Just let him go."

"But it's not enough, Bel… I want to see more of your pain; I want to see you cry when I cut him right in front of your eyes," Rasiel ran the tip of the knife down Fran's neck, drawing tiny droplets of blood down the line.

"Enough. You've already taken him away from me. Just don't…" Bel was almost pleading now, as much as it hurt his pride; anything to have Fran back, or at the very least have Fran's body back whole. From this distance Bel couldn't even tell if Fran was still alive or not, and the thought of him dying in the arms of Rasiel was just unacceptably wrong.

"Ushesheshe~ well, you see, it wasn't even me, Bel. I wasn't the one who poisoned him. It was Kione. I've yet to have my fun…" Rasiel murmured.

"…it was still you. I know Mammon – if it wasn't for money she wouldn't bother. You paid her," Bel worked it out in seconds.

"Usheshe, why, it's amazing to see my trait of intelligence in you, Bel, but it's too late. You should've figured that out and killed her before she touched your precious little toy here," Rasiel replied, before he smirked once again, "Oh, but if you want to take revenge on her, don't even bother. She's already dying. Isn't it efficient? I can dispose of her right after use, ushesheshe~"

"You're disgusting," Bel spat.

Rasiel's smile only widened, "I know." The prince started snickering madly before all of a sudden he raised his knife with both hands in a dramatic posture right over Fran.

Bel panicked, feeling his heart drop to the ground. "No."

"Arrivederci~" Rasiel hissed through his smirk before he thrust the knife down straight at Fran's throat.


Before the tip of the blade could touch Fran's skin it was knocked out of Rasiel's hand by Bel who jumped at him and threw him to the floor. Rasiel had the faster recovery however, and managed to snatch a knife from Bel's pocket and stabbed it deep into the side of his twin's torso before Bel could even get off the ground. Rasiel didn't waste any time, the moment Bel was at a disadvantage, he pulled the knife out from Bel's body and stabbed it back into him continuously in a different area each time.

Bel was injured but he didn't give up. His hands reached out and grabbed Rasiel's neck, strangling his twin with all the hate he held for him. Hating him for everything he had done, hating him for everything he took away from him and most of all, hating him for taking away his Fran.

The two were in that struggle for a short period of time, the intent to kill each other equally violent. However, Bel was getting weaker, his grip on Rasiel's neck weakening due to blood loss and the emotional drain he went through.

But the moment Bel's hands fell from Rasiel's neck; something else replaced it before Rasiel could even glorify his victory.

They were tentacles.

Dark blue tentacles splurged out from the crack of the door and wrapped themselves tight around Rasiel's neck, immediately choking the prince. The tentacles then lifted Rasiel off from Bel and threw him against the wall, pinning him there. As soon as Rasiel was locked in place, the owner of the tentacles strode in, her dark, blood-soaked cloak for once not covering her face.

"K- Kione… ugh-" Rasiel choked her name when he saw her, his hands frantically attempting to cut the tentacles with his knives. But it was useless, any tentacle he cut instantly re-attached itself and kept strangling him against the wall, his feet dangling pathetically in the air.

"It's useless, Rasiel," Kione spoke in monotone, "You're already trapped in my illusions."

"Agh- why…?" Rasiel wanted to know.

"Hn," Kione leaned her head to one side, "That's a stupid question. You killed my Bel in my world. You used me through and through. You're a low life freak of nature who doesn't deserve to live and I'm tired of your shit." After Kione was done, she slammed the prince hard against the wall repeatedly, eventually knocking him unconscious before dropping him onto the floor.

Kione exhaled slowly after that, before she dropped to her knees – her mist flame dying out from her pacifier – and vomited blood out onto the floor. After coughing out the last drops, she turned to Bel, who had managed to prop himself up against the bed, holding his injured torso with one hand and holding Fran's hand with the other.

"You're okay?" she asked him, panting tiredly as she wiped the blood off her lips with the back of her hands.

Bel nodded slowly in response before he touched Fran's wrist, feeling the pulse and exhaling in relief when he found that it was still there, though only barely.

Kione looked at him, at his hand that held Fran's so carefully and lovingly, and that expression that seemed to be so happy just knowing that his lover was alive – and she was in awe. Bel loved Fran so achingly much and she could see that even as an outsider.

Staggering, she stood up and walked towards to the two of them. She wanted to try something she never did before. Bel looked up at her, not understanding, but she ignored him completely.

Kione observed Fran's body, his state, before she re-lit her mist flames once again, closing her eyes. She imagined the poison in Fran's body showing up before her, believing in her own illusions, using them to take the role of something that already existed, and putting it into a form. When Kione reopened her eyes, she could see the streaks of poison inside the body of the other illusionist, dark strands of oil-like substance entangling itself around his limbs, muscles and organs causing pain everywhere it went. The dark substance was even behind his eyeballs, up in his skull and wrapped all around his heart and lungs. But Fran was fighting it; she could the strands struggling to keep themselves attached to his organs.

It was one of the talents that she had as an illusionist since birth – having the true Sight – though she never used it often, covering her eyes with her cloak to keep them unexposed to avoid them being burned away by that amount of power. It was something rather similar to the demon lens of Vongola Primo's illusionist, though in her case, she used instinct to identify what she saw and her eyes were the lens themselves.

But on this occasion, she was going to attempt to do something she never did before. Slowly, she moved her hands over Fran, her fingertips running over him as if to prepare him for what's to come. Bel watched her curiously, not trusting her enough to let her do whatever to Fran, but believing that she meant no harm. After Kione had traced her fingers over Fran's body, she moved her hands to his chest, and pushing her mist flames up to its very full extent, she plunged her fingers into Fran's body, believing that it will work.

Her fingers penetrated Fran's skin like pushing through dough, and Bel stared at the action in alarm. Kione, noticing the reaction of the prince at the corner of her eyes reached her other hand out and squeezed Bel's shoulders reassuringly. Bel relaxed slightly, though still kept his eyes fixed on his lover.

Kione dug her fingers deeper into Fran's body, strangely not harming him in any way, until the tip of her fingers reached the dark strands at Fran's heart. The moment it touched her skin, the pain electrified through her and she felt a segment of the torture Fran felt, jerking her hand backwards in the process.

Found the poison.

Flinching only for a slight second, Kione reached back into Fran before she forced herself to grip onto one of the strands and started tugging on it. It wasn't easy to detach the strands that were clinging onto Fran, but Kione snatched the strands out from him, enduring the impossible amount of pain that surged through her. She was touching the poison raw and she was removing it from Fran, pulling it from him like strings.

Slowly, Kione transferred the dark poison strands from Fran's body to her wrists, wrapping them around like a tight bracelet, and the more poison she got out of Fran, the more colour returned to him, his breathing getting deeper and his pulse rate becoming stronger and much more stable. Fran's body heat was returning, and it was clear to see that life was returning to him, who initially looked like a lifeless corpse. Bel stared at everything in amazement, squeezing Fran's hand as if to reassure that he's truly coming back to him.

Kione then removed her fingers from Fran's skin – his flesh meshing back together – and quickly strode over to Rasiel, clenching her fists against the pain in her wrists before she forced open the prince's lips and shoved the strands down his throat, peeling it from her own skin. But she only managed to transfer one wrist before she flopped to the ground, her mist flame dying out as blood gushed out of her lips once again. The pain was worse now, the poison left on her seeping into her and taking effect on her almost instantly.

After Bel had checked that Fran was definitely fine and alive, he turned towards Kione, one hand still holding Fran's whilst the other pressed on his biggest wound trying to stop the blood from where he was stabbed. Bel saw Kione cough up blood before she shuddered and twitch with pain, gasping when it surged through her. He recognized the signs – he had seen Fran react in the same way for the past many days. Right away, he knew what she did – she took whatever pained Fran onto herself and Rasiel. She took away the factor that nearly killed his lover onto herself. The prince couldn't even explain how grateful he was.

Bel did not know what to say, but he mumbled the words that he, as a prince, hardly ever uttered. "Thank you."

Kione looked up at him, her lips bloodied and her face exhausted as she trembled in pain. But she still managed to shake her head, and murmur quietly, "No. I didn't do it for you two," She coughed another time and shuddered before she continued, "It's for Bel."

Bel looked at her, confused, and Kione bent over and hugged herself in pain as she explained. "I'm not Mammon."

"I know. The prince figured it out sometime ago," Bel replied.

Kione nodded, "I came from a parallel world. I loved you there. He…" she motioned towards Rasiel on the floor, "He killed you… this is me avenging for the Bel that I love. Rasiel doesn't deserve anything… and you two shouldn't be in pain because of him."

"Neither do you," Bel commented, and as Kione coughed up more blood he murmured, "You're dying."

Kione leaned her head to one side, rubbing her lips with her cloak, "Exactly. I'm dying anyways." She stood up then, staggering slightly, blood still running from her lips. She turned towards Bel, "Can you do me a favour?"

Bel nodded. After all, she saved Fran, and that was more than anything anyone could ever have done for him.

Kione nudged Rasiel's body with her foot, "Kill him." She then walked up to Bel, and wrapped her arms around him as if absorbing everything in him that reminded her of her past lover. Then, she disappeared into thin air in that position, becoming invisible and fading away just like the mist that she was.


"…hurts," Kione mumbled, wrapping her cloak around her body as she sat there alone in the night, leaning against the wall on the outside of the Varia HQ. Her snake coiled itself around her shoulders, resting its head next to her cheek as if to give her support.

"Phantasma…" she rubbed her index finger on the snake's head, coughing again before she continued, "…I'm going to die soon."

Phantasma hissed and coiled itself around her tighter, expressing that it didn't want her to leave. Kione just continued to rub its head softly, her eyes looking up at the dark, open sky. It was a starry night, and even though the moon was not present, it looked beautiful nonetheless – especially because stars always reminded her of her Bel.

'Found ya' the prince smiled, seating himself next to her, his heat radiating to her like it always did.

'…what do you want?' Kione sighed tiredly.

'Ushishi~ just wondering where Kione went,' he replied, his smile not wavering.

'Hn,' she mumbled back, not really knowing how to respond to that.

Suddenly, Bel rested his head on her shoulders and her body gave a slight shock at the little action. Alarmed, she quickly spoke, 'What are you doing?'

'Just looking at the sky,' Bel replied happily, '…starry today, ne?'

Kione didn't know what to do, so she just sat there, her entire body tensed up as she tried hard not to move a muscle. Bel noticed this and snickered before he murmured, '…you're cute, Kione.'

'…what?' Kione asked in disbelief, a blush inevitably coming to her cheeks.

'Ushishi…' Bel continued to snicker, before he raised his head up from her shoulders and turned towards her. Slowly and carefully, though perfectly timed, he moved in closer. She didn't move away, and eventually, their lips met.

It was their first kiss, and Kione remembered everything well, from how it felt to how the sky looked that day. Remembering the feeling now, she smiled, leaning her head on Phantasma's body.

"There's no point in living anymore. This isn't my world. Bel's not coming back," she murmured before she coughed violently once again, blood spilling down her cloak as her body shuddered with the pain that came with the poison. The pain was increasing to its peak now, and parts of her body was beginning to numb out, signaling their shutdown.

After she was done with coughing, she continued to speak softly, breathing exhaustedly, "…if heaven exists, do you think I'll meet him there?" Then she shook her head, chuckling slightly in her throat, "Hn… of course not. I'll meet him in hell – that's where we belong."

Kione started coughing again before she bent over and threw up the blood instead – but even though she was in physical pain, for once in her life, she was satisfied. The emptiness within her that she always thought could be filled with money – it had disappeared. Without huge amounts of gold or diamonds or stacks and stacks of money, Kione had finally found her peace. For so long, the illusionist had tried to carve her existence into the world with wealth – using the immortality of money in order to make her remembered. But as she was dying now, it occurred to her that nothing mattered anymore. The world no longer had anything desirable in it for her – not anyone or anything at all.

Death, for some, was painful because they had wanted to stay. But death for Kione was a release for a soul who knew life no longer held any meaning to her.


That was the first thought that entered Fran's mind as the bright whiteness came through his closed eyelids, and for a moment he feared that he was already in the world of the dead. However, the strain of his muscles told him that his body was still present. Slowly, he twisted his body from side to side, hearing the satisfying cracks of his joints but at the same time frowning at the how weary his muscles felt. But Fran was glad, it had seemed like such a long time ever since Fran felt at home in own body.

Sighing softly, Fran took in the freshness of the air he breathed, the cool breeze of the AC, the fluffiness of the pillow his head laid on and the softness of the mattress, rolling his body to further experience the sensation. Then, suddenly, he stopped as his body reached something warm and soft. A pair of arms wrapped around him and pulled him up close, resting his face on that warm chest, so close that he could feel the other's familiar heartbeat.

Fran paused, unsure of it at first, before he felt so happy he thought he could have died.

Ever so slowly, as if afraid that any sudden movement will shatter the other's existence, Fran opened his eyes, fluttering his eyelids slightly as he took in the image before him.

That messy blonde hair he had run his fingers through many times before, those bangs that half covered his face, those lips which have captured his own in countless moments. Then, as those lips stretched itself into that signature Cheshire cat smile, Fran knew he had found his prince. The prince that always bullied him from the first moment they met, the prince that was so annoying and yet so attractive, the prince that was crazy, freaky and mental in his very own special way, the prince that he loved… and had loved him ever so much. Fran felt like his breath was going to stop altogether – the fact that Belphegor was in front of him now was just so perfect that it was almost like an illusion.

"Hey froggy…" Bel murmured softly, tenderly brushing Fran's hair from his face.

Fran could feel tears come to his eyes. This was real. Bel was actually here with him, holding him in his arms, his warmth reaching him. Fran was alive, but what was more was that he was still with Bel. With no hesitation, Fran wrapped his arms around the prince's neck, hugging Bel as tight as he could, tighter than he ever did before – as if to never let him go, as if to hold him forever.

Bel embraced the illusionist in return, similarly taking in the reality of the other. It had been a few days since Kione and Rasiel had died, and Fran had been sleeping since then leaving Bel waiting for him, not even knowing whether he would wake up or not. But now that Fran was moving, responding and in his arms again, the long wait had been well worth it.

This entire event had made Bel realize just how much he loved Fran. He thought he always had known, but he never actually discovered the extent of that love until he was on the verge of losing the illusionist. Then as he sat there day after day beside Fran, waiting for him to wake up and wishing ever so badly that he will, he truly knew how much he needed Fran to be with him. Fran was the only person who Bel valued more than his pride, his royal blood and himself… and it was because Fran was Fran – his un-cute little kouhai who stole his heart whole, the illusionist who was beautiful in an alienated, unique way, and an irritating, annoying frog who constantly managed to get on the prince's nerves whilst at the same time, constantly make him inevitably fall in love so deeply he could never turn back.

Bel reached up one hand to smooth Fran's hair, whispering into his ears, "Don't you ever get out of my sight again. Don't go where I couldn't see you. Don't even let me think for a second that you'll leave me…"

Fran could sense the waver in Bel's voice, and he nodded, pressing his head up even closer against Bel's chest. It had always been so warm in the prince's arms, and so perfect, as if those arms were made to hold him. Ever since the first time Bel embraced him, he had captured him completely, and had became a part of him that he could never live without. Every time he thought about leaving, his heart would ache so terribly, feeling empty like there was a void inside of him. Then wrapped in Bel's arms he would feel at hearth, completed, and fulfilled. His emotionless, expressionless and monotonous life – Bel had flounced in and messed it all up, and yet, Fran was glad – because with the prince, Fran felt alive. Fran had loved Bel for everything that the prince was, and also for everything that he made him become.

Everything had come back to Fran. All the memories of Bel that he had lost were now clear in his mind and it only made him love the prince even more. Every smile they shared, every embrace and every single kiss only increased the love they had for each other.

At first, if someone had asked either Bel or Fran to pick who to die first, both would have chosen the other – the annoyance between them at its peak.

Then, sometime later, after they had fallen in love, with the same question they would pick themselves. They did not want to live without the other, the torture too great to bear.

But now, if the same question was asked again, they would be silent… before reluctantly choosing the other. But not because their love had decreased – in fact, it was quite the opposite. Both Bel and Fran knew how much they loved each other, and they knew how much pain they would have to go through if one of them died. They chose to let the other die first, so that they will die and not have to bear the burden of that sorrow – because the dead cannot feel, but the ones who lived on are the ones to suffer. Both Bel and Fran loved each other so much that they would rather take the pain for the other, no matter if it kills them. That was the extent of their love.

Bel continued to hold Fran in his arms before he tenderly kissed the top of his head, carefully and softly, before he moved on to the back of Fran's ears and then to Fran's soft, flushed cheeks. Sighing softly, the illusionist looked up at him with those tear-filled emerald eyes, locking them with those hidden behind the blonde bangs. In that short moment, they saw through every emotion and knew just how much they loved and needed each other – so much that their heart ached to be with the other.

Without the need of any warning, the two moved closer to one another before their lips met in a perfect lock. It was delicate at first, both scared of losing the other, but as time went on, the kiss deepened into a more passionate one, claiming the other as their own, though they both already knew where they belonged. Bel pushed Fran's body into the bed, intertwining his hand with the illusionist before he started moving down to Fran's neck, sucking on that pale skin, causing the petite body beneath him to writhe and whimper in pleasure. The prince then went back to capture those pink tinted lips in his own, their tongues meeting in a deep, romantic kiss once again.

"Senpai…" Fran breathed between kisses, "…I love you."

Bel moved on to kiss Fran's cheeks softly, before he murmured back, "I love you too, my froggy…"

They were words spoken so easily, and so often by so many couples, but they were the only words that could express the feelings they've felt inside, the only way to describe what they felt for each other.

Love – more than adoration, more than care, more than lust and desire.


Love – beyond belonging, beyond concern, beyond faith and trust.



…and there was nothing greater that could be said.


One Year Later

"VOIIIII~! Xanxus! The fuck do you want? I'm in the middle of a bloody mission!" Squalo yelled into his phone, his other hand slashing an opposition with his sword as he ran through the HQ of the enemy's assassination squad.

[I'm hungry.]

"What the fuck? Then call for the cook or Levi or whoever! Fucking bastard." Squalo cut off the line as he jumped over an enemy and slashed him in half before he continued running. However, as he turned a sharp corner, his cell phone started vibrating again. Squalo intended to not pick up, but as the phone stubbornly continued to vibrate, the shark of Varia could not stand the annoyance.

"VOIII~! What now?" the swordsman literally shrieked.

[Don't hang up on me like that, trash.]

"Che," Squalo spat, "Look, boss, I'm being chased right now so can we deal with this crap later?"

[No. Find a room and talk.]

"VOI, Xanxus!" Squalo shouted in frustration, turning around and slashing an assassin who was chasing him.

[Now, trash.]

"Fuck!" Squalo swore before he sped off to a room, checked that it was safe and empty before he locked the door. "There! I'm in a room now! What do you want?"

[You've been gone for a week, trash.]

"Huh, who's the one who sent me on this mission in the first place?" Squalo hissed, his eyes watching the door carefully.

[Do you even know what day it is?]

"Why the fuck would I care?" Squalo wanted to know.

[…] the swordsman could hear his boss' sigh through the phone, and he frowned. What was up with this man? First he sent him on a suicide mission, not even contacting him once, ignoring his calls… then he suddenly called during one of the most crucial moments in the assassination and complained about his hunger? What the hell was that all about?

Squalo exhaled slowly, trying to calm down, "Voi, Xanxus, I need to go now so-"

[I love you.]

That stopped him. Squalo was almost frozen in place. It wasn't as if he hadn't heard it before, but it was ever so rare coming from Xanxus. Slowly, the swordsman breathed, wanting to hear those words again, "…what?"

[It's your birthday trash. Come back tonight.]

Xanxus hung up then, leaving the swordsman dazed and confused. However, those words were enough to warm his heart up entirely – especially coming from someone who hardly spoke anything of the sort at all. The bastard even remembered his birthday – the birthday that even he had forgotten. It was strange that his boss actually noticed something which he didn't view as important at all.

Smiling slightly, Squalo slid the phone back into his pocket before he prepared his sword. He could hear the other assassins in front of the room now, and he was ready, feeling more energetic than ever. As the door opened and the wave of assassins rushed in, Squalo smirked.

Not even the devil can stop me now.

"VOIII~! Is that all you've got you fucking trash?"

The room was silent – white and bright and silent as it always had been, apart from all those times when the screams of a certain illusionist would echo against the walls. The only thing that tainted the spotless room was blood, sweat and cum all over the mattress and the floor. However, that was the least of the Millefiore boss's concern as he walked into the room. The main issue was that the illusionist – who had been initially locked up with handcuffs on the bed – was non-existent.

"Mukuro-kun, it's not very cute to play hide and seek," Byakuran chided, his eyes curving into two slits as the mask of a smile came onto his face, "Come on, Mukuro-kun, you know you can't hide from me for long."

No response came, and the smile was beginning to melt of the albino's face. "Mukuro-kun?"

Silence. Byakuran frowned.

No. It's not possible.

The Millefiore boss started searching the room, in every closet, under every possible place, but no matter where he looked, the illusionist was nowhere to be seen. Getting increasingly frustrated, Byakuran slammed his fist against the wall, his fists clenched and his teeth gritted. "…where is he?"

Suddenly, his lavender eyes spotted something unfamiliar on the table. It was a note, and Byakuran wondered how he had not noticed it before. Stalking slowly over to the note and picking it up, Byakuran could not believe what he was registering.


You [-crossed out-] should have killed me.

[-crossed out-]I finally have my [-crossed out-] escape.

[-crossed out-]

[-crossed out-]

Good bye. [-crossed out-]

Rukudo Mukuro.

The text was scribbled frantically, with a lot of crossing out and dissolved ink marks as if the paper had little water droplets dropped onto it. Byakuran tried to stare into the paper, attempting to work out what was written behind all the crossing out marks, but it was futile. Mukuro had made sure that what he wrote was completely concealed. However, Byakuran did manage to find a tiny message Mukuro had scribbled in messy handwriting at the back of the note.

You never should have started this thing between us.

Byakuran clenched the note in his fists, almost shaking with both anger and somewhat… hurt. He knew that look in those mismatched eyes of the illusionist. He knew that it was more than lust when they had sex. They had lived together and had slept together for almost two years, and even though sometimes it was forceful and he had abused and raped Mukuro on many, many occasions, there was an unmistakable emotion shared between them. Those moments where Byakuran had held the illusionist tenderly in his arms, those moments that Mukuro would subconsciously blush or smile at him, those moments where their lips met with equal amount of need for the other, and especially those rare moments where Mukuro inched himself closer to Byakuran or wrapped his arms around his neck – they were proof of what they have felt for each other.

Byakuran thought back to the smallest, almost unintentional message at the back of the note.

You never should have started this thing between us.

The albino rolled in his lips. This 'thing' – what exactly do you mean, Mukuro-kun?

This abuse? This pain? This trap? This relationship? This vengeance?

…this love?


Byakuran threw a wine glass onto the floor before he slammed his fists against the wall repeatedly. So many times that blood started seeping out of those chalk white knuckles.


"Byakuran-sama!" Irie Shouichi came running into the room and held his boss back, pulling him from the wall before he could break his knuckles altogether.

"Let me go, Shou-chan," Byakuran ordered calmly, though his hands were still clenched and trembling.

"No. Please don't harm yourself, Byakuran-sama," Shouichi pleaded, trying to pull Byakuran as far away from the wall as possible.

Byakuran just stood there, staring blankly forwards, the note still gripped tightly in his fist. "…he's gone."

The red-haired boy knew who his boss was talking about even without saying the name. The only person who could have had that much emotional impact on Byakuran must be Rokudo Mukuro, but he wasn't going to allow his boss to hurt himself for whatever reason. "Please calm down, you have a meeting in a few hours with Uni-sama."

"…I know," Byakuran murmured before he shook Shouichi off walked over and sat down on the sofa, still holding that note.

"Uh… are you okay? Do you need anything, Byakuran-sama?" Shouichi asked uncertainly, unsure how to approach his boss in this state.

"No. Just…" Byakuran shook his head, resting it in one hand, "Just leave me alone for a while. I'll be ready for the meeting."

Shouichi didn't want to argue with him, so he reluctantly bowed and exited the room, closing the door behind him.

Once alone, Byakuran sat there, thinking about everything that had passed between him and the mist illusionist of Vongola. Every time they touched, every word they spoken, everything in Mukuro that made him so beautiful, so attractive – whether it was that façade that was almost flawlessly applied or that dark, alluring vibe that was gained from being through all six realms. He thought about what was written in that note and Byakuran decided that he would not allow it to end here.

I won't allow you to escape from me. Not when you and I both know the truth between us.

I will follow you, Rokudo Mukuro, and when I find you…

Never again will you be able to escape from my arms – and it will not be because I trapped you…

but because your heart will be unable to leave me, my beautiful lotus.

"Oi, Bel-senpai, will you cut it out?"

"Ushishi… no."

"I thought you're already done with your juvenile obsession with stabbing people."

"Never. Especially not with you, froggy."

"Great. Oh, how I feel loved."


It was just another typical afternoon between Prince the Ripper and Fran where the two did not have a mission to accomplish and thus, were just uselessly hanging around the HQ – Bel being too lazy to do anything, and Fran being too expressionless to desire to do anything on his own. However, after sometime, boredom started to eat at both of them, and Bel, being the insane prince that he was, decided to relief this boredom by stabbing knives into his lover who was actually peacefully reading a book alone on his bed before the prince disrupted everything.

Stabbing Fran had always been an entertaining and intriguing experience for Bel. The illusionist didn't bleed as Bel never managed to cut his real flesh due to the illusions of Fran, thus it made it even more of a challenge for the prince to try and eventually cut the real flesh. Though Bel would never seriously harm Fran, he still wanted to cut his little froggy just very, very slightly – it was his own way of teasing him – almost like a pillow fight – as freaky as that was. But after all, it was Prince the Ripper, and his nature would never change no matter how much he loved Fran.

As for the illusionist, he was the same as usual – indifferent, emotionless and expressionless, speaking in his natural monotone. "Senpai~ Please stop stabbing me. I want to finish reading and you are really distracting me."

"Ushishishi~ awww, poor you," Bel mocked, before he threw another knife at Fran.

The illusionist just simply pulled the blade out and rested it neatly with the rest on the table beside him. But as three more knives were thrown at him, Fran finally decided that it was time to stop this and rid Bel of his boredom if it was what it took. So when Bel threw yet another knife at him, Fran began his act.

"Ow, senpai, that actually cut me…" Fran whined in monotone, imitating what he would usually do when Bel really did stab him.

"Ushishishi~ really?" Bel asked excitedly, though he did walk over to the bed and observed the illusionist who was holding on to his forearm – after all, Bel didn't want to hurt his frog.

"Aw, damn, I think I'm bleeding senpai. Look what you've done," Fran complained, still in monotone.

Bel sighed, before he bent down to take a closer look, "Let the prince see."

Fran's emerald eyes sparkled then, before he grabbed Bel's collar and threw him onto the bed, immediately sitting on top of the prince's torso. "Heh, gotcha senpai."

"Ushishi… I didn't see that one coming, froggy," Bel snickered, smiling up brightly at Fran.

Fran, satisfied, nodded, "I beat you this time, so can you let me finish that- ah!"

The illusionist's sentence was cut short when Bel suddenly flipped him over so that he was the one lying on the bed with Bel lying on top of him instead. The prince brushed a strand of hair from the illusionist's face, brushing his thumb down that pale cheek, "Ushishishi~ now we're equal."

"Cheat," Fran mumbled, though he wrapped his arms around the prince's neck and pulled him closer, those emerald eyes twinkling.

"Ushishi… had always been my thing," Bel murmured back through a wide grin, before he leaned down and playfully licked Fran's slightly parted lips. The illusionist smiled slightly and pulled the prince closer, completing their half kiss. Bel responded immediately, deepening the kiss, his tongue seeking into Fran's mouth and exploring the sweetness he never got bored of. Fran accepted him, taking on a challenge of domination though he had always known his unchanging role. But just for today, Fran wanted to try something a little different.

Breaking their passionate kiss, Fran pushed the prince away, confusing him for a second before he was surprised when Fran flipped himself on top. Fran then ran his hands beneath Bel's shirt, smiling just slightly and bending down to kiss Bel's neck.

The prince snickered, "Ushishi~ what's this? Froggy taking on the prince's role today?"

"Just experimenting, senpai," Fran replied, licking his lips before he bit down on the hollow spot near Bel's collar bone, causing the prince's cheeks to flush red. Bel had never imagined himself as the one on the bottom in that sense, but this new experience was not as bad as he thought it would have been. After all, it was still Fran, and he loved the illusionist so much he was rather certain he would be fine either way.

Fran then moved his hand down to the prince's pants before he grabbed hold of the hardening erection inside. Bel quivered slightly, letting a moan escape his lips, "nnnh… froggy…"

Fran was satisfied with the reaction, and he slowly, tantalizingly moved downwards, planting kisses on Bel's body along the way. One hand unzipped Bel's jeans, and the prince closed his eyes waiting for the warm heat of Fran's lips to envelope him. But just when Bel was expecting it to come, Fran's heat disappeared – in actual fact, Fran's body disappeared altogether.

"What?" Bel opened his eyes, and saw Fran's petite form disappearing behind the bathroom door. The prince sat up right away, "Aw, damn, froggy. Don't do this~"


…came the illusionist's reply as he slammed the door right in Bel's face, the sound of the shower following shortly after. The prince groaned, feeling very neglected and unsatisfied as he flopped back down onto the mattress. He knew Fran could be very teasing when he wanted to be, but he never imagined that the illusionist would leave him in the middle of the action like that!

But just as Bel thought he would have to get off on his own, a small sound caught his attention.


The prince's head turned towards the bathroom door before he curiously walked towards it and rested his hand on the doorknob. He twisted it, and just as Bel thought, the door was now unlocked.

A smile stretching wide across his face, Bel snickered, "Ushishishi~ you little tease." The prince then pushed open the door and found Fran standing in the shower, stark naked and absolutely drop-dead beautiful as he stood there in a very suggestive posture with his skin dripping with water, his hair wet and his body surrounded by steam. The emerald eyes, which looked over his shoulder and right at the prince, were glazed over with lust.

Bel's face almost personified like the actual Cheshire cat itself by that time and quickly undressing himself, he joined his lover in the shower, immediately wrapping his arms around the back of Fran's naked body the moment he was inside.

"Took you long enough, moron-senpai, the door was never locked. I even had to go twist the knob to make some noise," Fran murmured pressing his body closer to Bel, almost driving the prince mad just by that small butt rubbing against his erection.

"Ushishi~ you're so gonna get it for teasing the prince like that, froggy," Bel threatened with a smirk before he turned Fran's head towards him and kissed him full on the lips.

Fran smiled into the kiss, flicking the tip of his tongue lightly at Bel's, further alluring and teasing the prince. Bel smirked, and responded to that action with an extremely passionate kiss which almost took the illusionist's breath away, causing those small knees to buckle in. Bel held Fran's waist giving him support, before he turned Fran around so that they were finally facing each other.

And as Bel sealed Fran's lips in yet another incredibly lustful and passionate kiss, the illusionist knew right away that he would not be allowed to sleep tonight…

"Froggy…" Bel whispered lustfully against Fran's ear, licking down the nape of his neck causing him to shudder in pleasure.

"Ah… nnh- senpai…"

…maybe not tomorrow morning either.

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