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"Surprise!" Someone barged through the door and into Miley's room. She sat up annoyed to tell the intruder to get lost, but when she saw who it was, the words never left her mouth.

"Are you just gonna sit there or are you gonna give your big brother a hug?"

"Du-uude, what are you doing here?" she asked as she walked up to him and gave him a hug. "Trace, you're supposed to be on tour for another month."

"Yeah, but we don't have any shows this week, so I figured I'd come home for a quick visit."

"That's great, I've really missed you! I'll wake up Demi, she'll be so happy to see you!" She walked over to the bed where the sleeping girl was, and shook her shoulders gently.

"Dems, wake up," she whispered in her ear.

Demi opened her eyes and looked up at her. "Good morning," she smiled sleepy to her. She sat up and put her arms around her neck to give her a kiss, but stopped when Miley discreetly shook her head and pointed with her thumb behind her shoulder. She frowned and looked behind her, noticing a confused looking Trace.

"Trace! Hi, what are you doing home?" She let go of Miley, ran up to him and threw her arms around him. He put his arms around her shoulders and pulled her into a tight hug. Demi closed her eyes and let the smell of his cologne invade her nostrils. Her mind wandered back to January 2009 when they started dating. That had been a very confusing time for her, considering she was heads over heels in love with him, while still questioning her feelings for Miley. It took her quite a while to realize that she was using Trace as a "replacement" for Miley, that she was dating the wrong Cyrus. Yes, she had feelings for Trace, but even stronger ones for Miley. But feeling his arms wrap around her now caused a lot of mixed and confused thoughts inside her. She knew that she loved Miley, no doubt of that, but she also felt all her old feelings for Trace flaming up inside her. Realizing this, she abruptly pulled away from him and looked up at him, forcing a smile on her face.

Miley squinted her eyes and stared angrily at her brother. She saw what was going on and she most definitely didn't like it. She placed her left arm around her waist and pulled her close, almost in a possessive way.

"As I just told Miles, Metro Station doesn't have any shows this week, so I wanted to visit you guys. Now, what was that thing that happened just now, where you looked deeply into Miley's eyes and leaned into her, almost as if you were going to... kiss her?" He raised his right eyebrow and gave them a suspicious look.

"Umm, Miley?" She turned her head and looked questioning at Miley. She wasn't sure if she wanted to keep their relationship known to their family.

Miley answered her unspoken question by shrugging as if saying what the hell, it's just Trace, then pulled her close and kissed her more passionately then what was really necessary.

"It's OK sweetie," she smiled as she broke the kiss. She turned to Trace and gave him a triumphing smirk.

"Wow, umm, OK.. Congrats. I guess.." Trace said under his breath, forcing a smile on his face to hide the disappointment.

"Anyways... I wanted to talk to you Demi – actually I've wanted to talk to you for a while, but I've chickened out every time. Do you think we could go and talk somewhere private?" He smiled hopeful to her.

Demi opened her mouth to speak, but Miley beat her to it.

"We have plans all day. Maybe later," she said indifferently. "You should leave now." She gave him a cold look and pointed towards the door.

"Oh... Well, I guess I'll talk to you guys later them," he said defeated.

"I guess," Miley shrugged. "Oh, and I trust you not to tell mom and dad. We want to tell them ourselves, when the time is right."

He nodded and smiled weakly to them before he turned around and left the room.

"What the hell was that?!" Demi almost yelled to her.

"I don't know, but I don't like it," Miley hissed as she sat down on her bed, looking up at Demi

Demi sat down next to her and stared at her, clearly upset. "He wanted to talk to me!"

"I'm sure I know about what."

"Really? What?"

Miley tilted her head and frowned at the girl. Was she really that ignorant?


"Were you jealous or something?"



"Considering that I used to date Trace?"

"I was not jealous!" Miley defended herself.

'I was totally jealous...'

"I... Whatever, you can't talk to your brother like that!"

"I'm sorry, OK?! I'll apologize to him later. Why don't we change and go downstairs? I'll make you breakfast." She ran her hand over Demi's cheek and caressed it lightly before she pressed their lips together.

"Mmm, fine. But you don't have to be jealous babe, I don't have feelings for Trace any more."

'Lies...' Demi thought sadly. 'But they're very vague, I can most definitely control myself. He's just a stupid guy. Stupid guy with tattoos and piercing. Which I find totally appealing... No! Bad Demi! Snap out of it! God, why did he have to come home now?! We haven't even dated for a day!'

Demi mentally slapped herself and focused on what Miley said.

"FYI, I was not jealous, and I am actually hurt, hurt, that you would even accuse me of not trusting you." Miley went beyond anticipated exaggeration by placing her hands over her heart and made a dreadfully hurt look to make the point extra clear.

"Mhm... Those are your words, not mine," Demi smirked. "But whatever helps you sleep at night."

Miley opened her mouth to answer, but let it just hang wide open as Demi pulled off her shirt.

"We were gonna change, weren't we?" Demi asked innocent and scooted closer to her. "Unless you know something better we can do?"

Miley opened and closed her mouth several times, looking remarkably like a goldfish in need of oxygen. She swallowed audibly as Demi scooted even closer to her.

"You have any ideas?" Demi put her hands on her bare hips, looking so seductive that she made Miley want to jump on her and molest her right there. Deciding that it was not the proper way to handle the situation, Miley got up from the bed, hesitating a bit before she spoke.

"Yeah, we-we-we should go down a-and eat and stuff, y'know.."

Miley's nervous stuttering made Demi chuckle, and she pulled her back down for a kiss. "I'm just kidding with you Miles. I know it's too early for that kinda stuff. I just find it kinda amusing to tease you."

Miley nodded and laughed nervously. The truth, however, was that she was terrified of going there with Demi. Too early was rarely an issue with her previous boyfriends, but Demi wasn't her boyfriend, she was her girlfriend. But more than that, she was her best friend, and she was afraid of messing up everything by going too far too fast.

"Are you gonna get dressed soon? I can only take this for so long before I attack you." Miley looked her up and down, biting her lower lip.

Demi smiled and got up from the bed. "That is not a problem."

Miley crossed her arms over her chest and looked strictly at her.

"I mean... Sure! Got any clothes I can borrow since I don't have my stuff here any more?"

"Yeah, I'll be right back." Demi saw her disappear into her huge walk-in closed, only to return a couple of minutes later, wearing a blue v-neck sweater and black skinny jeans.

"Aww, I don't get to see you change, but you're allowed to see me in my bra?" Demi said disappointed.

"Yeah, life's a bitch," Miley mocked and threw her a black lacy bra and matching panties, followed by a black t-shirt, a purple hoodie with the WESC-logo on and some grey sweatpants.

"I know you usually like to wear clothes that are completely shapeless, so..." Miley shrugged and sat down on the bed again.

"Haha, you're so funny," Demi said and scowled at her.

"Yeah, I'm always hysterical," Miley grinned.

"Well, I'm not gonna disappoint you like you disappointed me," Demi smirked and pulled down her pyjama-pants.

"You don't have the guts to do that." Miley raised her eyebrows and smiled complacently, challenging her to change in front of her.

"The hell I do!"

"10 bucks you don't."

"Is that a dare?"

"You bet it is."

Demi moved her hands to her back, hesitating before she unclasped her bra, but not letting it drop to the floor yet. Miley's smile turned into a grin, thinking that she had won their so-called 'dare'. If she hadn't been as competitive as she was, she had been extremely turned on at this point.

Demi finally let the bra slide off her shoulders and onto the floor, quickly followed by her panties.

"God," Miley whispered, looking the girl in front of her up and down. She had never imagined that she'd actually do it.

She was left breathless by the amazing view in front of her that was Demi. Naked. In her room. Just the two of them. Miley deserved some kind of medal of honour for not grabbing her and slamming her against the wall, continued by doing unmentionable things to her. She just wanted to touch her. Let her hands gently caress every inch her tan, soft skin. Instead she stayed at her seat, staring shamelessly.

Demi was blushing furiously, failing to cover herself up as she put her clothes back on in a hurry.

Miley stayed still in her seat for a good 40 seconds before Demi finally spoke:

"Miles, I'm done changing now, you are allowed to stop staring at me.

"I'm sorry, I just.. I didn't... expect... you to..." Miley stuttered.

"I never turn down a bet Miley. Don't you know who you are talking to?" Demi grinned.

Miley frowned and thought about her words for a second, before she lit up and spoke. "I dare you to do that in front of me tonight as well. And leave the clothes off.

"Sorry Smiley. Nowadays I just do one bet a day."

"Coward," Miley smiled, then got up and walked towards her, pulling her in for a heated kiss.

"We need to get out of here now," she muttered against her lips. "Before we do something we shouldn't do."

Demi laughed and let go of her. "You're right. Besides, I'm excited to know about the plans we have all day."

"You know, the plans you told Trace we had. All day."

Miley snapped her fingers. "Oh those plans! Of course, yeah, I almost forgot... Anyways... Meet you downstairs?"

"Why, where are you going?"

She turned around and headed for her bathroom. "I'm gonna go take a quick shower."

"You want me to join?" Demi asked and followed her.

"That would kinda ruin the purpose." Miley sighed and closed the door.