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KimPossible: Devil's Child


Part 10:

"What's wrong, Stoppable," Shego demanded as she noted the ninja coming out of the shadows now, and several moving to surround the nearly drowned warriors that collapsed on the bank, and had yet to move. Apparently, they weren't much for water.

"I didn't get a chance to tell her, but while you distracted Drakken, I had my guys plant bombs on that shuttle. It's going to blow up in less than five…..four minutes," he said, glancing at his wrist.

Shego and Angela both stared at him, then turned and bolted for the nearest alley.

"Where are you going?"

"To save my Princess," Shego shouted over her shoulder. "You stay here and baby-sit!"

Ron just stared after her, and then looked over at the stirring Lorwardians.

"Secure them," he told his ninja. "Yori," he told her. "Take four men, and find the other one. I just hope Shego has a plan," he said, looking up again. "Because time is not going to stop for either of them."


"How far are we out," Betty asked the android as Janus glanced over at navigation even as the agent with them in the GJ jet replied, "Still forty minutes, Dr. Director."

"Do we have eyes on the target yet?"

"Two teams are on location now. Three more are inbound, no more than ten minutes out."

"Then get me a damn status report," Betty shouted at the man at the radio.

"Of course, Dr. Director. One moment," the man said, and turned back to the communications.

Betty swore again, and the android simply sat quietly beside her in the cockpit as the pilot pushed the powerful jet to its limits as they streaked across the sky toward their rendezvous.

"Ma'am, I'm in contact with Delta team. They say they have engaged a single alien that was separated from the others…..somehow, and are currently trying to bring him down with the assist of…..of….ninja? They say Possible is there, and is….."


"Well, she is apparently airborne over the city in Dr. Drakken's shuttle. That's all they know."

Betty grit her teeth.

What was going on out there?


"Give it up, Drakken," Kim shouted, clinging to the cockpit with a magnetic suction function holding her in place despite the ship's acceleration as she hammered at the thick, glass panel she was banging on. "You're done!"

"Never! Once I reach my battleship…..!"

"I've already neutralized it, and captured Warmonga," she informed the blue-skinned man inside who was throwing switches wildly as if having no idea exactly what he was doing. Or trying to do.

Knowing her longtime foe, she didn't doubt it.

"Meh! You just can't keep your nose out of anything! Honestly, you're worse than…!"

"Princess," Shego's voice shouted over Kim's transceiver just then as the Kimminator appeared to her left, the cockpit opening as both Shego and Angela waved frantically at her. "Get off that thing. Your ninja buddies have it rigged to blow. You're about to be a grease spot in the sky if you don't bail!"

"Drakken," Kim pounded again, more earnestly. "Get out of there. Eject! This thing is going to blow!"

"Oh, no," the grinning man smirked as he kept the ship aimed at the sky. "You won't fool me with that one! This time, I will win! Even you will not….."

"Kimberly," Shego screamed in her ear via the transmitter, almost deafening her. "Forty seconds!"

Kim stared down at Drakken for a few seconds, then released her magnetic grip on the hull as she fell back, freefalling as she felt wind and gravity suck her down the fuselage, and out into open sky even as Shego piloted her own Mark IV back and under her before she had dropped very far.

She fell heavily into the back seat, grunting even as the cockpit sealed, and Shego banked hard, and punched the throttle.

Before she could say anything, the sky overhead blossomed with blinding radiance as the alien shuttle exploded. Kim stared in horror at the sight as Shego said nothing as she glanced her way as Kim righted herself, and moved to kneel between the two front seats mother and daughter occupied.

"You okay, Pumpkin," Shego finally asked as the Kimminator leveled off, and she pointedly turned it back the way they had come.

"I'm fine," she rasped, still staring at the small bits of debris not vaporized fall around them.

"You tried, Kim," Shego told her quietly. "I think we both know Drew went way around the bend a long time ago."

"Maybe, but…. If he had only listened."

"Kimberly," Shego called her quietly now, reaching back to put one hand over hers as she held to the back of the seat. "He never listened. Ever. I doubt he was going to start today."

"I guess you're right," she sighed.

"Listen, Kim," Shego told her, dropping her hand back to the controls as she headed back for the others. "For what it's worth, you tried. And you did save me, and my little Angel. That's worth more than a loopy momma's boy. In my eyes anyway."

Kim smiled wanly. "Thanks, Shego. But I doubt we're finished yet. Let's get back, and wrap this up. Hopefully, we can stop the Lorwardians without Drew around to….play conqueror any longer."

"Yeah. It is kind of odd that Warmonga would just follow after him again after the last time….."

"Mind control," both woman cringed as they shared a knowing look.

"It would explain a few things," Kim sighed.

"So, what do we do?"

"First we make sure the guys have the others contained. Then we'll figure out if we can reason with them."

"Reason? You do remember Warmonga from the last two times we met?"

"Shego. I'm sure that whatever else, she had to have realized that by now invading Earth is a very bad idea."

"So, even if you get them to agree, what happens next? I mean, four nine foot aliens on this planet…..?"

"One problem at a time," Kim frowned. "Let's just make sure Ron has the others in hand, and then we'll…"

"We got company," Angela murmured as four sleek, black jets dropped alongside their wings, all of them bearing the GJ logo.

"Doy. Hope your one-eyed harpy got things handled on that front," Shego murmured, a single glance telling her just how well-armed these jets were.

"GJ flight, this is Possible," Kim spoke into the open channel Annie created for her. "What are your intentions?"

"Agent Possible, this is Diego Niner. We have been ordered to back you up as necessary. Diego Flight is currently at your disposal, ma'am."

"Thank goodness," Shego murmured in a very uncharacteristic sigh of relief. "What," she told the pair eyeing her. "I'm in no mood to dogfight with those jerks with my little girl in this heap."

"Heap," Annie sputtered. "Let me tell you something, comet-girl…..!"

Angela sniggered at that as Kim rolled her eyes.

"Diego Flight," she broke up the argument before it could keep going. "We're inbound to ensure the xenos left in custody are still contained, and remain there. Fall back, and flank our LZ. I'll keep you advised on further orders as required."

"Roger that, Agent Possible," the man replied crisply, obviously accepting her as a peer despite the fact she had also very obviously stepped down. Diego Flight is babysitting," the man remarked as he broke off with his wingman, and the jets took up a wide circle as the Kimminator Mark IV began to descend.

"So….. They're on our side this time," Angela asked as the jets banked away on both sides of them to circle the plaza they were approaching.

"This time," Kim agreed. "Hopefully, we won't have to fight them on the way out."

"I see your ninja friends," Shego pointed out as the powerful vehicle settled to the ground not far from the now shattered bulk of the device Drakken had tried to unleash. "Looks like he got reinforced, too," he murmured, seeing the dozen or so agents in blue surrounding the three captive aliens sitting and glowering at them as they jumped out, and approached the group.

"KP," Ron grinned, and moved to hug her.

Much to the chagrin of one of the ninja.

"Don't worry, Yori," Kim grinned, spotting the glaring eyes. "I'm not looking to make up. Ron and I are just friends."

"Yeah, so lighten up," Shego growled.

"Ladies," Ron sighed. "Let's focus."

Kim found Ron telling them to focus oddly ironic. Still, she nodded at him, and walked over to the alien she knew had been called simply Rokk.

"Possible," one of the agents watching them addressed her. "We were told to report to you, ma'am. Any orders?"

"Let's see what we can find out here before we do anything else," she suggested, guessing the men were ready to kill the prisoners outright just then without hesitation.

She turned to the captives who looked more indignant than not, and shook her head. "You should not have come here," she told them.

"This we know, small woman," another of trio huffed with a bleak scowl, surprising her with his candor.

"Yet you still followed that blue moron here," Shego demanded.

The man who had spoken before eyed her for a moment, then looked back to Kimberly. "He commands our mistress Warmonga. And however that occurred, Warmonga commands us. So did we follow Warmonga, as Warmonga followed the Great Blue."

"Hmmmmm. Definitely sounding like mind control," Kim remarked to Shego.

All three warriors scowled all the more.

"Okay. You're obviously the spokesman here," Kim decided as she eyed the disarmed alien that was one of those that had almost drowned. "Let me talk to you. If, and I stress if we were to free you, would you leave our world never to return?"

"Possible," one of the agents hissed.

Kim cut him off, and turned to stare at the man.


"Warwuff is bound by his pledge to follow his brother Warhok's battle-mate," he told her bluntly. "Does Warmonga lead us to death, so be it. Only she can tell us to yield, or to fight."

"You're Warhok's brother," Shego asked, staring at the big man.

"Did Warwuff not say so," he growled.

"Jeez," Shego muttered. "I can see where he got his temper."

The man's eyes flared, but he still did not speak to her. He turned back to Kimberly, and declared, "You defeated the Great Blue?"

"We…. Yes," Kim nodded at a curt nod from Ron. "The Blue Pretender is….dead. He won't be leading anyone anywhere any longer."

"Then he was an imposter. For the true leader our people prophesized would not have been so easily bested."

"And yet he still fooled you guys twice," Shego drawled.

"Shego," Kim growled at her.

The green-skinned woman shrugged, and remarked, "Well, he did."

"Which is our shame," another of the trio murmured darkly. "Best we are slain, than face such shame before our mistress' sire. Lord-emperor of Lordwardia."

"She's a princess," Kim blurted, making Shego look at her in a very peculiar fashion.

"What's the plan, Princess," Shego asked.

"You're the leader of this people," the gruff Warwuff asked with a frown.

No one said anything as Kim raised her Kimmunicator.

"Armory Control, this is Kim Possible. Code Alpha, Alpha, Alpha. Stand by."

"Armory Control, standing by," came the immediate reply.

"Dad, are you monitoring this?"

"Sure thing, Kimmie-cub," her father's distinctive voice came through.

"Call the boys, and get them ready to transport off the ship. Tell them…..Scenario Five."

"Got it," he told her.

"Armory," she called, flipping back to the first frequency on her Kimmunicator as she eyed the three dour aliens.

"Armory online," the reply came.

"Armory, scan prisoner in holding. Isolate and detail all tech on the prisoner."

"Scanning," the mechanical voice replied. "Tech-implants and prosthetics located."

"Describe any that are not viable for life-support or physical enhancement."

"Checking. Checking. Neural-links in collar are a combination mood-enhancers and behavioral modifiers," the computer replied a moment later. "Modifiers not necessary for continued exsitence, or enhancements."

"So, the mind control was right," Shego said as Ron shot a cold stare at the others.

"What about these guys."

"I don't think they're mind-controlled. Just morons," Shego told him.

The aliens glowered. Kim sighed.

"Armory control. Transport the captive to my location, without the neural-link collar. Confirm."

"Transport order confirmed. Transporting captive to your location, withholding neural-link per request," the armory computer replied even as the air crackled nearby, and the a brief energetic bubble burst to reveal a kneeling woman that looked beyond furious.

"You," Warmonga hissed, staring up at Kim with a very dark eye where she had fallen hard.

"Me," Kim nodded. "You want to listen, or do you want to join the Blue Pretender."

"Where is the Great Blue," the woman demanded, looking around.

"Oh, I'd say he's…scattered all over the place right about now," Shego drawled. "You could say he really…..went to pieces."

"Shego," Kim sighed as Ron rolled his eyes, and Angela sniggered just a bit.

"Warmonga demands you answer…"

She froze, seeing the armed agents and ninja all eyeing her as Kim just shook her head. Then it occurred to her that her three companions were all sitting, and all bound, and none of them looked to be trying to move.

"You defeated the Great Blue. Again," the woman asked as if not very surprised.

"It is what I do," Kim said blandly. "Although this time, he defeated himself. He refused to abandon the shuttle when it exploded. Even he isn't coming back from that one," she told the green-skinned warrior woman.

"But the Great Blue helped Warmonga live again. He restored her limbs. Her eyes. He…. He helped subjugate an entire star system. He…" She eyed Kim again. "You beat him again?"

Kim only nodded.

Then the woman frowned, and slowly, one hand went to her throat.

"You…..freed Warmonga?"

"Believe it or not, we don't want to exploit or rule you. But we don't want you bothering our planet, either. If you give me your word you will leave, and never come back, I'll send you to your own ship now, and let you leave."

"You…..would do that?"

"Of course. But, you should know, we disarmed your ship, and unless you cooperate, you won't be going anywhere."

Warmonga stared hard at her, then glanced at Shego, and frowned. "Warmonga sees. You switched battle-mates."

Shego blushed, and Kim sighed.

"Do we have a deal," she asked even as another GJ ship hovered overhead, and began to land.

"You would truly release us?"

"If I have your word that you, and Lorwardia, will leave our world alone, and never return."

"Are you mad," the woman roared, raising clenched fists.

Even as Betty, Janus, and Will stepped off the VTOL that had just landed behind them in the street, Warmonga stood erect, and slammed a fist to her impressive chest.

"Warmonga swears by the Tinguu Vestaa that she would rather burn in the fires of zishma kui than ever return to this insane world! You primates are beyond mad, and don't even give one a warrior's honor in defeat. Do you honor your word, you have Warmonga's sacred pledge you shall never have the honor of seeing a Lordwardian again!"

"Sounds doable," Shego grinned crookedly as Betty walked over in time to hear the end of the diatribe.

"Yes, it does," Kim said, and walked over to Betty. "I need your transport beacons," she told the senior agent and Janus.

"Am I right in assuming you've…..handled things again," Betty asked as she saw the four Lorwardians, and couldn't help but feel a bit intimidated. A restored Warmonga was more than she wanted to face just then. And she didn't look like she had a scratch on her. Whatever Lipski had managed, it was beyond reason.

"I'm working on it. Angel, I need your beacon, too," she told the little girl.

"Sure," she smiled, and pulled out the device from her belt.

She tucked the three beacons into the men's wide belts, and ignored their glares. Then she turned back to Warmonga, and added, "One last thing. While I trust your word, know that my…..friends have already reprogrammed your ship. You can't use your weapons until after you leave our system. And if you try to return, your navigational systems will only take you in the heart of the nearest star."

"Very clever," Warwuff growled from where he still sat. "And just when I began to think you soft, woman," he spat.

Warmonga just stared at Kim, red eyes cold and calculating, and then she nodded, and said, "You, Flamehair, are a warrior worthy of the name. Warmonga salutes you," she told her, and slammed her fist to her chest again.

"Armory, scan beacons 003 through 006."

"Scanning. Locked on."

"Transport to orbiting alien vessel on my command. Dad, you there?"

"Still waiting to see what happens, Kimmie-cub."

"Dad," she groaned as all eyes went to her as she blushed. "Are the boys clear?"

"Back on station, Kim," Tim quipped. "You sure we can't keep that ride? It's got potential!"

Warmonga eyed her, tensing as if ready for a fight, then Kim snapped, "Armory Control Transport," and the woman was gone. Along with her three companions.

Kim waited, all of them looking a bit anxious, then her father's voice cut in. "Kim, it's Wade."

"Go, Wade."

"Hey, Kim, just thought you might want to know that satellites confirm the ship is pulling away. At high speed, I might add. I'm guessing someone didn't want to stay to sightsee."

Kim sighed. "Just as well. Thanks, guys. Armory, dad, standby."

"Standing by," was echoed by the mechanical voice, and her father.

She turned to Ron, and smiled. "Ron, Yori. Thanks. You guys were a great help. So were you guys," she said, turning to Shego, and the grinning Angela.

"So, you're Shego's daughter," Will said as he walked over to stand before Angela.

"What of it," she demanded, chin going up, and her eyes narrowing suspiciously.

"Back off, Du. You're still looking at administrative punishment at the least, mister," Betty snapped.

"Or a lot worse if you even look sideways at my kid again."

"Are you threatening an officer of…?"

"Me? Now, would I do that," Shego asked less than innocently.

"No, but I would," Kim spat.

"So would I," Angela huffed, crossing thin arms, and glaring at the agent.

"I think you're outnumbered, Du. Why don't you go back to the ship. I'll just debrief Possible, and her….."

Betty looked around. "Where did Stoppable go?"

"Probably back home," Kim smiled, as even she had not quite noticed when Ron and his ninja had just…..vanished.

"Ninja," she grumbled irritably, and Kim knew Betty still hadn't given up on adding Ron to her ranks.

"So, you didn't toss the poster boy for obsession into a cell," Kim asked pointedly as she watched Will all but march to the ship while Betty waved off the other agents. The agents left without a word, going back to their own ships, or headed into the city to start working on getting things restored to normal.

"Actually, I felt the most feasible and just punishment was to keep him in GJ on active status."

"You're kidding me," Shego growled, as Kim only chortled.

"Trust me, Shego," she told her. "Dr. Director is very good at coming up with punishments that fit the crime. So, what is he going to be doing?"

"I busted him back to probationary status, and assigned him to custodial duties. The most technical duties he'll be performing anytime soon will involve mops and brooms," Betty smirked as Kim burst into laughter.

"Whoa," Shego smirked. "Well, at least he has a head start."

"Head start," Kim frowned at her.

"Well, yeah. If you ask me, he always had a stick up his….."

"Shego," she hissed, nodding at Angela's quivering lips.

"Ah, I've heard lots worse from mom," she told her not for the first time. "You learn to ignore her. She's just mouthy that way."

"Mouthy," Shego gaped at her little girl.

"Yep," the little girl nodded as Betty stared with some amusement at the little girl. "You learn not to listen to that part. Since I know she usually don't mean half of what she says."

"Oh, really," Betty drawled.

"You, zip it," Shego huffed at Betty. "You…"

"Yes, mommy," she asked, proving she had been paying attention to Kim far more than she had realized when her face took on a very precocious, heart-stopping expression.

"Gah! Where did you learn….? Don't do that," she grumbled, the cutesy expression undermining her anger.

"But, mommy, Kimberly does it all the time, and I thought you liked the way she looked," Angela asked less than innocently.

"She's got you there, Shego," Kim chuckled.

"Doy! Surrounded by….!"

"Yes," Kim and Angela asked with matching expressions.

Shego gave a noncommittal expression of indignation, and threw up her hands. "I'll be in the car," she snapped, and walked out off to the Kimminator parked not far away from the waterfront.

Betty chortled.

"Am I to assume she is remaining wiht you for now?"

"We do still have a few things to….take care of," Kim remarked cryptically.

"I don't suppose you know how Drew managed…..what he managed?"

"What do you mean?"

"Shutting down Shego's powers? Restoring, and controlling Warmonga. Even I have to be impressed by his….."

"Insanity," Angela asked.

Kim grinned as Betty frowned at her.

"She has a point. I think his exposure to the mutagen in his system probably amped his creativity. Only it was at the cost of his sanity. What little he might have had left at the time. As to Warmonga, he obviously used Dr. Franklyn Stein's genetic resequencer that he borrowed from DNAmy's research, and combined it with cybertronic implants he used to replace her missing limbs."

"And the control mechanisms?"

"I'll let you know," Kim told her, putting a hand on Angela's shoulder. "Right now, we'd better be going before Shego decides to take off without us."

"Ah, Kim, mom wouldn't….." The girl stopped, frowned, then suggested, "Then again….."

"You're more than welcome back, Kimberly," Betty told the pair as they turned toward an alley Shego had taken. "I'll see to clearing up those wants on you, and your family. And make sure they don't negatively impact any of you."

"And Shego and Angela?"

"I can see for myself you seem to have the girl under control."

"For now," Kim agreed as she glanced down at the smiling girl who mirrored her stance.

"And technically, Shego was always free. Her warrants expired a few months ago. It was Will that kept them alive after she…resurfaced. So, can we expect you anytime soon?"

"We'll see," Kim told her. "Frankly, this whole sitch only makes me a bit hesitant in joining with anyone again just now. We'll just take it a day at a time."

"Stay in touch," Betty shouted after her.

Turning to eye Janus, she asked, "You aren't going, too?"

"I've been asked to return to GJ headquarters, and decommission and shut down the transport pad we used. You understand, of course, Dr. Director," the near sentient automaton smiled.

"Of course," she sighed, wondering if she could get back in time to see just how that pad was constructed.


Out in the Atlantic Ocean, just beyond the Strait of Gibraltar, the last vestiges of an alien wreck sank into the waters there. Left floating on the surface was only a bit of light debris, a sheen of oily residue, and a small, bluish-green human-shaped hand with tendrils of plantlike fibers extending from the ravaged flesh.

Even as the hand floated on the waves, the fibers began to grow, extending, and thickening, as if reforming an arm to compliment that hand. Nor did the fibrous growth stop there.