AN: this is my first total drama island fic so it might be bad. this idea came to me in a dream, it was my neighbours as the characters though.

As I sat in the back seat of my parent's car next to my younger sister and baby brother, I thought about all the things we left behind at our old house. So many memories come to mind and it makes me sad to think I might never see certain people again. I'm still going to the same school, but now that we're moving closer, I won't have to commute for two hours just to get to school.

It seems like I should just go to a closer school, but the ones nearby aren't as spectacular. The Alto Academy doesn't accept just any student, and I was amazed to be accepted almost straight away. The principle Mr. James Alto seemed pleased with my behavior and involvement in my previous school, so when he shook my hand as I left that interview, I knew that I had a good chance.

I'm glad my parents didn't mind the price of attending this school, the opportunities I have at this school is such a large range compared the limiting public school I attended two years ago. I only went there for a semester before transferring to this school, so I didn't have much time to make close friends at that school, but I've lived in the previous neighborhood all of my life. It's so hard to leave when your closest friends are all in one place. I never really made really close friends at the Alto Academy, I was usually too far away to attend the little events that were going on, the ones where friendships really bloom.

About half an hour later, we arrived at our new home. I unbuckled my baby brother, Conrad, and held him in my left arm, on my hip. My little sister, Amy, unbuckled herself and hopped out of the door on my side. I walked over to the large tree that was planted outside the gate and looked up at our new home; Amy wrapped her little arms around my right leg and gazed at the brown bricked walls and dark orange roof. I smiled at the thought of the new home, now that dad got that promotion, we can afford such a beautiful house like this in such a rich neighborhood.

Amy tugged on my pant leg and I looked down at her, for a four year old, she was a good observer. "Trent, look! We have mail already!" She pointed at the mailbox where a pink envelope was sticking out; as mum and dad unpacked I decided to open it myself. On the front in black ink was cursive writing that said 'Welcome'. It was folded three times and when I opened it, the black cursive writing was spread across the page. It was an invitation to a welcoming party held at number eight. Since it was a small colder sack, there were only nine houses, we moved into number nine. Tonight at six o'clock a party was being held to welcome us into the street, it seemed a bit soon but we had a few hours to unpack and find something suitable to wear.

I walked over to my parents and told them what was happening before picking up my guitar case in my free hand and walking to the front door. Mum gave me the key so I put the guitar case down and put the key in the lock and twisted it, when I heard a click I turned the knob and opened the door. Amy carried a little backpack and followed behind me while still holding onto my right leg. The hallway was a bit dark but the light from the back door was enough for me to find the light switch. When I flipped it, four lights shone throughout the long hallway. I picked up my guitar case and walked through the door, looking at the three stairs down to the living room and the seven stairs that lead to the next floor. I walked up the seven steps, and then turned right where the staircase continued. Seven more steps up then there was another right turn; six steps up after that and I was in the upstairs hallway. I saw five cream doors with glass door knobs and at the end of the hall was a small opening that required me to crawl into.

The bottom of the opening was as high as my waist, the top was around the height of my shoulder, and it was as wide as me and a half. I looked into the opening and saw a wooden area that looked like the attic. There was already a door to the attic so this was something different. I stuck my head into the opening and looked around, making sure not to bump Conrad's head on the wall. I looked around the small area, spotting power plugs and parts of the trusses engraved. If I climbed up in there I would have enough room to stand crouched over, but there was a lot of room to do something with. I decided to look into that later, but I left the room alone and continued to bring in bags from the car and boxes from the following truck. The rest of the afternoon I unpacked things into several different rooms, including my room, which is nearest to the room with the small opening.

By five thirty, all of our beds and boxes were in the appropriate rooms; my favourite guitar was in its holder, and was placed in the corner opposite the door. I looked over at it while I rummaged through the clothes box, looking for something to wear and urgently wanted to strum out a tune that has been in my head since the car ride. I don't remember hearing it before, it just sounds good. I picked out a light green button up shirt, black slacks, a black vest and a black blazer. I also picked out my favourite belt with an electric guitar belt buckle. My parents told me that I should wear something nice so that we can fit in with this neighborhood. I did as I was told, but gave it my little bit of charm.

I walked downstairs to find dad in a tuxedo without a tie, holding Amy, wearing a pink silk dress with her curly black hair in pigtails. Mum was wearing a white turtleneck dress and was holding Conrad who was in a little tuxedo. That seemed a bit weird, but mum was into the cute little clothes. Dad gave Amy to me so I could hold her as he introduced our family to the neighbors. We locked the front door and made out way to house number eight, we saw many neatly trimmed hedges and flowing fountains that were lit underneath by blue lights.

Dad knocked on the front door and we waited for a response in silence. When the door was opened we were greeted by a young girl who looked familiar to me. She had tan skin which matched her deep brown hair, and rich brown eyes that seemed fitting with her image. She wore a short sleeved, grey turtleneck with a high waited black skirt, her hair was cut just above her shoulders and it seemed straight and smooth. As she was greeting us I noticed she kept looking at me for a longer amount of time than the other members of my family. "You must be the Stevens; I'm Courtney Baxter, welcome to the neighborhood." She gestured for us to come inside and I walked over to her, "Courtney?" She examined my face, "I know you from somewhere, don't I?" I nodded and smiled, "You go to Alto Academy?" She smiled and quickly nodded, now understanding, "There are two other families in this street with children in our grades that go to Alto Academy, you are now the fourth." I smiled at her, "That's great! Who are the other two?" She gestured for me to wait a moment before she ran off.

A few minutes later I noticed that my parents were conversing with other adults and I let Amy go to play with the other little kids. Courtney came back when I started to look around for a seat. Following her was a boy and a girl,; the boy was tan with dark hair, he wore a maroon plaid vest over a light blue button up shirt and black slacks. He seemed timid and almost hiding in the book that he held. The girl was blonde and Caucasian, her green eyes matched her hair which was in a bun; she wore a knee length, light blue dress with diamond earrings. "This is Noah and Bridgette." She pointed to the two behind her, Bridgette waved and Noah glared. "I'm Trent Stevens," I said as I held out my hand for them to shake it, they both shook my hand but Noah seemed more reluctant.

For the rest of the night us four hung out, Courtney seemed to text someone every once in a while so I suspected it was her boyfriend. She didn't mention him that night but I know about him. At school word gets around about who is dating who, and the word about her is that she is dating a criminal.

I've seen her as such an amazing person, but it seems that she hasn't noticed me. I see her working and studying hard, I see her getting amazing grades, I even found her in the music room playing the piano and singing. As she played the soft melody she hummed, when the time was right she sung lyrics fitting to the genre. That time I saw her sing and play, I fell in love with her. Not just because she has an amazing voice, but what she goes through to be able to relax like she was in the music room on that day long ago.