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Chapter 4- Finally Knowing the Game.

" Relax…you won't have to swallow it as I did for you, just…how far you can do…" said Cloud, stroking his cock very slowly and staring at Kadaj with the most lewd eyes the boy had ever seen before.

Kadaj placed himself between Cloud's legs and, pulling his hair behind one ear, he lowered his head. Of course he had seen his brothers naked, and Loz was by no means a small guy, but everything on Loz was big and his member wouldn't be any different. Sure, he had never touched it. He tought about his brother Yazoo with pride…If he was up to put Loz on his mouth, what a skilled throat he must have!
Kadaj placed a hand on Cloud's chiseled torso, he slowly bypassed with his fingertips the muscles. He bowed his head and with his nose's tip and the side of his cheek, he stroked Cloud' groin.
The smell was good, just like all the rest of Cloud's body, and soft, curled blond hair covered his groin.
He stared into those blue eyes so filled with lust and passion and smiled at him. Kadaj would pleasure Cloud with all his heart. Even if he didn't know how to do it skillfully as his nii-san had done to him.
Coyly, Kadaj touched his lover's member. It was so smooth. So beautiful and strong. The large blue vein, throbbing at his hand. He imitated Cloud's previous moments and began to stroke him forward and forth , a transparent liquid was spurting out from the thin slit. Cloud sank in the pillows and he gave a low sigh, narrowed eyes locked at Kadaj and lips parted. The vision of Cloud's body and his lustful face thrilled Kadaj. His nii-san was like that just because of him.
He continued the slow movements, but Kadaj wanted to know how it tasted and so he licked the tip of the head.
With only this Cloud gave a long and pleasured moan, which made the boy smile with the assurance that he had found what Cloud liked. He deepened his mouth along the cock, sucked it clumsily. The cock was so wet, the fluids coated Kadaj's fingers. Cloud guided him to bob his head up and down, and each time he swallowed more of Cloud, till his throat became used to it. Cloud's cock was so good to suck…

"Oh Kadaj…yeah…So good.." Cloud was massaging Kadaj's nape and he fought against the urge to buck his hips further down the boy's hot mouth. It was so good, so warm, he could feel his member pulsing inside Kadaj's throat. Kadaj was a very good learner.

Kadaj melted when he heard Cloud moan his name in such wanton desire. The fluids, which Cloud had told him was precum, were not as disgusting as he had thought previously. The taste was so good, salty and bitter, unique, and it was pouring inside his mouth. Kadaj didn't miss a drop of it.

" Oh Kadaj…yes baby, oh d-don't s-stop…so good…shit, so fucking good Kadaj…"

Cloud was tilting his head from one side to another and his face was getting redder. The vein of Cloud's throat was pulsing and Kadaj felt the grip on his hair getting stronger. He startled himself a little to hear Cloud talking dirty words. He never had seen his nii-san cursing and he remembered one day, that Denzel had said 'shit' and Cloud had glared at him.

" You…cursed?" Kadaj briefly stopped the blow job, but continued to stroke, an interrogative frown on his face.

" Oh baby , don't stop…" Cloud thought to himself that he never had cursed too, but he was horny! And if he imagined how many times Cloud had fantasized this moment…

" But you said that we are not allowed to curse! Never!"

" O-only here, it's…ok, little dirty…w-words…" Cloud pulled Kadaj back to his task and the boy giggled and nodded, swallowing the huge member.

The painful and throbbing ache was returning to his own groin and with narrowed eyes, he saw his member swelling. The more Cloud spoke 'fuck Kadaj', 'suck me' or ' yeah baby lick it all', Kadaj felt himself panting for air. He released Cloud's cock to press his groin, as he had done with Kadaj. Another thing he found out he liked about sex was dirty words…

Cloud's eyes opened, concerned if his pounds into Kadaj's mouth had hurt the boy. But when he saw Kadaj touching himself, his red, dripping member, he lost himself. The need, the aching desire to have Kadaj burst inside him.

" Oh Kadaj I want you so much!" Cloud grabbed Kadaj's shoulder, lay him back on the bed and kissed him deeply. The boy moaned his name and instinctively, he parted his legs and made space for Cloud between them.

" Sorry, it was aching and…Oh GOD!" The tip of Cloud's hard member rubbed against Kadaj's ass and the feeling of his entrance being pressured was amazing. The blond man was panting so hard that when he leaned face to face with Kadaj, his hot breath blew some wisps of Kadaj's hair. He was mad to fuck that virgin ass, but he was afraid to hurt Kadaj.
Cloud's body covered Kadaj and their members rubbed against each other, causing the boy to moan loudly from the friction.

" Kadaj …will you let me?" Cloud asked with ragged breathing, pressing his hard cock against Kadaj's.

" Oh nii-san…let you? Let you what?" He was sweating, wriggling beneath Cloud's heavy body, trying to rub himself more against the big cock. It was so good that he was barely listening to Cloud.

" Have sex with you…get inside of you…" Cloud kissed and nibbled Kadaj's earlobe, and the boy hissed in pleasure. " I promise you that I'll be as careful and gentle as I can and if you feel scared we can stop it…" Cloud was trembling while Kadaj still was rubbing himself against his body.

" I-I want you nii-san and I love you…" He opened his eyes and looked at Cloud. Those eyes were so full of love and trust that Cloud could have come if he´d looked at them any longer.

" Oh God…I love you too, so much…" Cloud kissed the tip of Kadaj's nose and buried his face in the boy's neck, smelling his sweaty scent. " That's ok if you don't want it…I love you all the same."

" I trust you nii-san and I'll let you get inside of me…"

They kissed passionately, and when the kiss broke, Cloud grabbed the lube in the drawer next to the bed and coated his finger with it. Kadaj rose on his elbow, eyes wide open as he wondered what that was for. Soon he found out when Cloud's fingers pressed his tight entrance, slowly caressing it. Jolts of pleasure ran through Kadaj's stomach. One finger easily slid inside and Kadaj bounced in surprise with the sudden invasion, falling back on the mattress with his legs bent onto Cloud's lap.

" Ahn! C-Cloud!" Kadaj arched and clenched tight around the finger. His cock jumped from his groin and the precum soaked his belly button.

" Relax…don't do this…does it hurt?" Cloud was fighting against the urge to hurry, he was so aroused that his voice was hoarse.

" I- I don't know…It's so …Oh,oh, Mmm…" Cloud inserted another finger and started to jerk Kadaj off, while he slowly rubbed and scissored his fingers inside the boy. Kadaj wiggled and in reflex he clenched the fingers.

"Slow down Kadaj…try…to not clench…or it's going to hurt when I get inside you…"

He was so tight, but the caressing of his dick made Kadaj relax a bit and soon the tight little hole was engulfing his fingers by its own free will. He deepened the fingers, curling them and finding what he was looking for. Kadaj cried out when Cloud pressed his prostate non stop.

" GOD!! Ahn! Oh, yes, yes, ahn, more, please nii-san, more…there."

" It's good, hun? You want more of it inside you? Do you want me Kadaj, deeply inside your tight ass?" Cloud was getting so horny that he was dirty talking again and he was enjoying it a lot. Kadaj squirmed in the bed, moaning louder and he opened his legs so wide, that his knees were touching his ears. He was a mess of pleasure.

" Yeah..I- I want…m-more…oh GODS!!!" Cloud had taken the lube again and still with the fingers scissoring Kadaj's hole, he poured more lube inside.

Kadaj's hungry hole swallowed the liquid and Cloud squeezed the lube, straight from the cap, inside the boy. Kadaj felt ashamed with the noises he made and Cloud gave him a kiss near his crotch. He wanted Kadaj very slippery to cause the less possible pain for the boy. He wanted to dive into the boy so much, but he wanted more that Kadaj loved his first sex.

" Kadaj…I will make love to you and I want you to know that I will do everything to make you feel the highest pleasures that I can give you…because I love you…" Cloud's last words were full of passion and his voice failed him a little. He lifted himself and softly kissed Kadaj's lips while he positioned himself in front of the boy.

" Give it to me Cloud…give me everything that you have…" Kadaj deepened the kiss and moaned louder when he felt the tip of Cloud beginning to stretch his ass. The bundle of muscles tried to expel the large member. But he was so lubricated and aroused, that it needed only a slightly change of angle from Cloud and he cried with the most amazing sensation that he had ever felt.

Cloud slid all way inside, very slowly, while Kadaj just cried out and clenched his fists on the blond's shoulder. Both men moaned and breathed heavily with their own sensations; Cloud to be engulfed by the warmness of Kadaj's body and Kadaj to be filled till Cloud reached his prostate.

" Yes…oh nii-san…this is so good. M-more dirty…words…please, OH GOD!" Kadaj was panting, his cock now was exploding with pleasure while he felt himself totally filled by Cloud, ripping him apart, hurting, but the pleasure of it was immeasurable.

" So tight, my baby is so tight…so fucking good to be inside you Kadaj…" Cloud whispered against Kadaj's earlobe, nibbling the tip of the skin.
The blond slowly began to rock his hips, and he grabbed Kadaj's buttocks hard to join the pace. He was balls deep inside the boy and the clenching that Kadaj was making, was giving him shivers.
It was so warm, so hot, so tight. Cloud tried hard to not hurt Kadaj but when the boy started to moan and lift his hips to have more movements, Cloud abandoned his self control.

" Do yo want it hard baby? Hun? Tell me Kadaj, do you want me to fuck your tight ass hard?"

" YES! Please, more, more…" Kadaj bit Cloud's shoulder and it surprised the blond. He increased the pace, drifted out just a little and pushed back again.

" OH, AH, Nii-san …" Kadaj's red face contorted with pleasure and Cloud pressured his belly against the boy's hard cock.

" Kadaj…it- does it hurt baby ?" Cloud couldn't stop now, but he needed to know if it was as good for Kadaj as it was for him.

" No…so good…fucking good…" Kadaj giggled and clenched a little, eliciting a moan from Cloud and himself.

That was everything he needed to hear and not restraining his urgency to speed up and come anymore, Cloud pulled out to the tip of his cock and deliciously thrust it forward again. Kadaj locked his legs on each side of Cloud's hips.
Soon the slippery noises, the scent and the slap of flesh against flesh grew louder and the symphony of moans and grunts filled Kadaj's ears. He thought to himself, unable to speak, that he was playing too now…he had found the origins of that delightful play…sex with love.

He was panting, shaking and moaning incoherent words like Yazoo and Loz always did, and finally he knew why. Because it felt very, very good to play this game. It was wonderful to be here with Cloud.
It was marvellous to hear Cloud say 'I love you', and he said it also, free of fear and shame.
He was in heaven now.
The ache, the sensation of something going to explode inside him was becoming powerful.
He was kicking on the mattress, his damp bangs were bouncing off his head. Cloud had changed position, and Kadaj was sitting on his lap now.

Kadaj couldn't help the giggle when he noticed that he was riding Cloud. A Cloud's horse!

While Cloud was fiercely pounding inside him, he felt a dull ache and something pouring out of his ass. But he didn't mind. Cloud was hitting there, on that sweet little spot that was making him mad of pleasure and he scratched Cloud's back. He couldn't wait any more. The pleasure was so great that he wanted to get out of his skin!

" Nii-san….Cloud…" Kadaj barely whispered when he came. It was so powerful, so intense, much more than his previous orgasm, he couldn´t even scream now. A strangled moan was the only thing that escaped his mouth. His eyes were closed and he couldn't open them to look at Cloud. He felt himself faint in Cloud's arms. Only Cloud's deep kiss on his mouth kept him from swooning.

" K- Kadaj…I'm…so…cl-close! Oh God! Fuck, fuck, yes…Kadaj!" Cloud grabbed the slender legs of Kadaj and lifted the boy, leaning him back again on the bed, to deepen his thrusts. He felt the hot cum of Kadaj bathing his belly and chest and the sweet whisper of his name on the boy's lips. He came fiercely inside Kadaj, loading the boy´s ass with what seemed be an endless spurt of semen. He thrusted so hard into Kadaj that he felt the boy's hot blood mix with his seeds.
He never had came so intensely in his life.
They trembled together, embraced and waited till their breathing came to a normal state again. After a while he pulled out of Kadaj and a stream of semen and blood dripped out of the boy's ass. Kadaj growled something and Cloud became worried.

" Kadaj? How do you feel? Are you hurt? Open your eyes baby, look to me."

" I- I….wonderful…tired…" Kadaj slowly opened his eyes and looked at Cloud, he was utterly spent and speaking was too great an effort that he didn't want to do it now. He smiled at Cloud when the blond sweetly kissed the tip of his nose and then his lips. Cloud shifted his position and cuddled the boy on his arms, tightly embracing him and pulling the covers over them. He was very tired too; the orgasm had drained all his energy and he was feeling like a newborn. It was not only because of the sex, it was all the feelings so long restrained and locked that had finally come out. And it was so good, so engaging.
Cloud was happy. Satiated.

" Let's rest. Tomorrow will be Sunday and we'll have all day together."
" Hum hum…" Kadaj said and kissed Cloud's chest, nuzzling into the warm hug.

Kadaj closed his eyes and he was feeling loved, warm and safe; he slept on Cloud's arm. But first, he did what he had dreamed of for a long time.

" Nii-san?"

" Yes…"

" I love you.."

Cloud smiled and kissed the top of Kadaj's head.

" I love you too Kadaj."


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