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The only thing in this I own is the main character, Riley Maza. Oh, and some of the other characters you don't recognize. :)

Chapter One

New York, New York

The city was bustling with even more people than I had expected, I realized as I watched the buildings and pedestrians go by outside of my taxi's window. I had never been to New York before, despite all the invitations I'd gotten from my cousin, Elisa, to come stay with her. Now work had brought me, Riley Maza, to Manhattan.

The taxi stopped in front of Elisa's apartment building, and I paid the driver my fare and gathered my few things out of the trunk. I stared up at the tall building for a moment, then walked through the door, bag clutched to my side. I was thankful that Elisa was letting me stay with her until I found a place of my own. I headed up to the sixteenth floor in the elevator, then found her apartment quickly. I knocked on the door, praying that our meeting after a long seven years wouldn't be too awkward.

The door swung open and then I was pulled into a hug by Elisa. "Wow, you look great," she said, touching one of the streaks of pink I had running through my hair. I'm about 5'9", half Native American and half Caucasian, with shoulder-length choppy black hair. "To think, the last time I saw you, you were sixteen and had braces," she laughed.

"You're the same as ever," I replied, a smile on my lips.

We talked as she helped me get settled into her guest room, catching up and telling each other about our lives. She told me about how she had moved into this apartment only a few months ago, after she had been attacked at her old one. Guess stuff like that can happen if you're a cop. I told her about my ex-boyfriend back in Phoenix cheating on me. I mentioned a crazy news story I'd heard in the cab on the drive from the airport.

"So there's people in the city who actually believe that there's real live gargoyles flying around?" I asked, sitting on the bed after clearing away the last of my clothes.

"Er... Yeah," she said, not looking directly at me. "Look, I need to tell you about something that may come as a shock-"

"Hey, Elisa? You home?" a male voice called from out in the living room.

Elisa glanced at her watch. "Sunset already passed?" she said, looking alarmed.

"Lis, who is that?" I asked tentatively.

"Uh, some friends I was going to ease you into meeting," she answered. "Wait a sec, Broadway!" she called to the other room. "Promise you won't scream?"

"Huh?!" Scream at what?

"Okay, let's go meet my friends," she said, grabbing my wrist and pulling me off the bed. "Let's get the freak out over with."

I froze in the bedroom doorway. There were five very large creatures standing about the room. They each had different colored skin, except the largest male and the only female among them. Red, blue, green, and purple... And then I noticed the wings. "Wha..." was all I could say.

"Everyone, this is my cousin Riley I told you was coming today," Elisa said to them. "Riley, I'd like you to meet Goliath-" she pointed at the large purple one - "his daughter Angela-" the purple female waved - "Broadway," the blue one, "Lexington," the small green one with wings under his arms instead of on his back, "and Brooklyn," the red one with a beak. He waved and said, "Yo."

Not knowing what else to do, I waved vaguely at them. Then I fainted.

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