Right, Okay. This is my first fanfic, so be nice ^^. Basically, Sirius is sitting in the dorm with Peter + Remus. He's bored, cause it's been raining all day. And it's summer! It's about 7 in the evening, and nobody's in the common room. Yes, that's important :)

So now, enjoy the story xD.

Lunar Disturbances.

Sirius sat on the window ledge of his dormitory staring at the rain. Rain, he thought, in the middle of summer. What dim light had been around that day was now beginning to fade and the moon was creeping up. He sighed. Today had not been a good day at all.

"Okay, Sirius?"

Peter's squeaky voice came from the opposite side of the dormitory. Lazily, Sirius turned to look at him and cleared his throat. "Just bored, that's all, Pete," he yawned, rolling his eyes back to face the rain, "Where are the others, anyway?"

He heard Peter's unsteady footsteps approaching his window-ledge. "James is downstairs, chasing Lily," he replied. Sirius let out a soft laugh. It was all James ever seemed to be doing of late. Peter laughed too and then continued, "And Remus is still in the bathroom."

Sirius' eyes snapped to Peter's. He raised one, thin eyebrow.


Remus has been in the bathroom for around 15 minutes now, complaining of illness. Sirius slid down from his seat and turned to the bathroom door. He advanced quickly towards the door, stopping at it's cracked, wooden surface. He knocked gently with two knuckles and leaned into it.

"Remus? Are you okay?"

The answering groan made Sirius shiver. His eyes flickered to a moon chart on the wall; it wasn't full moon yet, and so it was safe to go in.

Or so he thought.

Creaking the door open slowly, Sirius peered around the edge. Remus was doubled over, arms on the sink, head in his hands. He was shaking violently and whimpering quietly. Not daring to take his eyes off Remus, Sirius whispered over his shoulder. "Go and get James." He took a step forward, but heard no movement behind him. His head snapped around, his black curls falling across his face. Peter was frozen, his eyes wide and watery, his upper lip beginning to tremble. It was obvious he had seen Remus too.

"Peter, go!" And with that he dashed from the room, not looking back.

Uncertainly, Sirius turned back to Remus and took another step towards him. He stretched out a comforting hand and crouched until their faces were level. "Remus?" The boy's eyes snapped to his, glaring at him through the gap in his folded arms. They were buried under a furrowed brow and glistening in a way Sirius hadn't thought possible. The friendly, hazel and green blended gaze he was used to had all but disappeared and an unfamiliar colour stared back at him.

Remus' eyes were burning amber.

Sirius took a sharp breath and staggered backwards, his eyes flickering again to the moon chart on the wall near to the window. It said there were three days left until full moon, yet Remus' eyes told him different. For they were not human eyes, he was sure of that. Those were the eyes of a wolf.

"Sirius?!" James' exclamation broke Sirius' train of thought. He was standing in the doorway, slightly out of breath from running up the stairs. His expression was one of panic and concern. Unable to speak, Sirius pointed at the bathroom where Remus stood. James marched towards the door, but Peter – who had materialised behind him – pulled him back, whispering shakily that something was wrong. James continued to stare at Sirius, thoughts whizzing past his eyes, waiting for an explanation. But, as Sirius opened his mouth, something collapsed loudly behind them.

Remus had staggered from the bathroom, and was presently kneeling halfway across the room. His breathing was heavy and uneven, and accompanied by occasional groans or grunts. He lifted his head and stared at his friends, the ghost of the wolf he became drifting across his troubled features.


Staring down at the struggling teenager kneeling in front of him, Sirius knew what to do. It was obvious that something had gone wrong in the lunar cycle and the rising moon was causing Remus to transform. If they didn't get him out of the castle soon then everybody in it would either be dead or infected before the night was through. Pulling his gaze away from the shivering Remus, he turned to face his other friends who were also staring down at the boy in a crumpled heap on the floor.

"We need to get him out of here, out of the castle," said Sirius, as a fat tear rolled town Peter's cheek. His head was shaking and he was slowly rocking on his heels, muttering under his breath. Sirius clicked his fingers and their eyes met his - James' understanding and thoughtful, Peter's brimful of fearful tears.