Sirius was instructed to return to his dormitory and to bed. He watched his headmaster walk back to his office as he began to walk to Gryffindor tower. But, once the man was out of earshot, he returned to the entrance, waiting for James.

Sure enough, he was there, leaning on the door frame, clutching a bleeding arm. Sirius ran to him, knowing how serious the situation could be.

"We should get you to the hospital wing," he said, looking down at his friend's wound.

"What, and make them all suspicious?" James shook his head, "It's just a scratch."

Sirius lead James back to their common room in a similar way to how he had lead Remus from the castle earlier. He helped him through the portrait hole, and they began to make their way across the now deserted common room.

Or so they thought.

A cough caught their attention, and they swivelled around, wands at the ready. Lily Evans walked out of the shadows and into the flickering light emitted from the fireplace. Her eyes were narrowed and she cocked her head to one side. Only then did the two boys notice she wasn't alone. Behind her, a weeping Peter Pettigrew came into view.

Lily raised an eyebrow. "Explanation?"

Meeting her gaze, Sirius sighed. "Remus is fine now. Don't worry." He shot a glance at Peter, as if to say 'no thanks to you'. He cowered back further into the shadows.

Lily let out a soft laugh, heavy with sarcasm. "What was wrong in the first place?"

"I told you Lily, we can't say..." Peter piped up from behind her. She silenced him with a look, impatience in her vivid green eyes. Sirius spoke, and she turned back to him. "He's right. Not now, Evans. Just go back to bed."

The girl shook her head, still glaring at Sirius, who had begun to walk away. Peter followed closely behind, James bringing up the rear.

"No, I want to know now! I saw his face before! What did you do?!"

She was shocked into silence as James Potter turned around, staring at her with steely eyes. This expression didn't suit him, and it caused Lily to stop, speechless.

"We said not now, Evans."

And with that, they left. Lily slumped into an armchair by the fireplace, thinking. She had been sure of what she had seen that night. Those were not Remus' eyes she had seen. They weren't even human. She knew that, but she didn't believe it. She searched her mind looking for a logical explanation, but one thought kept returning, and it wouldn't go away.

What if Severus was right? What if Remus really was a werewolf?

No. Not possible.

Or was it?

Running her hand through her hair, she stood up and headed for her dormitory, pausing to look through the window. The moon smiled down at her, as if to confirm her suspicions. It was full, lighting up the sky. She turned away.

A distant, painful howl drifted through the air.

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