Left Francis to Survive

~Black Dragon41~

Disclaimer: I do not own the biker, the collage student, the war veteran, or Louis. If I did… then there would be a longer storyline and much more campaigns!!! (Considering how much sh*t they are put through and all.) I do happen to own the new places, the fan concept, and… well anything else that Valve doesn't. XD

Sum up so far: It seems that the infected are endless, and that there is no end to this hell hole. Things took a turn for worse when Zoey was re injured, then snagged by a smoker and hauled out into the merciless weather. Francis runs out into the downpour to save Zoey, but instead he is overtaken by masses of infected. Now as he fights to fend for himself, Zoey is dying. Can any of the survivors escape, alive? Read to find out! This is just the beginning of Hell.

Sorry for a very short chappy. ^-^;

I can't freakin' see! The damn rain has nailed my eyes shut. I've got these damn bastards biting and scratching the living shit out of me, and Zoey is still out there. "Dammit!" There's just too many of these goddamn assholes, I can't shoot all of them but I can't shove the shit out of them forever. Damn, where are you Zoey? I've only known you for such a short time, but I…. You just can't die on me, you're too strong for that…

Infected continued to encircle me, this was a terrorizing maush pit that I never wanted to be part of. There's just too fucking many, I can't stand it any longer! Suddenly the rain died a little, enough to see Zoey dangling by a smoker's tongue.

"Fran..cis..?" She barely said my name out.

There she is! Good, she's still alive. Quickly, I smacked the horde off long enough to aim at the smoker's head. "Zoey, prepare for a rough landing!" I shout to her, them blow the smoker's head to pieces. Zoey dropped like a rock, I just hope she can deal with the pain considering she's on pain pills. The horde came back in a wave, I'd almost forgot about them. Shit! I just realized, she has no weapons on her. Having no weapons in this shit city of hell is practically suicidal, she needs a weapon! My pistol, I thought. I'm not using it anyways. Quickly, I shove the infected away and head towards her general direction. As I reached the edge of the building, I pull out the pistol. I turn around for a split second and seen Zoey standing there holding her stomach, and by the look on her face she's not alone down there. "Catch darlin'!" I shout as I toss it down to her. Luckily she caught it, that was some relief.

"Thanks!" She shouted back. I could barely hear her, since all of the infected's moaning and groaning muffled out her voice. But I did, and I wanted to reply back but there's too much shit to worry about now.

Wuuurrrrrgggghhh! A hunter roars out, and he's close by. Too close.

"Hunter!" I heard Louis scream, but I can't see him, I am too busy killing the infected.

I am sure Louis okay, but what about Bill? I haven't heard from him in a while, that concerns me. The last time that I did hear from him was when he was screaming in total blood curdling agony, enough to make me sick. Where in the hell is he! That's it, someone has got to find Bill and quick! Luckily, Zoey has climbed back up here. Thank God! She can find Bill, I've already killed most of the goddamn infected hording around me. I might be able to help too, as soon as I finish off the rest of these bastards. "Zoey, go find Bill!"

"Bill?" She asked. Showing some obvious concern in her expression, I thought she would freak out, but instead she nodded and ran back towards the double door building.

She dose need a gun with ammo and better firepower, the pistol clip only holds ten rounds. It's not enough, I just hope she can get her rifle quickly. There's no telling what kinds of infected are making there way up here now. The hunter growled again, but I still couldn't find him. We are fucking screwed!

Zoey jumps through the window and run towards me, holding up her blooded rifle. She was supposed to look for Bill, why is she coming after me? Then I see a large figure making it's way through the infected in my direction, it's a boomer.

"Bluuuggghhhh!" The boomer spit up vomit all over me, disgusting and sickening!

"Ah Shit!" The damn thing had upchucked all over my vest, that fucking infected is going to die! The bile let off a nauseating wave that ran through my nose, burning my nostrils and making my head spin. Now I couldn't see again, I am getting tired of all of this shit! I wipe the vomit off of my favorite vest, but a lot of the bile continued to cling on. I was going to shoot the damn boomer, but Zoey ran at it and slammed her auto shot against the special infected's bloated stomach. It stumbled back a few steps before exploding like an erupting volcano, blood and bile shot in every direction coating Zoey in the process.

"Ugghhh! Yuck!" She constantly wiped her face, trying to clear her vision. Then Louis comes running up to her.

"Oh I am so sorry Zoey. Oh God, I'm sorry!" Being apologetic right now was not helping the situation, Bill is out there on his own and I bet he's in a lot of trouble.

"It's okay! Just keep the infected away from me." Zoey wiped her eyes, clearing up her vision just a little.

"Hey, move towards Francis! This way I can help the both of you." He shouted.

"What about Bill?"

"I don't know where he's at! The last time I saw him was at the bottom of the ramp, but he's no longer there!"

Shit! You left him alone for one minute and now he's gone? Idiot! The hunter started to growl again. I am going to kill that little bastard as soon as he rears his ugly little head, I know he's waiting for the right moment to strike. Smart bastards! Zoey makes her way over to me as the infected storm out of nowhere, tons hording around us. You better help us out Louis! Zoey stops midway, looking sicker than hell. I grab her arm and pull her towards me up against the wall. God where is Bill?! We need a fucking miracle!

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