You've Got Mail

By Tvrox (Margaret) and Sweetangel251 (Lauren)

Disclaimer: We own nothing, but we wish we did, and now we know the characters well enough that we could play Rory and Tristan if they asked us too!

Author's Note: These emails and conversations were not just made up. This fic has been in the works for about two weeks, and the two of us actually created the AOL screen names and pretended we were Rory and Tristan. We worked very hard, and we hope you enjoy reading as much as we enjoyed creating. We also would like to know if you liked it (hint hint nudge nudge).

Subj: This is Rory

Date: 1/3/02 12:25:38 PM Eastern Standard Time

From: Readergurl108

To: Militaryboy17

Hi Tristan~

This is Rory Gilmore. I got your new screen name from Paris. So, how's military school going? Chilton is just great. Actually, it's a lot better since you aren't there to bug me anymore. No, I'm j/k.

I've got to go, my mom needs help at the inn.

Oh, one more thing, when you left the day of the play, you said you wanted to kiss me, why?


Subj: Re: This is Rory

Date: 1/3/02 1:49:23 PM Eastern Standard Time

From: Militaryboy17

To: Readergurl108


Nice to hear from you. Military school is worse than chilton, if that's humanly possible. I've got a couple of good buds, but other than that, everyone and everything is completely awful.

I can't imagine you find Chilton great, but ok, you do your own thing. I hated it. You were the one good thing about it. I wanted to kiss you because I'm madly in love with you, Mary. Believe it or not, it's true.

I've got to go eat lunch now. Write back soon, Mary, you're my only contact with human civilization.

Yours Truly,

Tristan DuGrey

Subj: An Inn?

Date: 1/3/02 5:54:53 PM Eastern Standard Time

From: Militaryboy17

To: Readergurl108


I forgot to mention this in my other email. Does your mom work at an inn or something? You never told me about that. Also, I'd love to know what's going on at Chilton and in Stars Hollow. Fill me in when you write back, which, by the way, I want you to do very soon.

Yours Truly,



Subj: Re: An Inn?

Date: 1/4/02 3:08:48 PM Eastern Standard Time

From: mailto:Readergurl108Readergurl108

To: Militaryboy17


I'm sorry that I didn't write back, but I was really busy helping my mom at the inn (Yes, she works at an inn- she's the manager of it. I practically grew up there.) Ok, so that's not completely true. I also didn't write back because I didn't know what to say to you being in love with me. And I still don't, so I'm sorry if I avoid that subject.

Anyways, I have trouble believing that I'm your only connection to the outside world, but if you say I am... Oh! You should have seen Paris' face when the staff instructor of the newspaper gave me the lead story this week instead of her. It was great!

Ugh~ I g2g. My mom's insisting we go to Luke's (that's the diner in town). I'll be back later.

~Rory (NOT Mary)

Date: 1/4/02 3:32:15 PM Eastern Standard Time

Readergurl108: hi

Militaryboy17: Rory! I just got your email.

Readergurl108: good. i was just shopping on

Militaryboy17: for what?

Readergurl108: ummm...let's see...BOOKS!

Militaryboy17: figures. i know you too well

Militaryboy17: what are you reading right now.

Readergurl108: actually, i'm in between books. that's why i was shopping. u?

Militaryboy17: i actually don't have much time to read, and when i do, i cant think of a good book. any reccomendations?

Readergurl108: hmmm...i'm trying to think...i'm at a loss of any really good books at the moment, but i'll let u know later

Militaryboy17: ok.

Militaryboy17: congratulations on the paper thing.

Readergurl108: thank u! i was very excited!

Readergurl108: how have u been though?

Militaryboy17: as good as i can be, i guess. i probably better get going, though.

Readergurl108: ok

Readergurl108: i guess i'll ttyl

Militaryboy17: bye.

Readergurl108: bye tristan

Date: 1/4/02 10:45:32 PM Eastern Standard Time

Militaryboy17: hello rory

Readergurl108: hey tristan

Readergurl108: i was just going to send you an e-mail

Militaryboy17: really? same here. great minds think alike

Readergurl108: just as long as you're admitting that my mind is great, i don't care that you think yours is too

Militaryboy17: im hurt

Militaryboy17: that you would say such a thing

Militaryboy17: to a wonderful guy like me

Readergurl108: excuse me while i throw up

Readergurl108: your enormous ego is making me sick

Militaryboy17: my ego? what ego? im just being Tristan DuGrey

Readergurl108: ah~ yes, and the ego comes along w/ that

Militaryboy17: whatever you say, mary.

Readergurl108: but i'll be nice to you, cuz i know that you're all by yourself out in military school

Militaryboy17: haha. how sweet of you.

Readergurl108: hey, i said i'd be nice, but only if you stop calling me mary!

Militaryboy17: ill try my best

Readergurl108: i'm a sweet girl, you should know that

Readergurl108: :-)

Militaryboy17: ha! who's got an ego now?

Readergurl108: i'm going to ignore that

Militaryboy17: that's not a good philosophy towards life

Readergurl108: and why not?

Militaryboy17: because if you ignore the things around you, you become ignorant (duh, tristan, ok, let me think of better phrasing)

Readergurl108: yes, but there are some things in life that you have to ignore, because otherwise you will go crazy

Militaryboy17: it alters your outlook on life to the point that you could become a hermit who's also a member of the dark side.

Militaryboy17: by the way, cute buddy icon. [AN: It's a book]

Readergurl108: that's true~ but most people don't take it to that extreme

Readergurl108: and thank you, i was wondering when you were going to comment on my buddy icon

Militaryboy17: well, you never know what could happen

Readergurl108: that's true. you never know.

Militaryboy17: it actually only just appeared, which is why i didn't comment on it

Readergurl108: i know...i figured that

Militaryboy17: can you see mine?

Readergurl108: not yet

Readergurl108: i'm sure i'll be able to in a minute

Militaryboy17: what a shame.

Readergurl108: oh, now i can

Readergurl108: and it's very...well, very YOU [AN: It's a cute little green alien]

Militaryboy17: haha

Readergurl108: :-)

Militaryboy17: i better get going, they wake us up at like five am around here, but ill talk to you soon!

Readergurl108: oh, jeese, i'm sorry for keeping you up

Readergurl108: but yeah, i'll talk to you soon

Readergurl108: bye

Militaryboy17: oh no don't worry about it, bye

Readergurl108: bye tristan

Subj: hi...

Date: 1/5/02 1:04:19 PM Eastern Standard Time

From: Readergurl108

To: Militaryboy17

Hi Tristan~

I'm not really sure what I'm doing right now, but it's been driving me crazy. I haven't been able to sleep, Mom is worried about me, Lane thinks I'm crazy, even Luke was worried that Dean had hurt me again or something.

I don't really know if what I'm saying is making any sense, so I'm sorry. And I can't believe I'm even going to discuss this with you, but I feel like I have to.

Tristan, did you really mean it when you said you loved me? And I'm serious, this isn't something to kid around about or to tease me about. I need to know.

Oh, did I mention before that Dean and I broke up last month? Cuz we did.


Subj: Re: hi...

Date: 1/5/02 10:44:56 PM Eastern Standard Time

From: mailto:Militaryboy17Militaryboy17

To: mailto:Readergurl108Readergurl108


I meant every word I said when I told you I was in love with you. I figured I'd let time tell in your case, that eventually you'd realize that you loved me too. Do you love me?

Yours Truly, Tristan

Date: 1/5/02 11:46:30 PM Eastern Standard Time

Militaryboy17: hi. did you get my email?

Readergurl108: ummm~ yeah. wow...i...uh...i just read it

Militaryboy17: and...?

Readergurl108: don't know how to answer it...i mean, i feel like i'm just getting to know you

Readergurl108: and i like the new you A LOT. really, i do...but i need some time

Readergurl108: to think

Militaryboy17: take as much time as you need

Readergurl108: alright...hey, is there any chance that you'll be coming to the area for like a visit sometime?

Militaryboy17: um, i'm not really sure. maybe for a long weekend or something.

Readergurl108: really? cuz i would like to spend some time with the "new" tristan that i'm getting to know. if you ever are coming, let me know.

Militaryboy17: absolutely.

Readergurl108: ok...good :-)

Readergurl108: so, how was your day?

Militaryboy17: not too bad for military school

Readergurl108: that's good!

Militaryboy17: so, how is chilton?

Readergurl108: chilton...what can i say? it's alright, i guess.

Militaryboy17: ok...

Militaryboy17: we're running out of things to talk about. save the conversation, rory!

Readergurl108 [11:24 PM]: wow, i actually feel like i can trust you...this is weird...

Readergurl108 [11:24 PM]: anyways, did you ever hear about how my mom and mr. medina were engaged?

Militaryboy17 [11:24 PM]: no, i never did.

Militaryboy17 [11:25 PM]: were they really?

Readergurl108 [11:25 PM]: and you can't tell anyone any of this, please tristan~ remember that i'm trusting you as a really good friend

Readergurl108 [11:25 PM]: yes! they were. and then right before their wedding my mom got scared and we went off on a road trip.

Readergurl108 [11:26 PM]: actually~ i don't know if my mom was scared, she just knew she couldn't go through with the wedding

Militaryboy17 [11:26 PM]: wow.

Readergurl108 [11:27 PM]: SO, now things are incredibly weird between mr. medina and me. it's so weird seeing him. i mean, he was going to be my STEPFATHER! that's pretty major.

Militaryboy17 [11:28 PM]: wow, poor you. you should try to talk things over with him. i mean, aren't you still in his class? that's gotta be awful

Readergurl108 [11:28 PM]: yeah, it is pretty awful...but i totally respect my mom's decision~ even if it did come a little late

Militaryboy17 [11:29 PM]: so-will you take my advice and try to talk to him?

Readergurl108 [11:29 PM]: well...i'm not sure...but you're probably right...

Readergurl108 [11:29 PM]: yeah, i will

Readergurl108 [11:29 PM]: but it might take a little while to get up the courage

Militaryboy17 [11:30 PM]: oh, you can do it. i believe in you (i know that's cheezy, but it's also true.)

Readergurl108 [11:30 PM]: and i'll have to talk to my mom first, cuz you have to understand that my mom's the most important person to me and i would never do anything she truly felt uncomfortable about me doing

Readergurl108 [11:31 PM]: thanks for believing in me...and it may be cheezy...but it's sweet and i appreciate it

Militaryboy17 [11:31 PM]: of course.

Militaryboy17 [11:31 PM]: and thank you

Readergurl108 [11:31 PM]: you're welcome :-)

Readergurl108 [11:32 PM]: thank you for listening and trying to help tristan

Readergurl108 [11:32 PM]: i appreciate it more than i can explain

Militaryboy17 [11:32 PM]: no prob

Readergurl108 [11:33 PM]: you have any major problems or catastrophies going on in your life?

Readergurl108 [11:33 PM]: lol

Militaryboy17 [11:33 PM]: not currently, except i really wish i could come home.

Readergurl108 [11:34 PM]: yeah...i never thought i would say this...but so do i

Militaryboy17 [11:34 PM]: i'm flattered.

Readergurl108 [11:35 PM]: ahhh~ don't get all "old" tristan on me! lol~ i'm just kidding

Readergurl108 [11:35 PM]: i didn't insult you, did i?

Militaryboy17 [11:36 PM]: not really. im still not quite used to you caring whether or not you did. new tristan is allowed to be flattered once in awhile--isn't he?

Readergurl108 [11:37 PM]: haha~ of course. EVERYONE is allowed to be flattered! and i did care before, it's just you made it kind of hard, cuz for some reason you weren't all that nice to me

Militaryboy17 [11:38 PM]: it was just that i didn't quite know how to act-- now that we aren't face to face i have a much easier time.

Readergurl108 [11:38 PM]: i can understand that. it makes things easier, doesn't it?

Militaryboy17 [11:39 PM]: alot. i just hope new tristan will remain himself if i ever come home.

Readergurl108 [11:41 PM]: look, to make sure that you stay just as sweet as you are being right now~ just be yourself! it would make things easier! you don't have to act a certain way around me to get me to like you. chances are, if you try that way, i probably won't like you. just be the person you really are on the inside. that's what counts. and i know how cheezy that sounds, but it's important to me.

Militaryboy17 [11:41 PM]: wow. that took you a long time to type. i was wondering if you were still there. but thanks.

Readergurl108 [11:42 PM]: did that make any sense? all i'm trying to say, is that i want you to be yourself! not someone that you think everyone else wants you to be.

Readergurl108 [11:42 PM]: haha~ yeah, i did. but i really wanted to get my point across.

Readergurl108 [11:42 PM]: and you're welcome.

Militaryboy17 [11:43 PM]: i understand. old tristan was only trying to get you to like him. now that he's succeeded--well enough for the time being--he's better.

Readergurl108 [11:44 PM]: haha~ one more thing, no more "old" tristan and "new" tristan~ i was thinking, and they're all one person and i shouldn't be making you feel like you have to change, which is what i was doing by saying i like the "new" tristan

Readergurl108 [11:44 PM]: if that makes any sense!

Militaryboy17 [11:44 PM]: kinda

Readergurl108 [11:45 PM]: haha~ i'm sorry, i guess i'm kinda tired...and i've spent all night with mom, so i'm probably starting to not make any sense most of the time...just like her

Readergurl108 [11:45 PM]: see what i mean?! event that didn't really make sense!

Readergurl108 [11:45 PM]: *even

Militaryboy17 [11:45 PM]: haha

Readergurl108 [11:45 PM]: :-)

Readergurl108 [11:47 PM]: alright, well...i hate to say this...but i have to go to bed...i'm tired and i wanna try to not be so tired when i go back to school after the weekend on monday

Militaryboy17 [11:47 PM]: ok, bye

Readergurl108 [11:47 PM]: bye tristan. i can honestly say that i enjoyed our conversation

Subj: (no subject)

Date: 1/7/02 9:13:46 PM Eastern Standard Time

From: Readergurl108

To: Militaryboy17


I had a completely awful day. First of all, Mom and I stayed up late watching movies last night because it was snowing, so we thought that I wouldn't have school, but of course I only had a delayed opening. SO, I've been completely exhausted all day. Mom did say I could skip school (have I mentioned that my mother's the best ever??), but I had a test in Mr. Medina's class today, and I didn't want to have to meet with him separately to take the test.

I know, I know...I was supposed to have talked to him already, but I'm having trouble. I don't know what to say and I feel so weird! HELP!!!!! Oh, and there was more to my bad day, but I'll explain later.

Anyway, how's military school life? I hope that you can come back for a visit really soon.

I have to go, more social studies homework to be done...


Subj: Re: (no subject)

Date: 1/8/02 5:24:03 PM Eastern Standard Time

From: Militaryboy17

To: Readergurl108


Military school is just about how Chilton sounds--AWFUL. There's not much else to say, except that I'm probably coming home for a long weekend either this weekend or next.

I want to hear about the rest of your bad day, so write back soon!

Yours Truly,


Subj: Re: (no subject)

Date: 1/8/02 9:50:41 PM Eastern Standard Time

From: Readergurl108

To: Militaryboy17Militaryboy17


I hope you come home soon!!!!! Even if it is only for a little while!

Forget about my bad day, I'll get over it. Plus, my mom helped make me feel better: she even attempted baking for me! As terrifying as my mother's cooking is, she made an effort and was so sweet.

I wanna write more, but I have to sleep! I'm exhausted.


Date: 1-10-02 5:02 PM Eastern Standard Time

Readergurl108 [5:02 PM]: hey tristan!

Militaryboy17 [5:02 PM]: hey! guess what?

Readergurl108 [5:03 PM]: what?

Militaryboy17 [5:03 PM]: im coming home this weekend!

Readergurl108 [5:04 PM]: really????!!!!!!

Militaryboy17 [5:05 PM]: yeah! excited?

Readergurl108 [5:06 PM]: yes! i haven't seen you in a long time...and when i did see you... well, things are different now

Readergurl108 [5:06 PM]: actually, sudden realization: i will be able to see you this weekend, right?

Militaryboy17 [5:06 PM]: yeah.

Militaryboy17 [5:07 PM]: of course.

Readergurl108 [5:07 PM]: good :-)

Militaryboy17 [5:07 PM]: why wouldn't you be able to?

Readergurl108 [5:08 PM]: i don't know~ maybe you had other plans already with your friends and family

Militaryboy17 [5:08 PM]: there's no one else i would see...except my parents and i can guarantee i wont spend much time with them.

Readergurl108 [5:09 PM]: that's not true. you were like the king of chilton~ everybody loved you!

Militaryboy17 [5:09 PM]: yeah, but that doesn't necessarily mean that i loved them.

Readergurl108 [5:10 PM]: haha...yeah, i guess you're right. so you're actually saying that you'd rather spend time with me than with all of your old friends?

Militaryboy17 [5:10 PM]: well, yeah.

Readergurl108 [5:11 PM]: wow... i have to say i'm surprised...

Militaryboy17 [5:12 PM]: you shouldn't be. remember, even though im letting time tell, im still in love with you

Readergurl108 [5:13 PM]: i'm kinda speechless right now...but anyways...we have so much to plan!

Militaryboy17 [5:14 PM]: like what?

Readergurl108 [5:14 PM]: we have to figure out what we're going to do, where we're going to go, whether you come to stars hollow or i go to hartford, when you're going to meet my best friend...that kinda stuff

Readergurl108 [5:14 PM]: :-)

Militaryboy17 [5:15 PM]: AHHH! HELP! TOO MUCH PLANNING!

Readergurl108 [5:16 PM]: ugh~ planning is good! it helps people organize!

Militaryboy17 [5:16 PM]: why cant we just be spontaneous?

Militaryboy17 [5:17 PM]: spontenaeity is my trademark. my middle name is spontenaeity

Readergurl108 [5:18 PM]: you sound just like my mother! whenever we go on a road trip she won't even let me near a map!

Readergurl108 [5:18 PM]: oh speaking of my mother, you have to meet her, too. and she is not going to like you. we had both previously classified you and paris as spawns of the devil.

Readergurl108 [5:19 PM]: and you better not try your charms on her, cuz i can guarantee they won't work

Militaryboy17 [5:19 PM]: haha. okay, so if you're used to spontenaeity, then why not stick to it?

Readergurl108 [5:21 PM]: alright...but why must you make things difficult! can i just plan a little bit...pleeeeeease...

Militaryboy17 [5:21 PM]: fine, just a little bit, but you do it.

Readergurl108 [5:21 PM]: oh, if you could see my face right now, i'm begging...

Readergurl108 [5:21 PM]: THANK YOU!

Readergurl108 [5:21 PM]: you're the best!

Readergurl108 [5:21 PM]: ack~ i didn't just say that!

Militaryboy17 [5:22 PM]: haha!

Militaryboy17 [5:25 PM]: so, what sort of planning are you doing?

Readergurl108 [5:25 PM]: depends...i need your opinion on some things... Militaryboy17 [5:26 PM]: like?

Readergurl108 [5:27 PM]: well...i've already decided that you're coming to stars what day do you want to come?

Militaryboy17 [5:27 PM]: um, i really don't care that much.

Militaryboy17 [5:28 PM]: up to you.

Readergurl108 [5:28 PM]: tristan!!!! i need to know!!!!!!!!!!

Militaryboy17 [5:29 PM]: oh boy, decisions, decisions.....saturday?

Readergurl108 [5:29 PM]: saturday works...

Militaryboy17 [5:29 PM]: good.

Militaryboy17 [5:29 PM]: what else do you need my opinion on?

Readergurl108 [5:29 PM]: well...what kinds of things do you like to do?

Militaryboy17 [5:30 PM]: um, whatever

Readergurl108 [5:31 PM]: alright, well what time can you come over saturday?

Readergurl108 [5:31 PM]: that'll help me plan

Militaryboy17 [5:31 PM]: um, like lunchtime?

Readergurl108 [5:31 PM]: so how about you come over at 12:30 on saturday

Readergurl108 [5:32 PM]: then you, my mom, and me will go to luke's for lunch

Militaryboy17 [5:32 PM]: sure that's fine.

Readergurl108 [5:33 PM]: and after luke's we can just hang out around town for a can meet my friend lane and some of the other people in town and see what goes on

Militaryboy17 [5:33 PM]: sure.

Readergurl108 [5:33 PM]: and i know that sounds boring, but it's really quite entertaining

Readergurl108 [5:34 PM]: oh, and my mother may be with us the whole time, just warning you, but i mean, she's fun

Readergurl108 [5:34 PM]: you'll like her

Readergurl108 [5:35 PM]: and then after wandering around aimlessly all afternoon, we can go out to dinner somewhere nice and fancy, even though i don't usually do that.

Readergurl108 [5:35 PM]: you have to pick the fancy restaurant though, cuz i don't know where to go

Militaryboy17 [5:35 PM]: i don't know any fancy restaurants in stars hollow.

Readergurl108 [5:36 PM]: not in stars hollow, silly. anywhere. and i know you know of some in hartford

Militaryboy17 [5:36 PM]: okay, what kind of food do you like?

Readergurl108 [5:36 PM]: ummm...any kind! i love food!

Readergurl108 [5:37 PM]: after dinner, if it's not too late, we can go back to my house and have a movie marathon with my mom

Militaryboy17 [5:38 PM]: okay, im not going to tell you where we're going. ill surprise you. just dress fancy

Readergurl108 [5:38 PM]: ok! i love surprises!

Readergurl108 [5:39 PM]: except, i would prefer if i knew what the surprise was most of the time...

Militaryboy17 [5:39 PM]: ? you are making no sense, my dear

Readergurl108 [5:40 PM]: you have much to learn about me...i often go on for long periods without making any sense whatsoever

Militaryboy17 [5:41 PM]: clearly stated by the previous remark.

Readergurl108 [5:41 PM]: :-) yup

Militaryboy17 [5:43 PM]: so.....running out of stuff to talk about.......

Readergurl108 [5:43 PM]: haha...yeah...oh...wait no!

Readergurl108 [5:43 PM]: hah! i have come up with a topic!

Readergurl108 [5:44 PM]: i just started reading a book that you might like. of course, i just started it, so i'm not sure yet, but do you want the title?

Militaryboy17 [5:45 PM]: sure.

Militaryboy17 [5:46 PM]: what's the title?

Readergurl108 [5:47 PM]: it's called The Pelican Brief by John Grisham

Militaryboy17 [5:47 PM]: hmm...

Readergurl108 [5:49 PM]: it's was actually made into a movie that julia roberts starred in

Militaryboy17 [5:49 PM]: really?

Militaryboy17 [5:49 PM]: a recent one?

Readergurl108 [5:50 PM]: was made a while ago

Militaryboy17 [5:50 PM]: oh.

Militaryboy17 [5:51 PM]: brb

Readergurl108 [5:51 PM]: ok

Militaryboy17 [5:52 PM]: alright im back.

Militaryboy17 [5:52 PM]: hey, i have a really off topic question.

Readergurl108 [5:52 PM]: ok...shoot...

Militaryboy17 [5:52 PM]: alright im back.

Militaryboy17 [5:52 PM]: hey, i have a really off topic question.

Readergurl108 [5:52 PM]: ok...shoot...

Militaryboy17 [5:54 PM]: do you pronounce the "ei" in either like an "i" or like an "e"?

Readergurl108 [5:56 PM]: well, i usually pronounce it as an "e"

Militaryboy17 [5:57 PM]: yeah, same here. did you know it's prober to say it like an "i"

Readergurl108 [5:57 PM]: is it really?

Readergurl108 [5:57 PM]: hmmm...i'll have to start that...

Militaryboy17 [5:58 PM]: yeah, me too. also, how do you personally spell theater?

Readergurl108 [5:58 PM]: theater

Readergurl108 [5:59 PM]: but in this book i read about shakespeare they had it as "theatre"

Militaryboy17 [5:59 PM]: did you know that's the proper way, not just for british people?

Militaryboy17 [6:00 PM]: i heard that recently and started spelling it that way.

Readergurl108 [6:00 PM]: hmmm...interesting...definately a good english

Militaryboy17 [6:01 PM]: i think im going to make my lifetime goal perfecting my speech

Militaryboy17 [6:01 PM]: and my grammar and stuff

Militaryboy17 [6:01 PM]: or maybe not quite my lifetime goal, but still...

Readergurl108 [6:01 PM]: yes, well if that's your lifetime goal, i'd stop using the word "stuff" if i were you...

Readergurl108 [6:01 PM]: :-)

Militaryboy17 [6:03 PM]: haha! how rory-ish!

Readergurl108 [6:05 PM]: should probably expect that, seeing as how I'M rory...:-)

Militaryboy17 [6:05 PM]: guess what?

Readergurl108 [6:05 PM]: what?

Militaryboy17 [6:06 PM]: that was grammatically incorrect *smirk*

Readergurl108 [6:07 PM]: tristan...

Readergurl108 [6:07 PM]: ugh!

Militaryboy17 [6:08 PM]: im sorry, im pursuing my lifetime goal.

Readergurl108 [6:09 PM]: oh god...i'm never going to hear the end of that!

Militaryboy17 [6:09 PM]: haha, no, ill stop.

Readergurl108 [6:10 PM]: ok...thank god!

Readergurl108 [6:11 PM]: i'm so excited that you're coming home! even if it is just for the weekend!

Militaryboy17 [6:11 PM]: im excited too!

Readergurl108 [6:11 PM]: we are going to have so much fun! wait...why are you coming home anyway? i almost forgot to ask

Militaryboy17 [6:12 PM]: so i can see you, of course!

Readergurl108 [6:13 PM]: haha...thank you, that's sweet...but i meant why are they letting you come home?

Militaryboy17 [6:13 PM]: i guess because im doing well...i dunno

Readergurl108 [6:14 PM]: that's great...does that mean they'll be letting you come home more often?

Militaryboy17 [6:15 PM]: i don't know, i think it's just kinda you know, the semester's over, i did well, so i come home.

Readergurl108 [6:16 PM]: do you get to come home on holidays?

Militaryboy17 [6:17 PM]: yeah, but not all of the holidays. brb

Readergurl108 [6:17 PM]: hurry up and get back tristan...i have to go eat wants to go to luke's

Militaryboy17 [6:18 PM]: im sorry.

Readergurl108 [6:18 PM]: it's ok...but i have to go right now...before my mom dies of withdrawel from coffee

Militaryboy17 [6:18 PM]: if you have to go, then ill talk to you soon

Readergurl108 [6:19 PM]: alright...bye tristan! can't wait for saturday!