You've Got Mail, Chapter 9 By Margaret (tvrox) and Lauren (sweetangel251)

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Author's Note: Finally, You've Got Mail has a ninth-and we are sad to say final-chapter. We said in the last chapter that there was no point in having it be called "You've Got Mail" but we realized that there actually is a point, so here goes. We are very sad to leave you all. This is especially emotional for Margaret, who has never finished a fic before in her life. But we hope that if you miss us you'll go read First Kiss, which is not done yet, and equally good, or, perhaps our Friends fic, Two Steps Forward, One Step Back. You'll get a lot of mileage out of that one; it's got a long way to go. If you like insanity, go read the fic by Margaret and her cousin called "Untitled" under their username bluefroggy. It's very long and there are plans to make it much longer.

Anyway, this chapter skips ten years into the future, and we figure that it would behoove you to know what's going on. Here's a little fill-in:

Lorelai and Luke were married, and they now have two boys, Steven (Stevie), who's five, and Kyle, who's two. They live in Lorelai and Rory's old house in Stars Hollow, and Luke still has the diner.

Tristan left military school and returned to Chilton for senior year, so that he could take the SAT's and get into a good college. They went to college together (Harvard, Yale, etc, you pick). After college, they got married, and they now have a three-year-old daughter named Isabella. Tristan is a lawyer. He doesn't make a huge amount, but he makes good money. They live in Hartford, and they see Lorelai, Luke, and the boys quite often.

Sookie and Jackson are married, and have two kids, a girl and a boy. Jessica (Jessie) is seven, and Adam is five. They still live in Stars Hollow and Adam and Stevie often play together.

Lorelai and Sookie got their inn, but they don't work there full time, because they have to take care of their kids. Sookie goes in every evening to cook dinner for the Inn guests, and Lorelai, who's the manager, goes in a couple of days a week. Their inn is near Hartford.

There, I guess you're pretty much caught up. Now, the chapter! ~*~ It was three-thirty, and Lorelai and Sookie were driving to Hartford in Lorelai's car. They went together every day. Lorelai and Sookie would go to Chilton to pick up Jessie, and then, on the way back to Stars Hollow, Lorelai would drop Sookie off at the Inn. Then she would take Jessie back to her house and run a sort of a day care until the evening when Sookie got home.

This mid-September afternoon was different, though. Because today, they weren't just picking up Jessie; they were picking up Adam and Stevie as well. It was their first day at Chilton.

When Sookie and Lorelai drove up, Jessie, Stevie, and Adam were waiting outside the building.

The three children piled into the car.

"So, boys, how was your first day at school?" asked Sookie.

Stevie, who took after his mother, and was extremely talkative, spoke up.

"It was so cool! Our teacher was pretty strict, but awfully nice!"

"Really?" asked Lorelai. "What was her name?"

"Ms. Lindner," said Adam. ~*~ A couple of hours later, Rory and Tristan were at their house. Tristan had just arrived home from work. Isabella was in the living room watching Dragon Tales, and Rory and Tristan were sitting at the kitchen table talking.

"Ror, I've got some slightly unfortunate news," said Tristan.

"What's wrong, Tris?"

"Nothing's wrong, it's just that...I've got to go away on business to Phoenix for a few days."

"Oh, Tristan, do you have to go? You've never been away on business before! Things won't run smoothly without the man of the house to oversee them," she said sadly. Then she brightened a bit. "Isabella and I will come with you!" she said. It's not that big of a sacrifice, we can afford the plane tickets, and I don't work, and Isabella has no school!"

"Ror, I'm sorry, they specifically said that you and she couldn't come. It's just three days, it'll be okay."

"Oh, Tris, I'm worried," said Rory. Isabella promptly walked into the room.

"Why are you worried, Mommy? Did something bad happen?" asked Isabella. Most three-year-olds didn't have as large a vocabulary, but, taking after her parents, Isabella was a very precocious child.

She was small for her age. She had Rory's deep blue eyes and light brown hair almost halfway between the colors of Tristan's hair and Rory's. She was very reserved, calm, and sensitive most of the time, but like her mother and grandmother, when she wanted her way, throwing a tantrum came very easily to Isabella.

Today, her hair was in pigtails. She was wearing a white turtleneck and a flowered jumper, white socks, and red Mary Jane shoes. Rory bent down and hugged her young daughter. "No, angel, nothing bad happened. Daddy has to go away for a few days. That's all."

"Oh," said Isabella calmly. Rory put her down, thankful that this moment could end quietly-or so she thought. As soon as her feet touched the ground, Isabella burst into tears.

"DADDY!" she cried. "You can't leave! We'll be all lonely without you! It'll be all sad and horrible and....sad!" Tristan picked up the little girl and comforted her.

"Sweetheart, it's okay. I'm only going to be gone for three days, and I'll send you and Mommy emails."

"What are emails?" Isabella asked innocently.

"Emails are letters, but on the computer," replied Tristan.

"Oh," said Isabella. 'Oh' was one of her favorite things to say. "Then I can read them!"

Isabella was just learning to read. She could only read a few words, but with her mother's help, she could sound out almost anything.

(A/N: Yes, we know she's only three. This is Margaret writing, and I don't know about Lauren, but I was reading by a very young age. I read my first picture book from cover to cover when I was just a little over three.)

"Okay, honey, you go play now," said Tristan. He gave his daughter a kiss on the forehead and placed her down on the floor again. She ran off to her room.

"Did you mean that, Tristan?" asked Rory. "About the emails?"

"Sure!" he replied. "It'll be just like old times, remember, when you were at Chilton and I was in Military School, and we used to email sappy love notes back and forth?"

Rory smiled. "Yeah, we had some good times." ~*~ That Friday, Tristan was in Phoenix. Lorelai and Rory had continued the tradition of mother-daughter dinners every Friday at seven, but these dinners at Lorelai and Luke's in Stars Hollow were anticipated, not dreaded.

At six-fifteen, Rory and Isabella got in the car and began to drive to Hartford.

'Gosh,' thought Rory. 'I haven't driven this route in ages. Tristan always drove.'

They arrived, and had a very pleasant and uplifting dinner with Lorelai, Luke, Stevie, and Kyle. It was just what Rory had needed to lift her out of her glum mood that had been brought on by Tristan's departure.

Later that evening, Rory and Isabella were back at their house in Hartford. Isabella was all ready for bed, and Rory was tucking her in.

"Mommy, I miss Daddy," said Isabella.

"Me too, Isa, me too. But don't worry; he'll be back in just a couple days." (A/N: I, Margaret, used to know a girl named Isabella, and she was called Isa. I'm not that great at pronunciation guides, but if I'm right, it's pronounced EE-sah.)

"Okay. Goodnight, Mommy."

"Goodnight, angel," said Rory as she hugged her daughter. She turned out the light and softly closed the door.

She walked down and turned on the computer. She opened AOL.

"Gosh," she said to herself as she signed on to Readergurl108, "it must be ten years since I used this screen name."

She was all alone. Isabella was asleep, and Tristan was gone. She had no one to talk to, nobody to keep her company.

But just then, three words brightened her evening and filled her heart with hope. Everything would be all right now, she knew it.

"You've Got Mail," said the computer ~*~ A/N: That's it. *wipes tears* That's the end of YGM. No more...unless you somehow persuade us to right a sequel, which is very likely not happening. Thanks for everybody who's supported us, especially the people who've reviewed multiple times.

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