AN: Okay, so I got bored. I've just seen Eclipse (few days ago by now) and skimming through Breaking Dawn and I really missed the vampires. And by the way, I was very pleased with the added Jasper and Alice time in the movie. Why show only Bella, Edward and Jake when there are so many more entertaining vamps?

This is just an ultra small insight right after Alice and Jasper leave the Cullen's. Bear in mind that I wrote this in less than five minutes and I'm not the best in grammar but I hope I did a decent job. And now my note is as long as the story…


I kept a tight hold on Jasper's hand as we ran before dropping it when we reached the edge of the forest. I turned to him to find a confused expression waiting for me.

"Alice, what-"

"Wait here," I told him, crossing the wood before reaching the tiny cottage and pushing myself inside.

I grabbed the worn paperback from the bookshelf and flipped it open. I scribbled my message before tearing a piece of the first page to write the hardest note I've ever written. I felt like my hand would start to shake at any time. They would think we just ran away. That we didn't care.

But I closed my mind off to such thoughts. Jasper and I had to leave. Edward would have known if we stayed another minute. He couldn't know. Not yet. We'd see them again. I was certain. Or at least I thought so. The future changes too fast.

I put the book back and raced through the forest to find Jazz waiting for me. He didn't say a word as we ran to the reservation but I could feel his curiosity pouring out from him.

We reached the line within minutes. Jazz turned towards me, wanting to know out next move.

"Sam?" I called out. I heard heavy footsteps around us. The pack was here but not too close. Sam chose to show himself in his human form. We didn't have time for delays.


"May we have permission to cross your land into the ocean?" He didn't hesitate for long.

"Alright. I'll escort you down myself." We started for the water.

"It is with utmost importance that you say nothing to Jacob about this before you've spoken to Carlisle. Wait here for them and when they arrive, give them this." I pushed the note his way. "You must obey as if our lives depend on it," I spoke seriously. We'd reached the water now. Sam looked serious but an underlying current of worry emanated from behind his eyes. He didn't say another word but nodded in acknowledgement to my demands.

Jasper took my hand, rubbing circles on it, trying to soothe me. But I was too nervous to be bothered.

We both bashed into the water and started swimming.