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Paraphilia: Autassassinophilia – being in life-threatening situations.

One Love

Have you ever experienced the feeling you get when you have to count on somebody else to hundred percent? The doubt, the trust, the fear and the excitement.

Uzumaki Naruto has.

In fact, he was experiencing these feelings at this moment, having to rely on his lover fully. He was currently being so thoroughly fucked that he wasn't capable of forming coherent words. His mind was a mess, and he could only let out small huffs in pleasure. His blonde hair stuck to his sweaty face, but it didn't bother him

His grip on the window frame weakened by the minute, the pleasure making him forget that he was at least thirty metres above the ground, placed on a window sill.

Thankfully, Uchiha Sasuke's grip on his hips didn't loosen. If Sasuke chose to let go of his blonde lover, Naruto would fall out through the window. One of Naruto's legs was thrown over Sasuke's broad shoulder, the other around Sasuke's waist.

"Naruto," Sasuke whispered.

Naruto moaned, throwing his head back carelessly, as if the thought of falling didn't even run through his mind. Sasuke's grip on Naruto's hips tightened, and it was the only warning Naruto got as the Uchiha pulled out. Naruto grunted in displeasure.

Sasuke's moved to pick Naruto up, but the blonde man grabbed Sasuke's shoulders harshly. Naruto tried to get out a coherent sentence, a protest so that Sasuke wouldn't pick him up and move their activities to somewhere else.

There was no need for words as Sasuke read Naruto's body language – the clawing on his back told him all he needed to know. Sasuke merely shifted their position, pushing his slick cock back inside of Naruto's asshole.

Naruto's eyes were half-lidded, and Sasuke briefly wondered if Naruto could see him at all. It was such a great feeling, Sasuke thought, to make someone else feel nothing but pleasure. The trust Naruto was showing him by being fucked in an open window on the thirteenth floor.

The friction was wonderful, the sensation of being inside Naruto made him feel complete. Yet, he refused to cum until Naruto was completely satisfied.

He let go of his lover's hips, placing one of his hands on the small of Naruto's back instead – loving the smooth skin – and the other hand on Naruto's shoulder to keep him steady. He thrust in harder, making them both jerk as Naruto let out a groan and clenched around Sasuke's dick.

Naruto pressed closer, their naked chests mere centimetres apart. One of Naruto's hands didn't leave Sasuke's inky hair, but the other left the unruly nest to touch pale skin. Naruto's warm hand moved down over Sasuke's neck, down over his collarbone...

Sasuke moaned as Naruto tweaked a nipple between his fingers. The pale hand in the small of Naruto's back slid a little. Naruto brought his other hand down from Sasuke's hair to play with the other nipple. Sasuke let out a grunt, pushing in harder.

It went fast – Sasuke's poor grip and Naruto being careless as always. The blonde almost fell out to meet a secure death, but his lover was faster. Sasuke gripped Naruto's arm, not stopping his thrusts completely. The pleasure was too intense.

Naruto let out a strangled moan, climaxing hard. He clenched around Sasuke's dick, letting out a small whine as he dove in for a lip-bruising kiss. Naruto shut his eyes, sloppily moving his wet kisses down Sasuke's face to his neck.

It was erotic, both the sound and the feeling of Naruto's hot exhales against his skin. Naruto's tongue travelling down his jaw line and to his pulse point by his ear. Pearly white teeth came out to nibble on Sasuke's earlobe.

Naruto clenched around his boyfriend's dick, moving along with the pleasurable thrusts. Even though he wouldn't be able to climax again for quite a while, he found Sasuke's cock in his ass extremely satisfying.

The Uchiha tried not to make a sound as he pushed in a few times more, spilling a generous amount of semen both in and out of Naruto. His grip on Naruto's arm tightened, his knuckles almost turning white. He buried his sweaty face in the blonde man's neck, breathing heavily.

They stayed like that for a while, before Sasuke used the last of his energy to pull out. He dragged Naruto down from the window sill, letting go of his lover's arm when he knew that Naruto was standing on the floor.

Of course, Naruto almost fell into a pile of satisfied mush.


It wasn't until a few hours later, when they had gotten dressed and were walking home from Sasuke's office that Naruto realised that something was off with his boyfriend.

Normally, Sasuke would simply ignore him and never speak a word during Naruto's ramblings. He would show Naruto that he was listening by simply being there – if Sasuke didn't want to listen, he would either walk away or tell Naruto to shut up.

So when Sasuke gave correct replies to Naruto's monologue as they walked to their apartment, the blonde became a little confused. He stopped talking and looked up at his taller lover, his features set in a frown.

"Don't do that," Sasuke muttered upon seeing Naruto's light grimace. He sounded bored, as always. It had taken Naruto a few months into their relationship to realise that Sasuke always sounded like that – happy, sad or angry.

"What's up?" Naruto asked, trying to sound nonchalant. Sasuke didn't answer, but walked to the kitchen. Naruto followed, his eyebrows knitted together in both confusion and annoyance. He watched as Sasuke unpacked the groceries that they had bought on their way home.

He knew that his little... kink... sometimes affected relationships in general – it always had – but he had thought that Sasuke understood. After all, Naruto was always up for sexual activities when Sasuke asked.

"Is this...because of me? It wasn't– it wasn't good?" Naruto couldn't help but feel a little hurt. According to him, the time in Sasuke's office was the best sex this week!

"This..." Sasuke repeated slowly as he put a carton of milk in the fridge. "This has to stop."

Naruto arched a brow, understanding but not wanting to realise. "What do you mean?" He asked, feigning confusion. He knew very well that Sasuke saw through his act.

"I talked to a psychiatrist I know, she said that there's an illness of sorts, something that is still being seen as unacceptable. Autassassinophilia... It's like paedophilia, only... different." Sasuke paused, the man realising that Naruto didn't want to hear more. "I'm tired of risking your life every time we have sex. Today was not the first time you were close to dying." Despite Sasuke's bored tone and his stone appearance, Naruto felt warmth filling his chest. "What if I hadn't caught you, Naruto?"

Naruto had to bite his tongue – the thought of Sasuke not catching him made his neither regions come alive. He walked around the kitchen island, running his fingers over the granite surface. He tried to look as innocent as possible, but both knew too well that Naruto never was innocent.

"You would never drop me," Naruto assured as he put his hands on Sasuke's chest. "Would you, Sasuke?"

"This is not just about dropping you from a window on the thirteenth floor, Naruto. This is also about every other damn time we have sex." Sasuke's tone never changed. To anyone who didn't understand Japanese, Sasuke could have been talking about the weather instead.

"Then what is this about?" Naruto's voice hinted his annoyance, but the look on his face told more.

"This is about you and me having sex in the most obscene places – like, for instance, when I'm driving a fucking car – just so you'll get an adrenaline kick."

"Bastard," Naruto muttered. Sasuke put his hands over Naruto's, lowering them from his chest. "When you say it like that you make me sound insane."

"Maybe you are." It slipped easily from Sasuke mouth. Too easily for Naruto's tastes.

"Oh yeah?" Naruto crossed his arms on his chest, tilting his head slightly as if to urge an explanation from Sasuke. "And you're not?"

Sasuke narrowed his eyes slightly, glaring dangerously at his boyfriend. He gripped Naruto's wrists, forcing the blonde to unfold his arms. "Don't try to defend yourself from me."

Naruto glared back. "I can do whatever I want," he snarled. When Sasuke's nose scrunched slightly, Naruto sighed in defeat. Usually, he was a lot more stubborn, but he felt that he couldn't risk anything.

Not when they were talking about this subject.

Instead, he would have to play another card. Making Sasuke feel guilty was hard, but once the Uchiha actually was feeling guilty... Then Naruto could do, say or get anything he wanted.

"I'm so sorry." Naruto wrapped his arms around Sasuke's neck, nuzzling his nose into Sasuke's neck. The pale skin was warm against his nose. "I should stop, I know. I'm really, really sorry."

"Yeah, you should," Sasuke agreed.

"I know I'm not normal. I hate myself."

Sasuke froze, having moved slightly to stroke Naruto's back. "What?"

Naruto didn't say anything more, but instead let go of the taller man. "I'm going to bed. I don't feel so well."

Naruto left Sasuke alone in the kitchen with their groceries, knowing that those carefully planted words would sting in Sasuke's mind for hours.


Naruto woke up an hour later, having fallen asleep while watching TV in the sofa. The feeling of Sasuke's fingers in his bright locks was amazing. He opened his eyes slowly, watching as Sasuke climbed up on the sofa.

Naruto automatically spread his legs, leaving room for Sasuke to lie. The Uchiha leaned close, pressing his lips against Naruto's.

"Let's have sex," Sasuke whispered against a tanned cheekbone. Naruto nodded slowly, wondering what they could figure out to do so there would be a small twist to it.

They shared a deep, wet kiss. Sasuke's tongue moved gorgeously with Naruto's, the smacking noise being drowned by the music played on TV. Naruto moaned when Sasuke's crotch came in contact with his own.

Sasuke hurriedly unbuttoned his jeans, zipping down. They fell easily off the pale hips, soon a mere pile on the floor. Naruto noted that Sasuke wasn't wearing any boxers. Long, tanned fingers were soon helping pale, slender fingers to unzip and unbutton Naruto's jeans.

Naruto pushed his hips up to meet Sasuke's, making them both inhale sharply, and Sasuke pulled the jeans and boxers down. Naruto skilfully moved his feet out of the garment, kicking it to the floor.

Sasuke smirked.

Naruto tried to smile back. It was impossible, though. He couldn't feel the wonderful thrill of being in immediate danger. He couldn't feel the breathtaking way he had to depend on Sasuke. He couldn't feel fantastic emotions that always filled him when he knew there was a possibility his life could end that very moment.

As Sasuke leaned over him to plant kisses on his neck, pressing him down comfortably in the soft couch, Naruto didn't feel anything.

To Be Continued

A/N: This chapter is a test chapter, nothing to take too seriously, since I want to know what you think/if I should continue or drop it/what I should think of while writing. If you haven't read the AN in the beginning, please do so now. Thanks for reading, sweeties!