Paraphilia: Hybristophilia – Criminals, particularly for cruel or outrageous crimes.

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One Love

Out in the forest of Konohagakure no Sato, there was a male prison. It held murderers, rapists, thieves and other convicts that had submitted heavy crimes. The prison was surrounded by high, cement walls.

There was a parking lot outside, only filled with cars on visitor's day, but otherwise it lay completely isolated from Konoha. Inside lay two buildings, separated by a plan of sand where the good-behaving prisoners were allowed to play basketball, baseball and the alike.

In the first building were the cells, stuffed with criminals and heavily guarded by professional guards. In the other were the cafeteria and the gym, along with the working place where criminals got to produce shirts.

Uzumaki Naruto knew all this. He knew the prison better than anyone else did. He was a very frequent visitor, after all.

It started only a year ago, when he grew tired of sex. It just didn't do it for him, lying in a bed with his legs spread. He knew that he was more interested in the male gender than the female. Porno had never been his thing either, until a close friend approached him with a video.

"I think you'll like this."

And Naruto did like it. He had no idea how his friend could have figured it out, but he would be forever grateful. Never before had he had a stronger orgasm. He asked his friend, though, how he had guessed that it would turn Naruto on.

"You've always fallen for the bad guys, Naruto."

True. Naruto always had fallen for the bad guys – he even dated an abusive guy back in last year of high school. Yet, it had been the best sex he had had so far in his life, even though it was far from satisfying.

It was his own idea to visit the prison, though. As soon as he stepped inside, he felt as if he belonged. He told the guards that he wished to visit the man in cell 271. He had, of course, already chosen his victim.

He heard about Uchiha Sasuke, the man whom had murdered his own older brother. Their entire clan had been a bunch of lunatics, Naruto had heard, as said older brother had murdered his entire family save Sasuke.

It was just a bonus that Sasuke was so good-looking.

He had been led to Sasuke's cell, and Naruto had asked the guard to leave them alone. Sasuke's cell only had one window, and that was the small one on the door. There was a mattress on the floor, but otherwise nothing.

Their first encounter was amazing, and so, Sasuke allowed Naruto to come back for regular visits.


The corridors were not very impressive, not even with the prisoners calling after him to stop by their door for a good fuck. He had walked by their cells every Sunday for several months now, and he had never encouraged them once. Yet, he had to admire them for their pathetic tries to get some.

He knew that they were well aware that he only visited one man here, and that was the stuck-up, handsome prince of Konoha prison.

"C'mon, sweetie," the prison guard called. Naruto looked up, surprised to see that they were already by the last cell in the corridor. The guard pushed up his glasses on his nose, unlocking the door. "When you're done with him, you're always welcome–"

The door was slammed open, the white metal hitting the ashen wall. The guard took a step back, automatically grabbing his baton upon the sight of Uchiha Sasuke leaning on the door frame.

"Get inside," the guard mumbled to Naruto, busy staring at Sasuke, "and I'll be back in an hour."

"Make that two," came Sasuke's bored tone. Naruto almost jumped the older man then and there, but had the self-restraint to wait. He got inside the cell, walking in behind the convict as the door was closed and locked.

The cell looked slightly different from Naruto's first visit, thanks to the blonde. He was the one that didn't want to be utterly and completely fucked in a sorely white room. It made him even dizzier when he came. Sasuke hadn't protested when Naruto put up a black and white painting of cherry trees.

Then again, Sasuke rarely spoke at all.

Naruto, having been looking at the picture, closed his bright eyes as strong arms encircled his waist. The grip was a bit uncomfortable, and Naruto scrunched his nose at the harshness in Sasuke's small act of appreciation.

"Too tight, Sasuke..."

Sasuke snorted, not really caring about the blonde man's complaints.

"I can always go to someone else if that's how you're going to be," Naruto said and wriggled his way out of Sasuke's arms. "I'm sure that–"

Naruto was pushed into the wall, his breath escaping him. Sasuke's hard body was pressed against his, the taller man looking down at him with a smirk. They both knew that Naruto wouldn't go to someone else. What they had... What they shared... It was unrivalled. Never before had they experienced something akin to this.

"Sasuke," Naruto whispered. He stood on his tiptoes, reaching Sasuke's pale lips. "Sasuke," he breathed into the older man's mouth. He pecked the Uchiha's lips, smiling mischievously. "Don't..." Naruto lazily caressed Sasuke's chest. " so harsh." Blunt fingernails raked over Sasuke's naked chest, but not hard enough to leave marks.

"You like me that way."

It was said with such certainty that Naruto immediately believed the dark-haired convict. His blonde hair fell into his eyes as he nodded slowly, agreeing with Sasuke. He hummed, licking his lips as his eyes explored Sasuke's muscles.

Pale fingers came up to brush blonde hair out of blue eyes, and then the game began.

Naruto was pushed up against the wall again, the air blown out of him as Sasuke pressed against him. Before he knew it, his shirt was on the floor and Sasuke was working on his jeans. Naruto bucked his hips towards the big, pale hands, choosing to stare up at the ceiling to control himself.

He tended to turn into a horny beast around Sasuke.

"Naruto," Sasuke whispered hotly in his ear, teeth coming out to nibble at his scarred cheek. The sharp, crystal white teeth moving over his skin to his lips. Naruto swore that Sasuke had a sick obsession with his face; always licking, biting, kissing every single centimetre of his face.

Sasuke's tongue came out, obscenely stuffing Naruto's mouth. The blonde youth put his hands on Sasuke's broad shoulders, moaning loudly in the small room. Smooth hands massaged the hipbones that poked out discreetly from under tan skin.

Sasuke tugged at Naruto's jeans, demanding. The Uchiha took a step back, their lips parting with a soft, wet sound. Naruto slid out of the clothes he had left on his body, dropping them carelessly on the floor. Those dark, narrow eyes examined the blonde. Naruto swallowed, Sasuke's piercing gaze making him feel like a prey.

He bit his lip, forcing himself not to voice his thoughts about Sasuke's great looks as the Uchiha undressed. The convict had a lovely body – beautiful muscles, covered by pale skin.

Yet, it wasn't Sasuke's body or face that had Naruto interested. To think that this man, the man about to fuck him any minute now, had done such unspeakable things was what turned Naruto on. Sasuke's hands, the hands now exploring every bit of his exposed body, had done terrible things – things that Naruto didn't normally approve of, but gave him such pleasure.

"Slut," Sasuke whispered darkly in Naruto's ear. "You come here, looking for someone to fuck, when you could get anyone you really wanted."

Naruto pressed his nose against Sasuke's jaw, breathing in the prisoner's scent. Sasuke always smelled of the cheap soap they got here in jail. The Uchiha's wet tongue ran over Naruto's cheek, tracing the scars with the tip.

A whimper escaped the blonde's lips as Sasuke's hands caressed the backside of his naked thighs. Naruto took the liberty to explore Sasuke's naked back, so smooth and gorgeous. Naruto panted harshly, trying to catch his breath as a long finger teased his asscrack and Sasuke's mouth worked on his face.

The finger, slightly damp with precum from Sasuke's cock, was probing around his asshole – almost there, not quite, but teasing, testing, playing. The mere thought of those fingers wrapped around a butcher knife doing such illegal things made Naruto moan.

Their kisses were borderline vulgar. Naruto pushed himself up against Sasuke's body, seeking some form of connection except for the hot exchange of saliva. Sasuke's tongue felt as silk against his, luring him in. The brief reflection of Sasuke's actions associated easily with the crimes in his past. Those crimes that Naruto knew everything about, wanted to know more about. He could practically taste them.

Blue eyes tried to focus. The taller man took a step back, wiping his mouth and trying to catch his breath. The only sounds in the cell were those of their hot, ragged breaths. Sasuke knew for a fact that the other prisoners could hear them clearly, but he couldn't care less.

"Get down and suck it," he demanded darkly.

Naruto gasped at the order, but immediately obeyed. He knew better than to get upset over a few commands – if he played his cards right, he always got what he wanted. And so, he kneeled down in front of Sasuke. Tan hands ran over strong thighs, his tongue coming out to lick at his lips. Sasuke's cock was standing tall from black pubes, and Naruto could practically feel the heat radiating from it.


Sasuke closed his eyes, one hand supporting him against the wall, the other caressing Naruto's cheek. The blonde wrapped his lips around the tip of the stiff erection. He sucked, swallowing the clear-white liquid that escaped the slit. It was warm, and that was all Naruto registered before leaning forward to take in more of the shaft.

One of Sasuke's hands, the one that had been caressing his scarred cheek, came up to tangle in blonde hair. Naruto groaned when the Uchiha pulled forward, trying to get his dick in deeper. When Naruto refused to budge – refused to let himself be pulled by the hair – Sasuke let out a frustrated sound and yanked Naruto away from his erection.

"Ah!" Naruto clenched his eyes shut from the pain that seeped from his hair roots to his head. He hadn't counted on Sasuke to pick up violence just because he was teasing a little.

Sasuke got down on his knees, his cock still rigid and now wet. He reached out a hand to cup Naruto's cheek, offering a sly smirk. "Did it hurt?" A mocking tone was evident in Sasuke's usually bored voice, but that wasn't something new. Instead, Naruto growled in annoyance.

"Watch it, or I might just walk out of here, you asshole." Naruto knew that he wouldn't do that, no matter how hard Sasuke hit him. While pain did nothing to turn him on, Sasuke did. Whatever Sasuke did seemed to leave a sexy vibe in the air.

"You wouldn't," Sasuke said. "You're too sweet for that."

The blonde huffed. While 'sweet' wasn't a word Naruto's friends would use to describe him, he was sweet in comparison to the criminal Uchiha. He was sweet in comparison to everyone in this building. Innocent.

Sasuke's hands were on Naruto's shoulders, pulling him closer. Tan hands explored Sasuke's hard, familiar chest. The heavy panting was soon back, Sasuke placing open-mouthed kisses on Naruto's ear. The hot tongue sneaked inside of Naruto's ear, coming out to lick the shell; teeth nibbling. Naruto moaned, his eyes closing and throwing his head back to offer more room to work on.

Sasuke made a low sound in the back of his throat, parting from his blonde lover. "On all fours," he required.

Naruto easily fell into position, his ass towards the convict. He could practically feel Sasuke's stare. He supported himself on his knees and elbows, his head falling forward in a slump-like pose. If he opened his eyes, he wouldn't see anything but the blurry floor.

He kept his eyes closed however, his breath hitching as Sasuke's hands ran over his slim back. Downwards, downwards, over his butt and down the back of his thighs. It felt so good. Spreading his cheeks, hot breath against his awaiting hole.

Naruto gasped. "Aah, mm... Nngh, Saa–"

Sasuke leaned in, the point of his nose against Naruto's skin. He opened his mouth, his salivated tongue coming out to play. Naruto let out a startled sound, bucking backwards, as Sasuke licked over the pink hole. Eagerly, as if having been waiting for this moment for ages, Sasuke played with the blonde's crack.

Naruto moaned, his breath hitching and his mind fogging. He couldn't think clearly. Pleasure was written all over his face, body. The convict behind him was giving him such blissful feelings that he had to force himself not to fall into a heap of drooling limbs. Naruto was sure that Sasuke would be very angry if he suddenly gave out during their sexy time.

Sasuke groaned, licking and lapping for all he was worth. He brought one of his big hands down over his chest, passing his belly button and coming down to grab his large organ. His tongue quivered the tiniest bit when his hand squeezed firmly around his hard shaft. His dark eyes fluttered shut, only to open a second later when Naruto let out an arousing sound.

Sasuke retreated his wet muscle from Naruto's ass, knowing that the blonde would cum any minute if they continued. He gave himself a slow stroke before putting both hands on Naruto's smooth butt, feeling and steadying himself. Naruto inhaled deeply as the tongue disappeared.

The temperature in the room was steadily going up, their hot breaths and moist bodies radiating warmth.

"C'mon, c'mon," Naruto chanted impatiently and pushed back into Sasuke's large hands. The Uchiha didn't answer, but bared his teeth in annoyance. He grabbed his pulsating manhood with his right hand, giving Naruto a spank with the other.

"Spread your legs."

Naruto spread his legs, coming closer to the floor, eager for what was to come. His cheeks were burning, and he had a hard time keeping his mind somewhat clear. He knew better than to let Sasuke have his way with him. Of course, it would lead to incredible pleasure – but the consequences were a pain in the ass. Literally.

The wet tip of Sasuke's straining cock pushed against Naruto's hole, teasing and mocking. Naruto leaned forward, one of his long arms reaching for his jacket. With blurry eyes, he managed to get out the lubricant he always brought.

"S-S...aahh–" Naruto tried to force the words out, but they got stuck in his throat. Instead, he threw the tube over his shoulder and hoped that Sasuke would get hit. That way, they would slow things down. Sasuke never slowed down, never beating around the bush.

Having been a tennis player in his younger days, before he was sent to prison for killing his older brother, Sasuke easily caught the bottle when he saw it flying. "Good boy," the murderer whispered mockingly as he ran his free hand over Naruto's slim back.

Naruto shivered once the hand left his damp skin, and tried to hear what Sasuke was doing. His pulse was beating loudly in his ear, blood throbbing under his skin. The sound of a cap being opened and something being squirted out, and Naruto knew that the best part was close.

Sasuke put one hand on Naruto's hip, keeping himself behind the blonde as he coated his dick in lube. The feeling was great, wetness against his sensitive skin. With a long groan, he pushed into Naruto's ass. The lithe blonde under him practically clawed on the floor, arching his back up against Sasuke's chest.

"Oh, yes." Sasuke put his hands on Naruto's sides, attempting to reach deeper. He slowly pulled out, the sensation incredible. He was such a lucky convict. The wet sound that followed matched perfectly with the sound of Naruto trying to breathe. "Does it feel good, Naruto-chan?"

The blonde clenched around Sasuke's cock at the demeaning insult. The Uchiha chuckled, sweat running down his handsome face. He thrust in and out, setting on a steady pace.

"N-n-nooo... Faster." Naruto pushed back, his muscles trembling as the prisoner sped up. His palms were sweaty against the hard floor. Somewhere, in the far back of his mind, he knew that his knees would be all scraped up and sore from the friction. "S-s-s..."

Naruto's lips parted in a silent scream, almost choking on his own breath. Cum splattered over his chest, almost reaching his throat and chin. It dribbled down on the floor as Sasuke continued to move. His body turned into mush, all brain functions shutting down at the pleasure that still echoed in his body.

Sasuke's grip loosened up, his hips going back and forth as he pounded into the blonde. A tickling feeling ran through his body, an unbearable heat settling in his neither regions. It was the familiar feeling of an orgasm.


With a gasp, Sasuke emptied his seed within Naruto's hole. Not for the first time, Sasuke relaxed and pulled out of the blonde, turning into a pile of limbs on the floor. Naruto joined him, giving out and lying on his stomach. Sasuke could see, in the corner of his eye, how Naruto's back raised and sunk with the fast breathing.

Always one for fast recovery, Sasuke reached for Naruto's jacket and picked out the blonde's cellphone. It was with a smirk that he turned to his side and let one of his big hands caress over Naruto's smooth body.

"Darling, we still have one hour."

To Be Continued

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