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Eavesdropping Innuendos

"Kakashi, I think Sakura might be suicidal."

The silver haired jounin raised a brow and glanced over at the blond walking beside him. "What?" he asked, tilting his head and wondering if he had misheard the teen.

Naruto sighed and looked at his sensei with a serious face. "I think Sakura's suicidal," he repeated solemnly. "I was going down her street to take a short cut to Ichiraku and I passed her house. She was inside."

"And that makes her suicidal? Naruto, being alone in your own home doesn't mean you're contemplating killing yourself."

Naruto shook his head and grabbed Kakashi's sleeve, effectively halting his steps. "No! I heard her talking - well, more like screaming. That's why I think she's trying to kill herself!" he said, releasing Kakashi's shirt.

Kakashi sighed. "What did you hear." His bored tone and uninterested face did nothing to damper Naruto's answer.

"She said, 'God! I'm coming!' and then it got really quiet. I think we should go over there and see if she's okay, what if she's really hurt herself?!"

Kakashi, being the smut reader he is, wondered about the innuendo hovering in Sakura's words. Stiffening, he looked down at Naruto with more a little more interest than before. "Naruto...where is Sai?"

"Sai? Who cares about Sai! We are talking about Sakura here!"

Well, all the hints had been there. Sai seeking out Sakura more and more over the months and Sakura not throwing as many punches when he used her nickname 'Ugly'. Even the subtle glances and fleeting touches on the shoulder or hands by both parties. It was only natural that they indulge in more intimate pastimes. Kakashi chuckled behind his mask and looked at Naruto with a bit of pity. Poor guy didn't even know he walked by his teammates having sex.

"Naruto, I think it's time I let you borrow one of my books."

"But Sakura might be in trouble, Kakashi-sensei!"

Kakashi shook his head and patted Naruto on the shoulder. "Naruto, don't worry about Sakura. I'm sure she is just fine." Under his breath he added:

"At least someone on this team is getting some."

"What was that?"

"Nothing, Naruto."

Well, I hope you guys found that funny. It had me giggling a bit. Let me know what you thought!