Unfortunately, this is only a notice to ODISSC readers. As you have possibly noticed, it hasn't been updated in months, and I would like to sincerely apologize. Mitzuki has been in an odd mind set for quite some time now, and though it has pained her, she spent many hours staring at that flashing cursor wondering when her fingers would start up in their usual typing. I don't want to make any more excuses, so I'll just leave it at that. After many months, and many awkward attemps, I want to restart ODISSC, and this time, I hope to make it even better than before. If I promised to read something, please remind me...Or well, any other responsibilities, please let me know. :) I'll get working on this as soon as I possibily can, but my life is crazier than it was before; I'm taking almost all AP classes as a freshman. Anywho, I hope those of you who have supported me in the past (though I give you no reason what-so-ever to continue on...I sincerely apologize), will continue, but if not, well thank you for your past interest.

I probably shall keep this story as a reminder to myself, but Mitzuki-chan seriously hasn't been feeling like herself lately so...Continuing on like this is rather too difficult. I was wondering what was missing in my life, and I think this is it. ODISSC shall go on, but please, wait a little longer for her to resume with her new version (there will be new content). Thank you all for reading. :)