Renesmee always thought her home looked like a fairytale. She loved the twisting vines and roses and wooden furniture and floors. She loved the pictures and the way her mother always put flowers in vases on the window sills. She liked that it was small and that her Uncle Emmett and her Jacob had to duck to get through the doors. She loved her fairytale paradise.

Her aunties Rosalie and Alice had taken her shopping for the day. They'd made her try on lots of clothes she wasn't really interested in at all, but had also let her buy a tutu and fairy wings for her Halloween costume. She still carried the wand.

They were walking back from the main house to her fairytale cottage home when they first heard the music. It was gentle, waltzing kind of music.

There was a clearing outside her home, and she and her aunts approached it silently and pushed apart some leaves to see.

Her parents were dancing.

She watched as her father twirled her mother around and she spun, laughing softly, back to him.

"Did you get the better equilibrium in this life?" He enquired quietly.

She smiled at him, their faced glinting softly in the dying light of the sun. "You know I did. Otherwise I wouldn't be dancing."

"It's all in the leading." He smiled. "You did fine at our wedding."

"We danced to this then." She paused. "I can't believe it's a whole year ago."

"I know we danced to this. It's gone by so quickly."

They were absorbed by each other, enough that they hadn't noticed Renesmee, still watching even as her aunts tried to get her to follow them. She loved seeing her parents happy. She thought they worried too much.

The sun sunk behind the horizon and the light suddenly turned grey and mysterious.

Her mother spoke again. "Twilight."

"Best and worst. Easiest and saddest." Her father whispered.

"I didn't really understand, back then. I never could have, never would have been able to understand. I'm sorry for thinking I understood you."

"I'm not."

As the light faded Renesmee watched the fairy wings grow from her parents backs. She watched them lift of from the ground as they twirled around and watched them fly threw the air, concentrating on each other, and only each other. She waved her wand and light flew from it, little balls until you looked closely and realised they too were fairies, glowing brightly against the now dark blue-grey background. They flew to hover around her parents heads, to light their eyes as they only looked at each other.

The music played on as the fairies flew, and Renesmee gave her wand a final twirl before following her aunts, her fairy wings glinting softly in the dying light.

Edward and Bella didn't stop dancing as they were surrounded by light and began to fly.

"I always knew it." Bella murmured. "No matter what you said, no matter what you believed."

"Knew what?" His face was questioning.

"That you belonged in a fairy tale."

He smiled. "It wouldn't be a fairy tale if you weren't here to make it one."

"Me, and our daughter."

"You and our baby girl. You make this fairy tale."

She stopped dancing and took his hands. "You started the story. We're just carrying it on."

"I disagree."

"I wonder why?"

He laughed, and she joined in.

Their fairy wings glinted in the ever darkening light, their faces shining in the moon. Their fairy tale.

I was just looking through old documents when I found this. Don't know why I wrote it, but I thought it was quite sweet. Hope you like :)