Chapter 5~Movie Fun


I couldn't believe that only a month and a half ago, my life was changed completely. I went from dating one vampire to dating, well another vampire. But I'm extremely happy with Jasper. We seem to fit together like two perfect puzzle pieces. I smiled thinking about our Halloween plans as I was making my way towards Angela with my lunch when Mike saddled up to me.

"Hey Bella,"

"Hey Mike." We had reached our usual table by now and he pulled my chair out for me. "Um, thanks." I then turned my attention to Angela thinking he would get the hint but I was wrong. "So Bella, I was wondering since you're not seeing Cullen anymore if you wanted to maybe catch a movie this weekend?" He was looking at me expectantly, I inwardly cringed and looked at Angela for help.

"Yeah Bella, we should all go to a movie together. Maybe the night before halloween. We could go to Port Angeles, grab a bite to eat before and then catch a late showing." I smiled gratefully at her and then turned my attention back to Mike. "Well I'll have to ask Charlie first but that does sound like fun, maybe you could ask Jessica if she wants to go too." He looked sullen but agreed.

The rest of the day passed in a blur for me and I was a little disappointed that Jasper wasn't there to pick me up but I squashed it down and went on home to freshen up before going over to see him. I pulled into the driveway and noticed that Charlie hadn't made it home yet. As I was unlocking the door my phone started blasting Madonna's Material Girl. I smiled as I answered it.

"Alice I know that you had to miss school today because of the sun, but you couldn't wait an hour or so before you got to talk to me." I teased.

"Oh you are just too funny Bellsy." I rolled my eyes at her nickname for me and continued my way up to my room. "I seen that! But anyways, I was just calling you to let you know that you'll be spending the night here because Charlie's going to be staying at Sue Clearwater's house after having one too many beers with Billy. He should be calling you around 8 tonight to let you know." I dumped my backpack in the rocking chair and pulled out a silky lilac bra and matching boy short panty set and moved to my closet to find something to wear.

"Since you've already seen this happening do I have to pack an overnite bag or did you already do it for me?" I asked her while my frayed light denim mini caught my eye.

"Silly Bella, of course I already packed your things. As a matter of fact, I retrieved them while you were in class today. So all you have to do is finish getting ready and then come over. Oh and in the back of your closet there's a silk lilac top that will go perfectly with your skirt and your new shoes I left under your bed. You can thank me later. Now hurry it up before the dinner mom's making you gets cold."

She hung up before I could reply, so I did as she said. I pushed all of my clothes to the front and there it was. It being a lilac top just a shade darker than my underwear, that had flowing arms down to my elbows and a v-neck. I layed it on the bed with the skirt and pulled the box of shoes out from under the bed. I dreaded opening them but when I did I smiled. Instead of the heels I feared, Alice had boughten me a simple pair of lilac ballet flats that had a little bow on them.

Once I finished my shower I towel dried my hair and then scrunched a little mouse in it to make it more wavy. I applied a coat of mascara and some nude gloss, grabbed my phone and was out the door.

When I was turning onto the Cullen's road my phone went off again. This time it was Cobra Starship serenading me with Good Girls Go bad. I laughed and hit the fuck you button sending Emmett staraight to my voicemail. I just pulled up to the front of the house when he sent me a text.

Bells, I can not believe u sent me 2 ur voicemail! I rlly had somethin impt 2 tell u 2 & now u'll never kno!

I put my phone in my pocket and went inside where I was swept up into a giant bear hug.

"Ugh…Em…can't breathe." He let me go and ruffled my hair.

"Sorry Bells. I just missed you today that's all." He smiled his dimpled grin at me and went back to playing his latest video game. I shook my head and followed the amazing smell that was drifting from the kitchen. I took a seat at the bar and watched Esme as she was putting the last touches on my food. After about a minute she sat a steaming plate of lasagna in front of me with a tall glass of sweet tea.

"Hello dear. How was school today? She asked me as she took a seat across from me. "Oh you know, the usual. Pretty boring. Well besides the whole Mike hitting on me again thing. I swear that boy never gets the hint." I told her as I dug into my dinner. She let me finish eating before she responded.

"Do you want to talk about it Bella?" she asked me as she was washing the little bit of dishes that were in the sink. "Because if you do, I'm here to listen, and I promise not to go hunt the poor boy down." She said smiling.

I laughed at the thought of sweet and gentle Esme, hunting down a human.

"I know you would mom, but I think I can handle this one on my own. Well maybe not all on my own but it'll be dealt with tomorrow night." She sat back down across from me. "Well are you going to let your dear old mother in on the little secret?"

Before I could reply a pair of strong arms wrapped themselves around me and pulled me into their chest.

"Mmm, god I missed you Isabella." Was whispered into my ear and I involuntary shuddered in pleasure. I turned in his arms and he bent his head to capture my lips with his own. My hands found their way into his golden locks and I moaned as his tongued begged for entrance. Our tongues wrapped around each other and I forgot where we were until I heard it. A fake cough coming from behind me. I broke away from Jasper for some much needed air and sheepishly turned back to our mother figure.

"Sorry." She laughed at us and shook her head. "It's quite alright dear and it's nothing compared to what I've caught Emmett and Rosalie doing. I only interrupted you because I wanted to know how you plan on solving that problem of yours." At the mention of my Mike problem, I smirked.

"What problem?" Jasper asked taking a seat beside me. "Oh you know, Mike's been pestering me about going on a date with him since he heard that I wasn't dating Edward anymore. Or in his words, "Cullen", too bad he doesn't realize that I am dating a Cullen, just not Edward." At this Jasper tensed and growled. I wrapped my arms around him and he pulled me into his lap.

"Well Bella, I think I should start showing Newton that I don't share and I'm not gonna tolerate him trying to take what's mine." He growled out. I giggled at that thought but when he got all possesive of me like that, I couldn't control the shot of lust that went through me,

"Honey, you have nothing to worry about with Mike. Nobody could take me away from you now that I've finally gotten you. And to answer you mom, I'm actually planning on introducing him and my other friends to my new boyfriend tomorrow night actually. Once I do I'm hoping he'll get the hint once and for all that I am a happily taken woman." I looked over to see her smiling widely at us before she rose.

"You're right dear, that should do the trick. I on the other hand am going to run over to hospital to see your dad. I'll be home later." With that being said she disappeared.

"So doll, can I scare the crap out of Newton tomorrow night?" he asked me winking. "Jazz, you can't go around scaring my friends no matter how annoying they are."

"But I don't like him, and he's hitting on you. He's lucky he's human because if he wasn't I would've ripped him limb to limb for it." I ran my fingers through his hair and grinned up at him.

"I know you would've honey. But tomorrow night we'll make it plain and clear that I'm yours and yours alone." He seemed to be pleased at my answer and I pulled him down for another kiss.


I was pacing the floor of my study, waiting anxiously for Bella to finish getting ready when Edward knocked on the door. "May I come in?" I nodded and continued my pacing. I felt his amusement and stopped to glare at him. "I'm glad I seem to be amusing you." I snarled. At this he just chuckled and shook his head.

"Seriously Jasper, you have nothing to be worrying about. You love Bella and she loves you. Your love is so strong that nothing and nobody will come between you two, and that includes Newton. So just relax. Besides from Alice's thoughts I've seen what Bella's planning on doing to show him how she's taken, and the look on the poor boys face almost makes you feel sorry for him. I just wish I could be there to see it person and to hear his thoughts." He clapped me on the back and left me alone once more.

I was sitting in my chair when I felt an immensely strong bolt of desire sweep through me. I looked up to door to see my angel leaning against the frame, and damn it all to hell if she wasn't the sexiest creature I'd ever seen. She was dressed in a tight pair of dark wash jeans, a black tank with a sheer emerald top over it and a pair of emerald ballet flats.

"Well cowboy, are you ready to go be all possesive. Or should I go alone." She teased. I was at her side in an instant.

"Sweetheart you ain't goin' nowhere without me. Especially not looking the way you do right now." I picked her up. "Shall we?" she nodded and I had us in the car and headed to Port Angeles in less than 2 minutes.


We ended up beating the others to the theatre, but we missed the dinner. Which was all Jasper's fault. I mean seriously how can he expect me to behave myself when he looked like he did right now. He was wearing a pair of light washed holy jeans, an orange t-shirt that said save a horse, ride a cowboy, a pair of black cowboy boots and a black leather jacket. When I first laid my eyes on him in his study, all I could think about was him in nothing but his boots and a cowboy hat. So on our way here I managed to get him to pull over more than once because my lust became too much for him to handle. I smiled as I touched my kissed swollen lips. Just as I was about to suggest we head back to the car, my friends came walking around the corner.

"There you are Bella. I was worried when you didn't make it to the restauraunt."Mike said coming up to me. Angela beat me in response. "Mike I told you that she texted me to let everyone know that she'd just meet us here." She rolled her eyes at him and we hugged each other. I saw Mike glaring at how close Jasper was to me and decided I should make introductions.

"Sorry I missed dinner guys. I got hung up at home."

"It's cool Bella. So why's Edward's brother with you?" asked Jessica.

"Because he's with me." I answered her. She just looked at us in shock, while Angela smirked knowingly at Mike. Erik shrugged and went back to looking at what was playing while Mike still didn't seem to grasp what I was meaning.

"So what Bella, is Cullen so hung up on you that he sent his brother out to stalk you for him." He asked while scooting even closer to me. I felt Jasper tense beside me and I sent him a wave of love before whispering low enough for him to hear. "Jazz, just go with me here."

"No Mike, Edward isn't hung up on me. We parted on good terms. Jasper's here because I wanted him to come. You see you were right in assuming I wasn't with "Cullen" anymore. But what nobody knew, was that I am still with somebody. And it is still a Cullen."

"Oh yeah so are you gonna stand here and tell me that you're with him or his big brother Emmett. Because no offense Bella, but the last time we seen them they all seemed to be happily involved with other people. One of whom is your best friend." He said angrily. I rolled my eyes at how dumb he was and moved closer to Jasper.

"No I'm not with Emmett." His anger was replaced by hope. "I'm dating Jasper. And before you say anything else, yes Alice knows, no she's not mad. Her and Edward have actually admitted their feelings to each other and they've decided to give a relationship a go."

"Bella be reasonable about this. You just got out of a serious relationship. Do you really think it's wise to jump right into another one and with your exes brother at that?" he asked glaring at me.

"Mike I'm very happy with Jasper. And I don't need yours or anyone else's approval. I love him and he loves me, that's all that matters to us. You don't have to like it since you seem to be hung up on a chance with me, but know this, it will never happen. I only see you as a friend, nothing more. I don't wanna hurt you, but that's the truth. Maybe you should take a look around you and you'd see that there is someone out there for you, but it's not me." With that I pulled Jasper down to me for a kiss, he wrapped his arms around me lifted me off the ground. I wrapped my legs around his waist and got lost in his kiss. We were once again interrupted, this time by Jessica.

"Um…guys the movie starts in like a minute, so we should really go get our seats." She stammered out. I felt my face heat up and Jasper just chuckled before pulling me along. "Come on Mike, after the movie I'll drive you home." With that she pulled Mike into the theatre and we all settled in to watch The Stepdad.

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