Ch. 1: Perfect Gift

It was Christmas Eve, holiday festivities decorating the Black Order's walls. Everyone was in the spirit of the holiday, well, everyone if you didn't count Kanda that is. Komui was humming some Christmas tunes, occasionally taking a sip of the eggnog that filled his coffee mug as he made his way to his office. All would've been perfect if only Lenalee had decided to come for the holidays.

She was currently in China, staying at the Asian Branch with the still comatose Allen. He had tried to convince her to at least celebrate Christmas with him and all her friends, who had since returned to the Black Order, for a couple of days. As they conversed over the phone almost a week ago, he could hear the sweet and innocent smile that was surely on her face as she politely declined the offer. She stated that Allen needed someone to keep him company.

Komui then countered with stating that there were plenty of people in the Asian Branch to keep him company while she was gone for a few days. Somehow, annoyance slipped into her voice for a reason that Komui was still trying to figure out. It couldn't have been him, seeing as how he hadn't created another marvelous plan that no one seemed willing to hear out these days. Well, at least not yet. But enough of himself, back to the conversation he had shared with his precious Lenalee.

She had then proceeded to pull out her wild card: What if Allen woke up? She did have a fairly decent point. Bak had reported not two days ago that somehow, Allen's innocence managed to return back to its accommodator, reverting back to its dormant state as his left arm. And days before that, a nurse passing by had noticed the slight twitch of his fingers, his eyes moving under closed lids. Both were telltale signs of someone who could wake up any day now.

But nonetheless, he still missed his dear, sweet Lenalee very much. He was feeling jealous now that Lenalee was devoted to someone other than him as well and he wasn't sure how he felt about that. Of course it was understandable to want to stay by someone's side while they were sick or injured but this was different. He had heared it with his own ears when they had declared their love for the other, so it wasn't like he could live in deception. And watching them kiss? That had been unbearable.

But he was going to just have to accept it. His caring little sister was becoming an independent and beautiful young lady and it was only natural for her to feel curious about romance. Sure, he'll accept that but, that doesn't mean he'll go easy on Allen. No sir, that boy will be going through hell if he did anything to remotely upset his Lenalee. After all, Komurins didn't take that long to make. Oh well, maybe he'll develop a Komurin specifically for Allen as a sort of 'welcome back' and a 'how dare you hog my Lenalee!!!'. He'd surely find amusement at watching Allen run away for dear life. It'd be fun. The thought cheered him as he continued his way to his office


Lenalee sat in a chair next to Allen's bedside, her hand never leaving his. It was steadily reaching Christmas day and also nearing the day decided as Allen's birthday. It was still the afternoon and she had yet been able to find any of her friends or her brother something for the holiday. Most of all, she hadn't found anything for Allen. For someone who didn't ask for a lot of things, he was sure hard to buy for. Nothing she saw the last couple of days had seemed to match Allen at all. But what made it worst was that she knew he would love anything he gave him and she wanted it to be at least perfect. Something special.

Maybe she'd have better luck in finding something for everyone today. Giving his hand a reassuring squeeze, she quickly looked to see if anyone was coming before placing a tender kiss on his cheek. She hadn't mentioned to Bak, or any one in the Asian Branch for that matter, about her and Allen's relationship. She would like to keep these things private, already fine with the few people back at headquarters who already knew. And she wanted to keep it that way.

At times, it was extremely hard to keep her tongue in check because whenever she would leave and return a couple hours later, she would always find Lo Fwa in the same spot she had been in, holding his hand like she was his girlfriend. Anger would always flicker up in her, hiding it behind her usual gentle demeanor before politely grabbing the young scientist's attention. And every time, she would run away with a blush on her face from embarrassment. All this trouble could be avoided if they could just bring Allen back home but he was still far too injured to transfer to headquarters and the Crows would be on him like vultures if they found out he was there in secret. So they would just have to resort to keeping him here for the time being.

Running off to the nearest market place, she left Allen to himself for now. With the steady drone of all the working machines and constant drip of the I.V, all would have thought it was normal in the dormant young man's room. So no one noticed one of Allen's hands switch from it resting on top of some blankets before slowly clenching the blanket within his grip.


Lenalee slowly walked down the crowded streets of the market place, people pushing and shoving for last minute gifts. She was getting very nervous with the fact that she might not find anything with this much people around. Resorting to sticking near the shops lining the streets, she took glances every now and then at some of the passing shops. While walking past a clothes shop, she stopped in front of a jacket that had caught her eye.

Stopping in front of it, she stared down in amusement at the jacket in front of her. It was a nice soft black jacket, the sleeves going past the usual length a jacket would have. On the back of the jacket was a red embroidered Chinese symbol that read: rabbit. This was an amazing find in Lenalee's book. It hadn't even been there yesterday.

The jacket brought back a resent conversation she had with Lavi before he left to return to the Black Order.

"Oi, Lenalee, you owe me a new jacket."

"What?! Why?"

"Because your boyfriend over there ruined my favorite one. And seeing as how he's out of it right now, I'll put it upon you to replace it."


"No buts, you owe me a new jacket and that's that."

She smiled at herself as she picked up the jacket and went over to buy it. This jacket would be perfect for Lavi. Not only was it a jacket that she get him but it also was sort of a pay back as well. And surely Kanda would find amusement from a jacket that called Lavi a rabbit also. And she wasn't planning on telling him what it meant either.

Paying for the jacket, she secured the bag to her arm and continued her journey in finding something for the rest of her friends. A couple of shops later, she had found some seeds to an exotic plant found only in China for Krory, a pocket watch for Miranda, and some dark blue Chinese robes for Kanda. Now all that was left was something for her brother and Allen. Walking further down into the turning roads within the market place, she continued her search.

The further she went the more and more things she hadn't noticed before. Most of the things being of older dissent. With it, she found a rather interesting book pertaining to the history of China, something she knew Komui would enjoy reading. And to make it up to him, she managed to find a nice white silk scarf that would go perfect with his white uniform. Now she had found everyone something, now it was time to find Allen something.

Changing sides so that she was now on the opposite side of where she had been and began scanning the shops. The further a long she went, the more doubt filled her at the prospect of finding him something special. And once all hope seemed lost, she finally found something that fit exactly with what she was looking for. Looking at the item, she picked it up and looked it over before smiling as she purchased the item. Now that everything was set, she was on her way back to the Asian Branch.


Closing the door to her room behind her as she left, Lenalee calmly walked to Allen's room, the weight of having to find everyone something having been lifted. It was now dark as night began setting in. All her troubles felt like nothing until she made it to Allen's room.

Stopping at the door frame, she looked into the room like she usually did before actually entering, expecting to see what she normally saw. But instead of finding Allen's unwaking form lying in the medical bed, she was greeted with the picture of a frantic Lo Fwa and an empty bed looking like someone had just gotten out of it themselves. With mouth gaping, she stood there frozen for a moment before turning and running down one of the long halls, hoping against hope that Allen wasn't gone from her yet again.

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