Author's Note

Hello to all my faithful and loyal fans, I'm please to inform you that I have decided that, in and if next couple of weeks permitted, I will begin revising and fixing all plot holes within both Doubt and Trust and Love's Sorrowful Symphony. Both will be titled Re: Doubt and Trust and Re: Love's Sorrowful Symphony and both will be elaborated on as best and as much as I can.

I was originally just going to fix the spelling and grammar errors, but then I realized that I really wanted sit down and actually, seriously revise it. That's why there is a distinct possibility that I'll be adding much detailed scenes and interactions. And maybe, if I get down to, even throwing in a new chapter every now and again to fix some of my forgotten plot holes within both stories.

I hope this bides well with everyone and that you're for this extreme clean up. I know I still have other projects at the moment, but I would really like to this. My conscious will never rest until I have down this. And it will be a nice change in pace when it comes to the repetitive routine of updating the same three stories.

Please look out for the distant bay of this howling wolf.