Alfred and I were able to carry out a stable relationship all throughout high school. We had our fights, sure, but it was rather enjoyable getting to work with him and be with him every day in the council.

Alfred ended up receiving that scholarship of his and now attends the same university as his brother Matthew. I, on the other hand, decided to go back to England. I missed it here, and no one was more aware of that fact than Alfred. Although he was upset I was leaving, he accepted it.

A long distance relationship isn't much of problem on our part. We email practically every day. The conversations became more open. I'll still throw an insult at him every chance I get, but the bloody git always translates it to mean "I love you" or something.

As for now, I'm very busy and need to do something. If you'll excuse me.

Dear Alfred,

I swear if you don't lay off those burgers by the time I come to visit next week on holiday, I'll cook that chicken you "like" so much

And yes, a new knitted vest would be a nice gift for Christmas, thank you for asking…unless you were being sarcastic…Were you being sarcastic??

Well, I suppose I'll see your idiotic face next week. Until then



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