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Camp Juvie

Chapter 1: Uzimaki meets Uchiha

~Naruto's POV~

"This is bullshit!"

"Well that's what you get kid" says the bus driver.

"Fuck you!"

"You got a mouth kid! What's your name?" he laughs.

"Naruto Uzumaki" I answer laying on the seat while my head hangs from the edge.

"Nice name, so what did you do that made you come to this camp?"

Nosy asshole! "My brother and I fought with this kid and got him into the hospital and then I fought with his father."

"Nice going" he says sarcastically.

"Ya I know!" I said sarcastically too "My brother is going to a different camp, so I'm on my own."

"What's your brother's name?"

"Kyuubi, he is 16. He is one year older then me."

"Oh! So you are 15?"

"In a month I will" I smile.

"So young and you're going to Juvie" he sighs.

"I don't need another lecture old man!"

The bus driver just laughs and then we stayed quiet for a while, until he started to talk again. What's with this prick!? Why is he asking all these questions!?

"What's with you talking to me?"

"Sorry, am I bothering you?"

"No, just wondering."

"Oh! Well I just wanted to know more of my new student." He smiles.

"Huh?" I sit up; staring at him threw that big mirror.

"I am a teacher at the Camp"

"Wha! Really!? Then what's your name?" I said all happy. Ha! Already I know my victim! All I need to do is to know more about him and I will set an awesome joke! Oh wait! If I do then I wont see Kyuubi…I got to be good so I can get out of that place and see him…this is going to be tough. I lay back down in my seat disappointed, and then I feel the bus stop. I look out the window to see a Camp that looks like a Summer Camp, in a forest. Cabins as dorms, teens hanging out and talking with there friends, a cafeteria, and a big flag pole in the middle of the Camp, like in those Summer Camp movies. Am I in the right place? The bus driver gets up and grabs my bags.

"How about you just call me Iruka-sensei" he smiles and walks off the bus.

"Hmph!" I grab the rest of my stuff and walked off the bus as well. When I jump off there were teens everywhere. Some of them looked like they belong in Juvie and others look like they belong in Summer Camp. There are a lot of hot chicks here.

"Come on Naruto!" Iruka-sensei calls out for me.

Iruka leads me to an all boys side of the Camp and leads me to a cabin that haves the number nine at the top. (I couldn't figure out a number so I did 9 because of the nine tail fox xD). He opens the door to lead me into the cabin where I see four teen boys.

"Hey boys! He is going to be your new roommate, this is Naruto Uzumaki."

"Hey! My name is Kiba Inuzuka!"

"Names Neji Hyuga."

"Names Shikamaru Nara, but just call my Shika"

The other guy didn't say anything, he just layed on his bed reading a book. He haves black hair and his skin looked pretty pale. I'm pretty surprise since he should be going outside a lot when you're at a camp like this. I couldn't see his face since his face is covered by the book.

"And that asshole is Sasuke Uchiha" Kiba laughs as he grabs the book from him.

"Hey! What the fuck Kiba!?"

Sasuke stands up, in front of me, making me freeze in place. He is….handsome. Of course his skin was pale at the face; his face looked smooth making me want to touch it. His eyes are deep dark black, but then I realized that those black dark eyes were staring wide eyes at me.

"Ummm…hi" I said, trying to snap out of my gaze.

"Naruto! Sasuke, Shikamaru, and Kiba are your roommates. Neji is only here to hang out and sometimes he sleeps in the extra bed."

"And then he gets caught!" Kiba laughs.

"Well I'll let you guys get to know each other." Iruka drops my stuff next to the empty bed and leaves.

Sasuke grabs his book and goes back to lying on his bed, but this time he just lays on his back, staring at the bed up above him.

"So Naruto!" Kiba says as he puts an arm around my shoulder. "What did you do to get here?"

I sigh"My brother and I fought with this kid and got him into the hospital and then I fought with his father" I smile, feeling proud of myself.

"Nice!" Kiba smacks my back.

"What about you guys?" I ask.

"I'm here for fighting too, but with a teacher" Kiba chuckles.

"I'm here because I disrespected a cop" Shika says lying on the top bunk.

"I'm here with my cousin, Hinata. We were both caught by the cops. We are in a gang."

"And I'm going out with his cousin!" Kiba says all happy.

"Wow!" I turn to Sasuke. "What about you Sasuke?" as I stare at his eyes again.

"Hn" Sasuke answers as he lays his open book over his face and puts his arms behind his head.

"Don't worry about him!" Kiba says.

"Ya! He doesn't talk that much, we don't even know why he is even here" says Neji.

"Hm…" I put my stuff down and sit on the bed across from Sasuke. Apparently on the right side room Sasuke gets the bottom bed and Shika gets the top, and Kiba gets the top bed from mine.

"So is there anybody I should know about?" I ask.

"Oh! Kid wants dirt on everybody!" Kiba laughs

"Nah! I just want to make some friends and want to watch out from some others." I smile.

They laugh, except for Sasuke. Then Shika starts to talk.

"Ok! Well first off, there are two girls you need to know about, Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka. There both here because, they were caught pretending to be cops."

"Haha! No way!" I laugh.

"I know!" Kiba laughs too.

"And---" Shika stops as a knock at the door interrupts him.

"K-Kiba? Are you i-in there?"

"Woa! What with the shy girl?" I ask.

"That shy girl is my girl" Kiba says, acting all macho.

"And my cousin" Neji glares at Kiba.

Kiba lets the girl, Hinata, in and wow she was a baby! She haves a very nice body, with very nice curves, and very nice breast! She wears black jeans with black heels; she is wearing a purple shirt that says her name. She haves long purple hair and her eyes are the same as Neji, a light purple. I guess her favorite color is purple.

"Is he n-new?" She smiles bright at me.

I smile back at her "Ya I am! Names Naruto Uzumaki!"

"Nice to meet you Naruto-kun!"

"Ummm…sorry but…. You don't look or act like a person that should be here" I said confused. Well I was! She really doesn't! She looks like a indecent shy little girl.

She grabs Kiba's arm and laughs and then does a very cute smile. "Don't judge a book by its covers Naruto-kun!" she gives me her last smile and then they both left.

"She got you" Shika says as he jumps off the bunk and grabs his jacket.

"Where you going?" I ask standing up.

"Got to go meet with my girl" he winks at me and then leaves.

"Ya same here! Nice meeting you Uzumaki!" Says Neji as he grabs his jacket and leaves as well.

"See ya!" Does everyone here have someone!? I turn to Sasuke to see him in the same position. He really does look handsome…wait! I got to stop thinking like this! This…this is wrong! Besides I bet all the girls (and I bet guys too) are all over him. He has to have a girlfriend or…. a boyfriend!

"Hey Sasuke?"


"Do you have a girlfriend?"

The book drops and Sasuke looks at me with a smirk. Wow….that smirk looks….Stop it!!

"No…why?" he says as he sits up, and then he gets up and walks up to me.

"I-I was just wondering since thoughs three have a girl, and you look like a person who would have someone"

Sasuke moves closer with a grin on his face. Wow…that grin beats that smirk…god dammit! Stop thinking like this! Sasuke moves another step closer. "Oh really? Why you say that?" he moves his face close to mine with his hands in his pocket. Sasuke was like 2 inches taller then me. Damn...It sucks being short!

"W-well….y-you" how am I suppose to say 'oh I thought you looked hot and sexy so I thought you would have somebody'……....did I just really think that?

"Hn" he smirks and walks back to his bed. "Your cute Naruto…you should watch out at this Camp, it will be dangerous for you" he lays on his bed and goes back into the passion he was in, instead the book was not his face.

"Cute!? D-did you j-just call m-me c-cute?" I can feel my face flush up. I hate that I can blush so easily!

He sits up at the edge of his bed. "Are you blushing?" he teases.

H-he's teasing me! "What's with you?" I can feel my face cooling down.

"Hn…Nothing" he stands up again. "Just saying how sexy you are." He smirks and puts his hands in his pockets.

"What!?" I feel my face heat up again, but worse then before. I start to walk up to him. "Don't mess with me Teme!" I stop in front of him.

"Hn! Dobe!" he grabs my wrists and pushed me to the wall. He then brought my wrist to the air, still on the wall and pinned them in place. He used his left hand to hold both of my wrists together and used his right hand to lift my chin up, making sure that I stare at him.

"W-wha…what are you do-doing!?"

All he did was smirk and kissed me. Oh god! He's kissing me! I tried to get free, but I was melted by his soft lips, those nice pink lips, those---Wait! I'm not gay! Oh shit! I got to get this Teme off of me! Sasuke breaks the kiss and lets go of me, making me drop to the floor in shock. I look up to see him grinning at me and licking his lips, like he just had ice-cream.

"Hn" he smirks and walks to the door and opens it. He then turns to me, with that same grin. "Think about it dobe" and then leaves.

I sit here frozen…in shock! Wha… I touch my lips. I can still taste him… I snap out of my gaze and scratched both sides of my head.

What the fuck is going on!?


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