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Jake's POV

How the hell did this happen?

I asked myself this after she left Friday night. I let go of her hand and watched her pull away from me. Damn I'm stupid. I'm rushing into a relationship, which is never good. I lay back on my bed now and stared up at the white, blank, bare ceiling. "I'm so stupid." I said to no one in particular. I sighed. I heard footsteps from the hallway pause then in moments my mom appeared in the doorway,

"You're not stupid, Jacob." She said and leaned against the door frame.

I propped myself on my shoulders and looked at her. "Mom, I messed up badly on Friday and today." I told her and moaned in frustration.

"It cannot be that bad, I mean you're alive now." She chuckled briefly.

I sat up, "It's about a girl." I muttered.

"Oh," She came into my room and sat down beside me.

"You're a girl," She gave me this look. "Well, you know how they think and stuff."

"Don't rush into relationships, they get ugly," She smoothed my hair with her hand, "Just think about your father and me. We weren't really even married before I told him I was pregnant with you. We took things way too fast and he left me right before you were born. Actually I was driven to the hospital by Jaime and Kathy, and your dad was already on his way to Utah." She was grooming my head at this point.

I pushed her hand away. "I'd never go that fast." I said and stood up.

"You better not." She stood and brushed past me towards the door. But her head then reappeared, "I want to see these boxes emptied and their contents put away when I get back from my meeting." She warned before disappearing down the hallway.

"Yea, yea," I muttered.

"Jake I'm not kidding!" She shouted for a distance.

"Fine," And reached down to pick the first box of many.

It had been only a few weeks in our new house. The house still had that "new house" smell, and we didn't always know where to put things. In my room, upstairs, I had blank walls and brown boxes everywhere. My furniture had been moved in, but to me it looked like I didn't live here. My old room was more like me. I had dull orange walls and all my old sport trophies on shelves. Pictures of friends, family, and previous girlfriends were tucked in every nook and cranny. It was funny how I was all about relations and families when my family was all broken apart. My dad had left before I was born so I grew up with no real father figure. Mom's boyfriends came and went, but never stayed very long. My mom is young and beautiful but once the boyfriend met me, the hormonal teenage son, they either couldn't try to handle it or just decided not to deal with me and broke up with her. My mom's best boyfriend had to Tom Gladen. He dated my mom back when I was eleven. I remember this one summer evening after dinner when he brought over a baseball and two gloves and taught me how to play. It was just a simple game of catch, but to my mom it meant everything. Back then, we lived in Delaware at the time and Tom was the owner of a local car dealership. He had been previously married but his wife received custody of his two kids. I met them once, at one of my baseball games, but vaguely remember their names. Tom was a great guy, he even proposed to my mom, although she said no. She never told me why she declined his proposal. I liked Tom; she liked Tom, why didn't she marry him? Tom hung around for awhile. Our connection with him lasted for a few years, but then we moved to Connecticut when I was thirteen and left him behind. I remember the one time he took us bowling with his kids. It was awkward. I sat there on the bench and watched him, and wondered what had gone wrong. He was such a nice guy, so good to his kids, and loved my mom. I still don't get why she turned him down.

Mom's boyfriends weren't always as nice as Tom Gladen. Once we moved to Connecticut, Gill Leaden was boyfriend number four. My mom and I were eating out at this grill by the beach and Gill was a waiter there. The deep tan and dark eyes caught her attention. He watched us from afar. Finally, he came up to her and gave her his number. One week later he took her to drive in. She arrived home with wrinkled clothes, smudged makeup, and ruffled hair. I was still thirteen at the time so I didn't quite understand what happened, but after a few late night visits from Gill, she broke up with him. The only reason I remember Gill Leaden so much was because he dated my mom around my birthday. I remember he gave me a Mr. Potato head game with a 5+ age rating.

Back in Connecticut, I had lots of friends. I had a big house right by the water in Shorehaven. My friends and I would drive down to the Calf Pasture Beach for all the Fourth of July parties and picnics. I dated one of the hottest girls in the entire grade, Shelby Davidson. She was a tall blonde with an attitude who loved to wear my sunglasses. Shelby loved to take pictures, so she came over with a bag of thumbtacks and her most recent package of pictures and would spend hours pinning them up on my walls. I remember her well. She was my first real girlfriend. She was the best kisser too. I realize I miss all those late nights sitting on the roof with a bag of popcorn and taste of her strawberry lip gloss in my mouth. Even though I spent the shortest amount of time in Connecticut, I miss it the most.

I finished tacking up the last of Shelby's pictures. I saw Emily Greene and Shelby sitting on the beach, Scott Kelly and me at the skate park, Jennifer Kraft and Scott sitting on a bench by Calf Pasture Beach and finally me and my mom sitting on the porch of our old house. My arm was around her and the sun was bright behind us. I took a deep breath and moved onto the next box. I pulled out my martial arts, baseball, and basketball trophies and arranged them on top of my dresser next to my lamp and baseball glove.

I finished unpacking the pictures and went downstairs to watch TV. After watching Stargate Universe for an hour, I decided to finish looking through my stuff. I leafed through old band posters and dozens of Beatles CDs. Around six o'clock my mom walked in using her cell phone,

"…Oh, okay. Yes, I'll definitely come… a date? Sure, why not? Okay, see you then, George. Bye now." She shut the phone and placed it on the kitchen counter.

"Jake! Is that room clean?" She asked me.

"Yup," I lifted myself off the bottom step and walked towards her.

"Good, I'll check it later, what did you want for dinner? I have three week old frozen pizza in the freezer, or we can order out."

"I'll call out,"

"Great, that will be great." She removed the clips from her hair combed through it.

"And I'm gonna make a quick stop at the hardware store."


"I wanna paint my room. White walls are pretty boring."

"Okay, but no painting tonight." She slid her feet out of her heels and studied the packet in front of her.

"That's from the meeting?"

"Yes, I have only a grasp on this subject so I'll be meeting with someone on Thursday."


"That man couldn't take his eyes off of me," She sputtered, annoyance was heard in her voice.

"Well at least he's kind enough to help you,"

"Jacob, he's a man with a master's degree, I am thrilled to have his assistance." Pathetically, she kicked her shoes towards the steps.

"But, a date?" I went over to the refrigerator and took out a Dr Pepper.

She gave me a look, "Did I mention he couldn't take his eyes off of me and he's middle aged man? And please, Jacob, no soda tonight." She sighed and started to walk up the stairs.

I put the soda back into the refrigerator and picked up the phone.




"Domino's Pizza, how may I help you?" A familiar voice said enthusiastically.

"Hi, I'll have a medium pepperoni pie."

"Anything else?" the voice said.




"Jacob who?" I rolled my eyes.



"Who are you?" I said angrily.

There was a pause, "Your order will take 15 minutes, thank you, Sir, for ordering from Domino's." The voice muttered and then the line went dead.

"Weird." I muttered and grabbed my sneakers and my mom's keys.

"I'm taking your car," I shouted up the stairs.

"Jacob if you get pulled over, I will personally kill you," She paused, "Please, be careful." She shouted back.

"Yes, mom."

I spun the keys around my finger and headed from the door.

The ride was quiet as I watched the sun set behind the trees. I pulled up in front of Domino's and stepped out of the car. A cool breeze hit me as I walked up to the glass door. I walked to the counter and waited for an employee to notice I was there. I looked past the counter and saw my order sitting on top of the oven. Finally a person behind the counter turned. It was a familiar face, but with the bright red, white, and blue visor a face I couldn't completely recognize.

"Jake?" But the voice hit me.

"Hey Abby," She's my girlfriend, stupid.

I saw her smile and blush, but then it hit me.

"Oh god, I'm sorry, you answered the phone and… Shit!"

"It's fine," She laughed. She turned around and picked up the pizza box. "I'm assuming this is yours." She handed it to me.

"Thanks, I definitely owe you."

"For not knowing I work here? Not really, don't worry about it."

"So, what time does your shift end?" I asked as I put the money on the counter.

"In a half hour, but you can go. I'll see you in school." She gave me a smile and handed back the change.

"Whatever you want," I told her before going outside.

The jingle of the bells clashed when the door shut behind me, but then I heard them again,


I turned to see Abby coming towards me. She had her visor in her hands.

"Please hold on one second."

"Whatever you want." I smiled a bit because I knew what was coming. She was a foot away from me at this point.

"What if I want this," And she reached up to touch the side of my face. She stood on her tip toes and kissed me.

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