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His head snapped up from where Barbas was tormenting his victim. He knew that power. He'd have known the taste of it anywhere. He didn't know how it was possible for her to still live but he was going to find out. With that thought to the front of his mind he created an energy ball, the low level witch at his feet didn't even have enough time to scream as she disintegrated.

Barbas latched on the feeling of power running through the world and was gone from the empty room.

In the blink of an eye he was at the foot of a tower unseen by the world around him. A glance around showed humans fighting little demon creatures. A closer look showed that that now all were human. Barbas saw a vampire and two witches before his eyes landed on a whirling dervish with blond hair. A Slayer! She seemed to be fighting not just to fight and eliminate the demons but to get somewhere.

Barbas followed her line of sight to the top of the tower and saw a young girl. In a second he was beside her. The feel of power was from her.

She was younger than he ever remembered seeing her, her features skewed just enough that none would have known her for who she truly was but the feel of her power was unmistakable. Barbas wondered how she had come to be here and why here of all places. Barbas himself had seen her die. The coward that was the most recent Source - may he burn forever in the deepest pits of Hell - had gotten her from behind with a lucky shot before Barbas could save her. He'd barely escaped with his own life, never giving much thought to what could have been a trick of the light that he'd seen out of the corner of his eye - A flash of bright green before it vanished.

The Slayer had finally reached the top and the feeling of power was building. Barbas could see the rip in the air forming. This more than anything cemented it in his mind. Only she had had the power to open portals such as this.

By the time he pulled himself from his thoughts the blond Slayer had jumped and the girl was being bundled away.


Barbas followed her for weeks after the incident, finding more proof for what he already knew but there were also inconsistencies. There was the age and looks but there was also the memories. They all seemed to have them. A bit of digging revealed the part the Monks of Dagon played in it. If they weren't already dead he'd kill them himself. Though he did have to thank them for bringing her back.

Now it was up to him to find a way to reassert her true memories - those of the First Source and his mate. Hopefully, once she was back, she'd be able to do something about her age because even a demon like him found it creepy.

Things were going to be changing and fear was going to be rife in the Underworld as the First Source took back her rightful place.

Oh, how he loved his job!