AN: slightly spoilery nothing too serious. takes place season 6.
Summary: Cuddy starts a game of truth or dare in her office with House.

Cuddy was sitting at her desk mulling through the endless piles of paperwork as House sat across the desk annoying Cuddy by doing little things every now and then, tapping his cane on the floor to a rhythm in his head, staring at her with a playful malice in his eyes, and most recently clicking his tongue to the roof of his mouth. She had had enough, she looked up and challengingly said, "Truth or dare?"


"You heard me."

"Why, Cuddles... what made you wanna play a game? Feeling feisty? Are you hoping th-"

"Which is it?"



"What do you mean coward?"

"The real risk for you would be truth. But as you say, "everybody lies." you probably wouldn't even tell the truth."

"I am many things Cuddy, a cheater, however, I am not."

"Remind me again why you were kicked out of Hopkins?"

"I cheat on tests not people."

"How many times have you cheated at games, cheated Wilson out of money, girlfriends, I could go on..."

"Okay, so I lied."

"Exactly. You're afraid to tell the truth. I repeat, coward."

"Can we just get on with this? I'm waiting anxiously to accept your dare of 'finish all your clinic duty'."

She smirked. "You're license isn't reinstated yet, I couldn't if I wanted to. I want something else. I dare you to give me your balls."

"Excuse me?"

"Give. Me. Your. Balls."

"Cuddy, you've practically had my balls in a vice since you started emplo…"

She cut him off, "the red and gray one, and the rubber band ball, and any other ones you have in your office. I want them."

"I need those, they save lives."

"I've heard it all before House, I want them in my office by the end of the hour."

"That's really all you want out of your dare?"

"That's really all I want."

"Fine, done. My turn. Truth or dare?"

"Rules first."

"What? No rules. You didn't let me set any rules?"

"You didn't ask."

"I wouldn't have followed them, you know me and rules. We don't mesh well."

"Go figure." she rolled her eyes.

"No rules Cuddy."

"Nothing inappropriate for the hospital -at the very least."

"Have I ever jeopardized you or your hospital before?

She rolled her eyes again.

"Keep doing that and your face will get stuck. Truth or dare Cuddy."


"You, my dear, are no coward. Now give me your panties."

Cuddy flashed him a knowing smile, turned her chair, and opened her bottom drawer of her desk. Without looking up at House she unceremoniously pulled a shopping bag from the drawer, placed it on her desk and pulled out a pair of plain and altogether unappealing pair of panties, price tag still on them.

"Well would you look at that... here you go." she threw the new, unused panties towards House. "You are so predictable House."

"How long have you been planning this?" he asked suspiciously.

"Truth or dare House?"

"I'm no coward Lisa Cuddy. Truth"

"How long have you had the hots for me?"

"Well aren't you conceited?"

"Answer the question."

"How long have I known you?"

"More or less 20 years."

"Then more or less 20 years."

"Honestly House?" Cuddy tried not to blush.

"Honestly Cuddy, you have a great rack. My turn. Truth or dare?"


"Are you just trying to follow the same pattern I'm taking?"

"I said truth House, ask away"

"When was the last time you had a sexual fantasy including me?"

"Well aren't you conceited?"

"Again, with the copying me?"

"Is all you think about sex?"

"Please Cuddy don't give me that, I can see it in your eyes, and based on the fact that you started this little game I'm gonna guess within the last 24 hours."

"Try the last half hour," she said bluntly, quickly turning the tables on House. She liked knowing she could throw him for a loop with hardly trying.

He went slack jaw just long enough for Cuddy to notice before replacing that with a wolf's toothy grin displayed on his face showing that not only had his ego grown in size but probably other parts of him too.

"Truth or dare House?"


"Write me a song House. It doesn't have to be pretty or even nice, anything..." she said with an air of lightness but was cut short after she had processed what House said almost too quietly for her to notice he had said anything at all.

"I already have," he mumbled while she had been still talking.

He had conceived many ballads while thinking of her, the one he wrote on the night of Rachel's simchat bat, the ones he just played for her with no reason even though she would never hear them, and the ones he composed for her out of loneliness and longing.

"What did you say?"

"Nothing. You want a song?"

"I want a song," she said innocently.

He pulled his harmonica from his coat pocket

"Do you always carry that around with you?"

"Do you always ask your employees to write songs for you?"

She looked on at him waiting.
He picked up his harmonica and gave her a quick glance and began to play. It flowed out of him like it had been written out years before but it was spontaneous she could tell, she wasn't certain how, but she could tell.

He began to sing the words the to this song for her, eyes closed enthralled In the music.

"She swore out the lights when she said that she was only in it for the rain
She made of her bed a naive nativity
Just in case it became - just in case
Here's the 1st of many songs you wanted me to write
Just for you I hope to god you like it
It's as pretty as it is cruel
It's as pretty as it is cruel
She swore out the lights when she dammed herself to sleep
Her thirteenth finger my whiskey drink
And she wept at the scene as the ambulance drove off
Come circumference, come circumstance
Here's the 1st of many songs you wanted me to write
Just for you I hope to god you like it and it may seem pretty cruel but mercy is not my name
and our kids I hope to god you counted them
you're as pretty as you are cruel
you're as pretty as you are cruel
you're as pretty as you are cruel
She swore out the lights when she said that she was only in it for the rain"

He stopped, too afraid to lift his head up, looked at her with tilted jaw down seeking her approval.

"Wow. That was uh-" she cleared her throat, emotion had clearly taken her over. "That was, wow House."

"Truth or dare," a paradoxical hard and soft bitterness spewing from his mouth.

"Uhm, truth."

"Why Lucas?"

"I'm not seeing him anymore, what does it matter?" she tried to dismiss it, looking anywhere on her desk so as to not meet his gaze.

There was a constant battle of power between these people and in moments of raw sincerity like this eye contact was both of their weakness. Each knew the other had the power to see right through one another. It was their Achilles heals and left them vulnerable for attack.

"When did you stop seeing him?"

"Which is your question House? You only get one."

"Why Lucas?"

"I don't know House, he was there. He was nice, he was stable, he could be a good father figure for Rachel. He was everything I should want."

"But you don't."


"You don't want those things."

"I need those things... truth or dare?"


"How much do you still blame me for your leg?" she asked seriously.

He dragged his palms over his face and massaged it lightly before he spoke. "Right after it happened I blamed you and Stacy equally, for everything. Even things that weren't related to the leg. Then she left, she couldn't take the blame anymore and I pushed her out of my life. And that's when I blamed you for it all. The leg, Stacy leaving, everything. I needed a scapegoat. You hired me and I still resented you. You've saved my life more than once and now… it's not so bad. On pain days where it's a 3 or 4, I don't blame you at all. On days where's 9 or 10. I blame everyone, not just you."


"Truth or dare?"

"Uh, dare." she said with some trepidation.

"Make me dinner tonight."

"Are you asking me out on a date?"

"Noooooo... I said make me dinner. I didn't say have dinner with me."

"My place or Wilson's?"

"Yours. Wouldn't want to make you spend more money paying for a sitter for your devil spawn."


"Seven sound good?"

"Sounds fine. Truth or dare House?"


"Bring an extra set of clothes tonight."

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and the song, is by Rocky Votolato called, She Was Only In It For The Rain. I couldn't write music or poetry if I tried. the dare came before i chose the song. :)