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Chapter One

In the year 1994, from out of space came a runaway planet, hurtling between the Earth and the moon unleashing cosmic destruction! Man's civilization was cast in ruin. 2000 years later Earth is reborn. A strange new world rises from the old. A world of savagery, super science, and sorcery. In this world, three heroes ride their mounts along an ancient paved rode. In the lead is a large muscular man riding a white stallion. His long blonde hair is the colour of straw. He wears the brown furs of a large animal and a large tooth hangs from his neck by a leather thong, marking him as a barbarian as though from some ancient legend. His wrists are adorned with leather bracers, a golden sword hilt attached to the one on his left. His blue eyes dart back and forth from one side of the road to the other, always on the lookout for danger. He is Thundarr, once a slave to the evil wizard Sabien, now a hero to the weak and the downtrodden.

Following Thundarr close behind on her chestnut mare is a beautiful young woman. Her long raven black hair flows behind her in the evening breeze. She wears a small blue outfit, reminiscent of the swimwear people once wore centuries ago. She has golden bracers on her wrists, a matching belt around her waist, and yellow boots which come up almost to her knees on her feet. She is Princess Ariel. She's the stepdaughter of the wizard Sabien who had enslaved Thundarr and was instrumental in his escape. She spent most of her life in her stepfathers library, learning all she could about history, culture, and sorcery. Her almond shaped eyes and olive skin mark her as of Asian descent, though many such distinctions are lost to the world now.

Bringing up the rear is their companion. A large leonine humanoid called a mok, riding a massive lizard like alien mount called an equart for only equarts are strong enough to carry such large riders as moks. The mok's name is Ookla. He and Thundarr befriended each other when they were both slaves of the wizard Sabien. When Ariel freed her stepfather's slaves, Ookla elected to stay with Thundarr.
Together the three of them have been riding across the countryside, defying the wizards who rule where ever they encounter them. Thundarr and his white stallion leap over the wreckage of an ancient VW bug lying in the middle of the road, clearing the ancient automobile with ease. Ariel follows close behind on her mare, also clearing the wreckage. Ookla and his equart leap over the automobile, but don't quite clear it and squash the wreckage flat. They come upon a wide field of broken concrete at the edge of an ancient chain link fence. Beyond the fence are several large structures which look very strange to Thundarr and Ookla.

"What manner of place is this?" asks Thundarr.

"It's an ancient amusement park," says Ariel, "Years ago, before the cataclysm, people used to come here to have fun."

"Fun doing what?" Asks the barbarian.

"Play games, eat greasy foods, ride the rides," she tells him.

Ookla says something in his native tongue of yelps and growls and points at the ancient roller coaster.

Ariel laughs."I'm sure they were in much better condition two thousand years ago Ookla."

"Lords Of Light!" says Thundarr, one of his favorite sayings, "What is that?"

Ariel looks to see what had caught her friends attention. On the far side of the amusement park she sees a strange green glow. Ookla growls his own expletive of curiosity.

"It appears to be magical, whatever it is" she tells them.

"Let us take a closer look," says Thundarr, "I want to see if this sorcery is the work of friends, or foes."

Ariel raises her hands above her head and blasts the chain link fence with a beam of magical energy. The fence disappears and Thundarr charges through.