Gundam Wing AU

What if?

Based mostly around 02 and 04.

What if not all the Gundam boys were boys? What if 02 and 04 had been girls? Would the other pilots have had feelings for them? Would they have lived long enough to see the end of the war? Would they have stopped the war? Would they have discarded the helpfulness of 02 and 04? Would there have been a little more romance if their lives?

With high expectations human beings leave earth to begin a new life in space colonies. However the United Earth Sphere Alliance gains great military powers and soon seizes control of one colony after another in the name of justice and peace. The year is AC 195. Operation Meteor. In a move to counter the Alliance's terrene rebel citizens on certain colonies scheme to bring new arsenals to the earth disguising them as shooting stars. However the Alliance headquarters catches on to this operation.

"Entering Earth's atmosphere!" Computer informed the teenage pilot waiting. "Activating atmosphere devices."

The teenager sat down in her seat and buckled up. She held her breath as the ship began to shake fearsomely. The metal rattled against its self, causing the girl to doubt is she would stay alive to view the earth.

"I have to make it there." She thought. "No buts..." She held on to the controls as her ship increased speed. From the outside the ship turned red. She held her breath and clung as tight as she could to the ships controls. Then a being sound came on her screen. She turned her attention. It was an OZ mobile suit carrier. It was not close to her so she did not have to worry. Hopefully Oz thought she was just a meteor dissolving in Earth's atmosphere. She turned her attention back to the control panel. The red lights turned off informing her she had arrived past the Earth's atmosphere. She sighed with relief.

"I'm here." She whispered. She looked down at the desert land that seemed so small and insignificant from her point of view. She smiled. She understood where she had to go. She filled in the coordinates to the place where she was to land. She smiled as the auto pilot came on taking her to her home for a long while. She sighed and took off her helmet. This was the Earth? Looks a lot smaller from the colonies. But it's even more beautiful than I thought it would be. She smiled to herself and rested back in her chair. Hopefully she could sleep she had to fight in this dreadful war. She looked over her shoulder at the entrance to the cockpit. The door was locked but she could see what lie beyond that door.

"My dear Sandrock..." She whispered. "Are you ready to go?"

As the shuttle was ready for impact with the Atlantic Ocean. Her pilots turned and left her cock pit and to her mobile suit. She smiled and looked up at the dark colouring of the mobile suite. The cockpit to the mobile suit opened. She then jumped up on to the suit and jumped into her suit.

"Well Deathscythe old pal," she grinned cheekily. "Let's show OZ who we are."

The sound of metal hitting water rushed through her ears. She smiled and the cockpit of Deathscythe awoke. Hitting the controls and pulling on the leavers to move the mobile suit moved. The eyes flickered green and the cockpit lit up.

Deathscythe held on to its scythe as tight as it could. Deathscythe raise its scythe and sliced open the capsule and shot out of it just in time for it to escape the explosion. The mobile suits floated to the surface of the water. The scythe shone green. Deathscythe rose from the water and was greeted by a Sweepers ship.

In the cockpit the girl smiled and lifted up her helmet to reveal her long brown flowing braid. Her eyes opened to show her blue/violate eyes. Her eyes sparkled in the light of the cockpit. Mystery and enthusiasm sparkled away in her eyes.

The Sweepers ship lifted the mobile suit out of the water and down on to the metal ground of the ship.

In an Oz mobile suit factory, mobile suites were being created peacefully. Suddenly an explosion rattled the entire facility. Soldiers in their mobile suit searched the premise for the intruder. Not finding much but a red light giving the factory a deadly and dangerous look.

"Are we under attack?" Asked a soldier. Before he could get his answer his mobile suit was split in two causing a bright light and the death of him. A second suit was swiped. None of the soldiers knew what was going on? Home could a mobile suit sneak in without anyone noticing them? It was unheard of.

Suddenly out of the light of the explosion came a black and white mobile suit. Bigger than an average Leo or Aries. The mobile suit swung its scythe to its side before swiping in front and to the sides. Destroying each part on the factory piece by piece. No one seemed able to stop the suit. All the mechanics hurried out of the building not to be caught or killed. Fire rose in the factory as the suit went unmatched by anyone.

Inside the cockpit sat a teenage girl. Not much older than 15. Her long brown hair was in a three foot braid. Her bangs covered her forehead and showed her violate blue eyes. Her pale skin contrasted with her black long sleeve t-shit, leather jacket and pants. Her boots reached up to her knees. She grinned as she controlled her mobile suit so professionally. She was strapped in, but the belt could not keep her heart contained from the thrill of battle.

"This is Duo here." She grinned. "I've destroyed the main monitor." She laughed. "Now I just have to slice my way out of this battle."

A battle rose on in Europe. Mobile suits of all kinds battled against an unknown enemy. It was the Nova Base.

"This is the Nova Base reporting." Called a soldier. "We are under sudden enemy attack."

"Sudden enemy attack?" Asked the man on the radio confused. "Who's attacking?"

"I don't know."

In to view came a red, orange, white and yellow mobile suit. It walked slowly obviously not made of speed. A gratling gun hung on its left arm. After the heavy fire on it stopped. It raised its gun and clenched the other fist. Bullets rained down on the Alliance mobile suits.

"Now that you've seen me I can't let you live." Spoke the male pilot of the unknown mobile suit. "My secret mission was to destroy only the space port." He paused. "Now I'll destroy everything!" The pilot wore a dark blue turtle neck tucked into tight light blue jeans that seemed to be like an extra layer of skin. His feet were clad only in grey boots. His brown bangs obscured one of his forest green eyes that never showed any emotion.

The chest plate opened and out fired more bullets. The mobile suit truly earned its name, Heavyarms. Missiles suddenly shot from Heavyarms destroying everything that lay in its path.

"This is battle 001." Informed the pilot. "Pilots name. Trowa... For the record."

In the deserts of Arabia a sand storm lay the Alliance Leo's in their tracks. Unable to move or search for the ship that lay quite near with their enemy inside.

"You're sure the rebel ship fell in this area?" Asked the captain of the squad.

"Yes sir," said a commanding officer.

"But there's nothing here." Complained the captain.

Then out of the sand banks of the Arabian Desert rose the Maguanace crop's mobile suits.

"ATACK!!!" Yelled the Captain of the Maguanace as they rose to defend their land from the Alliance pests. The Alliance mobile suits had no idea what was going on. They screamed back and forth to each other in fright and confusion.

"ENEMY ATTACK!!" Yelled a soldier. A bright yellow glow rose into the skies as more mobile suits were destroyed in the heat of battle. In front of the Maguanace's stood their old friend and Master. A black, yellow, red and white mobile suit stood in front of them with heat shotels hoisted on its back ready to attack when needed. Before the mighty mobile suit lay more enemy suits, Alliance suits.

"Give up your weapons and surrender," called out the female pilot, "and I'll spare your lives." However the Leo's did not take kindly to surrendering. They started to fire at the mobile suit. The tall and proud mobile suit known as Sandrock for its desert like weapons charged at the Leo's without hesitation. Sandrock pulled out its shotels and raised them above its head before swiping them down on their enemies turning them in to nothing but a loud explosion of metal and sand.

"Quatre reporting," Said the pilot softly, "I've destroyed the Leader." The pilot wore black dress pants and a white short sleeve shirt tucked into her pants. A black waist coat open that matched her black boots that were covered. The pilot raised the goggles from her face and placed them under the golden blond bangs. Her hair was pulled back from the rest of her face and parts of it trapped under the belt that trapped her in place. Her ocean blue eyes filled with sadness. "I told you..." She whispered, "You should have surrendered."

In a dock, two ships were being attacked. Smoke and fire rose from both ships. A blue, white, yellow and red mobile suit retracted its dragon arm. It watched as the ships sunk and the fires and smoke danced up in to the night's sky. The mobile suite raised its dragon arm and attacked the main controls of the ship. Over head flew two fight planes. The dragon head raised up and fire shot from it burning the ships before they exploded.

The pilot was yet another teenage boy. Ebony black hair pulled back in to a tight ponytail. Sharp black eyes that pierced through anyone who dared to defy him. He wore a blue tank top tucked into his white pants.

"My name's Wufei. I'm not hiding anywhere." He spoke. "This battle will be over in practically no time."

And thats chapter 1. i dont expect much from this it was just a really cool idea(at the time) that popped into my head.